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Asus Spokesperson: Transformer Prime Headed to Taiwan December 1, U.S. December 8

According to an Asus spokesperson that chatted up NetbookNews, the Transformer Prime will land on U.S. soil December 8. It will get an earlier release in Taiwan on December 1, but after that, it’s all ours baby. That means the world’s first quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 tablet will be here next week, hopefully alongside another device that once donned the name “Prime.” And yeah, we told you Gamestop was confused.

Via:  NetbookNews

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • JDG

    I pre-order mine at tigerdirect.com at 11/30//11 now it says : All Backordered – These items are currently on backorder, and will ship as soon as we receive stock on them. what means that?

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So, is there any difference in the primes sold through game stop and everyone else besides being preloaded with games?

    • gimlet72

      It has the games and the controller

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t help but post this picture. Priceless.

  • Now that it has a legitimate sounding release date…


  • Anonymous

    I think I’m going to wait on this and see what else is coming at CES.  Lenovo already announced their Lepad K2 with 2 GB of DDR3 ram.

  • Btesoroni

    So Taiwan should be getting the Transformer Prime tomorrow.. That seems kinda close. Did you even have any advertising or pre-sales.

  • gimlet72

    It looks like the only sites it can still be pre ordered are tigerdirect and gamestop. Unfortunately for me from these sites with tax and shipping it will add an additional 37$. I hope that ASUS doesn’t have the supply issues that their first tablet had. After its initial inventory ran out it was months before it was back on the shelves. I am hoping amazon gets it again soon for its free shipping (in 2 days on prime) and no tax

    • Anonymous

      http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/tablets/asus/  – shows plenty of stores selling pre-orders, may be a site or two without tax

      • Rlarsn_Mn

        Tiger Direst has both the Prime and dock keyboard for tax on most states.

        • Rlarsn_Mn

          Without tax I tried to type.

          • gimlet72

            I live in Florida, they have a store here.

      • gimlet72

        Thanks, I found one.

  • Jason Miner

    Hopefully they show up in Best Buy stores then too.  I will be at the door at open time next Thursday either way I guess.  Don’t want to wait for shipping.

  • Anonymous

    Me so happy. Me love it long time.

  • MikeL

    ASUS announced a quad core tablet by the end of the year months ago, and followed through with it with weeks to spare. ASUS won themselves my money with this one. Will now be choosing who gets my money by who legitimately shows concern for the customers they serve. ( Bye Moto!)

    • KevinC

      you’re an idiot.  how does following through with a date announced months earlier show any concern for your customers.  You’re trying to tell me holding up a release date to fix bugs doesn’t? that shows way more concern for their customers.

      • I think we can safely infer this does not apply to Gnex.  Again, if there was a legitimate bug concern about the LTE version we would’ve heard a rumor by now.  This is purely a sales decision.

  • Yesh

  • Anonymous


  • David Parrella

    Oh my GOD this release date is so bipolar.

  • Anonymous

    If only I could find a half way decent excuse to ditch my transformer for this.. Arghh, the damn thing is just too good! I am happy for all of you joining the Asus army, you will not be disappointed! Great build, excellent product, and extremely quick updates. I would bet money we see ICS on these guys before the Xoom. Hell, probably before the Nexus launch… whispers, ‘which will be the 22nd’ lol

    • Are you mentally retarded?

      • Anonymous

        Not so much… but I did misstep there. Still think the Nexus will launch on the 22nd. Still think Asus will have their hands on ICS before the Xoom, but…. that won’t be before the Nexus.

  • Going to pick one up at best buy as soon as I can. 

  • unlike Verizon…..

  • Glad to see a company actually giving a date for its big device to come out.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the best place to preorder (that is still in stock)? I want it early 😀

    • Best Buy would be my personal choice!!1

      • Anonymous

        in 64 😛

      • FortitudineVincimus

        for most, BB means taxes! that is why I got in on the Amazon, no tax, free ship and in CA that is a $40 savings (not to mention ship if places charge for shipping).

        • Brandon

          Bestbuy has the best service plan options, and the buy back program invade you want to get a better tablet down the road.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            service plans? service plans? you mean suckers errrr people actually buy those? bwaa ha ha

            In the future, I dont trade my electronics, I sell them for cash money on Craigslist and buy what I want. Trading at BB is like taking used car value from the dealer, what a rip off.

          • bestbuy invades me? …. yeah sounds about right from my experiences with them

            Service plans mervice plans. I never get any type of warranty or service plans with my products… but then again i don’t treat my gadgets like they are indestructible either. Also the buy back program is a joke and everyone knows it. It is only good if you want to be even lazier then it already takes to sell stuff. You will get much more back if you just sell the old tablet yourself when you are done with it instead of using bestbuy.

            TLDR: I don’t like bestbuy at all.

    • Don’t know if still in stock but i got mine on tigerdirect.com
      Being a online computer parts and other electronics store i have no problem trusting them either.

      EDIT: here is the link to all the prime stuff.

      • Rlarson_mn

        My order just change today from ‘on back order’ to ‘not shipped yet’

        • mine shows Status:

           All Backordered one place and  under and Return / Exchange as not shiped yet. So now i am confused lol

  • Travis

    I think this will replace my ipad2

    • Rlarson_Mn

      That’s what I think will happen with my iPad 2 also. Here come da ‘transformer prime’ to papa.

  • Verizon, you lost my purchase of the Nexus because of your irresponsibility to your customers (ie; me)….Asus, you win my purchase of the Prime, I cannot wait to get this awesome tablet in one week!!!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      The Prime is going to hold all my interest into 2012 when I see what real nice new ICS based phones with better hardware come along – like quad cores. I will keep my rooted OG Droid and stay satiated with the Prime until I find a worthy phone.

      • Yeah, got a rooted Droid X2…Nexus can wait…if Verizon hadn’t drug their feet I would have purchased the Nexus….but Prime is it!!

        • Anonymous

          When I bought my transformer, it honestly killed the fire for me to upgrade my phone. Reactivated my DROID X, sent back my Charge, and I am happy simply waiting on the sidelines for that perfect product to steal my $299.

      • Anonymous

        You guys are right, screw waiting for the nexus, I’m going to get a new sewing machine in protest of VZW’s actions, or maybe a Zebra, or maybe a Zebra that can sew. 

  • Maybe I’ll get this instead of a Nexus and take a bionic when its free… or something.

    • LoweDown

      Definitely taking this first! The Nexus is all ICS. The phone is above average. Beginning of the year there will be something bigger and better that we will all be clammering for. The tablets with this kinda hardware will be further behind, maybe spring. 

      • Yeah, Verizon dragging out the Nexus has ticked me off enough….I am not getting the Nexus, it’s the Asus Transformer Prime for me too!!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        the phone is totally average, not above. it is all about ICS and when 2012 hits, real killer phones will start to roll that will make the Nexus look laughable.. and they will all have ICS!

  • Anonymous

    Already got my pre-order in @ Best Buy.  Wonder how long till the ICS upgrade?  Maybe a chance this becomes the first ICS device in the US.  That would be sad.

    • Asus said before year-end. So there’s definitely a chance it could be. 

      • Anonymous

        Well Asus already demonstrated the Prime RUNNING ICS already. In fact I believe it was 2 days after the ICS source was released….they got it workin in a hurry. Video’s of it are all over the tubes of you.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Got my PO in at Amazon as well

      December 8, December 8, December 8, December 8.. come on baby, 19.2x more exciting then the Nexus for me.. December 8, December 8

      • Anonymous

        Interesting.  I just checked my BB.com order and it’s still saying 12/18.  Hope that’ll get updated.

  • Anonymous

    Hurry up and take my money already!(and that should be donned, not dawned)

  • Stating El Obvious

    Cannot wait!

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  • Woot I am excited to get my Prime!

  • Guess they got it right the first time.