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Giveaway: Win One of Five SyncMate Software Codes *Updated With Winners*

Yesterday we introduced SyncMate to all of our Apple computer users that want to have their Android devices synced up perfectly with their Macs.  Not the easiest task at times.  SyncMate allows for users of any Android OS version to perfectly sync their Google accounts, pictures, videos, music, and even text messages through their Mac.  We had lots of positive feedback, so SyncMate reached out and wants to give you all the chance to win the software for free.

Winners:  We decided to give everyone some extra time to enter due to the holiday.  Our winners are… 

Mahe Balas – “Love Turkey and the nap that comes after.”

#winning – “Ham stuffing with Turkey with cranberry sauce and pecan pie.”

Jonesy – “Definitely the mashed potatoes.  They are the glue that holds together the rest of the mediocrity.”

Dan Pease09 – “I personally prefer ham, but that is more of Christmas thing for my family. My brother-in-law always makes the best garlic mashed potatos. Definitely my favorite part of Thanksgiving.”

Stevaroo01 – “My favorite by far is my wife’s pumpkin pie! Never had any better!!”

Up for grabs is the SyncMate Expert software which goes for $40 a pop.  We have 5 copies of it.

Instructions to enter:

1.  Comment down below as to which Thanksgiving dish is your favorite. Turkey? Stuffing? Ham?
2.  Please make sure you comment with a valid email so we can contact the winner.

We would like to add that it would be best if you are a Mac user when entering, as this software would not benefit you if you are a PC user.  So let’s see a nice Mac user turnout!  Winners will be chosen today – randomly at 3PM PST.  Good luck.

SyncMate’s website detailing the software.

  • fritzsean

    Stuffing for sure


  • Baked apples FTW!

  • clarkbsharp

    I like to mix the turkey/stuffin/potatoes together, smothered in gravy!

  • Romel RJ Agbayani

    Cranberry or Pie :]

  • Dre

    turduckin is the best 

  • Sublime8696

    My fav is the Boston Cream Pie we have after dinner! YUMMMMMM!

  • Jhpeck19

    Nothing beats deep fried turkey.

  • derrick

    My favorite dish is pumpkin pie!!! And of course some apple pie!

  • #winning

    ham stuffing with Turkey with cranberry sauce and Pecan pie.

  • Yoji High

    the dessert version of the turducken .. the cherpumple! (a cherry pie inside of a pumpkin pie inside of an apple pie!)

  • moobe

    nothing is better than a good plate of steamed vegetables!

  • Fran the man

    Creamed Spinach, it’s pretty much the best Thanksgiving food ever….They never have it overseas.

  • Pecan Pie!

  • Sam…

    I’m always good for some turkey….

  • Anonymous

    Turkey…white meat and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy!

  • marxwasright

    Im parshal to the mac and cheese 😉