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Add December 8 to the Galaxy Nexus Launch List (Updated)

galaxy nexus december 8

I’m not even going to say anything, aside from this referencing marketing materials and could mark the start of a campaign rather than a launch date. Quite the list of dates we have going for us now though.

Update: Another December 8 launch date picture has surfaced. It goes into a little more detail on that day potentially being the official day. 

Cheers ___ and Vladimir!

  • Say it ain’t so Matias just said November. Verizon do NOT screw this up

    • ChuckG73

      Yes I saw the same interview and I can only imagine how Google will feel if it gets delayed until an hour past November.  Leave it to Verizon to screw this up, you do not have to look to far back….remember how royally they messed up the whole Nexus One for us.

    • joejoe509

      I tihink November is still on. Probably web only though.

  • Skeptic

    Until it’s posted on the Verizon website, I don’t believe it.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to kindly ask any and all tech blogs to please stop posting about the Nexus.  Unfortunately, I’m helplessly addicted to blogs like Droid-Life and not checking them 2,487 times a day is simply not an option.

  • l4do0

    I was just @ VZW, talked to my sales rep(which he is also the manger). He couldn’t tell me for sure the release date on the gnex. As I was leaving he said “see you soon” and winked. He did the same when I was asking, when the bionic was going to release. So I’m going with before dec 8th.


  • Domikinzu


  • Nico

    The Rezound is good enough.  *goes to upgrade from Eris*

    • joejoe509

      And you can return it when the Nexus comes out. 🙂

  • Corrupt

    LMFAO VERIZON.. sucks for u guys 
    Im importing and goign with Tmobiles plan thats 70% cheaper and way better than verizons nexus model.. thin, better battery, better looks, no bloat, lol at VZW

    • Anonymous

      Yea, except one important fact you left out about T-Mobile. Just like you, they suck. You gotta stand in one spot to make a call.

      • Anonymous

        Corrupt is just a bitter troll……

  • Joe S.

    Sigh… I’m just going to get myself a RAZR and move on with my life.

  • I love how the Apple update is only an afterthought in this picture 🙂

  • Dominick DeVito

    I’ve been due for an upgrade since April, and waiting since then for a replacement. I can wait two more weeks.

    • Afelm

      It’s 3 weeks…And we all can wait, we have no other choice. Still doesn’t change the fact that VZW is ramming us pretty hard. There is no doubt in my mind that this push back wasn’t due to any bugs but more because the Razr and Rezound are not selling to their liking so they push the Nexus back after Black Friday hoping to get more sales…

  • Michael Potter

    I trust Google with my life… hearing Matias say that it will be out in November, it will be out in November

    • Uncagedchipmunk

      If my memory serves me right (which it doesn’t in most cases) but I’m sure Matias said “you can buy it in November” not that it will be offically out for consumers. He was pretty careful in his choice of words.

  • Dominick DeVito

    This looks like the in store date. The screenshot doesn’t mention anything about web-only dates.

    (Still hopin!)

  • Anonymous

    December? Had a feeling.  Sooo glad I didn’t wait

  • Anthony Vella

    December 8th, thanks for pissing me off MORE verizon. I got this shi* Droid Charge that’s going down in value every day and I need to sell it for some cash to buy this phone that actually works. I hate Verizon, they play like Apple, don’t tell consumers anything about release dates. You screw more people by holding back release dates till a week before than telling us a month before. Such a bad company decision. I am requesting a new CEO, idiots.

  • Ugghh this is really pissing me off.  So tired of this Thunderbolt.  On the upside though, Verizon turned on LTE in my town today (Waldorf, MD) even though it wasn’t on the list.

    • Anthony Vella

      At least you get signal, my crappy Droid Charge won’t even stay on 3G for 10 minutes nor hardly switch to any 4G towers. This phone is complete rubbish and was the Galaxy Nexus rushed.

  • Dave

    Reportedly Phil at AC said it’s partially due to one of Verizon’s bloatware apps…that being said..This will be my last Verizon phone. Screw it!

  • I still hate you Verizon.

    Anybody else feel like we are getting trolled?


  • Anthony Vella

    I am frustrated now because I have this crappy Droid Charge and I can’t sell it until I know the release date of the phone since you only have 14 days to keep unlimited data and get a new phone or you lose the unlimited. Verizon, you really screwed me over, I hate fortune 500 companies…

    • Anonymous

      Buy a cheap OG Droid or similar on Craigslist and use that till the 8th. Sure it’ll cost you, but you keep the unlimited

  • Anonymous

    It is understandable that VZW is a Greedy MOFU. But google not being top of their flagship device is simply pathetic beyond words.

    If Google maintains this kind of lackluster. jack of all master of none.. leave it to the carriers approach.. it won’t be long before Google gets thrown out of the market by frustrated consumers.

    • Anthony Vella

      Honestly, they might as well open a sector in a wireless company. Google Wireless. Phones that Google controls and you get unlimited data. These companies are stealing from us, its a joke. I hope Google also uses that new Wifi thing they invented to allow hotspot apps to use it to bypass the Verizon expensive as hell service. Honestly, its a bunch of BS, they make so much money… Google Wireless 4 LIFE!

    • TruthTeller

      Like that will ever happen. 

  • Anonymous

    VZW = Greedy bastard
    “Pretty much everywhere” = Everywhere except United States
    Me = Tired of all these non-sense.

  • Do these rumor posts cause anyone else anxiety?

    • GreenEyedBandit

      all of us!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Add Hyperbole’s internet meme here:


  • Avery Ma

    TVS.  Typical Verizon Shit.

  • Bobby G

    Droid Bionic fiasco all over again?

  • Tyler

    /angry face

  • Anonymous

    If this is a true then Verizon is a cheap & nasty whore who will try and suck every penny out of everyone on other phones that they have launched recently.. and Google, the big lazy, lukewarm tepid of a cesspool that it is.. will simply sit around under the pretext of letting Verizon “have it’s thunder”.

    The best way to give these guys the finger would be to have a catastrophic debacle when it comes to the sales of the Gnex.

  • zufc

    Kellex, you keep posting.      I love the info even if it is the worse news ever. but keep posting. Don’t listen to the donkey’s on here.

    • Anonymous

      the only problem is.. whatever kellex is posting…is not technically “news”.

  • GreenEyedBandit

    I just called back and the primary reason for the delay is the razr and rezound, they know that the majority of upgrades happen in the first 4 weeks of launch and don’t want the nexus to overshadow those phones. Sucks but makes perfect business sense.

    • That doesn’t make sense to me. A phone sale is a phone sale. Why would Verizon care if it comes from Motorola or HTC? That is Motorola’s and HTC’s problem. If you sell more Nexus phones Verizon still gets the contracts and the money. I don’t get that logic.

      • GreenEyedBandit

        they have to buy their stock just like any other retailer and would you want to be stuck with 10,000 units that you know wont sell?

        • That’s not how it works in the stores.  They can return any unsold stock, that’s why Logitech took a bath on Google TV, and not Best Buy.

  • Anonymous

    I call this poster a fake. There is no mention anywhere else of an Ipad2 with enhanced graphics releasing next month.

    • hfoster52

      Its talking about marketing material just like the IPhone stuff above it.

    • Anonymous

      Graphics, as in marketing materials…. not an new ipad with better graphics…

    • Evan Knofsky

      The spreadsheet is for marketing, meaning new marketing graphics. (posters etc.)

  • Anonymous

    It could easily be the start of a marketing campaign after the release. Easily.

  • Richard Yoo

    I quit. I’m going back to my dumbphone with 1.2 megapixel camera.

  • Jaime Ramirez

    this blows!!!

  • crap

  • Djenvy

    My SOURCE had mentioned Dec 9th.

  • Anthonyg80

    Yes, I have to admit it…I’m mad bro!

  • Booboolala2000

    Cyber Monday is for online only. Or pre orders. I am totally fine with this. Gives me a couple more weeks to enjoy the Razr.

  • rrosotho

    This time im not getting all worked up like i was with the Bionic… It will come out when it comes out. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, this is seriously ThunderBolt all over again…

    • Anonymous

      you forgot one more entry

      Nov 10—-GONE

  • 360nikond300

    Whenever the day comes, it’s mine. But a question. Does
    The market kerp track of my free apps for transfer to my
    New phone, or just paid apps?

    • Jason Strange

      With ICS it does. 

  • Mps623

    CS has no info or dates as of yet  either< she told me they usually get dates ans info week b4 launch

  • Cody

    Didn’t one earlier screen shot show a web-only initial release? So maybe Dec 8 is the release date for stores, and the online date will be a week or so before that? Would make sense anyway.

  • Caprich96

    You may get the nexus january 13.

  • JG

    21st online.
    28th in-store.

    I cant make this anymore clear cut for you people.  Stores have them. In boxes.  That instrct them to not touch.

    • Greg Williams


    • Anonymous

      Not corporate stores. I’m a VZW sales rep. I would have told Kellex by now.

      Go fly a kite.

      However, I do hope the dates you listed are true, because I want this phone as bad as the rest of you.

    • Anonymous

      i work in a verizon wireless store in nyc and i assure you that we dont have an nexuses nor do we have any idea when its coming out

  • Wack status

  • Are we serious, Verizon? I wanted this phone BEFORE my birthday, not on my birthday.

    • hatethanet

      Are we serious, Verizon? I wanted this phone BEFORE I die of old age, not after I die of old age.

  • JMac726

    Sooo….did I win the Tegra tablet?

  • Jack Hoffman

    @P3Droid –
    So here is the skinny..there is no stock in the us..orders will arrive at us customs around the 29th of November so best case scenario is a early to mid December launch.

    • Don’t trust him he is very unreliable

      • Jack Hoffman

        Unreliable as shown by what?

  • I honestly think this is holiday marketing graphics. December 8th sounds about right to start holiday marketing for the iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Nexus for Verizon.

  • I will give every poster on this message a nickel if the G-Nex actually releases on 12/8. This is an ADVERTISING SCHEDULE, with little to no bearing on when the actual phone will be released. Remember, VZ released and had a huge marketing campaign for the DROID RAZR less than 10 days ago. Do you really think they’d tear that down so soon for a phone from a brand that has historically been neglected by US carriers?

    My best guess is that it goes web-only on the 21st and is in stores on the 28th.

    • That’s what I think too

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. People need to learn a bit of marketing 101…