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Verizon’s 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus Gets Pictured, Receives Android 4.0.2 Update

According to one of our readers with the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus, an update to Android 4.0.2 was made available to test devices within the last day. It’s not clear what was fixed, but we certainly hope that it addressed some of Verizon’s concerns that seem to have held up the release of the phone. Could it simply be a fix for the volume rocker of the GSM version of the phone? Maybe, but the GSM phone I have has received no such update. Tough to tell. We are wondering now if 4.0.2 will be the version of Android to come loaded on launch day?

Our source also has not received word on a release date, however, our inbox continues to receive tips from a variety of folks that are under the impression that tomorrow still could be the day that pre-orders open up. Verizon has remained silent on this front, so we’ll just have to sit tight and see if some magic happens in the morning. Would be a nice surprise, that’s for sure.

Oh, and we have attached a couple of HD screenshots for you below from an LTE device. Battery life, as you will see, is not completely awful yet not amazing at the same time.  


Dear Verizon, if you can’t tell, we are getting impatient.

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous


  • Suspicious

    How much do you want to bet that Verizon doesn’t release the Nexus until AFTER their extended holiday return policy date of Jan 15??? The further out the dates keep being speculated on release, the more likely this seems.

  • Pennywise

    You know what’s still really awesome? My dual-core, LTE Bionic 😀

    Ahhhhhhh good times! Look, you chuckleheads have waited this long, haven’t you?! Don’t give up now!! This device is going to be out in the next couple months hang in there!!!!

    • Nathan Hosford

      Plug in some headphone and try and use the alarm and when they both fail thats when you know you have a Bionic.

  • Jake Boley

    I could give a shit about the silly ongoing debate here, but like VZW or not, I’ll leave them and buy an unlocked GSM Nexus if I don’t see their LTE version show up in a week or two. I’m sure I am not alone. They do not have unlimited time to release this.

    It is possible the delay has to do with hardware issues associated with the LTE version, but it really smells like they’re trying to push their bloatware infested Moto phones at the GN’s expense. 

    • Asdf

      Then a week later you will be selling it to come back to vz to get the nexus all awhile complaining about the customer service, drop calls and everything else everybody complains about on tmobile and att.

      You people crack me up, I would understand if vz announced this phone then delayed it.  THEY NEVER ANNOUNCED IT! 

      • Anonymous

        actually, they have a banner up on the VZW website that says Galaxy Nexus. soo they pretty much announced it. and i believe they actually did announce they will carry it, but never announced a date, if that is what you were alluding to

        and i’ve been on ATT first, then Sprint, then VZW. I dont know how i ever put up with the first 2. i thought att was bad, and then went to sprint and terminated my contract and paid the etf after 2 months cause i couldnt stand it anymore.

    • Guest

      What will you all do if they pull what they did with the nexus 1? Leave? LOL!

  • Jeremy Morrison88

    Just got off the phone with a VZW Customer Service agent. I called about canceling my lines and leaving. When asked why I told them I was sick of the delays, leaving customers in the dark, pushing their shitty bloatware filled POS. The lady brought up the fact that I had called on the 15th wondering about the Nexus. She told me the only thing she knows and that’s that Verizon will ANNOUNCE the phone before the end of the year. Which means we could easily be looking into January for a release. All Verizon has to do is announce it in December. I really see this happening. :'(

    • Brychp

      Bet you didn’t cancel your plan.

      • Jeremy Morrison88

        No I didn’t because the cost of cancellation for all 3 of my lines would have been $400. Plus I have 1 line that’s grandfathered on unlimited data so….. I’m a pussy what can I say. I tried though. God knows I tried!

    • GoogleSchplooge

      I am 99.9% sure you didn’t tell them any of that. Your mangina would let you.

      • Jeremy Morrison88

        Yes I did. But think about it for a minute. Verizon can easily get away with announcing a date on December 31st. Then releasing it sometime after that.

  • Anonymous

    i hope they dont add that blockbuster app
    according to dominick devito the droid 4 is no good because it will have the blockbuster app….i was gonna upgrade from the og droid to the droid 4 but supposedly its not worth it because madden 2012 and the blockbuster app

    • Dominick DeVito

      dude stop the trolling, seriously…what are you proving?

      • Anonymous

        im not trolling thats what you said on the droid 4 article
        btw, why did you take my picture?

        • Dominick DeVito

          if you’re going to put words in my mouth – use the right ones.

          I said the D4 has an outdated design.

          And thanks for being my #1 fan, much appreciated.

          • dominick devito sr.

            Outdated design? Looks just like razr, except for keyboard. If anything is outdated its anthing made by HTC

          • Dominick DeVito

            Thanks, I guess you’re right, Dad.  :p

            Seriously you people crack me up . lol

          • Anonymous

            outdated design? the razr came out 3 weeks ago.. whats so special about the nexus design? does it transform into a car and take you to work?

          • Dominick DeVito

            I wasn’t talking about the Razr – I actually think the Razr’s design is fantastic.

      • dominick devito sr.

        Son, please get a job/life and get off these sites reading about phone that dont even have realese dates yet and bitching because they are not out yet!

      • Mama_DeVito

        This is Doms mother. Leave him alone boys, he has had a rough day at work, he dropped the manager cell phone in the French Fryer and now has to work a triple shift at the Beef and Bun to pay for it. Dom, I bought you new underwear after seeing the horrific mess you left the ones Aunt Gertruid knitted for you.

        • Dominick DeVito

          lol. Yes, I found that funny.

    • You need to say that everyone needs a dictionary then you will convince people.

  • RaptorOO7

    So much for the online pre-ordering today!

  • 4.0.2 Added the following benefits:

    Blockbuster App
    City ID
    Madden 2012
    Vcast Manager
    Vcast Apps
    Vz Navigator

    • Anonymous

      Damn, I guess we’ll have to wait for 4.0.3 to get Lets Golf 2 =(.

  • So they replaced the google symbol on the back with an ugly ass Verizon symbol….  If I wasn’t already going to toss a case on it, I’d be wondering if that came off cleanly.  Verizon mucks everything up….

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it went from 90% batt to about 18% in about 8 or 9 hours.  Verizon 4G = destroyer of batteries.

    (still buying it anyway)

  • Major Droid

    Been searching till my eyes bleed.  No where can I find anything on any business that does what they do (any business) for FREE.  The greedy bastards, all of them!  Go figure, in business to make money.  What are they, simple?

  • Anonymous

    I think VZW is delaying the GN solely to keep it away from the other carriers. Everyone knows there is pent-up demand for the phone. VZW’s exclusivity likely doesn’t start until the phone is released, so the longer it delays, the more RAZRs and Rezounds it can sell, while also keeping any other carriers from selling the GN in the meantime. Google has to be thinking twice about its decision to let VZW have its flagship device. I wouldn’t expect to see any future Nexus launches on VZW after the Xoom and GN fiascos.

    • i disagree, simply because the GSM phone is pentaband, and verizon isn’t stupid. they know that anyone can just order one, pop their SIM in, and they’re set, which is what a lot of people have done. I thin kthe Nexus is delayed because they want us to be able to have flash out of the box. Funny we’ll get flash support in december, and the phone was pushed back to december.

  • Galaxy Bionic

    I want the Galaxy Bionic, er, I mean Galaxy Nexus now.  Not 6 months from now. 

  • Anonymous

    I had to switch to “sort by Newest first” to get rid of that stupid political argument on the top of the most popular/best rated. Pretty lame considering it has nothing to do with the article.

  • For such “big” businesses, none of these providers or manufacturers can communicate with the customers worth a crap.

    • The Nexus is not a Droid branded phone.  Verizon doesn’t care about it, and doesn’t think you should either.  They’re not going to tell you anything.

  • I’m sorry.  There is no way this has bugs holding it up.  If that were the case someone would’ve leaked some hints about what and why.  And having owned an HTC I can safely say that VZW is totally ok with selling buggy phones.

  • PickleDoodle

    I guess the Nexus complaints finally got annoying enough for other readers to start commenting about it.

  • JMac726

    So no pre-order today, and it’s one week from 12/8 and still no announcement.  Getting worried?

    I’ve been saying the 15th for awhile, just as a speculative before-Christmas guess.  I have no proof except P3Droid and PydePypper seem to think before Christmas. But maybe it’s going all the way to the 22nd?

    No way they release this thing 12/29; just 2 days before the end of the year, right?!

    • P3/Pydepypper made it seem like 12/8 will DEFINITELY NOT happen. Under any circumstances. I have 12/22 pegged on my “personal Galaxy Nexus release calendar.” I’m a pessimist, sometimes. This is one of those cases where it’s not really beneficial to be too optimistic.

      12/15 sounds good, but I am going to assume (with no information to back this up, just my own gut feeling) that it’s not going to happen, either.

      • It will be out the week after xmas, I just know it.  If Verizon hadn’t already stated it will be out this year, I’m convinced it would easily be pushed into next year.  Actually, knowing Verizon, they will push it into next year anyway.

        The Nexus actually takes lower priority than their dumb phones and cheapo smartphones because they know the Nexus will cut into sales of the RAZR and they will not allow that to happen.

    • I would be VERY surprised if this thing comes out before xmas.  Verizon is in no hurry to get this thing tested and out the door.  They want to maximize their sales of the RAZR for holiday shoppers to get the Droid brand even deeper into the market.  I’m 100% convinced if the Galaxy Nexus were called the Droid Nexus, it would have been out by now.  Verizon is not interested in pushing the Galaxy or Nexus brand.

  • Italktomyself77

    This entire timeline has me rolling.

  • Dave

    Anyone else wanted to reach into the screen and grab the phone? 

  • Don’t Count Your Chickens…

    People will complain about anything. When they get their hands on this phone it won’t be “stock enough” because of the VZW on the back plate. Damn VZW. Damn them to hell…

    • I can’t wait for the bitching to begin once the phone rolls out. 4G data drops. Volume rocker bug, screen is to pentile, Needs more built in apps. Ha.

      • GoogleSchplooge

        Yep, then all the bitching and moaning will ramp up until the next big thing. This is the mentality of the android user.

  • Cam

    Another day, another disappointment…

  • Anonymous

    “is not completely awful yet not amazing at the same time”  Doesn’t that describe average?
    Also do any of your sources specify a specific example of a bug/problem that has held a phone back.  Surely after a such a delay there must be a specific example if that was the cause, right? Your sources must have given you concrete examples by now as opposed to Verizon just doing damage control by leaking it is the phone when in fact it is just their business decision to delay it.

  • Anonymous

    this phone is never coming out, plain and simple

    • Anthony Vella

      Haha you think this is bad, our Droid Charge planned update today hasn’t shown AT ALL. I am worried more about that so I can sell this hunk of crap and get my Nexus.

    • It will, but only after they’re sold as many Droid branded phones (like the RAZR) to as many holiday shoppers as possible.  I predict it comes out after xmas.

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  • Anthony Vella

    This phone is amazing and is just awesome. Hopefully when Jellybean comes out, it will feature the multi gesture native actions to go to the homescreen etc, without on-screen buttons. That’s a feature that is being considered I guess is what some people say. Similar to the new Labs thing in the browser with your thumb.

  • Anonymous

    ICS was so bad that they needed to update it to 4.0.2 lol. The one that moto is building will be proper.

    • Guest

      shouldn’t you be slurping up mc_faggit cum???

    • Anonymous

      Probably the most idiotic comment I have ever seen on DL

      • Anonymous

        You can say whatever you want, but I am rocking my droid Razor with GB 2.3.5 🙂 Where is the nexus now? They are beginning to fix all of the issues on ICS.

        • Guest
        • debits and credits

          As am I, but this razr is just not for me. I can’t wait to trade in or sell it

          • Anonymous

            that is understandable, i love mine 🙂

          • debits and credits

            The form factor and build is gorgeous, but the screen is green and the phone gets HOT!

            I suspect these things happened because of the form factor.

          • Anonymous

            The screen is green lol, the display on the bionic is gorgeous.

          • Guest

            MAJOR FAIL!!!!

          • Guest


        • Guest


    • Guest


  • Does that “Network Mode” setting indicate we might be able to disable LTE? That would be nice, for those times when I’m less concerned about transfer rates, and more concerned about battery life.

  • Aoholmes95

    Sounds like some Marxist nerds that don’t have a clue how good we have it in this country. If you don’t want to do business with Verizon then don’t. Otherwise stfu and quit whining and thank your lucky stars for being born in the land of the free. Uuhra!

  • ChiefDecker


  • Anonymous

    I can live with 11hrs and almost half battery. I’m only in a 3G area anyway. Never use bluetooth or gps. Wifi only at home. Loving this

  • Rxsmitty

    11 hours and still at 46 %, that aint half bad imo, I’ll be happy if the phone gives me 24hrs stock, it will only get better with time/root

  • Anonymous

    If it comes with any bloatware and doesn’t have Google branding on the device it isn’t a Nexus!

    • Bryan Williams

      I’m pretty sure you’re totally wrong.

      If the device receives updates from Google and not the service provider, then it’s a Nexus device.  Also, if the bootloader isn’t encrypted along with getting updates from Google, then it’s obvious that it’s a Nexus device.

      • Anonymous

        I hope you are right. Verizon just ticks me off.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’d imagine if the test devices just got a new firmware update that it will be at least two weeks before this is available. I mean, the update was sent out to be tested, no? 

  • Anonymous

    You know… If the only thing  most of you guys have to complain about is the fact that this phone isn’t released yet.. Count your blessings.. Just saying..

  • If today was the day…wouldn’t we all be getting the e-mail notification we signed up for on Vzw and Google?

    • Anonymous

      I still haven’t gotten an email notification for the Thunderbolt.

  • Bogarbaca

    Hey…..Verizon bought the Nexus!!! They can put whatever the F÷%k they want. 

  • whats with the gps icon on the left side of the status bar?

  • Anonymous

    Lovely little Christmas song  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ov8FeODxyXU

  • Sporttster

    Went to the Verizon store to get a case for my Razr.  Asked the guy about the Nexus, if there’s any news. He just mentioned what we all pretty much know. It’s being held up due to speaker problems. So yea, the Droid 4 will launch before this thing will…if ever it seems….how many more Moto phones will come and go before this one ever makes its initial appearance? WHO knows….exactly why I bought a Razr….

    • Atabizi

      I bought a Razr too… I’m loving it… It may not be the greatest phone around but it’s much better than my old HTC EVO.. 

      • Jothen2002

        selling mine 500 cash money…

  • GreenEyedBandit

    Well stayed up for no damn reason, shoulda known better, but couldn’t take chance.  These rumors are killing me, and making my wife think I’m really crazy.

  • Anonymous

    What type of battery life are we suppose to expect based on ure estimation ???? ANY IDEAS

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, battery life has to be better than the thunderbolt, which I am a proud owner.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Nice to see everyone is playing nice in here.

  • Michael Allis

    As someone on Verizon who is literally only interested in picking this up and utilizing it as a 3G phone, my question is, how bad would the battery life be in that type of situation?

    Right now, all I use my phone is for business meetings, calls, texts, twitter and facebook. If i’m doing anything more data-intensive, I’m usually by a Wifi hotspot. So I’m the kind of person who doesn’t need LTE quite yet and, frankly, can’t afford it on a monthly basis. 

    TL;DR, Anyone out there with an LTE phone that can attest to battery life with 4G off? Razr? Bionic? Anyone?

    • Anonymous

      I get about 1.5 to 2X life out of my Bionic when using exclusively 3G rather than 4G.  I turn on 4G only when I’m doing some quick searching or want a quick download of a file, etc.  I have good 3G and 4G coverage, so weak signal on 4G isn’t a large player in these results.

      • Michael Allis

        That actually sounds like an incredible deal. I mean, as-is, this phone is going to come loaded with a bigger battery, and probably pull a solid 8-10 hrs, with 4G. If I’m getting 16-20 with just 3G and some spotty Wifi, I’ll be the happiest of campers.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what I’m thinking/hoping.

          • I plan to use the phone in 3G-only/WiFi mode. I think a lot of people are in our boat.
            Plus, my area isn’t getting 4G for a little bit yet, so I can’t reap of the 4G benefits anyway.

          • Dan Letsch

            Same here, while I do have 4g at home, I also have wifi, and at work (in the boonies) and on the way, 3g would probably be the best I can get, so I will leave it off most of the time, but look forward to the option to turn it on when I need it.

    • Anonymous

      So, you use your phone in business meetings, obviously have a job, but can’t afford LTE on a monthly basis? It’s the same freakin price, maybe you shouldn’t have a smartphone.

    • Michael: @PydePypper on Twitter has a VZW Nexus and is forcing it to 3G only today to test out battery life. He is going to report results later today on how his phone did. Follow him if you want to see results. He said 2 hours into the first part of his test and he’s at 84%. Extrapolate that out to a full battery drain and you have ~8% battery drain per hour on 3G only (no idea how strong his signal is though) which means roughly 12.5 hours. Seems similar to what HSPA+ users are seeing in some cases. I imagine if you’re in a 3G only area, you can eke out better battery life by forcing the phone to 3G only and turning off the LTE radio.

      • Don’t Count Your Chickens…

        Yes because everyone knows that batteries discharge in a totally linear fashion. With great speculation like that, would you like to offer a release date for us as well?

        • Well, thanks for not being a sarcastic dick.

          I never claimed any facts, I only wrote a few things that make basic sense. It’s people like you who like to attack in forums and in comments that make the experience shitty for the rest of us. Thanks for doing your part and being a contributing member of the community.

          Given that it’s common knowledge that turning off 4G does yield an improvement in battery life, and if we’re seeing anywhere from 6-8 hours on an LTE Nexus, one can assume 10-12 hours of use on 3G only isn’t a far stretch.

  • google took their name off the back cover so verizon could put theirs on…ummmmmmmmm anyone who says google is greedy is a MORON!  yeah they want to make money but i’ve never seen a more selfless/SUCCESSFUL company in my life

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t the title used to say “Still in Testing”…?

    • Anonymous

      Why yes, yes it did.

  • Cmac414

    Galaxy Nexus sign up page on Verizon’s website now

  • Anonymous

    Its 12:04 am and I don’t see a pre-order page on verizon…    :…( 

    • Cam

      Well, it’s just 12am EST. Maybe PST? Keep the faith bro.

      • Anonymous

        lets hope man, lets hope haha

  • Ankur Singh

    So I definitely don’t comment a lot, and I don’t sit here and read through the juvenile BS that these message boards turn into (I’d love to see ANY of you talk this much shit to each in person, by the way). I’m just here to share a link (my apologies if it turns out to be a dupe)


    • Anon

      Agreed! People complain and talk too much crap on the internet WAY too much…all because they hide behind a screen and they know there are no consequences awaiting them…

      All I can say is complain all you want but just remember that no one cares what you think, you will not persuade anyone to do what you think is “better”, and people that think the EXACT opposite of you, are not willing to negotiate. Just keep that in mind next time you stretch those fingers of yours preparing to write an epic rant.

      • Billy Bob

        You mean like the rant you just wrote?

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Lmao, who cares?!  The Galaxy Nexus is retarded and stupid.  As a quote in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, best movie in 20years, “Don’t believe the hype bro!”.  I’m getting the sony xperia play like a normal person should.  Lol, idiots.


  • Dylan Blom

    I got a little bored and figured out the theoretical battery life based on the graph from 90% to 19% or from time 0 to 7.3 hours. Using proportions I determined that the battery life is around 10 hours and 20 minuntes. Of course this is with with the Wifi being off for most of the interval and the GPS being off the entire time.

  • SBH

    Hmmmm, any reason why the title of the post was changed? Went from having something about “still in testing” to now not having it.

    • Dominick DeVito

      prob because no “official” word was said on it still be tested (or at all)

  • Esmccarty09

    who is this faggot devito dude. he know’s absolutely nothing about business, or anything for that matter. biggest whining troll bitch of all time

    • Dominick DeVito

      what’s the problem? What don’t I know?

      I know one thing – Verizon hasn’t done themselves any favors with the launch of this phone. 

      Add something relevant or stfu, troll.

      • Dominick’s Dad

        This Dominick guy is a complete idiot huh?  Just a complete chat room tough guy…

  • Cam

    So, if it does go up for pre-order tonight at 199$, who’s biting? I’m not ususally the early adopter type, but i’ve been waiting so long to pull the trigger on this, and my OGD is really ready for the geriatric home…Thinking I’ll get this and use that living social coupon for a dock.

    • living social coupon plus $30 discount from verizon. I’d pay $399

  • jimbob
  • Jake Lipson

    soooo, I’m staying up tonight to (try to) preorder

    • Anonymous

      Don’t hold your breath.  More Verizon testing equals more delays.  

  • i wanna lick it

  • Anonymous

    That’s it. I am not getting this phone with that disgusting Vzw logo on the back.

    • acetone


    • Anonymous

      I agree that the VZW logo on the back is terrible, particularly since they removed the Google one, but it’s not going to stop me from being the first person in the Verizon store on the day it launches.

  • Chester Moy

    Correct me if I’m wrong but.. Looking at the notification bar, I see GPS and bluetooth in use.. Plus LTE, and I’m surprised the phone’s still running

    • Anonymous

      The LTE version does have a larger battery.

  • James Williams

    Sweet Jesus I just wet myself!

  • Anonymous

    Wish we could get the Google labeled back plate.  Google designed the damn thing, Verizon doesn’t do anything but screw the release up. 

    Why didn’t they remove the Verizon check mark that looks retarded and put Google there? Then it would show the partnership.

    • im sure you could buy a new battery cover with just a google logo.  Could you do that ob a RAZR or iPhone?

      • Anonymous

        Not unless a company makes them aftermarket, I doubt the GSM version will work because if you look at the pictures on Googles site, the back plate looks different on the LTE version.  The camera seems to protrude out a little more, making the back plate different.

        • Isn’t the screen on the front of the phone? who the hell looks at the back anyway?  With a 4.65″ 720P screen there is no reason to look at the back.  And I’m sure someone will make a different battery cover. People need to stop nit picking on childish little things. f*ckin scrape it off if you dont like it.

          • Anonymous

            You seem mad, I’m just pointing out that the company who made this phone and designed it’s operating system are apparently not worth putting their brand on the back, yet the company that has nothing to do with the design or completion of the phone gets their’s dead center. 

            They won’t even release the phone because they’d rather sell Razrs, just saying give credit where credit is due.  I don’t care about the back, but I think Google deserves more recognition for the only phone they specifically create.

          • I think google should be on the back too but nothing any of us says will change that, even saying were not going to buy the phone like some idiots in the comments say.  But if i ran verizon and i’m sure if you did to you would be doing the same thing they are doing to try and sell as many phones as possible. Plus all these people test driving phones for a few weeks and then paying another $35. Verizon will probably make $1 million just on restocking phones because of the g-nex, brilliant business people. They know how to make money and thats why they are in business. Do they care if they piss off 500 people on some blog site? I’m sure they don’t, I’m not sure the numbers but they have how many people on their network and a growing population and adding customers everyday. I hate it too but its just business, they make money for the stockholders and that is their job.

          • Anonymous

            Business is business, but I think you underestimate the enormity of the online communities.  I bet if you asked Kellex how many visitors DL gets a day it’d be in the 10s of thousands if not more.  Definitely more than a few hundred.

          • so i did a quick check, verizon has some 70 MILLION people on their network. Even if  they piss off 10 thousand people, thats a very very small portion of their customers.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t seem like you’re willing to listen to reason, so I’ll let this go.

  • Lam Nguyen

    Wow it exists!!!

  • Vadster8

    Just did some quick dirty calculations: from the start of the graph to the first time it was plugged in to charge (for a significant amount of time at least), the battery drained approx. 71% in 8hours 15 minutes. That would then give you approx 11.5 hours on a full charge with same usage as this screen.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon branding? No Google branding? Stupid.

  • Spoken Word™

    Another day, another rumor, another round of mindless comments….

  • Anonymous

    Just a thought here, but what if the Verizon Galaxy Nexus comes with a spare back that has the Google logo on it? Wishful thinking, but the cover does look like at some point it might break.

    • Anonymous

      The backs of this phone seem cheap enough (judging by the way they bend like paper), so maybe your brilliant idea isn’t that far fetched.

  • Anthony P

    i think im just going to get the iphone

    • Bionic

      and that would prove to the world that you are just another mindless apple follower.  But hey good luck having a phone that uses an OS that is designed for kids.  Along with its tiny screen and no LTE.

      • Anthony P

        kidding….im ordering mine right now 

  • Anonymous

    Where’s yours, Kellex?

  • miscreant

    I just got off the phone with VZW customer service. After trying to sell me the i*hone, and my complete and utter justifiable rant on why I hate *pple, we got to talking about the GNex. She still confirmed that they have NOTHING in their systems yet, other then a small blurb about it. No training, details and specifications to be found. The poor girl tried to tell me that the RAZR and Rezound were just as good, until I informed her that VZW can stick their bloated phones directly into their pooper. She thought I was being funny…I wasn’t. After a little bit of banter, she conceded that VZW is putting much more weight behind the MOTO and HTC phones because of their relationship. Kind of sad, if you ask me.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, talking to customer service helps you very little with FUTURE phone releases (particularly those that have no official release date).  This person is trying to sell you what they have, not what they might have in about a week (unconfirmed).  The whole Moto and HTC line at the end was NOT about the relationship, even though there is likely one.  It’s about selling you a phone.  A couple of which she knows they have in inventory as well as the more likely commission she makes for getting you to renew contract and get a new phone.

      I remember a CS Rep telling me how he thinks that we should have to pay for updates for our phones because buying a phone was like “buying a car”.  I walked out taking his idiotic comment with a grain of salt.They don’t get your technological approach, and if you think they will, you’re overestimating them.  Customer service reps are into sales and making sure your minor issues are addressed.  A great majority will not risk their jobs to give you a tidbit over your mythical unicorn.

      I want the Galaxy Nexus like many of the people on this site but I, like many others here, am not able to get my hands on one, so I’ll just have to wait along with everyone else.

      Consider your demands and complaints being like that of an ant to a brick wall.  I have reason to believe the brick wall is not going to move.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on Verizon for wanting to put their brand on a phone…I mean, we all know they make TONS of money on the phones…and we all know that Google has NO money…God forbid a company with the power and impact of Verizon on its own industry for wanting to release a phone that meets their criteria.

    I’ve been with Verizon for a little over 11 years now…and I’ve been pretty happy with the customer service, coverage and the company.  Some folks will never be happy….don’t like it? Go to ATT or Sprint…or Boost LOL!

    Keep the hype comin’! 

  • Hopefully this question doesnt get lost in the fray… but since the VZW GN is thicker than the GSM version, does this mean we need to buy VZW specific cases??

    Im assuming yes, and that is rather annoying since a lot of cases on the market probably wont stipulate which version they were modeled after.

  • Tachobooiiiiii

    This is exactly why we want a Nexus.  Not even released and two updates already.  The other phones out won’t get a bug fix update until half their shelf life is up.

    This thing will run so smooth on launch I’ll just need some Crisco and some elbow grease to caress it enough to make it warm and it’ll slide right up there to pleasure me immensely!


    • Well I remember the OG Droid got updated really quick to 2.0.1, but it was also the first phone to run Android 2.0. And then that huge wait for the 2.1 update. Custom ROMs solved that though. I miss those days of the OG. There was way less hating going on in the Android community. Now everyone hates on each other because everyone likes different phones, but isn’t that the beauty of Android? We all have a choice. Be glad we don’t have just one phone to choose from, but instead a variety of different form factors and specs. Let’s stop the hate Droid Life community, and enjoy all our great phones.

      • Dominick DeVito

        With choice comes opinions and diversification. 

    • STiK

      Well Duh…. No update no release…… I can see why the update came so fast….

  • Alex943

    Is pre order only an option for new contract customers, or can upgrade people get in on this as well?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know, but I was hoping to cash in on a final New Every Two discount, so I’ll probably have to go directly to my local Verizon store to make my case.

  • Anonymous

    On the ‘Mobile Network Signal’:  is green 4G and yellow 3G or are the colors an indication of signal strength?  It looks like it went from 90% to 20% in about 9h.  If that’s 4G, it should do reasonable well if parked on 3G and one switches over to 4G when one wants to do serious surfing or d/l’ing.

    Kellex – how is the Bluetooth on battery on your model?  On my Bionic, it’s a frakking power hog, to my chagrin.   I would like to leave it on all of the time so that it can autoconnect in my car without fiddling.  However, it just eats too much batter for me to leave it on all the time.  It was no problem on my OG Droid to leave it on all the time – barely mattered if I wasn’t actually using the BT radio…

  • Anonymous

    Gee, I hope the update added the missing VZ Apps and my favorite Blockbuster app. LMAO!

    • Dont forget City ID and Navigator, can’t live without those either.. /sarcasm

      • Anonymous

        Ohh, and Madden, let’s golf, and need for speed. Lol

        Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

        —–Original message—–

  • That’s not to mention the fact Bluetooth (battery buzzkill) is running in the screen shots.

  • When you consider how much of the “sceen on” bar is blue, regardless of that being 3G and a bit of wifi at the end and having a jump charge mid-day, that is perfectly fine in my book.

    I’m sorry but I can’t expect a sudden leap in LTE battery-life evolution because this is a Nexus device, or that it’s running ICS. It just isn’t reasonable.

    That’s not to say I’m not excited about the ability of this to be the best offering battery-wise of an LTE handset to date. Heck, once ICS gets polished resource-wise or this thing is running CM9 I think we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

  • MJZ

    still too many bugs to release. looks like Dec 22nd is back on. 

    • Anonymous


    • Jschmo4567

      Where’d you get that date from?

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        I think he meant December 25th. /s

  • Billy Jenkins

    The Galaxy Nexus, not the phone you need or want but the phone they say you need and want.

  • Anonymous

    Won’t have the funds to purchase this until January, so until then i shall patiently wait and hope for a discount/some sort of deal to bring it down to $199 lol

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like your going to have fun paying for data 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        I have an upgrade so I’ll be grandfathered into my unlimited data that I currently have, or at least that’s the plan.

  • mm777

    well aslong as it can do heavy multitasking and not a need a cable for 5 hours (<estimate for how long i am out of the house each day lol) or if i lose it in my mess of a room/apt. it can keep its charge for 18+ hours of no use. if it can do that i am good. but for everything else its usb tether and a netbook. plus 30 min of music or youtube.

    ^how i use my droid 1

    with 4g lte it will be a shit ton better for google music and its constant skips i get.

  • Anonymous
  • That looks like wifi and 3G hours.. I want to see 4G hours… not that I will be in the states to enjoy the phone anyway but I will take it with me on my deployment

    • Anonymous

      You might want to consider getting a GSM model if you are going to spend a lot of time overseas.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Kellex – call Verizon and tell them you have 100 testers at their disposal.

    • 100,000 you mean

    • JMac726


    • Not you, they disgust you remember?

      • user01


        • guest

          three snaps in a Z formation…lmao

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah – so? I love the phone not the network.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    what they need, what I made for my OG Droid with Metamorph, is a percent icon in the battery icon in the navi bar. I hate nebulas bars like that.

  • Anonymous

    Impatient is an understatement

  • samsunggalaxynexusprime

    give me a damn profile shot

  • Dominick DeVito

    First thing I’m going to do is buy a replacement back cover to completely wash away Verizon branding.

    F U Verizon. You’re nothing but a dumb data pipe, when will you ever learn that?!

    • Anonymous

      Except it will be a different color….

      • Dominick DeVito

        Don’t care…..

        (although the LTE version will prob be thicker anyway). I don’t care, I want that sh1tty logo off my phone. They disgust me.

        • Maybe Kellex can make us some Verizon logo sized Droid-Life stickers to put on the back. 🙂

          • Dominick DeVito

            Now we’re talkin’!!!!!

          • Maybe you disgust Verizon? Just sayin….

          • Dominick DeVito

            Good – hate ’em. Fu#^ ’em.

          • Now that I can get behind, he could like give a bunch out or something

        • Anonymous

          Well since you sound so childish about it then go for it. I mean it completely kills all function of the phone so you must get a new battery door. smh

        • Anonymous

          here’s an idea. get off of verizon. there ya go, no verizon logo on ur phones anymore!

        • Anonymous

          Hate them or love them, you will be relying on them to service your precious Nexus, so take it up the ass and like it

    • Tyler

      You know, there are plenty of other service providers in the US. Not sure why you hate on Verizon. We have the best call reliability in America and the fastest data as well. Why all the hate?

      • Dominick DeVito

        Because they’re greedy pigs. Sure, they’re coverage is the best, but look at the competition. Choose your poison.

        I only have them because of where I live (mid-state NY). I had AT&T for 9 years and loved GSM – I never had to worry about when the carrier would release a phone. I always got them unlocked and was always without a contract. Then I moved to the sticks and had no other choice.

        I love LTE – and love my unlimited plan, but they’re greedy pigs. They are so insanely expensive, their phones (sans the OG Droid) have always been handicapped – or loaded with their crapware. GSM phones always kicked CDMA phone’s asses until the last year or so.

        I’m waiting for AT&T’s LTE expansion to give them some competition – they’re speeds are way faster than Verizon’s, but unfortunately I may never see it where I live.

        • MalcolmW

          Every for profit company is just as evil. Including Google.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Did I say others were model citizens? Some are just worse than othersmost.

          • Anonymous

            LOL Whats your definition of a “Model Citizen”  😛

          • Jovan Givens

            “Do no evil”

            Geez. Clearly they are not in it for the money 🙂

          • Anonymous

            See no evil and hear no evil,

            No not Verizon, they wouldn’t do anything like that< Just good honest corporate types giving back to the community 🙂  Such nice people like my grandma used to say LMAO 😛

          • Like it or not bad traits also often serve as good.  The greed, laziness, and insecurities in all of us, drive product innovation.  The features, power, and conveniences in homes, vehicles, and electronics are a result of these three qualities of the human race driving demand 😉

            There are good and bad people at nearly all companies, but no, not every company puts excessive profits above customer satisfaction.  It’s easy to sit here and point at the companies as “bad guys” taking more of our money than “we” feel they have to.  In some cases, that’s the story, but there’s a whole other side to it.  There are a lot of customers ready to walk all over you.  You know, the kind that will drop water on the floor, then slip and sue.  The kind who take your 30 day 100% return policy and try to get a trade-in every month knowing the company has to eat the credit card processing, shipping, and restock fees.  The pricks that can use an off browser and hack to find a way to make the cost of something say $ with no number on your website, then take videos, screenshots, and threaten to sue if you don’t give the product to them free.  Then there’s the flat out organized fraud.  With all that crap, it becomes difficult to not see customers as strictly your income.

            These are the same things we see talked about here when people say they pulled 100 GB of data on their “unlimited” plan this month. Sure VZ makes plenty according to the public data, but you guys get my point hopefully, which is, PEOPLE are greedy, not companies.  Some of these people are employees that make greedy company policies, others are greedy customers trying to screw the company.  But if you take the greed away you will lose some of the drive to innovate and succeed.

          • Anonymous

            Crying like always lol. Go back to Guadalajara cholo.

          • Guest


          • Anonymous

            BEST RESPONSE EVER!!!!! LOL!

          • Jason

            you shouldn’t have done the guest thing, that was pretty funny and creative! I would have took credit for it!

          • Anonymous

            It’s neither funny nor creative.  It took him 6 minutes in Microsoft Paint, the crayons of digital drawing.  Angelface is at least semi-articulate.  Guest just comes on and posts pictures with language he knows would be filtered.  Cowardice at it’s finest.

          • Jason

            It made me laugh and mostly I was saying that to make the point of, If your going to take the time and effort to do, something man up and take credit for it, not hide behind the guest thing.

          • Anonymous

            It look little time, and little effort.  Guest is the worst of the trolls.  All he does is troll the other trolls.

          • Jason

            Troll on troll action??? Nothing good will come from that lol.

          • Anonymous

            Unless you are in the troll on troll porn business!

          • Guest


          • Guest

            good job! i like your work techdeft.

          • Anonymous

            Ha that is not my work at all.  Sometimes I secretly wonder if you are the Mr. Hyde to the Kellex’s Dr. Jekyll.

          • Guest

            i’m mr.hyde when i’m dealing with angelFAGGIT77, mc_clane & mctypething.  other than that i am dr. jekyll.  i just come out here to read about the latest phones and phone news. what i get tired of is these douche bags spamming the threads with “u ___ bro” “moto is the best” and blasting other people for having an opinion of their own. i have asked kellex to do something about it but he won’t.  so i post behind them to draw attention to them in hopes enough people will complain about them and kellex will do something about it, even if it means me getting banned.  i don’t pull for any device or manufacturer. i have a DX now was looking at the nexus but may hold off till after the first of the year. 

          • Anonymous

            Save it.  Don’t you know about feeding the trolls?(As I am doing right now.)  High road, bigger man, etc etc.  Create a user name, develop your own presence.  Because you are guest, I have no idea if you have ever said anything meaningful at all.  All I know is that you spam just as bad them, and oftentimes, it’s far more inappropriate than what you are responding too.  A disproportionate response.  If you think of something clever or witty to say to them…go for it.

            Otherwise you are just being a hypocrite.

          • Guest

            good advice techdeft.  i may take it. 🙂

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Good, get banned.

          • Guest

          • Anonymous

            googles rap sheet is ridiculously long…they’re bigger crooks than anyone else in the tech world…dunno why so many people think google is full of saints


          • Calculatorwatch

            Blasphemy! lol

          • Anonymous

            lmao…im not a fanboy of any OS…it just makes me lol when people make so many anti apple/WP7 posts without knowing the facts about their own Führer haha

          • OA

            That article does not appear trustworthy. If you really care about an accurate assessment take the time to make your own. A real assessment would accept nuance and not strain to make a specific point. Too much on the internet reads as absolutes.

          • Anonymous

            so forbes isnt a trustworthy site?

          • Mikes

            They’re a bunch of capitalist tools.

          • mons

            Do some background research on Scott Cleland. He’s a paid shill for some of the big telecoms that are known to butt heads with google.

          • Great really nice!

          • mons

            Do some background research on Scott Cleland. He’s a paid shill for some of the big telecoms that are known to butt heads with google.

          • kyle

            haha you are such a hippy

          • why is trying to make a profit evil? isn’t that the point of capitalism? isn’t this America!?

        • Hello is called business! All companies are greedy! Go to Sprint or T-Mobile. People kill me complaining. You have soooo many other companies that do the same as Verizon, supposedly, and you stay with them. Also a couple things that I’ll clear up for you….1. Every company loads there crapware into their phones, 2. Your right look at the competition! AT&T’s network is faster, but not reliable. Ask all the iPhone users that. I’m not even going to put Sprint or T-Mobile in this and last but certainly not least, Again, all Providers care about new subscribers. Your loyalty to them is paying your bill on time. Nothing changes just because you been with them for years. Its not Car Insurance. Point is, if a company is not treating you correctly, then go elsewhere. Don’t just stand there and take it …no Vaseline style. Go elsewhere and stop complaining!

        • Tyler

          Every company can be called a greedy pig. How can you only say Verizon is?

          You and I see the whole GSM/CDMA thing backwards. I can’t stand GSM because of the shoddy call quality (which is still a decent portion of AT&T’s network) or the hard hand offs. CDMA 1X blows the doors off that. True, unlocked handsets are easier to swap, but I haven’t dropped a call in at least 5 years, and CDMA is the main reason for that.

          Are you serious? Do you know why AT&T’s LTE is faster? They have no users! Hell, when my city first got LTE I was pulling 40-50mbps! The more users drinking from the hose, the less water everyone can get. Still, I pull 20mbps daily. Once AT&T gets some users on their network in the few cities they have it, I guarantee their speeds drop as well. It’s just physics. 
          Don’t kid yourself, every cell company is all about gaining new subscribers. Again, why you have singled out Big Red on this is beyond me. 

          Did it occur to you that Verizon is the only provider getting the LTE version of the Nexus, and maybe, just maaaaybe there were additional kinks in the testing phase? Don’t you think Verizon wants to have those ironed out before launching? Would you rather them drop it early and deal with tons of bugs?

          I understand where you are coming from, but your stance on several issues is skewed. 

          • Dominick DeVito

            All I’m asking for is competition – us consumers will win in the end.

            As for dropped calls, sorry I disagree. I drop just as many calls on Verizon then I ever did on AT&T or Sprint. And yes, I’m sure there are LTE bugs – but don’t keep your consumers in the dark.

          • Esmccarty09

            youre an idiot. there is no competition in the cell phone carrier industry. hence the reason for the FCC not wanting at&t and t mobile to merge. its a concentrated industry so if your looking for competition maybe you should look into buying something where there’s more competition like dildos so you can have a plethora of options to shove them wherever your whining ass desires.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Read this slowly, I see your reading comprehension is a bit low.

            If more than one company exists for a customer in a particular area, then yes there is competition. But thanks for the useless reply, and thanks for trolling. 

          • Anonymous

            competition? so you live in a place where verizon is your only option. Your idea of “competition” means what? better service from ATT and Sprint? Then complain about them, not vzw. 

            You want a company to stop worrying about money? Well, I dont even know what to tell you about that. you obviously don’t understand much about business.

            Want them to launch their phone better? who doesnt… but what has this little rant of yours accomplished? you’re still going to give them your money, right? So what you want really means nothing since you cant/wont do anything about it. 

            If reading an android blog gets your blood pressure up this much, have a nice drink and go to bed.

          • Dominick DeVito

            I’m voicing my opinion, that’s all. Yet if I’m getting all worked up why are so many people trying to shoot me down and defend vzw? I don’t get it. 

            Don’t worry, in a day or so when it’s “rumored” again and the phone is delayed even further I’m sure lots of people will be up in arms – way more than me. 

            But if no one takes a stand to this bullshit then no, me saying this alone will do absolutely nothing. I just didn’t think there were so many people that felt differently. 

          • Anonymous

            i get that it’s your opinion, and I’m not exactly in a loving relationship with verizon, but your logic has effectively been “f u verizon, once i buy this phone from you, and pay you to use it, i’m gonna pay for a cover so your name isnt on it because i hate you so much, but there’s nothing I can do about it, but grr I’m mad”. 

            I honestly can’t tell if you’re mad at verizon for their “greed”, or for delaying the launch, or at other carriers for not being better where you live. But I sincerely don’t quite know what kinda stand you want people to take. Whining on a blog isn’t going to accomplish anything, and if you like/need verizon enough to use their service and buy their phones, you’re not taking much of a stand yourself.

          • Dominick DeVito

            One person, no – you’re right.

            But many can make a difference. Look at the guy who called (or chatted, etc) with VZW today – did it work? It might, because that one deemed futile attempt may just cause enough attention that Verizon will be forced to say something.

            With Social Media and yes, even sites like this – we can make a difference. 

          • you buy their phone and stick on their service which happens to be the best in the industry. they’ve got you whether you like it or not. crying about verizon is fruitless if the other carriers don’t get on the ball. put your money where your mouth is. pay your etf and go to at&t or sprint. become one less vzw customer and hope others follow suit. 

            bitching while sitting with your arse firmly planted on the fence doesn’t make you a conscientious observer, it makes you a hypocrite.

          • Anonymous

            my point is you have no leverage. You can’t leave the network, you are still buying a new phone and on contract with them, and for many of us, they provide the best coverage. so while we would like some changes, we’re not gonna jump ship for an inferior network. A call to action is nice, but if you don’t actually have a suggestion of what we can do besides whine, it’s futile.

          • Itachi.Clone

            daym let the man vent…why the hell you worried and trying to understand his situation. read the daym comments and be happy.

          • Anonymous

            I feel that verizon are expensive as well, but you pay for what you get. I also feel that you do not stop crying lol. Why dont you go back to AT&T? They do have LET now.

          • Guest


          • Anonymous

            It’s probably not the fact that it’s an android blog, it’s probably the fact that all of you have deep issues justifying how much you pay a month to Verizon, and instead of f*cking doing something about it you all have just decided that Verizon is the next coming of Christ.  

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you, just look at sprint pricing and at&t.

          • Guest


        • GOOD GOD EVERY CORPORATION IN AMERICA IS GREEDY!!! THAT IS CAPITALISM DEAL WITH IT!!! your like the energizer bunny of complaining. every little thing is a problem!!! why not complain about the google branding on the phone? or motorola branding on the razr?! huh?!?! or if your talking about carrier branding complain about every other phone on every other carrier. at least the 4Glte logo looks semi classy and its not 4G with flames shooting out the back.

        • Jonyauger

          Ya faster because 125 people have coverage. lol

        • John

          speed tests with no one using the network will always be fast.  lookup Verizon’s LTE test speeds when the network was first rolling out.

        • Dan Letsch

          While I agree that Verizon is out to make money as their primary concern, I think the same can be said for every other corporation out there.  Companies are not in business to make people happy or make friends, though keeping customers happy does tend to keep customers.

          I have been with Verizon for many years, and while I do not like paying some of the prices, I have yet to find an alternative that is truely competitive, and the network quality has never let me down.

        • ChocoTaco369

          Dominick, you’re an idiot. Please take an economics course. You will clearly never own a successful business. If it weren’t for these “greedy pigs” there would be no such thing as a mobile phone. Without profit, there would have been no incentive to create one. Thank God for Capitalism. Then again, if we were socialists, there would be no internet to give tools like you a voice. Maybe socialism isn’t all bad after all.

        • Stating El Obvious

          Hello, socialist.  Your post screams stupidity.  Every company on the planet exists for a profit (don’t be fooled by Samsung’s stupid commercials about people standing on lines as if they wouldn’t want that shit).  

          Verizon offers the best coverage in the US, and the most reliable service time and time again to the overwhelming majority of Americans.  They don’t force you to sign up with them or buy their phones.  Stop bitching about something that you’re free to not do.  You sound like an idiot when you do that.

      • LLcdPH

        Best call reliability?  Well, maybe when you have coverage.  I travel for work to many smaller hospitals around the country and can’t tell you how many times there is NO Verizon coverage while my work partners with AT&T have no problems.  But alas, I’m stuck for another six months with VSW.

      • Anonymous

        Vitto is always crying not only here but on other blogs as well. Verizon is the best ever so is Moto period.

        • Guest


      • Anonymous

        You’ve never traveled outside of America, have you?  Almost everyone in the world pays less for mobile service than Americans.  Some Asians and Europeans have better broadband than America too.  Try visiting South Korea sometime.

        Watch these nice boobies talk:


        • AvidReaderFirstTimePoster

          I love you….and her XD

    • Personally, I want people to know I have Verizon, hehe.

      • Eh

        I would like to remove all logos unless they pay me to be a walking advertisement.

      • Yup. I’d rather have my VzW GNex differentiated from the competitions’ GNexii when they’re released. 

        • Mitch


    • Alana

      Why don’t you leave Verizon then. You can buy the GSM Nexus right now.

      • Anonymous

        Because he feels he is entitled to having the nexus right now. He is all talk if you hate vzw that much switch and you can get the nexus with no branding on it, but you won’t, you only come on here and bitch and moan…

        • Dominick DeVito

          Why all the Verizon love all of a sudden?? You like how they’re handling this launch? You like how they force 2 year contracts on subsidized phones? You like the $350 termination fee? You like paying more than other carriers?

          I’m on contract (or was) with them and they have the best coverage – that doesn’t mean I have to get on my knees and polish knobs like you do apparently.

          • BG

            if you don’t like it leave.  This is a free economy and you have the chose of carriers

          • Dominick DeVito

            Eh, not really Einstein. 

            You can’t sign up with a carrier that doesn’t offer service in your area. 


          • BG

            move and stop bitching

          • Anonymous

            Those towers aren’t cheap, bro.

          • Mikes

            So, what you’re saying is, that your life would be meaningless without a cell phone. The human race existed for millions of years without cell phones, but a cell phone is what defines Dominick DeVito. You really do need to get a life. 

            BTW, “carrier” doesn’t refer exclusively to wireless. Give your local RBOC a call, they’ll hook you up with an unsubsidized phone, with no time contract, and no early termination fee.

          • Anonymous

            I forgot verizon is the only carrier who does this..Oh wait every carrier wants you in a 2 year contract and has an etf fee. Not every launch is going to go smooth and no I’m not defending verizon but they never gave a date sorry you come here crying because you went to sites like these and listened to the “rumors” Maybe you want a wineakin with some french cries? smh

          • Dominick DeVito

            BULLSH1T. They could have had the GSII, right? Which means we could’ve had that phone already.

            No, they chose to pass on it and get an “exclusive” (to what we don’t know) on this phone yet we don’t have a date yet.

            Why? Because they poured $$$ into other phones and don’t give a rat’s ass about this one. Pigs. Greedy. F’ing. Pigs.

          • Anonymous

            Once again I forgot every carrier isn’t about making $$$. I mean they are a business after all.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Then don’t claim exclusivity on the damn thing and do nothing about it. Just sayin

          • Anonymous

            tmo had exclusivity on the nexus 1 and nexus s… But you are right no other carriers claim exclusivity.

          • Dominick DeVito

            If they’re going to be greedy and claim exclusivity then they should at least keep communication in the loop.

          • Dan Letsch

            What exactly would you like them to communicate – a tentative date that may or not be hit, then have everybody up in arms and screaming that they didn’t release the day they said?  Or would you like them to come out publicly and announce to the world that there are problems with the phone?  While that may appease the ~.5% of the potential users of the phone, what about the other 99.5% that will only hear problem phone – stay away.

          • mons

            Businesses are allowed to make a profit and still make sure their customers are happy.  

          • Dominick DeVito

            And who do you think was the first with the $350 ETF and 2 year only contracts? The other carriers only followed along because big bad Verizon did it first. Damn the ETF doesn’t even run out at the end of the 2 year contract, come on man that’s highway robbery.

            No one is asking for a smooth bug free launch, but damn some communication to the public won’t hurt them – instead silence is doing nothing but hurting their reputation.

          • Anonymous

            You think verizon cares about you or the other 1% who read sites like these? if that was the case they would have been out of business a long time ago.

          • Dominick DeVito

            I’m pretty sure more than 1% of their customers don’t like how they do their business.

          • Anonymous

            but only 1% visit sites like these or even know about this phone. most go in store and what is in store that day is all they know verizon has.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Don’t undermine customers – thanks to the power of things like the internet people are doing more research than ever before. 

          • Josh Nichols

            And acting more like children because they can hide behind a computer screen right?

          • Al Heasley

            u mad bro?

          • Mikes

            “u mad bro?”

            That’s politically incorrect. You’re supposed to say “mentally challenged” these days.

          • Christopher Riner

            Valid arguments on both sides, but I think Im gonna have to go with ‘ol devito here.  I live in southwest Virginia (southwestern virginia, not southern West virginia, so no i don’t bang my sister) and here in the mountains the only company that gets any kind of service period is verizon.  They literally have a monopoly in the region and there is only one store (corporate [or not]) within about a 90 mile radius.  It doesn’t matter how much you complain or what they’ve done to you, in the end you can either suck it up or go without a cell phone. 

            And you have to admit, verizon is simply a bunch of peckerheads when it comes to launches.  Obviously there are bugs– hell, the phone isn’t even out yet and is already on its second firmware version.  I’m glad they got those bugs worked out, but still– I’d rather have my volume going nuts and have the phone sooner. 

            It’s tough to tell what really goes on behind closed doors.  Obviously verizon is trying to milk the sales of their other phones, and I’m sure samsung is not totally in agreement with how verizon is making them look and how they are creating a darl field of malevolence around this brilliant phone, due to how they are handling the release.  BUT, there are a bunch of great things about verizon. When I leave the mountain and head towards civilization where there are other carriers, I do usually have better service than other people.  Verizon does seem to kind of be the bully of all the carriers.

          • Josh Nichols

            Dude quit bitching. Everyone has an outrageous termination fee for smartphones, everyone has to pay somewhat outrageous prices for smartphones, and you have to pay for better coverage. Get over it. 

            No one likes how they are handling this release, but Verizon doesn’t give two shits about either of us so quit bitching and grow up.

          • Dominick DeVito

            then shut your computer down and polish your boyfriend’s knob, apparently you love taking it up the a$$. If you don’t like what I’m saying then ignore it and move along.

          • BG

            u mad?

          • Anonymous

            I get what you are saying man. It’s just no one wants to believe it’s true

          • Dominick DeVito

            For the last 4 weeks all everyone has done is complained and voiced their opinions about Verizon and how they’re treating this launch.

            Not sure what happened between then and tonight, but all of a sudden everyone loves them and is defending them. I sure hope they at least work for them or get kickbacks – that would be the only logical explanation.

          • Anonymous

            There’s a difference between their complaint and your complaint. We just find it as a minor annoyance while you’re acting like it’s the end of the world. Just be happy that Verizon has the best line up for the Christmas season.

          • Christopher Riner

            agreed!  I think its these sweet videos kellex is posting.  its giving them their nexus fix.  Their fixus.  I wish verizon would fixus phone and release it.  that’ll fixus nexus lovers.

          • TWDave

            how much would a high end droid cost retail? $650? how much is it on a upgrade? $300? how much is ETF? $350? whats $300+ $350? $650? the same cost as a droid retail?? ETF are to cover their ass’s if someone tries to find a loop hole to get the phone cheaper. use some common sense dude

          • Dominick DeVito

            Okay dude – there’s no reason to charge $300 just because it’s LTE – or do you like paying the extra $100?

          • hey man it’s called freedom of choice. I chose verizon because it gives me the best coverage IN MY AREA. Where you live Verizon may not be the best, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk shit about the company. Yes they have screwed up alot of phone releases, but from a business standpoint I can see why they are taking their sweet ass time. Remember the Thunderbolt launch? They just want to get their shit right this time around so Google doesn’t give them the shaft. VZW wants this phone so they are gonna make damn sure everything is right the first time. 

          • Dominick DeVito

            They can take as long as they want to – JUST SAY SOMETHING ALREADY.

            It’s not difficult. If there are bugs, great – good for them for testing them and fixing them. But staying silent isn’t working. Can you at least agree with that?

          • Anonymous

            Most companies will not announce their product release date until a couple of days or weeks before launch. They do not want potential customers to “hold off” on purchasing other phones or services while waiting for something better down the line. Also by setting a release date, they are expected by the customers to deliver on that date. And if they can’t, they risk pushing them away.

          • Mikes

            “ou like how they’re handling this launch? You like how they force 2 year contracts on subsidized phones?” Just how is VZW “handling this launch.” They haven’t said much except “coming soon,” so what are you criticizing them about? The rumor mill which they have no control over?

            Forcing contracts on subsidized phones? Really? That’s a tautology – that’s what subsidized phones are. Don’t like it, don’t buy one, VZW absolutely does not force you to buy a subsidized phone, nor force you into a 2 year contract. You can buy an unsubsidized phone, with no contract, and no ETF, and VZW will be perfectly happy. 

            The way the market works, is if you don’t think you’re getting value for your money, you leave or go somewhere else. If you don’t think you’re getting value from VZW for the contract you agreed to, then you’re really not too smart, because the choice was yours.

      • Anonymous

        not if you don’t live in the uk. if you live in the us you must be tied to a us carrier, unfortunately. hes also tied to a 2 year contract, like the rest of us.

        • Joe

          If he hates it so much then stop renewing  and switch.

          • Anonymous

            he just likes to come here and cry yet he will continue renewing and getting on his knees and polishing knobs like he said in his one post.

      • Dominick DeVito

        Other carriers are worse. They’re the least of the evils.

        • Anonymous

          You make no sense whatsoever

          • Dominick DeVito

            Explain your reply – all you do is troll everything I say on this site, yet you call me a troll.

            Join in on the conversation or stfu. 

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I’ll explain;

            How do you figure I “troll”??  If by “troll” you mean read topics and comment on them, then accuse me of “trolling” all you want.  And when exactly did I ever call you a “troll”??  Tell me?

            And by commenting….oh, uh, “trolling” and posting a reply, am I not joining in on the conversation?  

            But back to the original point of why I commented….oh, “trolled” your post was because you are here complaining, chastising, cursing Verizon, which by ironically, is the service you will be relying on to fuel your precious Nexus, you sound pretty childish and your tantrum reeks of immaturity.  And if you counter by accusing my retort to yours of being immature, then so be it…at least I can admit it.  

            I’m not here defending Verizon, because in the end, what are they going to do for me?  Nothing.  But you have to take a step back and admit to yourself; your whining is unbearably irritating.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Either say something relevant to the thread or start a new one – all you do is talk trash on everything I post. That’s MY point.

            Dude just end it already. You’re wasting your time.

          • Anonymous

            Just because you don’t agree with what I say doesn’t mean its irrelevant. And don’t think that I’m picking on you, I just always feel compelled to comment on some of the stuff you post because one way or another, your nonsense at times (although sometimes you do make good points) entertains me. You should feel proud

          • Dominick DeVito

            We can disagree – I gladly have conversations about all sorts of topics – in this case it’s about Android cell phones.

            I don’t ask people to agree with me, I just don’t like the attacking in short smart ass replies. Engage in the conversation, rather than attacking, and I’m sure you’ll get much more out of it.

            Instead people would rather call me senseless, useless, a fa##ot, a troll – and all I’m doing is trying to engage in conversation. Sure, I admit I sometimes bait someone, but I never leave them hanging and I never blindly attack without an explanation and never say something as stupid as ‘u __ ___ ?’

        • Josh Nichols

          Then quit complaining because no one cares about you. Verizon probably cares more about you than people on the internet because you are worth money to them.

          • Dominick DeVito

            you’re the jerkoff reading my post – who’s the worthy one?

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah – I want to pay $800+ on a phone with less than adequate cell coverage. Yeah they’ll really be sorry I left them too.

      • Shines44

        Dominick, speak for a lot of people, including me, Verizon is very abuse, greedy, they take advantage of the situation. Thank you, Dominick

        • Kurt Bronson

          Based on your posts, you sounded desperate enough to do that. Oh, that’s right, you’re all talk anyway.

    • You can probably just as easily remove the logo with some alcohol or other light solvent and a q-tip.  FYI.  I’ve done it plenty of times.

      • Dominick DeVito


    • Someguy from VZW tech support

      In a response to everything you’ve said. Have you ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for? It doesn’t apply to everything but it does in this situation. you talk about how you have to pay so much more for Verizon. well that’s because Verizon spends so much more on there network so that they can be the best and being the best is going to cost you. Get over it. You have unlimited data. if you cant handle the price it costs to use a premium service, leave. use a service that isn’t as good. I would leave if the places i frequent didn’t only have Verizon coverage. Who am I kidding no I wouldn’t I love 4g coverage in the middle of nowhere. little annoyed about the razar and bionic thing but that’s my own fault for buying the bionic so quickly. Also whether you were trolling on purpose or not, epic troll 

      • Dominick DeVito

        Why do I have to get over it and just accept it? I’m allowed to voice my opinion. Yes, I do pay more for Verizon – but let’s not get on our knees and kiss the ground they walk on – this is getting a bit out of hand now. 

        They tailor to new customers but do nothing to keep current ones. Case in point they consistently allow for cheap startup phone prices on new contracts but upgrades remain at $249 – BTW why do they feel the need to charge an extra $100 for new LTE phones? Are the LTE radios that much more expensive? Please.Trust me, in the next day or so when this phone is delayed further than the supposed Dec 8th date this site will be filled with hate for Verizon. I don’t care how long it takes, MY beef with them is their silence about this phone this whole time. A little communication goes a long way, the opposite holds true in the other direction.And no I’m not trolling, I’m sending them a message. They’re a data pipe – I’d like for them to keep their dirty hands off Android’s software and test the damn phone on its network alone, nothing else.

    • John

      Are you employed Mr DeVito?

    • Hud

      Dominick, when you buy that new back cover, PLEASE let m know where you find it!

    • Anonymous

      lol crying as usual 🙂

      • Guest


    • I’m sorry all I see from you is WAH WAH WAH. Here is the simple solution. If you don’t like it change it and if you don’t have any other option than shut up and deal with it. We all have our gripes with Verizon and yes some places are carried better than others. I don’t know if you noticed but this is America and you can choose whatever carrier you want. On the other side of this are you a 99%/Occupier because you sound the same as them. You know complain, complain, complain but nobody know’s what your really complaining about. Just saying.

    • Also you sound like a hypocrite. Hating hard on Verizon yet still going to buy from them. Again just saying.

    • Jason

      Beware to all, this begins the longest Droid Life convo I have seen on here, and it’s mostly blah blah blah with some angleface hating thrown fro good laughs!

    • dominick devito sr.

      First thing you should do is get a life/job, or both IT’S JUST A PHONE!

  • My gsm Gnex has not received any update either

  • Debits and credits

    Surprise attack launch! 

  • Hmm no “Google” branding…could it be Binged? Haha…only kidding of course

    • Billy Jenkins

      No of course not. it will have a shiny apple on the back of the phone. just kidding obviously

  • Derek Stiles

    From all indications I’ve received by going to Verizon stores and reading on the internet, Verizon could really care less about how many of these bad boys are sold.

    Yes, you all knew that already.

    • Anonymous

      “couldn’t care less”

      sorry, but people really need to get that phrase right. Could care less means they can care less, so they care a little bit. Couldn’t care less means they can’t care anymore less than they already do.

      • Justin Ellis


  • Shouldn’t a Nexus device say “With Google” on it?

    • No, just “Google”.  With Google just means it has a strain of Android on it (usually skinned) and isn’t supported by Google.  Just “Google” means it is directly supported by Google.

      • Shouldn’t it say Google somewhere on the phone?

      • Debits and credits

        Hmm, my OG says “with GOOGLE”, and I believe it was a pure android device (its hard to remember what it shipped with)

        • Peter Pugliese

          Original DROID wasn’t pure Android. Motorola modified it, although not a lot. 

          • Saywhat

            How exactly did they modify it? This is the first time I’ve heard such a claim.

          • Anonymous

            all of the motorola modifications were removed with the 2.2 update, if i remember correctly.

        • Motorola was in charge of releasing updates for the OG Droid (or after 1 year devs were in charge) not Google.

      • Except it doesn’t even say that.

        • That’s because it’s on Verizon.  They probably forced Google to let them put their name on it instead.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Verizon wanted their branding on it for sure. 

    • Anonymous

      there was only room for verizon’s ugly 4G LTE logo. but what do you expect from verizon?

      • Anonymous

        is thsi what u guys are really upset about? put a case on it, there solved…

        • Rmb123123

          Every Nexus phone has google stamped on the back.  I wonder if Verizon was not releasing a pure google phone.

  • Feras Hanano

    Battery life actually looks pretty good to me, 11-12 hours with around 60% remaining on the charge? Still, not too sure on how much it was used…

  • I can’t stand any more teasing. Release the damn thing!

  • Ice456789

    I like how in the battery details picture it seems to have charged from 15% battery to 40% in the span of about 1 second. Interesting ‘feature’ there.

  • OG

    woah….it does exist….

  • There is no way they’re open up pre-orders for something that is still in testing.

    • Anonymous

      they did that with the iphone4, it was still being tested the day before it launched.

      • Right, but Verizon actually cares about the iPhone.

        • Anonymous

          If they didn’t care about this why waste time testing it? By testing it this shows they do care about it otherwise they would not waste time and resources on the phone…

      • Dominick DeVito

        They’re still testing the 4s battery draining issue. I hear it will get fixed by June  :p

  • droseum20

    the top picture is very pretty. i think it is asking for some menly men to pick it up and use it. even though it says Verizon 4G LTE, in my opinion it looks better than the Google label.. but then again it’s just personal choice.

  • Anonymous

    If i’m not mistaken…hasn’t P3droid had this update for a while?!?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      P3Droid’s tweet from Nov 21..

      ” And now I’m one of very few people who is running Android 4.0.2…..Can’t wait to see how this runs”

      Hopefully this build is already loaded on the phones so we can have a release SOON!!!

      • Anonymous

        Or that it would be an ota waiting as soon as we activate the phones.

  • davetheAndroid

    Very impatient…..

  • John

    So if this is something that does happen tomorrow (ya, i know..”ya right”), would it go live like 12am EST or prob sometime throughout the day/morning tomorrow?

    • Dominick DeVito

      hey – stay up 2nite and watch out for us. And while you’re at it order me one

      • Anonymous

        I’ll laugh if people stay up and they do open a preorder then hear you cry tomorrow because you didn’t stay up.

        • Dominick DeVito

          you know what.

          You’re exactly right  🙁   I, sadly, am a G-Nex addict. But I won’t lose sleep over it, I’ll take my chances.

  • 46% after 11 hours of use?  That works for me, unless it was really light use, or I missed something in the slides…

    • Yeah but as you can see in the picture, it was charged a few times over that span so it’s not really accurate.

      • Was definitely charged a couple of times during the day.

        • Plus looks like it was on Wifi and or 3G.

        • Anonymous

          Nice placement of those DL logos on the screenshots. Diggin it.

        • Judging by the general decline of the battery life graph, if the total time is 12.4 hours (roughly), the first major charge occurs right around the 18% mark, which is at about 66% of the total time.  With 12.4 hours as the total time of the graph, that makes the time to total discharge 12.4*.66/.82 = ~10 hours.
          Since it looks like moderate to heavy use based off the Screen On tick marks, I’d call this “average” compared to other recent Verizon 4GLTE offerings.

          edit: remind me never to use my Twitter to comment on a blog post again >.<

      • GdgtGuy

        Apparently there’s a lot of people here who don’t know how to interpret graphs.

    • Tim

      I guess stock Android doesn’t help battery life much.

      • Kipling

        Ya, that’s some crappy battery life. Too bad it’s the norm with smartphones today.

        • It’s at 11 hours of use and still has 46%. So make that about 20 hours for a 4G phone. You call that crappy battery life? WTF is wrong with you people?

          • AJ78

            Read again. It was charging during part of that.

          • Anonymous

            See how the battery life magically jumps back up a couple times?  Yes, that’s not magic, it’s called charging.

        • How is this crappy battery life?  Sure, I’ve gotten 20-30 hours of battery life too if I don’t even use my phone…

          On a good day with moderate to heavy usage, I’ll usually make it through my 8 hour work day and need to set it on the charger when I get home.  If I can have nearly 50% battery after 11 hours on a device that’s presumably been getting some pretty decent use considering it’s in testing, I’d say that’s pretty damn great.

          • GdgtGuy

            Read the graph again.

        • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

          Well, hopefully, this technology will be commercially available sooner rather than later. Drastically improved life-span, and super-fast charging.  A year or two from now would be a lot better than five…

  • Ice456789

    The beast is HYPER. 

  • thatguy