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Galaxy Nexus Shows Off Its Multi-Color Notification LED Light

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It may seem sort of silly that we are obsessing over something as minuscule as an LED notification light, but when it’s on the Galaxy Nexus and can do this many colors, it’s tough not to. We saw a quick glimpse of this a week or so ago in video, but nothing to this magnitude. This would be the G-Nex doing a rainbow. And this again confirms what our sources told us back in early October, that this device would have multi-color functionality in its notification settings. Tasty. Mmmm.

Cheers Mike!

  • Klaine

    Did the video above use an app to change colors on the light? It does change colors on its own and Ive been trying to figure out what makes colors other than white. I dont know if Im imagining but Ive noticed Gmail notices get a red light and Yahoo Mail gets a purplish one – those are those icons colors. Anyone know if the Nexus 4 will have it too

  • charlyRoot

    I use touchdown with my Google Apps account (GMail) to write emails rules that show diff colors based on folder(label) or search string (from address). This it the closest I’ve been to when the BB Storm came out and I could tell what my phone was doing across the room. With the rule sounds I can even tell what my phone is doing while in my pocket. 

  • did you use a third part app for this? I want to change the color of the notification light on my nexus but I cant figure out how. HELP

  • Anonymous

    is this built into the OS? Or is this an app? 

  • Reminds me of a BlackBerry as they have colored notification lights. My droid (ZTE) doesn’t have one.

  • Anonymous

    Yes the OG and DX had this, but not as many colors.. this is gonna be useful as hell.. I use to use blink patterns to determine which type of notification it was (facebook, gmail, txt, call, VM) but with this many colors I’ll choose colors tied to people

  • Tabe

    Is the notification LED on the bottom of the phone? Or is the screen just rotated 180degrees?

    • Justin Kos


      • Tabe


        • Easier to press the standby button. For filming.

          • Tabe

            Huh? Standby button? Filming? What am i missing here? What does this have to do with the notification LED?

  • Great than you for that!

  • Anonymous

    That light is strangely hypnotic…

  • Joelseph

    Pooooooooost!  *slams fist on table*

  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • Anonymous

    can anyone say “get a life?”  it is a phone people……jeeez

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, I know its Sunday, but we’re all wondering if you have any new news on the Galaxy Nexus… I go through withdrawals on the weekends where I get no updates no matter how much I refresh… Its like crack, NOW GIVE IT TO ME! Holy crap I need an intervention. 

  • xxdesmus

    want….phone.  Release the damn thing already Verizon.

  • Brett Ward

    by the way hes using the lock button, we can also confirm that it’s on the side, not top. but being smasung, we can assume that anyway

    •  That’s been confirmed for a very long time.

  • Mr ilheis

    Reminiscent of the BB days!

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • fialcon

    It’s my phone and I need it now!

  • jbonics

    My droid 2 has more colors than that. Waiting a couple of months for the quad cores. Aka a real phone. Your going to feel like such a chump when they release a new phone a month after with 5 times the power 12 times the gpu……… don’t be that guy……

    • i bet it sucks. 

      • jbonics

        Says the people paying $125/mo. For one line. HOP ON THE BANDWAGGON YA CLONES. U NEED A GIRL, it sounds like… that sucks

      • jbonics

        Says the people paying $125/mo. For one line. HOP ON THE BANDWAGGON YA CLONES. U NEED A GIRL, it sounds like… that sucks

    • Blackonblack99

      Then you will feel like a chump a few months later when your phone sucks…it’s a vicious cycle. Why even make an ignorant comment?!! Technology changes fast we get it…why even post something so stupid.

      • Justin Ellis

        You know the spec whores have to have the super duper crazy hardcore specs to compensate. Hardcore spec guys dont compromise on specs, which is why theyre always waiting on the perfect phone, never to be satisfied. 

        • jbonics

          Your that guy……. stay in school…. your burger king job is just temporary i hope.

          •  Stay in school?  Please tell me you’re kidding.  You used ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’…  YOU’RE an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad the nexus has a notification light.  I got used to not having one on my fascinate to the point where I had been wondering why someone’s phone had a flashing light…haha of course then I was like, Oh yeah! I forgot they screwed us on that!

  • Justin Ellis

    All the Motorola fanboys are out in full force. Guys, we all know Moto has really good LED indicators. Probably everybody commenting here had an OG Droid. The point is that Samsung is also known to never put them their phones. So the inclusion of a really bright big multi-colored LED is very exciting to us who have chosen HTC phones due to them being unlockable but put up with POS LED lights. Now we can have our cake and eat it too. 

  • Freygrimrod

    No SD card means not worth buying IMHO

  • Anonymous

    Ok…. so its got colors. But riddle me this. What good is a notification light on the bottom of this phone? My phones and many of people I know are kept in our shirt pocket. And our notification lights can actually be seen by glancing down inside the pocket. (All variations of Moto Droids) So unless you want to flip your phone upside down and put it in your pocket your are never going to see a notification without removing the phone from your pocket. Kind of a deal breaker for me as I work in loud environments and don’t hear/ feel notifications all the time.

    • Guest

      what’s so bad about having the phone in you pocket upside down??  i mean really!!! some times i put my DX upside down  in my pocket.  it’s not the end of the world! 

      • Cam

        Actually, when I think about it, I always put my phone in my pocket upside down. That way when I pull it out, it is right-side up. 
        Never really thought about it before; I just assumed that everyone reached into their pocket and got a good hold of their phone before they took it out. 

  • Questto

    Crap! They all look the same. Except for blues I can see blues. Or was it purple. Damn being color blind sucks.

  • awesome

  • Johnwall

    My old sidekick did this 5+ years ago.

  • Anonymous

    why is this news? motorola phones have been able to do this for the past 2 years

    • Because Samsung hasn’t used notification lights in the past.  

  • yo mama

    Huh, That’s weird. My Bionic can change it’s notification colors and so could my OG Droid. How is this news again? This phone really needs to come out already so I can have a really fun time laughing at the bugs that come along with it. 😉

    • Blootzm3

      your dumb … show me where on the og Droid that the notification light changes colors like that. oh it doesn’t . just the red or green light… not the same thing.

      • Anonymous


        • Nixhex05

          SMS Popup. Download it on the OG. Lets you change to blue, purple and other colors. 😉 Don’t call someone dumb until you do the research. That’s the app I used to do it back in the day, I’m sure there’s a ton more.

      • Anonymous

        CM7 lets you change the color so does Handcent SMS, I use a dark blue and Cyan colored LED now and the only time its red is when the battery is dying.  Its an OG Droid…

  • Um my Droid x did the same thing and im pretty sure the bionic and must other phones can as well.

  • Is this exciting? The OG Droid has multiple colors, too, and that came out like, 2 years ago…

    • Cam

      Yea, Samsung finally figured out how to use LEDs. 

    • Justin Ellis

      Heres why this is a big deal to us. Samsung hasnt put in a notification light in any of the Galaxy phones except for Sprint’s GS2. The Nexus S also didnt have one either. I just assumed they wouldnt have one in the Galaxy Nexus so the inclusion of a really good LED makes us notification light nerds really excited. Yes, everybody knows that the OG Droid had loads of colors. We all had one.

  • Cam

    Why does it taunt me?!!? 


  • shdowman


  • Anonymous

    I just bought the samsung galaxy nexus costco bundle that includes a docking station for $289………………….in my dreams

  • Anonymous

    I just went to costco and bought the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus bundle with docking station for $289.99…………………..in my dream

  • RJFrank

    Question… I’m going to spring for the Galaxy Nex when it arrives. Will my Nex be as relevant two years from now as my OG Droid is now? Can’t help it but I still love my OG running CM.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Hard to say, I’d take a stab at it by saying probably not. I don’t think there is a phone today that can withstand the Android invasion. With that said, your best bet is a Nexus phone because it will get updates from Google, but I wouldn’t bet on longer than 18 months for updates. 

  • Anonymous

    NEXUS PRIME indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Really Kellex… Notification light? I thought I needed tech therapy. Lol its ok it helps to sooth our cravings with each post

  • Bionic

    I wish there was a way on Bionic to control the color and settings for the notification light.  I cant seem to find any way to do it.  

    • Dominick DeVito

      Sure you can, root it and install a custom ROM. It’s how I do it on my OG

      • Bionic

        Im already rooted but I dont care for customs ROMS. Besides there are no popular custom ROMS that are classified as stable for Bionic yet.

        You would think they would allow you to change it up under settings, but nope.

  • that looks amazing!


    Is the strong interest in this phone the ability to easily root or remove all the unwanted crap or is it the ICS? 

    • Anonymous

      both, and more

    • Cliff Wynne

      being a google experience phone there should be no unwanted crap

  • Anonymous


  • Jonyauger

    Awesome. One of the few things I liked on my storm is now on android. Now we need a berrybuzz like app for android n we are set.

    • LionStone

      Yea man that was it!! Berrybuzz on blackberry was sweet…you could pick a different color for FB, email, etc. Keyword though: was. Its about Android now! Bring on the Ice Cream sandwiches!