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NGGG Tablet Giveaway #4 – Win an Asus Transformer, Jambox and $25 Gift Card from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

The final week of the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway is here, folks! Thanks to NVIDIA, we have already given away three premium Android tablets powered by their Tegra 2 processor to three amazing DL community members. So to go out with a bang, we have one more tablet (Asus Transformer) to give away along with a prize pack that includes a Jawbone Jambox speaker and a $25 giftcard so that you can buy all of the top games from the Tegra Zone. It has been a wild month to say the least, so let’s just jump right into this one and see how many entries we can total. Last week we saw over 3,900 – can we top it? 


-Asus Transformer
-Jawbone Jambox speaker
-$25 American Express gift card

How to enter: (do as many of the following as possible, #4 for sure)

1.  Follow both @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Want to win an Asus Transformer, Jambox Speaker and $25? Check out @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/gJLhP #android

3.  Like Droid Life on Facebook.
4.  In the comments, let us know what piece of technology you are most thankful for.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Monday (11/28) at 1PM Pacific to enter. U.S. entries only.


One winner will be picked randomly on Monday (11/28) at 2PM and announced shortly thereafter. The winner will be contacted through their choice of entry (Twitter, Facebook or comments).

Good luck everyone!

Huge thanks again to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes! Be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for some of the best mobile games you will find anywhere.

  • Nick

    Most thankful for high speed internet. I remembered the dreary days of using AOL/netscape and wow how did I  even survived that?

  • Anonymous

    I am most thankful for heat and air conditioning in my apartment. And my Incredible as a close second.

  • Mike M

    the penis pump

  • Anonymous

    I am thankful for mobile electronics that let me take my media with me and stay in touch with friends and family when not at  home.  Currently, that means my Droid X, and hopefully this Asus Transformer!  (I still need a replacement for my dead laptop)

  • Most thankful for: Wi-fi. Near-ubiquitous internet available at decent speeds almost everywhere. 

  • Jarrett Hall

    I am most thankful for my smartphone. All the technology I need packed into one device!

  • Anonymous

    Most thankful for my macbook pro, it’s a dream!

  • I am most thankful for my computer – helps me stay connected and lets me play lots of games.

  • I am most thankful for my cell phone keeping me connected to the world every second of the day.

  • I am most thankful for servers.
    Without them the internet wouldn’t exist.
    It wouldn’t be possible for someone to talk to a friend on the other side of the world.

  • I am most thankful for my chromebook. It’s long battery life and built in 3g rock all day long.

  • Todd Bath

    I am most thankful for the computer. It is the reason I have a good paying job!

  • Screen: whether it is a tv screen, computer monitor, phone screen, or gaming handheld screen. Without that technology, we would “see” the world very differently.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thankful for three things:

    1) The Combustion Engine since it allows me to drive around, fly home to see my family in England and just.. live!

    2) the telephone since it allows me to keep in touch with people (and the smartphone, which is an improved version of this)

    3) The internet – ’cause how else would I keep up to date with the world of Droid Life?

  • Patricia_pastorino

    I am most thankful for the internet, there is nothing that you can’t do with the internet. Video gaming, streaming videos, learn how to do just about anything, the possibilities are endless.

  • I am most thankful for air conditioning because its hot…

  • quackers

    i am grateful for dependable GPS! glad i haven’t “turned right” straight into a ditch or a 7-11

  • Anonymous

    I am most thankful for the computer because with it comes new and improved technology such as tablets and smartphones. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • skylordusa

    I am most thankful for the smartphone. The coolest person on the planet is whoever said to themselves hey you know what would be cool if we can take a computer and make it small enough for people to carry around in their pocket and they could also use it as a phone.

  • Pete Edelstein

    Definitely most thankful for the OG Droid, not because I currently use one (I did) but it set the bar for Android and manufacturers implementing Android in their devices. It stimulated manufacturers and developers to make Android and Android devices better while causing an uproar within the Apple community because of the progress it had made.  Without that device I dont think Android would be where it is today and is still growing exponentially.  

  • I am most thankful for the front facing cameras because i can A) Take pictures of my beautiful face, and B) I can video chat with my family wherever I go. I hope i win! #WINNING

  • Wanderfowl

    I’m most thankful for my Android.  It’s wonderful to never be completely disconnected, and to always be at hand to those who need me.  

  • kking56

    I’m most thankful for my smart phone.  I am able to download attachments from my email, tweet/check facebook, and play game where ever.  I can play and work from anywhere and always be on the move.  Oh and there’s the calling and text message you can do with it. hehe

  • I am most thankful for the Processor, without it none of this would be possible!

  • I am most thankful for my cell phone.  I do everything on my cell phone.. from the basic calling & texting to buying stocks, transferring money, sending out meeting notices, video chatting, etc.  Without my phone I would be lost as I travel a lot and do everything remotely.  I barely use my 6-core i7 beast of a computer.

  • I am most thankful for this Asus Transformer tablet that I am hoping that I win!! 🙂
    Oh yea, and Droid Life for helping me win it! #browniepoints

  • I am most thankful for my phone and how the smartphone technology has evolved so rapidly over the years.

  • Fierogt5spd

    I am most thankful for the internet.  Without it we could not find out all of this cool stuff on a daily basis.  Sure beats the old dial up modems and BB service.

  • Tom Crews

    Wireless….doesn’t matter what type (WiFi, 3G/4G, etc..).  Just simple things like being able to put my printer in a different location from the computer, using laptops from room to room in the house, being mobile with my tablet or smartphone, etc…..

    That’s the technology I’m thankful for!

  • Kevin Raymond

    I’m most thankful for my smartphone. A little over a year ago, I became connected in a way I had never been before. If I ever need to look something up, whether it be a phone number, address, or who won a football game, I have the information right at my fingertips. I’ve become much more organized thanks to always having a calendar, schedule, and to-do list with me at all times. The entertainment available to me is incredible as well. Everything from games, to music, to even movies are all contained within a handheld device. Owning a smartphone has changed the way I live dramatically, and I look forward to continuing to own one for many years to come. For that, I am thankful.

  • I am most thankful for my ASUS UL30VT-A1 laptop. It has made it through the past year and a half without a problem. Running on the integrated graphics card with 50% brightness get me 6+ hours of battery life. It weighs less than 4 pounds and makes traveling that much easier.

  • I am most thankful for cell phones, more so, smartphones. Without them we would not be able to keep in touch with people like we do today. We’d still be walking to our friends houses and asking “can so and so come out and play”? 😀

  • I’m going to say that I’m most thankful for the Packard Bell P-133 my dad bought years ago. It was the fist real computer in the family and taking it apart and putting it back together basically got me hooked on technology and was a great bonding experience with my dad. I’ll always remember when we got that new 16MB memory stick for it and put it in. As a matter of fact I still have the Processor sitting on my shelf with my movie collection. Wow, that just brought back a lot of awesome memories. Now back to my MacBook Pro and Droid Bionic, what a long way we have come.

  • Niiiiinja

    I’d be lost without my Aria(sometimes quite literally lol).

  • Jason H

    I am most thankful for the mobile processors that keep improving our lives everyday.

  • Jason H

    I am most thankful for the mobile processors that keep improving our lives everyday.

  • Kyle

    Thankful for the internet 🙂

  • Without question, the technology I’m most thankful for is the Internet itself.  It’s barely twenty years old and it’s completely changed the world.

  • Skunk13

    Wow, I am most thankful for the proposal of the “Hypertext project” that was called the “WorldWideWeb”. This web has grown into an amazing technology. The amount of time it cuts on research and with wonderful resources at my finger tips to feed my technology addiction, I think this would have to be my most thankful technology.

  • I am most thankful for cell phones in general. I remember all too well trying to coordinate everything before leaving the house or office. 

  • Kilo

    Android & iOS

  • Anonymous

    i am thankful for smartphones!

  • EngineerGeek

    I am most thankful for my smartphone. It introduced me to Android, and I love always being connected.

  • I am thankful for my Incredible, it has been the best phone i have ever owned, I am thankful that i helps me keep in touch with my family when i am working long long hours. i miss alot of things when im not at home, so its nice to have access and contact with my family. without that i would miss so much more. 

  • kodos64

    at this point, i’m not sure what i would do w/o my phone.  i find something new to use it for nearly every day.

  • ChrisL

    I am most thankful for the OG Droid. I have not been able to turn away from Android since I got that phone.

  • I am most thankful for electricity. After coming back from visiting a third world country, I will never again take the power grid for granted.

  • I am most thankful for the Mother Board. With out this we could not have any piece of technology we have today. No phones, computers, car electronics, internet, and even no DroidLife 🙁 .
    So that is why i say my most thankful piece of technology is the motherboard.

  • Hardin71

    I am most thankful for the invention of electricity without it all of our lives would on horse and buggy still. Without electricity the majority of everyone’s favorite things would be bricked, including droid-life :-(.

  • Anonymous

    I am thankful for internet-capable devices. Naturally being shy growing up, the internet was helpful in relieving that a little. Even being antisocial, I had more ease talking to people online than in person. Very often, I’d even make a new friend. Every anxiety I had was remedied, mostly from the veil of privacy but also from others that shared my worries. Rarely would I revert back to my panicked ways, from being amongst strangers, that were usually antagonists that had their imagined vendettas. With the confidence of real friends (funny that I’ve never met one locally), I could traverse my city and talk easier with anyone. I grew stronger thanks to devices like the personal computer and my favored Motorola Droid. Now when I am doubted or anything, I feel strong enough to tell them “prove me wrong.”

    Thank you for the contest and reading my entry thoroughly. 🙂