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Microsoft Lets Android Users Experience Windows Phone 7 Via The Browser

We would never leave Android, but it doesn’t hurt to test out how thinks might have been if we were to choose another operating system. I must admit, Microsoft has done some pretty snazzy stuff by creating a Windows Phone 7 emulator – all within your phones browser. By visiting http://aka.ms/wpdemo, you will be prompted to start a guided tour through WP7.

Your device will soon switch from Android to the Windows Phone 7 experience you see above. Every tile is functional and Microsoft has done an outstanding job with a unique marketing ploy. Additionally, at the end of the tour you have a chance to win a free Windows Phone 7 device – because they know, we all love free things.

Via: Engadget

  • WP7 and even WP8 are bloated with way to much text data. It feels dirty with words and that makes it hard to focus for quick actions. I felt lost just looking at the start screen. Even more so as I feel deeper in to what seemed to be a never ending story book. Page after page of useless information that didn’t really seem to lead anywhere. No to mention the poor choice of contrasting colors, bad fonts and squares that make all the text data not worth the effort of reading it. I spent around 20 minutes doing the same demo over and over. There is but one conclusion I can’t seem to avoid. WP not only makes me sick just looking at it, but is with out a doubt the worst OS ever. Lets hope it dies a quick and painful death so we all can be spared it’s insidious appearance.