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Android OS Shoehorned Into A USB Stick, Android Army Invades PCs Everywhere

We are watching mobile phones that run Android get smaller, all while trying to stay as fast as possible with the latest technology. I think we have found the smallest piece of hardware that runs Android ever; it has a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI out and a microSD card slot. And it all fits within a thumb drive.

Meet codename ‘Cotton Candy.’ Why the delicious name? The thumb drive only weighs 21 grams, the same weight as the candy. FXI developers are the brains behind this awesome piece of hardware that allows for “Any Screen Computing.” When plugged into a PC or a Mac the system recognizes it as a thumb drive, and then you can launch the software from there that allows you to run full Android 2.3 Gingerbread from the stick. But the cool does not stop there.

The Android system runs in a secure window, alongside your desktop’s OS. You can even copy files over to the Android system just by dragging into from your original desktop. This sounds awesome for developers. You could potentially code in your desktop environment, drag the files over to the Android stick and see how they run on the fly.

FXI has no plans to sell these outright, they plan to cater directly to developers and let OEMs decide how to make this little marvel have mass appeal. This prototype runs Gingerbread but they said that down the road it can be updated to reflect newer systems. No pricing was announced but “considerably less” than $200 was thrown out. That is an amazing price for such an advanced piece of hardware. What uses could you come up to use the Cotton Candy for?

Via: Laptopmag

  • wow android always come up with some goodies #teamandroid

  • $200 Freaking bucks for a USB drive with a free OS in a VM on it? Pass. I think the developer community can come up with something better without a price tag.

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one that notices that this is on a STUPID MAC

  • Anonymous

    Microbes as a wallpaper for a house.

  • Lukestuffy

    Kind of sounds like an advanced version of android x86.

    • HitShane

      Sounds like Linux Puppy

  • christian cerda

    how do i get this on my macbook pro!!

  • Jager07

    Cotton Candy?  How bout Boom Stick… 

    • Anonymous

      Android Army of Darkness my friend =)

      Next will be the Nandroidnomikon =D

  • This is one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen Android put on. The possibilities are almost endless with the. Now they just need an ICS version and we would be all set.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    so how would you operate all the intended finger swipe interfaces? a mouse? that seems cumbersome and a lot of swiiiiiping all over the place.

    • Anonymous

      Not is you have a touch screen enabled device, like those HP touch all-in-ones, or the Dell Duo. This would be awesome for anything like that…

    • Anonymous

      easy..a touchpad like on a laptop. or the wireless keyboards with touchpad thats included for htpcs or devices like the Revue. 

  • Anonymous

    Absolute genius my friends =O!!!

  • Terrance Steiner

    Considerably less then $200.  I think that is corporate speak for $198.99.

    • Anonymous

      Ha =D!

  • The only question I have is where am I gonna get one or twelve.

    • Anonymous

      12…easy 🙂

  • The real question is: Will this thing be upgraded to ICS?

  • Sp4rxx

    “…but ‘considerably less’ than $200 was thrown out…”

    Does that mean the idea was thrown out – as in, “thrown out” that it can’t be feasible or “thrown out” as in, the idea was raised?

  • tdubrpdx

    There’s something satisfying about seeing Android on a Mac.

  • Am I the only one whose first reaction was to think of what I could hack with one of these?

  • I want to androidify a monitor in Time Square with one of these…. 

    • Anonymous

      Like the new Huge Windows Phone.  That will help the masses!

  • Anonymous

    I will be taking about 10 of these to an apple store….

    • Anonymous

       I wonder in what way Apple would try and file a lawsuit against this device :)…

      • Anonymous

        its a device that connects to another device through USB…. Apple has a patent on that and on converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

        • Anonymous

          …and on the letter “i” apparently =).

          • Anonymous

            sorry no, “i” is owned by Sesame Street…. however, according to their lawyer,  they acquired “apple” from God in 500BC, and “i” is on loan…. dont underestimate Big Bird’s negotiation powers. 

  • Anonymous

    “What uses could you come up to use the Cotton Candy for?”

    I sense some serious trolling will occur at many Apple stores. 



    • Anonymous

      that would be “genious”

    • Along with making Droid Life the homepage in Safari 🙂

  • Anonymous

    World Domination is a go

    • Nex