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Video: This Pug is Not a Fan of the iPhone


This video made the rounds over the weekend and might make you giggle a little. We also wanted to toss it out there to get our minds off of the Galaxy Nexus drama that has become almost iPhone-ish these days. And speaking of i*hones, here is a pug that freaks out every time he sees one in a commercial. Good doggie.

Cheers Don!

  • Anonymous

    my pug hates the 60 minutes clock

  • Anonymous

    lmbo i need and want that dog

  • Anonymous

    Gooooood boy!!!

  • Godfish

    Pugs are great, you can teach them to hate what you hate.

  • Rizzidy

    Actually, the commercial he is barking it is a fake iPhone commercial that is making fun of it.  The pug is defending the good name of Apple.  You guys shouldn’t be supporting the dog.

  • Barbacoa

    so funny if you watch the iphone add in this clip it would seem apple is selling to stalkers now… 

  • That funny looking dog is smart.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? A dog barking at the tv is news these days?…it’s a sad day for android when this is news on one of the more reputable android blogs…smh

    • U think its not funny bro?

    • Anonymous

      It involves the iPhone so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it made DL.

  • victor manso


  • Crappy day at work.. This video just made my day. good doggy!

  • Anonymous

    Barking = what I hear in my head when people are talking about the i*hone…I don’t actually listen to what they say.

  • Anonymous

    Forget the dog… talk about a SWEET bedroom TV setup!  Need to convince my wife to let me do that!


  • He sounds a lot like a lot of you idiots. haha

  • JMac726

    I think Jellybean is going to be out by the time we get this damn phone

  • Mlittle

    This site is nearly impossible to read on a phone. The mobile version is not “sticky” meaning I have to chose mobile version every time I load it. It needs work to make it more mobile friendly. I love the site but hate that it’s so painful to view on my DroidX2. I cannot view the videos either. I cannot log into discuss either

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I agree 110%.  We just need a “m.droid-life.com” mobile-formatted site that we can bookmark and go to EVERY time.  AndroidCentral/Precentral has had such a thing for YEARS (I went to TreoCentral 5-6 years ago on my ancient Treo browser with no issues). 

      • Mlittle

        Discuss is absolutely worthless on the mobile version of this site. Sorting does not work and you can’t even login. I agree androidcentral has a great mobile Site but I would prefer to read droid-life on my phone. Kind of a fail that a mobile blog can’t be read properly on a droid phone

    • Guest

      Yep.  It doesn’t make sense that it works for an.droid-life.com but not droid-life.com

  • Pcguru30

    He’s apparently not a big fan of Curb your Enthusiasm either apparently

  • I feel like barking a lot, too, when I see those commercials.  Have you ever noticed how huge the phones look in those tiny ass hands?  And those HANDS…they have to be fake.  The hand holding the phone always looks like something from Madame Tussaud’s…it’s creepy.

  • Jason Purp

    The best breed of dog is the Boxer dog.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA … I kinda wish I hadn’t noticed that it was the same iPhone commercial each time so the owner probably trained him to recognize that specific commercial and freak out.

  • Anonymous

    His owner needs to sit this dog in front of an Apple Store 🙂

    • Anonymous

      He’d get trampled by all of the customers….

      • Anonymous

        Nah, that dog would just bite every i*hone customer “Right in the Nuts” 🙂

  • this does not make up for the sad rumor news man

  • Anonymous

    The dogs angry because he can’t lift his leg high enough to piss on the screen.. Just sayin


    THIS IS NEWS?????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Now how did that one get out?

    • Anonymous

      how original…Vick needs to rot in a ditch somewhere

  • Anonymous

    F this dog… not in the mood… I’ll eat you u lil mut

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha, that poor dog is going to have a heartattack over that damn commercial 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is funny stuff. I love pugs.

  • Anonymous

    I normally am not a fan of pugs…I will make an exception for this one.

  • Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • iPhone? What happened to I*hone?

    • Fixed one for you. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Seriously that is just pathetic…you don’t even see apple fanboys spell android and*oid…they’re just phones for fukks sake

      • Darrell Vermilion

        while this is true, android hasn’t allowed itself to be raped to death by advertising bots who scam e-mail addresses through twitter, facebook, and forums like this one. in other words, android isn’t a dirty word.

  • Edwin M

    Well the dog knows good TV when he sees it. Sat completely still for Lost.

    • Yeah, this guy has good taste in TV. The Office, Lost, Modern Family…