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Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE Headed to Verizon Finally Cruises Through the FCC

Check “FCC Approval” off the list of Galaxy Nexus pre-launch requirements. The 4G LTE version of the device that is headed to Verizon made its way through our favorite approval agency this morning, giving us all hope that we can see an announcement within the next couple of days. Rumors were flying all over the board last night, suggesting things like a November 18 release all the way up to December 1 and beyond. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but we would most certainly welcome this phone as early as the end of this week or the beginning of next. 

And if you were curious, this is where they stashed the LTE radio:

Via:  FCC, Wireless Goodness

  • Anonymous

    did anyone else notice on the fcc documents the testing took place from late august to mid october?

  • Anonymous

    I guess two rights do make a left 😀

  • Charles Blackmon


    check out this review of the G Nex

  • Woohoo!

  • nexus on the brain

    Been asking about this for a couple weeks now…..gosh I hope we are close…

  • Anonymous

    I just scrolled back 2 pages on DL just to see the last Nexus news before bed… Damn this is bad…

  • I believe that is the “bottom” not the “right” 

    • The tsmall

      It only took 182 comments for someone to notice

  • The tsmall

    Not a huge tech guy but shouldnt there be some sort of reference to NFC in the FCC sketch as well?

  • Give it to me ALREADY Verizon!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight.. 4.3 inches is the actual screen in the extra space is for the new buttons for ics making it a 4.65 inch.. I know when videos etc are shown the whole screen estate goes to the video burning was just wondering 4.3 is what it boils down too..correct me if I’m wrong.

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  • Anonymous

    Here is the news that I just recieved from my Sammy rep. There is no date as of yet. The 18th, 21st? Right now your guess is as good as Verizon’s. We are hoping to begin pushing the GNex after Thanksgiving. That’s as close to a hard street date as anyone at Verizon has. The only answer I could get was, “It’s in final testing. We are hoping to release the Galaxy Nexus in the coming weeks.” Sorry for the bad news. I’ll keep my ear to the ground and keep everyone posted.

    • Joejoe509

      Verizon hardly has a clue let alone Samsung. But thanks for trying.

  • Anonymous

    ! am curretly in a meetting with my Samsung rep. If any hard street date comes up for us (Verizon), I’ll keep you all posted…keeing fingers crossed!

  • I am a BIG FAT LIAR

    Just talked to a Verizon store, and he said that Friday is the day!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I will take your word on it.

    • Aimesome

      with a name like that how can I not trust you?

    • Anonymous

      i work for verizon wireless in nyc and we know nothing about the release date. im dying for this phone just like all of you are but we know nothing as far as when its coming out

  • Anonymous

    My two month long boner……aggghh……almost there……going to nut…….need my Nexus to relieve myself…..hold on just a little longer…….

    • Christephor

      think of baseball stats it helps when i do it

  • Anonymous

    I found the problem that must be causing the delay.  They built it with two right sides and just plain forgot the bottom.  Easy fix. 

    • Anonymous

      keen observation lol

  • Anonymous

    Buy the RAZR now and retire my DINC, and then pay $35 when the Nexus is released?
    Or stick it out for who knows how long?

    • Alix8821

      its wat i did…

    • Bionicman

      i dont know i just got the gingerbread update for my DInc and its running pretty damn nice including slightly better battery life. i was thinking about getting the RAZR in the meantime but i may just hold out a bit longer. i guess if Verizon sets an official release date of mid-end December or worse 2012 then im getting the RAZR…

    • Joejoe509

      Tempting but at this point I refuse to give in so easily.

  • Dieringer

     I called 4 stores and asked each the same question “Release date for the Galaxy Nexus” the first 2 said “Im sorry we can not comment on the existance of that device” the 3rd said “Samsung has not told us the date yet” the 4th said “I can not tell you the exact date but call back on thursday”   So clearly they know something

    • Joejoe509

      How is that clear? You got two people that have no idea Verizon itself announced it’s existence. One guy that told you they have no clue which is probably the truth. And you got one person that said call back on a later day.

  • Trevor-Kai

    I’m calling a November 21st release boys and girls!

  • Cam

    When the calendar hits 2012, if this isn’t in my hand/pocket, I’m done. I’ll just wait for the quad cores.

  • Dieringer

    I just got off the phone with a verizon rep.
    she told me “I can not find any information of the device itself let alone the release date. I can tell you however that we usually receive about two week notice for training purposes and we haven’t gotten that yet so it is at least two or more weeks away.”

    • miscreant

      Did you miss the (numerous) posts where VZW was getting training materials on this? They were yanking your chain.

      • dieringer scott

        Im aware of that and I brought that up to the person but she said she didnt have anything on it.  So i clearly wasnt getting anywhere with “Pamela”

  • Josh Nichols

    Dude, it’s worth it. I finally got fed up with my OG today and bought a rezound, best decision ever. I had the rep that sold me the phone confirm at least fifteen times that I had until January 9th to return the phone, all I have to do is pay the restocking fee 🙂 No explanation necessary.