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Google Music Store Screenshots Leak, Looks Like We Are All But Ready for Launch on Wednesday


The Google Music store is reportedly set to be announced on November 16, so it is the law of the Internet that we see some leaked images of the upcoming store front just days before.  A lucky Android owner in Venezuela with some, “tricks and beginner’s luck” was able to gain access to Google’s Music store early on his HTC Inspire 4G.  Are they legit?  No way to positively tell, but they sure do look real.  One way these people could help their case on legitimacy is if they posted instructions on how to access it.  Just a thought.

For each category in the Market, they are assigned a color:  Books are blue, Movies are red, and Apps are green. These shots appear to confirm that Music will be orange, something we saw a couple of months ago. Looking a bit beyond just the looks, we see that Google could be offering a “Free Song of the Day.”  Sure would be great for people on the hunt for new artists to worship.  Everyone ready to adopt the newest Google Service?  Plan on dropping Amazon MP3?

Via:  TecnoDroidve

  • Rockrdr

    Amazon MP3, isn’t that bloatware, removed from my phone months ago 😀

  • Anonymous

    honestly who pays for music any more? this is 2011. now we have utorrent and thepiratebay to do that.

  • Anonymous

    a better deal then itunes “free song of the week” deal.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully that’s 1.29 pesetas, since I wouldn’t more than a US penny for a Green Day song!

  • Dean H

    I currently have Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Music all set up. I’m buying all my music through Amazon, and using a 47 step process which includes Dropbox and Itunes to to get it into Google Music. If Google’s service is close to Amazon’s, I’m prepared to go all in!

    • Your 47 step seems entirely unnecessary. From the limited amount of music I’ve purchased from Amazon, I just used the Amazon software to download the music to a folder that is watched by GoogleMusic uploader. No need to involve Dropbox or iTunes.

  • Anonymous

    That person has really horrid taste in music.

  • Alanpaone

    I can’t get amazon mp3 and I feel dirty bying stuff from apple, they have nothing to do with music! So if google beats amazon to having a store in canada I’ll probably use it

  • babadush

    Apple fanboys on engadget said once google music comes out of beta we’ll have to pay for it. Any truth to this?

    • I would like to know this as well. If they do ever go that route, I hope it is much cheaper than what is available from other online storage…

      • Anonymous

        if it’s anything like Google’s current pricing model (I pay $5 a year for 20gb) I don’t think it will be an issue.

      • babadush

        I would hope google would use music sales to subsidize the cost of the free player. Apple users have to pay 24.99 a month. If it goes that route I’ll keep all mine on my phone.

    • yes it’s true. They mentioned that in the google I/O, not sure which one it was. They said it was free for now as beta.

      • babadush

        Thanks for solidifying that for me

  • Anonymous

    Still too expensive.  The recording industry can kiss my ass.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Too expensive? No one likes to pay for stuff, but if you like the music then I don’t see the problem. Everyone wants something for nothing these days.

      • Anonymous

        At $1.00+ a song, yeah….no thanks.  You remember when albums cost $13 or less?  That was on a physical device with case, art and booklet.  Now they think they can get away with charging the same or more for a digital copy that costs them almost nothing to produce so they can make more profit than they already were and god forbid you share a song with a friend, they’ll sue you for $20,000.

        You go ahead, enjoy being ripped off.

        • Dominick DeVito

          I can’t say I disagree, frankly I don’t. Some indie bands have tried breaking the chains by releasing their music directly (Radiohead, etc) but they always seem to be winding up in iTunes and Amazon anyway.

        • Buying a song is not analogous to buying an entire album. It’s more similar to buying a single back in the vinyl days (which granted had a B-side). In today’s money those singles I bought back in the 80’s would probably retail for about $5 or $6. I don’t think $1 is unreasonable. What is unreasonable is the amount of money that makes it back to the artists and the dodgy accounting the music companies use to rob artists of even more of those royalties, sometimes so much that the artists owes the record company money.

          I’m willing to bet, like Amazon, Google’s music store will be sans DRM.

  • boobooMace

    people still pay for music? (i kid i kid, kinda)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the interface looks horrible.

    • Anonymous

      I take it you don’t like the Android Market then. Its the same freaking layout as the other categories, just orange. 

      • Anonymous

        Doesn’t look anything like my market, but I am on an old Droid Eris.  But no, I don’t like the way the market looks on my phone.  Were you offended by my comment?

        • Sounds like he was simply stating a fact as the majority of us have been using this interface in the Market for quite a while now.

          • Anonymous

            I apologize, I wasn’t aware that the comments section was for posting “facts” only.  Please forgive me.

          • Anonymous

            Who said it was for posting facts only?

  • Chad

    Unless Google Music has a album deal of the day similar to Amazon MP3 (along with a new batch of $5 albums every month) I’m not going anywhere. It’s all about cost. Have you seen what the app store charges for books or movies? Incredibly over priced compared to their competition. That being said, I would love to ditch Amazon MP3 for music and have everything in Google Music Beta since by 16,000 song library is there and used daily.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to compromise. Get your tunes from Amazon, download them, then synch them with Music Beta. Most of us use the Android Market but still get the FAOTD from Amazon Appstore; why not do the same, here?

  • you mention amazon mp3…whats that???

  • Mack

    Haha Amazon MP3 was dropped a long time ago. 

  • Gottheguds112

    Free songs might replace Magnifier?

  • Any word on what’s happening with music beta? Is it still gonna be free?

  • Not one but TWO task managers running in his status bar! Somebody tell him they aren’t needed! 

    • Anonymous

      none of my android toting friends believe me that you do not need task managers, its pretty frustrating to watch them over manage everything their phone does in an attempt to save battery life

      • Anonymous

        Same here. I try to explain time and time again, but they just don’t get it. 

    • babadush

      The God of the OG Droid speaks!

    • Of course there’s 2 task killers. 1 to kill the tasks that use up that precious battery life and the other to kill the task killer using up precious battery life killing tasks.
      What kind of Andorid noob are you, sheesh!!

      I jest people!

    • Steve Blais

      but big red said they would help improve my battery life.. (OGD needed this? ummm nope).. ;} 

  • will probably just download all my music for free so idc… hopefully will sync like itunes if they have an app like intunes for your computer

    • Anonymous

      it will surely be cloud-based, like google music is now just with the option to also buy your music from the site/apps

  • Anonymous

    I love orange! 

  • Kyle Lehman

    The Google Music app is so much better than the Amazon MP3 app.  I am completely ready to make the switch.

  • MFG

    “Coming to you on America’s worst carrier, T-Mobile!”


    Galaxy Nexus? Where are ya???

    • NexusFansAreDouches

      It’s hanging out your buttcrack with your iphone

    • dkbetts

      Are you trying to copy me bro?

  • What’s Amazon MP3?  (A joke)

  • Claire

    Sounds good to me.   

  • Anonymous

    I use Mog for unlimited listening. Buying mp3s is so 2000s

  • no comments?

  • Could be interesting, would like to see if music is available right away on Music Beta like Amazon does.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t purchase music often, but when I do i’d rather it be “in the cloud” with the rest of the music i already uploaded to google music, so they’ll get my cash…