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Add December 8 to the Galaxy Nexus Launch List (Updated)

galaxy nexus december 8

I’m not even going to say anything, aside from this referencing marketing materials and could mark the start of a campaign rather than a launch date. Quite the list of dates we have going for us now though.

Update: Another December 8 launch date picture has surfaced. It goes into a little more detail on that day potentially being the official day. 

Cheers ___ and Vladimir!

  • Itsamemario

    Just so people know, the nexus pre-orders are open.

    I have already pre-ordered mine. I did it at my local Verizon wireless authorized retailer.

    The guy said he got the official email/memo about its release on monday (11/28) and was able to take pre-orders from that point on.

    He also said hes expecting them to arrive on the 6th or 7th (8th for non-preorders), so if you pre-order it, you may be able to get it a day or two sooner.

  • Dylan Blom

    Just when I go out of town the Galaxy Nexus could be released so when i am out of town it will be at my door. grr hope i can pre order and get it a day early 

  • Anonymous


  • Kevin Schotts

    over at sumsung.ca it is listed as user 16gb expandable up to 32 gb with a micro sd.

  • Brandon Sigg

    People need to calm down. No where on there does it say or mention the release of the phone. All that is on there is marketing materials which leads me to believe that beginning the week of the 8th, Verizon will begin a large marketing campaign for the phone. I think believe that it will be out the week of the 21st, before Friday of course to convince people to come in and buy the phone of Black Friday.

  • The first picture looks like it’s for marketing materials, and as such is not a confirmation of a launch date. And I have a feeling the is from an authorized retailer, which would only indicate that THEY would be launching on 12/08, leaving the 11/21 still an option for w/o or corporate stores. The reason for this is the wording on the red dinc2. They mention that the units would be shipped direct from HTC and not “our VZW DC”. This struck me as odd, as why would a corporate office have to refer to themselves as “our VZW DC”? I work for a large corporation myself, and none of our internal documents/emails ever make mention of “our [company name]” anything. It would make more sense if that was coming from an authorized retailer instead, especially as many of them cover multiple carriers. When I was younger I worked for a music store in which we had a lot of distributors from different manufacturers, and we’d constantly say “our Gibson dealer” or “our Marshall salesman”. Makes a lot more sense that way. Even if I’m wrong here, there’s also the possibility that this is merely the in-store date, as the prior info we had said 11/21 but web only.

  • Anonymous

    Red Inc 2? Hell yea!

  • joejoe509

    Ugh. How many times has Google themselves (Duarte) said it will be November, not December? This is false. December 8th is either a marketting campaign or we will get online sales first – sometime this month. It’s the only way to explain all this misinformation out there.

  • Chrisriner84

    This does say scheduled to launch in all locations, but the internet is not a location. PLEASE online release before this!

  • Guest

    My source told me that Kellex’ source is playing a practical joke on him and laughing at him.

  • El El Kool J

    I wish there was a button that let’s me view the flagged comments…feels like a missed out on the action..

  • F***  you, Verizon!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Jayjay


    • DaF

      not worth the restocking fee

  • whoster69

    I wonder if this means it will be available for order online in November but in stores on 12/8?

  • Anonymous

    So much for a November launch… I was thinking Dec 1st at the lastest but whatever…

  • The hype has worn off.  I’m going to stop paying attention to Galaxy Nexus news until I can buy the thing.

  • Memphis1967

    my new pricesheet today had a release date of “11/25???”

    • Pre order maybe?

      • Memphis1967

        I dunno, but it does have a price of $299/$659 to match the razr and rezound

  • Billy Jenkins

    if its not about that motoactv watch then I don’t care about it.

  • All locations on 12/8 and web only on 11/21? 

    • Anonymous

      Could be… Web only buyers would get it first. Either way, pre-orders should start on the 21st. But we’ll see.

    • joejoe509

      That’s what I’m thinking.

  • Naergoth

    Verizon and google really need to learn how to launch a phone. Terrible strategy. Unfortunately the fruit knows how to do it properly.

  • Jamie Watt

    Loom at the column “Location Type”. I’d wager that there is a dropdown value for “Web”. Remember, one of the major launch characteristics for November involved a Web-Only initial debut, much like the initial Nexus.

  • Anonymous


  • David Hayden

    Honestly, I don’t care if the date is 12/31. Just give us a date so I can figure out my new phone situation. 

    • Moxjr

      hey little faggot, they never announced a date yet so STFU and suck a dick

      • David Hayden

        You obviously have the reading comprehension of a rock. I never said they announced a release date.

        • Afelm

          Yea man, he can’t read and comprehend due the fact he has too much dick on his brain. Any normal person would have read what you originally posted and understood. Im with you man, whatever the hell the date is I just want to know a definite.

  • It looks like a photo of a forged document. I mean if you look at it closely, the webpage is awkwardly cut-off within the browser window; the, what should be internal document, is displayed on what looks to be the Chrome web browser with radio buttons for sharing on various social media sites (something I doubt corporations would have on their systems, take your pick between Chrome and social media sharing); the device is listed as ‘Samsung Nexus’ instead of ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus’, and lastly if you look at the blurred section about iPhone update, it states ‘…and will be received by Wednesday, 11/21’ (if my eyes serve me correctly, which, it is possible that’s a 3, not 1). Wednesday will be the 23rd.

    It may very well be real and just have awful QC on posted docs as I too have reason to believe the phone will launch in December, assuming a certain retailer isn’t dumb enough to host a training on the phone POST-launch, but we’ll have to wait and see, because I really want this phone!

  • Arizzxo

    Can’t we just organize another twitter spam attack for a release date.. like we did for confirmation that they were getting the phone