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HTC Rhyme Update Available Now, Filled With Security Patches

If you purchased the HTC Rhyme, feel free to jump into Settings>System updates to see if a surprise is waiting for you. According to our friends at Verizon, an update was made available last night to address a number of security issues. With HTC taking some heat over the last month over privacy concerns, this is a good thing.

The update is only 8.89MB and will bring your phone to build 1.26.605.11.

Pretty version of the changelog after the break.  

More info.

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  • screwthisphone

    this phone is a FREAKING JOKE!

  • Rahedgecock

    I have had my phone for about 1 month.  Checked it on the way home and it was working fine, when I arrived home maybe 10 minutes later can’t even get it to power up!  Tried putting it in the cradle still nothing.  Any ideas?

  • bigred

    This is a nice phone and my wife loves it. Serves its purpose and has a really nice camera which my wife uses frequently.

  • Anonymous

    somebody actually bought this phone? 

  • Atrain

    And the Samsung Charge is getting its Gingy update finally. http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/charge.html I wonder what android version numbers will look like come January. night night froyo, gingerbread will rule and ICS will trickle out slowly…Alright fine i’m just writing because I still am checking DL every two minutes for hope I’ll see some actual word from Verizon on a true RELEASE DATE FOR THE NEXUS!