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Nielsen: Android and Apple Control 71% of the U.S. Smartphone Market

The smartphone game has had 2 elite players for quite some time, but when you combine the two to compare it to the rest of the big players, it just looks silly. According to Nielsen’s latest report, Android and Apple control 71% of the U.S. smartphone market. That puts Blackberry, WP7, WebOS and others at around 28% total. And that’s quite the stat.

I don’t want to completely write off these other mobile operating systems as having zero chance, but I don’t know how any of them will ever be able to catch up. In order to overcome a deficit, there are hurdles to jump and then there are Grand Canyons. I think it’s clear which type of gap Microsoft and RIM have to cover if they ever want to be taken seriously again. Will they be able to do it? It might take a miracle.

Via:  Nielsen

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    With RIM at 17.8% I want to say they could recover or at least hold their share of the Market with some fresh ideas that is. WP7 has a lot of things it needs to do to take some of Android and IOS’s Market share. I want to say if any one can do it it would be Microsoft, but at the same time it’s been a year now and they have still shown us no reason imo to switch. In a perfect world their would be 3 big guys with 33% of the share and no bi*ching. But that’s not the way things are.

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  • Golf Ox

    Most comparisons os Android and Apple are rigged to make Apple look as good as possible.  By breaking the Android system into manufacturers, they are not comparing operating systems properly.  Makes Apple bigger than MOTO and all the other Android companies.  Typical BS

    • Joshua Peters

      Let’s remember that Apple controls all aspects. Other companies liscence the Android OS. As much as I am an android fan and google fan in general – the comparison is fair. Don’t get so butt hurt.  

  • I also think it is hardly possible that Microsoft and RIM will raise and beat their rivals. I think the future belongs to Android because of its constant updates and open source code. 
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  • internet marketing belgium

    yes it is just dam right that apple have controlled all the USA market really because people of america believes that apple is the best and its features are just stunning but its not there fault because it is dam true  

  • Anonymous

    That can’t be right about the naming on the Windows phones on there either…neither Motorola or HP/Palm have made any WP7 devices. And the Windows Mobile only refers to the older ones…Windows Phone is the naming for the WP7 versions going forward. Going to be tough for them to break through with those numbers though either way.

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    : Wipe Blackberry out.

  • It’ll be interesting to see the fall results — there’s a big, big slingshot effect from the summer with a lot of people that were waiting for the iPhone 4S.

    Not to mention that the carrier dynamics are going to change again.  HTC had a ‘safe haven’ from the iPhone in Sprint, which lavished the Evo 4G and Evo 3D with attention.  That and the CDMA carriers now have a $99 iPhone to pick from.

    Android will probably get a boost from the Galaxy S II, Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus, but no one was (or will be) in lines hundreds of people deep for those.

    • Anonymous

      What’s even more amazing to me is that despite the fact that the world was waiting for the next iPhone, Apple still managed to sell 17 million units the iPhone 4, a 1 1/2 year old phone…

  • Windows Phone isn’t bad, it just seriously lacks the development that Android has. I don’t think their Nokia partnership is going to help much when you consider that Nokia is right now less than 2% of the whole market.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure windows phones are accounted for here as this is by manufacturer, not OS.

    • Anonymous

      NVM, I feel sheepish.

  • Mark Wilk

    I posted this on Engadget and I thought I would share it here too:
    Comparing last quarter:


    Android is up 3.8% from the previous quarter
    Apple roughly stayed the same (.3% increase)
    RIM is down 2.2%
    WP7 is down 2.9% (although they split WP7 and “Windows Phone” and combined it would only be a 1.7% decrease)
    Palm roughly stayed the same (.2% increase)

    So comparing to last quarter, looks like Android is stealing market share from the small players and not necessarily from Apple.

    Looking at manufacturers Samsung overtook Motorola for Android’s number two spot. My guess is this is because of the GS2, it will be interesting to see Q4 if Moto’s numbers increase because of Razr/Droid4 sales.

  • Anonymous

    HTC has a very respectable 20.3%. I also like that WP7, even when bundled in with WindowsPhone, still only musters a 6.1%. Way to beat out Palm, MS!

  • Anonymous

    same for windows phone & samsung.  you think they would have caught this.

    • Anonymous

      damnit disqus p1sses me off sometimes

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to Like this comment so it appears further up the list (for people going on Best Rating) with no context.

      • Anonymous

        gee thanks 😛

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for RIM.. i don’t think anything can be done about their demise.  at least microsoft has enough money that they can just keep pumping out phones without regard to actually doing well.  they seem pretty ignorant of the market around them.  like they’re not even in the market.  too busy suing android manufacturers probably.

  • Something is wrong with that chart…why is Samsung listed above Motorola when it only has 10.1%?

    • Anonymous

      same for windows phone & samsung.  you think they would have caught this.

      • Someone is really trying to make Samsung look better than it is.

      • Anonymous

        And WP7 is listed twice.  Once with “Windows Mobile/WP7” and again with “Windows Phone.”

        • I have no confidence in this chart or what it is trying to convey whatsoever.

        • Anonymous

          that’s weird

        • Windows Phone refers to WP6.5 which HTC still sells as do others (VZW had a WP6.5 HTC device through late October).

          Windows Mobile / WP7 refers to Windows Phone 7.

          It is confusing but don’t blame the chart, blame MS who is pushing the fact WP7 is in no way related to the WP6.x and below family.  Yes, they both suck but that is besides the point.

          • Anonymous

            You have it backwards.  Windows MOBILE is up through version 6.5, Windows PHONE is 7 and up.  Look it up.  True story.

    • Mark Wilk

      Samsung was above Motorola last quarter so I’m guessing when they updated the numbers they forgot to change the order.

      • Ahhh… I just thought it was propaganda for Droid Life’s transition to Nexus Life.  😛

        • Anonymous

          hahahaha i was just thinking about something like that this morning.  this place has gotten pretty boring anymore when there’s no nexus news.  is the android world just that boring lately, or all we all just too hyped up?

          • I’m a happy Bionic owner (crazy as that sounds), and therefore will most likely have this phone for at least a year.  So news of this awesome Samsung device (over and over and over again) does nothing but irritate me.  There has to be something more exciting in the world of Android than that phone’s upcoming release…. no?
            The rational part of my brain thinks it’s a fantastic advanced device, and that’s exciting… the devious part of my brain wants it to fail so that I feel better.  I’m sick… I know.

          • Anonymous

            dude.. bionic here too.  going through the same stuff you are.  what did the android blogosphere do before the g-nex?  seems like so long ago.  haha

          • Seriously… I have never seen a phone this (over)hyped on Droid Life.   If this phone doesn’t change the world, what a waste of time, huh?  I have my reservations only from past experiences with Samsung.  Maybe they’ve changed, but their support was crappier than the last phone of theirs that I owned.  On my third Motorola and they’ve earned my respect.

          • Anonymous

            i love everything about motorola except for their bootloader stance and being verizon’s monkeyboy.  that’s seriously the only thing that’s made me want to say “F it” and go out and buy a nexus.. to put my money where my mouth is.  i like full control of my computers, and these phones are computers.  there’s no reason we shouldn’t have admin(root) access off the bat.  other than that, i absolutely love motorola’s hardware.  they gotta stop with the non-removeable batteries though.

            but yes, droid-life is quickly turning into nexus-life.. it’s very annoying.  the whole an.droid-life vs. droid-life thing blows my mind too.  shouldn’t almost everything on this site every day be on an.droid-life instead?  if the point is that the android world has grown so that the droid brand is no longer in that main focus, can’t we just recombine the damn sites so i don’t have to look at two?  they have the same crap on them most of the time anyway.

          • On the bootloader issue, I’m not as hardcore as the rest of you apparently.  I haven’t swapped out ROMs or anything for at least 6 months.  I got tired of backing up and restoring and wasting a weekend getting my phone back to the way I like it.  I have to have root, but only for minor tweeking and modding.  Mostly it’s for screen capture apps, Titanium Backup, and the sense of freedom and control.

            I’ll be honest, I have NEVER been to android life.  I’ve heard it mentioned, but just never gone there.  I wonder if others think like me and just come to Droid Life – then it would make sense for them to post articles that they deem important on this site, otherwise they’re not reaching enough of their audience.

            I think this site should be just all Android – but categorized better so I can find what interests me.  The search feature of this site is horrible at finding relevent articles – or the authors are too liberal with their tagging of the articles which waters down the search results.  I don’t know.  Droid Life can’t continue to be “the” go to Android blog if they only concentrate on Verizon Droid’s.  I get that.  I just think a lot of potentially helpful Android tips, tricks, and other info is being disregarded in favor of hyping the next big phone.

          • Anonymous

            oh i’m completely in the same boat you are with roms.. i got tired of swapping them out and having to reset everything and get comfortable again.  it was neat, but wasn’t worth the hassle.  only want root for minor things like removing apps, backing up stuff, and sense of control too.  but an open bootloader is pretty much a surefire way to ensure we always have root as i understand it.  not to mention overclocking and stuff.  that’s fun too.

            yeah an.droid-life is the redheaded stepchild of droid-life.  the articles on there are usually already on here, or just filler mostly.  i just find it comical that almost all of the articles on droid-life aren’t about the droid line.. and then we have this ghostly an.droid-life site sitting there too after it’s big revival.  and i’m fine with droid-life being about android in general.  i just always get a kick out of seeing an.droid-life mentioned here.  and yeah, search sucks on here and has for a long time.

          • It’s interesting that when you buy a computer, you get full control by default and that’s the norm.  But smartphones are somehow different why?  I mean, if the wireless provider actually thought there was a threat of customers getting their phone calls or data for free because their phone was rooted, then I could understand the strict lockdowns… but the worst thing I’ve seen someone do with root (in the eyes of a wireless provider) is allow their phone to tether.  But how is that bad when they can throttle or limit you anyway?  Not to mention the tiered data now… Regardless, you’re still paying for the services.

            I digress. Much. hehe.  I would like to overclock my Bionic (not that it needs it), but from what I gather you need a new kernel… is that something you can’t overwrite if the bootloader is locked?  That doesn’t make sense to me because ROMs can overwrite everything… can’t they?  Wouldn’t that include the kernel?  There is still much inside of these devices that I don’t comprehend.  😛

          • Anonymous

            the tethering issue is probably the number 1 biggest issue around rooting that gets the carriers’ attentions.  it’s a moneymaker for them, and they view it as stealing (and depending how you view “your data”, you may as well).  i don’t care either way because i have wifi and don’t ever tether, so i wish they would figure out a way to sort that out so they can stop looking at people who root their phones as thieves.. because that’s what they view us as now.. thieves and hackers.  it’s ridiculous.  especially in the era of tiered data.. i feel like the first carrier to include tethering for free in their tiered packages is going to win big.  not just customers, but overrage charges, etc.  that’s how they should control the tethering issue.

            then there’s the issue of people bricking their phones while trying to root and do this stuff and returning it and getting a new phone.  their warranty should be voided.

            but yeah, you can’t change the kernel without having the bootloader unlocked.  that limits a lot of what the dev community can do for roms and instead they have to do workarounds and such.  and i believe having an unlocked bootloader and source code will simply allow people to flash a file to root their device (like the g-nex), instead of having to rely on exploits and security holes:

          • I don’t want to open the old tethering discussion up again.  I’m not “one of those” people that abuse it.  I’ve honestly only tethered when my cable was out for an hour at home. In fact, I’ve NEVER used more than 2.5GB of my “unlimited” data in any given month.

            I must agree that the people that don’t read/educate themselves before modifying their phones and then returning them to the store because it’s bricked… well, suck.  They ruin it for the rest of us. Then again, I have not in 2 years of modding my OG, DX, or Bionic, through ROMs, SBFs, etc – not once had a phone “brick”.

            Now… was the bootloader on the DX locked?  Because I had mine overclocked.  Was that also through a security hole?  If so, can’t they just keep exploiting holes?  What is the delay on finding a method for the Bionic?  I wonder, is it much different… more difficult… or do the developers not care about the Bionic because the RAZR superceded it so rapidly?  Or is the whole world’s attention on the Nexus?  Oh there I go again.  digression… heheh

          • Anonymous

            yeah, i tethered once on a car ride just for the novelty of it.  never really had a use for it otherwise, and i’ve never gone over a few gb’s either per month.  it’s the people that cancel their home internet and then stream netflix all day long on their tethered phone that ruin it for us.

            i never bricked either.  i’m not sure how one goes about bricking a phone if you’ve properly read the instructions and have the backup files handy.  you have to be completely stupid i would think.  at least to not be able to get it back to a functional state, with the internet at your disposal.

            the DX was never unlocked, it was some kind of workaround to get it overclocked.  i dunno how efficient that is versus having open access or if a method like that can work in every case.  security holes can only be exploited until they’re patched, which sucks. it’s a cat and mouse game.

            i think the interest in the bionic peaked a long while ago.  especially now with the g-nex, who cares about developing for the bionic anymore and having to fight through the security moto and verizon put up. even the razr will feel it when the g-nex hits, i bet.

          • You speak a lot of truth my friend.  😛

          • Mctypething

            It’s just that none of these blogs are willing to dig into these phones, or the App Market, and create the news. They sit around waiting for rumors to pass their desk instead of creating news with insightful reporting.

          • I’d like to see an article or poll digging into the Market issue I’ve had for a month now.  How many people STILL have to use Appbrain to access their apps and updates because Google doesn’t think there is a problem on their end?  Anyone?


          • Anonymous

            the market definitely needs issues ironed out.  i’d like to see better control of your apps, including installing, reinstalling, etc. especially to new devices on the account, through the use of a dashboard or something.. getting the market to reinstall everything on a fresh wipe right now is always hit or miss.

            and i wish they’d figure out an app data backup/restore option for accounts before manufacturer’s start trying to figure out solutions themselves and muck it all up.  that’s huge.  one of the main reasons i need root.  besides just needing it.

          • Anonymous

            Application data restoration has already been implemented in Android. Developers just need to implement it. Here’s a link:


          • Anonymous

            interesting.  why the hell isn’t this used or talked about more often then?  again, i think a good dashboard or control panel in the market with your apps as well as your apps’ data would go a long way here…

          • Anonymous

            This used to be a great site for rooting, ROM’s, cool apps and just general DROID related news.

            Now its just a Nexus rumor site where rabbid fan-boys vomit their baseless hate on everyone who doesnt have a Nexus. Oh and to flame every single Motorola owner because 2 years ago they saw a review of the Motorola Cliq and think MotoBlur is still the same.

            Fairwell DROID-Life, this is now Nexus rumor-life.com

          • Anonymous


            sorry nevermind, i don’t think you are. interesting. i concur then. it’s funny how moto fans are kind of shunned anymore.

          • Anonymous

            While I can agree this site used to have more good content related to rooting I don’t agree with the other point you made. Their are kids that get on the internet and someone tells them this is the best so they actually think that and then hate everything else. I would tell you to not leave this site behind because of that but as for the content not being as great from Kellex and others I can’t tell you to stay. I hope they do change it up once tthe Nexus is released but who knows. 

    • Samsung is that much better than Motorola 

  • Antivanity

    Remember a time when Android needed a “miracle”.. then the OG Droid came along. It only takes one phone..

    • That was different though.  Verizon didn’t have a real smartphone at the time.  Only a blackberry.  I really don’t think Android would have taken off as it did if the iPhone hadn’t stayed excludive to AT&T.  The droid was a GREAT phone, but i would have already picked up an iPhone by then.  It is all about timing and everyone has already missed it.  Now everyone is fighting for scraps.

      • I was using a Window Mobile phone before the i*hone even came out… Microsoft had the opportunity to be “the” smartphone king, but they blew it.

        • Yes, but it didn’t have the advertising, nor the options that android and iOS had at the time.  Is that true though?  i am not saying you are wrong, i just didn’t know that. 

          Speaking of OS’s, what OS do other phones run on such as the enV or enV Touch.  Talk about a POS.  I can knock it because i had that phone 😛

          • Android didn’t exist at the time I had my WinMo phone… and i*hone hadn’t been released yet.  In my opinion, Windows Mobile was the first actual smartphone.  Regardless of whether it needed a stylus, and was kind of crappy.  😛

          • Anonymous

            Amazing that Microsoft could squander such an enormous business advantage.

          • Yeah, I’m amazed how MS just wasted it’s huge (at least a few years) lead in smartphones.

          • Indeed.  Not to mention that Apple takes credit for the invention of the tablet.. although there were tablet PC’s (laptops with touchscreens that swiveled around and rested on their keyboards) back in 2004.  Now we have this (new?) ASUS tablet with keyboard that is exactly the same thing (except the keyboard is detachable) and it’s “revolutionary”.  Microsoft could have had it all…

          • Anonymous

            Apple has never taken credit for the invention of the tablet. It’s just that nobody gave a damn about tablets (or touchscreen phones for that matter) until Apple came along and said, “THIS is how you do it” and the rest of the tech world followed.

          • Anonymous

            Dumbphones use OS’s such as BREW and Symbian.

      • Anonymous

        yeah i think apple shot themselves in the foot by staying exclusive with ma bell

      • Anonymous

        That’s a great point.  

        I imagine you’re absolutely right that the Droid would have been crushed by the Iphone if it hadn’t been exclusively on AT&T.  

        I hate saying that because I’m obviously an Android fan, hell still using my OG right now, but I even remember being a little bummed prior to the Droid’s release that my cell service didn’t have the Iphone.  

        Apple may have inadvertently given Android the shot it needed by keeping the Iphone on only one (bad) service, AT&T.  Pretty crazy to think about.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  If the Pre launched on VZW instead of Sprint, or if the Pre Plus launched a month or two before the Droid, Palm would probably still be Palm instead of HP’s bastard stepchild.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe, maybe not. iPhone did not enjoy carrier exclusivity abroad, yet the Android Invasion played out pretty much the same way in Europa and Asia. We’ll never know what could have happened should the iPhone have been launched on the big four carriers in the US, but it’s by no means certain that it would have had a significant impact on Android’s rise to stardom and smartphone dominance.

        • Anonymous

          Wrong. Apple had carrier exclusives around the world; AT&T was that last exclusive to come to an end. Liderc is absolutely right….