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Giveaway: Win One of Five SyncMate Software Codes *Updated With Winners*

Yesterday we introduced SyncMate to all of our Apple computer users that want to have their Android devices synced up perfectly with their Macs.  Not the easiest task at times.  SyncMate allows for users of any Android OS version to perfectly sync their Google accounts, pictures, videos, music, and even text messages through their Mac.  We had lots of positive feedback, so SyncMate reached out and wants to give you all the chance to win the software for free.

Winners:  We decided to give everyone some extra time to enter due to the holiday.  Our winners are… 

Mahe Balas – “Love Turkey and the nap that comes after.”

#winning – “Ham stuffing with Turkey with cranberry sauce and pecan pie.”

Jonesy – “Definitely the mashed potatoes.  They are the glue that holds together the rest of the mediocrity.”

Dan Pease09 – “I personally prefer ham, but that is more of Christmas thing for my family. My brother-in-law always makes the best garlic mashed potatos. Definitely my favorite part of Thanksgiving.”

Stevaroo01 – “My favorite by far is my wife’s pumpkin pie! Never had any better!!”

Up for grabs is the SyncMate Expert software which goes for $40 a pop.  We have 5 copies of it.

Instructions to enter:

1.  Comment down below as to which Thanksgiving dish is your favorite. Turkey? Stuffing? Ham?
2.  Please make sure you comment with a valid email so we can contact the winner.

We would like to add that it would be best if you are a Mac user when entering, as this software would not benefit you if you are a PC user.  So let’s see a nice Mac user turnout!  Winners will be chosen today – randomly at 3PM PST.  Good luck.

SyncMate’s website detailing the software.

  • fritzsean

    Stuffing for sure


  • Baked apples FTW!

  • clarkbsharp

    I like to mix the turkey/stuffin/potatoes together, smothered in gravy!

  • Romel RJ Agbayani

    Cranberry or Pie :]

  • Dre

    turduckin is the best 

  • Sublime8696

    My fav is the Boston Cream Pie we have after dinner! YUMMMMMM!

  • Jhpeck19

    Nothing beats deep fried turkey.

  • derrick

    My favorite dish is pumpkin pie!!! And of course some apple pie!

  • #winning

    ham stuffing with Turkey with cranberry sauce and Pecan pie.

  • Yoji High

    the dessert version of the turducken .. the cherpumple! (a cherry pie inside of a pumpkin pie inside of an apple pie!)

  • moobe

    nothing is better than a good plate of steamed vegetables!

  • Fran the man

    Creamed Spinach, it’s pretty much the best Thanksgiving food ever….They never have it overseas.

  • Pecan Pie!

  • Sam…

    I’m always good for some turkey….

  • Anonymous

    Turkey…white meat and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy!

  • marxwasright

    Im parshal to the mac and cheese 😉

  • Thunderboltss

    Deep fried Turkey 🙂

  • Gavin Thompson

    Turkey reigns supreme for Thanksgiving. Leftover turkey cooked every way you can imagine the whole week after. Trying out a deep fried bird this year to see what the hype is all about.

  • Tommy Noshitsky

    I love the Stuffing because there are so much ingredients and different goodness that is just awesome!

  • Jake_lipson

    i gotta go with the classic turkey

  • Anonymous

    Brine’d rosemary lemon zest turkey with extra stuffing.

  • Anonymous

    Turkey with football is by far the best of all.

  • BuzB

    A nice smoked Turkey.

  • BYoungerNow

    My favorite thanksgiving dish is definitely the yams

  • Samvic5

    bring on the yams

  • WesMo

    Glazed carrots, they’re like candy flavored vegetables.

  • Duhads

    Honey baked ham.

  • Turkey mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Anonymous


    Whether it’s turkey with gravy or mashed potatoes with gravy… the gravy is awesome!

  • HuskerDroid

    pumpkin pie

  • Smurfette8202

    my fave is baked ham……..with spinach and brown rice with a side of mash potatoes yum oh yeah and a corona….hehe

  • Gabriel Ramirez

    beets and green bean casserole mmm…

  • Jeffy Legaspi

    We roast a duck, in a turkey, in a pig…its heaven. Epic Meal Time anybody??

  • Dustin Miller

    Sweet potatoes. Any form. LOVE THEM!

  • DaveIsAsesome!

    French Toast!

  • bblumhof

    Mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar.

  • Josh Driskell

    Turkey of course!!

  • David Hayden

    Chocolate Pie. 

  • DarrylG

    Stuffing in the bird and out!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Stuffing is definitely the best

  • Calmm1

    Dressing! Aka stuffing.

  • Anonymous

    Chocolate Cake

  • Brian Walls

    Stuffing… hands down… so much NOM.

  • Ryan

    mashed potatos and homemade gravy. Soo good

  • Krobin 350
  • Tyga Tyga

    I’m a sucker for stuffing

  • Michael Liquornik

    Photo Sync to iPhoto is the killer app here.  I’ve got everything else synching through other means (Exchange server for email, calendar, contacts, tasks), iSyncr for music, videos and podcasts, Evernote for, well Evernote, Sugarsync for all my files, but until now I didn’t have a solution for getting my iPhotos onto my SGS II automatically.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta be the fresh pumpkin pie!

  • Alex

    Mashed potatoes and apple pie. I just eat that if it didnt mean getting strange looks.

  • Paul Song

    Turkey and gravy. Then of course the sweet nap time while watching football.

  • todd d.

    Love the easy Sync of the turkey from plate to couch – No cross platform issues whatsoever !!

  • Kevin

    Turkey all the way! BAKED not fried. With gravy…and stuffing…mmmm! Oh, wait, there’s mac & cheese too!

  • hatethanet

    Turkey legs. [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Vegetarian Stuffing Please!

  • Nic J Romero

    Ham is my favorite dish for Thanksgiving,

  • Ham…cannot forget the ham! It’s closely related to bacon ya’know?

  • Mahe Balas

    Love Turkey and the nap that comes after.

  • homemade mac and cheese 😀

  • Deep fried Turkey

  • Anonymous

    Ham is defanitly the best!

  • Anonymous

    The roasted potatoes are slightly in first followed by the turkey.

  • Rooster215

    has to be turkey, since I can’t eat most of the other stuff any more

  • Michael Allis



  • Barry Taylor

    1. Going to my in-laws tomorrow, their turkey is always bland, dry and reminds me of Christmas Vacation (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097958/). So slyly, I insisted I cook the Thanksgiving Turkey this year for them to “give them a break this year”. Oh how awesome this Thanks Giving will be!

    2. Will Do!

  • Anonymous

    going to have to go with….the turkey

  • Ben


  • Schrodyr

    Bobby Flay inspired Leg of Lamb.  Now I’m hungry.

  • Jeff

    Turkey and FRESH Cranberry Sauce

  • 0mie

    I NEED this, kthx 🙂

  • Spoon Bread.  Mmmm. 

  • Jonesy

    Definitely the mashed potatoes.  They are the glue that holds together the rest of the mediocrity.

  • Ldboren1990

    My Grandmas Homemade stuffing, Its a simple and easy dish but it has the best homey/thanksgiving warmth and flavor

  • Tiagorv

    Turkey for sure.

  • BxTowers

    A nice healthy slice of sweet potatoe bundt cake

  • Lars


  • I miss my Mom’s Mincemeat pie made with Jackrabbit!

  • ZnewmaN

    Stuffing for sure.

  • Usmitcboy

    Dressing!!!! YUM!!!

  • ML

    A baked sweet potato pie with melted marshmellows on top…yum! 

  • Chyeah son

    Put me down for some salvadorean chicken

  • Mashed potatoes are definitely the best thing served at my thanksgiving dinners

  • Kunal D.


  • lightlong

    King crab for me please!!!  🙂

  • Heider

    Gravy goes on everything! What is thanksgiving dinner without a lot of gravy!

  • Cool1 Arizona

    Ham for Thanksgiving has become my favorite.

  • David E. Smith

    Cranberry sauce. Curiously, though, not “real” cranberry sauce; I much prefer the weird jellied stuff in a can.

  • It’s gotta be mom’s homemade Mashed Potatoes with her special gravy recipe! email: 2013nader at gmail.com

  • jon carey

    turkey ..  

  • Jason

    I love turkey, but you can’t beat sweet potatoes.

  • Sur4die

    how can you not choose Turkey!

  • Daniel S

    Home-made pecan pie.  There might be nothing better in the world. 

  • Docmwj


  • Canned cranberries and crispy stuffing YUM!

  • Anonymous

    Turkey. I like turkey. I like food. I like… SyncMate.. I like to win. <333

  • twinprism

    Tofurkey give me bad gas so I’d have to go for the real turkey with gravy and cranberry.. wait, was that 3 things?   Are you saying I’m fat?

  • Pete

    Mash potatoes with gravy! Yum

  • 208zane

    Green Bean Casserole!

  • Dan Pease09

    I personally prefer ham, but that is more of Christmas thing for my family. My brother-in-law always makes the best garlic mashed potatos. Definitely my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

  • Random Citizen

    Stuffing cooked inside the bird.

  • Bturkel1

    Of course Stuffing

  • Andrew Remmers

    Stringy Cheese Potatoes! 

  • base2wave

    Dressing, but it’s gotta be the day after to be really good.

  • Mike

    Pumpkin pie!

  • The can shaped cranberry sauce!

  • Kstabe07

    Nothings better then a nice big piece of turducken while watching the football games on thanksgiving. 

    • Still want to try that so badly. 

  • John B


  • David Klonne

    Have to go with pumpkin pie. Nothing better.

  • Jonathan Snow

    My favorite dish has to be a good, moist dressing. My uncle makes the best turkey & dressing ever known to man.

  • Michael Steptoe

    Turkey For Life

  • Raptor Md8

    Tofurky is my favorite on Thanksgiving, wel that and my wife’s homemade rolls.

  • Mike p

    turkey, its the meat of the meal

  • Michael Liao

    honey smoked ham :9

  • Evan Knofsky

    It most definitely has to be stuffing!

  • Supraman035

    My favorite thanksgiving dish would have to be the home made stuffing! Its the only time of the year to go all out and put sausage in it to make it extra delicious. 

  • Alex9483

    Ham! Spiral cut, honey glazed.
    [email protected]@gmail:disqus mail.com


  • Anonymous

    My favorite by far is my wife’s pumpkin pie! Never had any better!!

    (And no, she’s not looking over my shoulder while I type this! Lol!)

  • SameOle

    Definitely my moms stuffing!

  • Stuffing is my favorite. My mother in law makes the most killer cornbread stuffing.

  • Turkey, equal opportunity eater white or dark.  Would love this for my mba and dinc. dinc today nexus tomorrow.

  • i love having all of the thabksgiving food…turkey with some gravey on it next to some stuffing and a nice hot slice of pumpkin pie wuth a huge mound of ice cream and whipped cream on top…yum

  • hamholla


  • since im Italian, thanksgiving appetizers are my favorite and they are raviolis, lasagna and baked ziti, this is all before the turkey 

  • Dlc1265

    I cannot enjoy Thanksgiving without canned cranberry sauce!

  • Jay Lefkowicz
  • Adamsab64

    Grandma’s stuffed artichokes and stuffed mushrooms. Grandma knows best…especially when it comes to stuffing food with other food. Delicious .

  • Kurt Semtner

    Turkey for sure. Nothing beats fantastic turkey and gravy.

  • lukaN

    The turkey, obviously.

  • Colleen schad

    I love stuffing! I get so stuffed of stuffing on Thanksgiving!

  • Michael

    Prime rib roast, why go with conventional. Save the turkey for Xmas… another perk is that you can still go to friends places and jump in on their turkey:) (used to do alot of “orphan” Turkey Day dinners )

  • Anonymous

    cranberry sauce…from the can (that is the only canned Thanksgiving dish better than the real thing). 

  • Anonymous


  • ILuvmyMac Droid Combo

    My mom’s homemade dressing trumps all else at the table.

  • Usawrestling

    Home-made stuffing…nom nom nom

  • CDWelsh92
  • DUCK!!!

  • Nawshis909

    Everything topped off with some Stella rose wine!

  • Charlie Landin

    My favorite dish is mashed potatoes with gravy 🙂

  • foreWard

    Turkey with gravy…yum

  • Keeler

    I love mashed potatoes! Everything is good but if you don’t have a heaping helping of potatoes it’s not the same.

  • My favorite thanksgiving dish has to be pigs in a blanket, wrapped in bacon.  How can you say no to BACON!

  • Hedney3

    My thanksgiving is not complete without a sweet potato casserole. But i cant forget about the pumpkin pie either

  • Anonymous


  • Sergio Rubio

    It’s gotta be turkey

  • Ecruz

    Its all aboout the turkey with cranberries

  • godfath3r


  • Hellandj

    Can’t go wrong with cranberries. 

  • Charleslavon

    My partner is white and my parents are black. So my favorite dish is the combination of Black folk (cornbread) dressing and White folk (white bread) dressing, and don’t forget the canned cranberry sauce.

  • Yancey

    Pumpkin Pie…YUM

  • rob p

    Leftover stuffing, eaten directly out of the fridge.

  • Anonymous

    home made sweet corn nuggets!!

  • Dan Baer


    • Dan

      And yes I have a Mac Book Pro

  • Anonymous

    Stop stealing developers work!

  • Jesus Share

    My Favorite is Whats Not Part of Thanksgiving:  Like Some Pernil – Roasted Whole Piggie 🙂 from My Spanish Side 🙂

  • Sm1tty300

    Stuffing its all about the stuffing.

  • Anonymous

    I live for the cranberry sauce.


  • Shane Curren

    I’m all for the turkey. Give me some dark meat and gravy! 😀

  • Wanderfowl

    Scalloped Potatoes.  

  • Anonymous

    Sweet potato casserole… particularly from Honey Baked Ham.  

  • Lizz.0

    My favorite is the candied yams that my great aunt makes. It’s the only time I eat marshmellows!

  • Jacobneves

    Tofurky and cornbread stuffing. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    ….or.. you can wait till we find it on pirate bay or filestube.

    • Anonymous

      Stop stealing developer work! Its freaking lame and not cool.

      • Anonymous

        who said I steal anything? hmm?

        • Anonymous

          Waiting to find it on pirate bay to torrent it is stealing (or obtaining a copy to divert yourself from paying for the app… AKA stealing)

          • Anonymous

            who said I was waiting…??

  • trumpet444

    Mashed potatoes & gravy. Best comfort food

  • Anonymous

    Pass the rest, Pecan Pie is the Best!

  • Dexterslab0329


  • Dmchase87

    I’m a huge fan of stuffing.

  • Ankur Singh

    sweet potatoes!!!! what else could be more delicious than some orange starch going RIGHT into our guts!!??

  • Pete Edelstein

    Nothing’s better than some good ol’ Stove Top stuffing…

  • Ty

    The Turkey is definitely the best part!! 🙂

  • BenFarris12

    I love a deep fried turkey with a great spice brine on it.  

  • doppleganger_10

    The stuffing is always the best part of any thanksgiving, especially the part that is cooked inside the turkey. So moist and delicious and smothered in gravy. Mmmmmm. 

  • fiddlesticks



    Pumpkin pie! I don’t even mess with the rest, I just eat a big ol plate of pie.

  • Snictor

    squash is my favorite dish!

  • Bygalvez

    Ham is my favorite

  • Anonymous

    Mashed potatoes!!!!


    Pumpkin pie 🙂


  • savini72

    i could always go for a good home made cranberry sauce on a piece of turkey lurkey

  • rmac

    For me fresh cranberry sauce is king. Definitely not that cranberry sauce that looks exactly like the can it came out of. Other side dishes are delicious by themselves, but add the sweet tartiness of fresh cranberry sauce that has sat on the stove for hours and the entire plate tastes that much better.  

  • peakoch

    cramed corn

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Turkey? Stuffing? Ham? 

    ha, none of the above

    How about stuffed red peppers and rigatoni in a great red sauce – hey, I am italian and we think outside the box.

  • droidify

    The gravy that I soak my plate in. Thank God for Lipitor!

  • Aaron Clay
  • Anonymous

    You are ridiculous if you don’t vote stuffing as the best dish. I hate it when people call Thanksgiving Turkey Day – it should really be called Stuffing Day.

    “Yeah, I’ll take a plate of stuffing with sides of turkey-stuffed stuffing, cranberry stuffing, mashed stuffing and gravy, and of course apple-filled stuffing pie.”


    *EDIT* Crap, double post. LastPass bugged out on me. :/

  • Mashed Potatoes. They make your turkey, bread, ham, and everything else taste good. Pie… I’d probably eat that alone.

  • Anonymous

    Chicken & Noodles on top of mashed potatos.   UMMMM  Good.  

  • Easy pick, the turkey. 

  • Anonymous

    You are ridiculous if you don’t vote stuffing as the best dish. I hate it when people call Thanksgiving Turkey Day – it should really be called Stuffing Day.
    “Yeah, I’ll take a plate of stuffing with sides of turkey-stuffed stuffing, cranberry stuffing, mashed stuffing and gravy, and of course apple-filled stuffing pie.”

  • Atahan

    I love me some stuffing

  • mandroid


  • John

    Honey Baked Ham


  • cjzx

    Sliced sweet potatoes layered with brown sugar and butter.

  • Gotta say the turkey and noodles my mom makes are by far the best dish every thanksgiving. always fill my plate with it before I go back for 2nds or 3rds, and then finally the rest of the thanksgiving food

  • Eqarodan

    HAM is best!  (no sleepy hangover from gorging on ham!)

  • Chacecannon

    My Favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be mashed potatoes and gravy!!

  • Dawna Dylewski

    I really like the apple crumb pie ….. YUMMY

  • Anonymous

    mmm… mashed potatoes and gravy.

  • Philip Stopher

    Best dish is by far is mash potatoes. and woot mac users!

  • Todd

    The football after the turkey is gone !!

  • planetes42

    Clearly grandpas apple pie is the dish I look forward to all year

  • Kal5el

    Definitely the turkey.  I like me some white meat, in a totally non racist way.

  • Turkey

  • Everything on the table smushed into an unrecognizable mass served between two pieces of bread.

  • Nicholas Brouhard

    My favorite has always been “Dressing” (which is just another way of making the usual stuffing, flat in a pan) covered in gravy! yummm…

  • Thruuhiker

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish has got to be my special baked apples. Healthy, yet taste just as delicious as grandma’s apple pie.

  • Alienbiker99


  • Tylerwatt12

    Stuffing is awesome

  • m00se

    Stuffing is my favorite. Followed by Chick Fil -A

  • Bewara2009

    Turkey of course…

    • Anonymous

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  • Pecan pie!

  • Panic

    Sweet Potatoes mmm

  • Drew

    My favorite thanksgiving dish is definitely green bean casserole..when made correctly.

  • shdowman