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HTC Rezound and DROID RAZR: Quick Hands-on and Unboxing (Updated: With Video)

droid razr and rezound

Two of the most anticipated Android devices in recent history showed up on my doorstep today – the HTC Rezound in all of its Beats glory and the DROID RAZR looking as thin and cutting edge as ever. The RAZR I had a chance to get down and dirty with a couple of weeks ago in NYC, but the Rezound was still new to my hands (not Dan’s though). As two of the most impressive (at least on paper) phones to come to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, we have been dying to get some real intimate time with them. That time is now.

For today, we just have a quick unboxing video for each, a simple gallery, and some initial thoughts. Our full reviews will likely be out some time next week, as we always try as hard as we can to avoid those 24-hour, quick hitting, blog overviews. We like to become one with a device, get to know it deeply, and then provide feedback to hopefully help you make your next 2-year decision.  

HTC Rezound

After popping the Rezound out of the box, you know right away that this is an HTC device. It’s buttery smooth, feels excellent in hand, and is made with nothing but the finest materials. It has a little bit of weight to it, but almost any phone feels slightly heavy these days when you pair it up against the RAZR. The 4.3″ HD Super LCD screen looks incredible. I sat for a few minutes comparing it to the RAZR’s Super AMOLED Advanced at full brightness, and prefer it so far. I have not had a chance to dive into Beats or other software at this time, but will do so over the next few days. Overall, I’m loving the build and am anxious to make this my sidekick for bit. Let’s see how much pressure we can put on that tiny 1620mAh battery.


You sort of know my feelings on this phone if you read my hands-on reports, but I’ll say again that I really like what Motorola has done here. This phone is light as a feather, unbelievably thin, and as powerful as any phone on the market. The screen may not match the HD resolution on the Rezound or Galaxy Nexus, but it’s at least a step up over their previous offerings, the Bionic and DROID 3. I pulled up the camera briefly in the video you’ll see and came out blown away by the speed. Picture quality is still to be determined, but this phone can snap quick pics with the best of them. Also anxious to make this a pocket pal for the next few days to help you guys make that final decision when the Galaxy Nexus arrives.


Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2

YouTube Preview Image

If there is anything in particular that you want me to test, be sure to drop it in the comments.

  • i cant wait. it’s been fun Dinc 1, i have to Rezound now.

  • I’m getting a Bionic on Thursday in the mail, is it any good?

  • waddup

    “we always try as hard as we can to avoid those 24-hour, quick hitting, blog overviews.”

    I can definitely appreciate this.. but if your review does not get posted before the phone is released.. it helps me little to none.. because I will probably be at the store making a final decision tomorrow 🙁 without hearing how the battery life ended up being (which I can assume is somewhat poor).

  • sara

    is it global? either of them?

  • Brandon Sobotta

    is the Razr not bluetooth 4.0?

  • ol1bit

    I love the idea of the Tegra 3… low power cpu till you need it!’

    I’m going to try to ride the droid 1.0 till tegra 3 phone come out.

  • Granted

    You said “I don’t have any nails”…..haha, while you trimmed your talons, those are still creepy long your non-vagina-having person. Uggh! I’m starting to think you might hit up the tanning booth and over-groom your eyebrows, and very possibly carry a man-purse but call it an attache.

    Men don’t need nails, unless you have aspergers syndrome. That is what your trust pocket knife or belt push dagger is for. And I don’t know if it’s my connection or not but that video was as choppy as my vision when I used to be yayo head. And damnit I can’t speak to how these new phones sound, but I really hope they are making breakthroughs with sound technology, mainly the speaker output on the back. Because one thing I adored about my Droid was the fact that it had an absolutely kickass back speaker on it. Then I bought my current phone, the Droid X, when it came out and I hated the teeny tiny little speaker on it from day one. I don’t care if it’s not a home theater or the tweeters and subs in my car. I still want some rich powerful sound on my phone! They pump these new phones so full of other shit but at least from the looks and size department, these speakers look like ass! Anyone own one these new bad boys care to comment on how good these cushion slit back speakers sound? I know size didn’t mean everything, except in coitus, but I’m just wondering if the only good sound on smart phone will be me receiving my Droid?

  • BayGuy

    Battery life.  I understand that all smartphones are power guzzlers so battery life will be a very important factor in my decision as to which new phone to purchase.

  • FYI the droid razr has Bluetooth 4.0 higher than the rezound ao your wrong on that one…..

  • The Rezound is just the love child of the Thunderbolt and the Incredible that was conceived while Dre was on in the background.

  • Ahsan

    The other thread ran out of Woz’s fail comments…looking here for more! Interesting!

  • Rob

    Please let us know about the battery life during heavy use!  Thanks

  • All of HTC’s high end phones look the same.  They haven’t come up with any new asthetics since the EVO 4G.

  • Anonymous

    How’s battery seem to be on the rezound?

  • james cruise

    yes…love it..
    HTC In Pakistan

  • Guest

    I would like you to test whether the RAZR will charge on non-Motorola or Verizon-branded chargers and will charge with non-Moto/VZW branded USB cables.  It’s always bothered me that my OG Droid won’t charge with my generic AC-to-USB wall wart, and the errata list for the Bionic reported it didn’t work with all USB cables, either.  I’d hate to replace my OG and then also have to replace all my cheap 6-foot Monoprice USB cables to charge it.

    • Anonymous

      My OG charges just fine with generic chargers – not sure what you’re talking about.

  • To bad those Beats included completely suck. The sound quality is a major downgrade from the rest of the Beats lineup. Now if they included a set of the Tour or even the Solo’s now that would be worth it, but those little cheapy headphones with a nice design. 

  • A B

    Would love to see some of the less common performance metrics work such as sound quality between the two; visibility in very bright day light; reception quality in fringe areas (not so much the number of bars but if the phone voice quality degrades, calls are dropped or data speed become very slow and last but least real battery life (esp after the battery if broken in).

  • Mneighbo

    Yikes. I don’t think I could ever own an i*hone-esque no-way-to-pop-the-battery-out phone. I like being able to pull my batteries for a fix. 

  • Jack

    Does the Razr have built-in Bluetooth tethering? If so does it support the faster  speeds of Bluetooth 3.0 when tethered?

  • ajharman53

    I’m really feeling the Rezound. I mean, you get the *Beats headphones ($149.99 separately) plus a smoking fast 1.5 gHz dual core processor. The phone is sexy, the black and red is awesome, and while it may be a little chunky, at least it wouldn’t be awkward to hold like the RAZR. I like that it has the SD card, unlike the Nexus. And I’ve always liked the HTC phones, less the Droid Incredible with the circle track pad.

    It seems like people choose the G Nex simply because it has ICS, but for me who can’t upgrade until 1/1/2012, it’s a moot point. The RAZR and Rezound will probably have ICS within 3 months of being out, which means around February.

    I think any of these phones are worthy successors to my Moto Droid. But I think the Rezound has a special place in my heart. The RAZR is awesome, but I hate Blur and locked bootloaders. And the Nexus is amazing, but with no SD card, it kind of broke the deal for me.

  • Anonymous

    How about testing the IQ of future commentators. Juvenility reigns as of late; feels like I’m part of some lame reality show. Maybe there is a market for ignorant tech blogs…”Dipshits on Devices” or something like that. I can picture the logo now…

  • Dazed and Confused

    Can someone please explain to me why so many comments on this site disregard these phones and eagerly await the Nexus?  Is it really just the ICS?  I am eager to get on the LTE bandwagon and am leaning towards the Rezound based on the better camera and replaceable battery.  What am I missing here?

    • Anonymous

      This is just a personal opinion, but I have found that HTC’s battery life is incredibly horrible so I am avoiding the Rezound. Also the Nexus seems to have a pretty amazing camera.

    • I hopped onto the LTE bandwagon with a HTC Thunderbolt on the first day.  Battery is terrible, and I hate that support fades very fast… as fast as the battery.  I like sense enough and have never know plain vanilla android.  This looks like my HTC Thunderbolt and all I am reminded is of my fat extended battery and quick lack of support on their flagship phone.

      • Anonymous

        i dont care which phone you get,THEY ALL ARE NEVER gonna make it through a full day. Not with these specs and screens. I have a thunderbolt and i would never put that huge extended battery brick on it or turn down my brightness.I like the way my phone looks and functions too much to disable everything. I just swap my battery once a day and im fine. i use my phone more for internet than phone and im always in 4G and i get on average 8 to 12 hours on a battery since the gingerbread update. prior to that i got between 5 to 9 hours.
         so with that said i wouldnt get a phone with a non-removable battery. (scratch the Razr (iPhone<–hell no)) LOL i happen to like the sense spin on android. I think it just comes down to personal preference.
        and personally i dont know if i lke the rezound enough to jump for it. its too simular to my TB. And honestly my TB , as you also know is pretty fast. I just might hold out for another 4-5 months to see what good with maybe the Quad cores and next generation LTE radios…….

        • Anonymous

          If long battery power is what people are looking for, then they might not want a Smartphone.
          go get your self a nice feature phone with a 1″ X 2″ spinach green screen, and a laptop with a 4G air card……
          Just sayin.

  • Is the phone hardware info stuck permanently on the kevlar back of the razr? MEID etc? If so then THAT SUCKS

  • Do the soft buttons rotate with the screen like on the Incredible 2?

  • Dbarden31

    Im in my Verizon store right now. Im actually typing this from the Droid Razr. Ahh I really like it 🙂

  • I loved the razr on paper, but after seeing that it has the droid X hump on the back, it just turns me off.   One reason why my old dx belongs to my 4yr old now. lol
    I cant wait for the nexus!!

    • Tim242

      How ya liking that hump on the Nexus?

  • gcan

    The camera on the Razr…i will drop my Bionic off of a building because of the stupid camera…

  • Anonymous
  • Irongland
  • Draytonfair

    I use a car charger a lot, wouldn’t the cord attached to the top of the razr be awkward? Even coming out of the left or right in landscape might be difficult, or maybe I am just used to the location on my OG Droid.

    • Anonymous

      I think it might be awkward. I’d prefer for power/hdmi ports to be located at the bottom of the screen, not the top. It makes it easier to hold in the car. 

  • kellex, whats the bluetooth version of the RAZR is it 4 or 2.1?
    i believe its 4, but you said in the video that the RAZR got the 2.1 version

    and please post the RAZR video sample for 480p at 120fps and 720p front facing camera…please 

  • ben

    If you could get a shot with each device at the different brightness levels of the screens that would be awesome!  (Since 4G phone suck energy i’ll probably have my brightness low to conserve what i can…)

  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • Anonymous

    Very smart lol

    • Anonymous

      you comment too much. 

      • Anonymous

        its not like hes making any intelligent comments anyway

    • Holy crap man, troll much?

    • Anonymous

      Dude I’m looking at the amount of times you post and you seem to be a little off mentally.

      • Anonymous

        If you are here 24/7 what does that make you? You must have kids to take care of and you are suffering in a Blog lol.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Will you prefer a better camera over call quality and  good radios?

  • Anonymous

    I want to see that as well. They seem to forget about  that beautiful hd ffc.

  • Anonymous

    I asked Moto and they said that it is not pentile,  It is similar to amoled plus at a higher resolution.

  • Anonymous

    You have a good point. I will see a lot of  people crying about the bugs in ICS.

    • Anonymous

      is that a joke? blur has more bugs then any other skin, i now that from experience because i owned a droid x when it was first released and droid 2. if the ICS has any bugs at launch it will be fixed immediately, not after months of waiting like stupid motorola.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, and I am sure Moto hasn’t made ANY improve,ends since your X came out so that comment is totally valid…

      • Alexander Garcia

        Ever owned a Photon, Atrix, Atrix2, DX2, or a Bionic? If not, your points are invalid ’cause they’ve made a lot of major improvements since last year’s DX and D2. And this point, “GingerBlur” has the least bugs out of the skins making htc sense and touchwiz looking buggy and heavy as hell in comparison.

        • Anonymous

          when my droid 2 was updated to “gingerblur” it was buggier then ever. everytime i unlocked my phone there was a chance that my phone would force reboot for no reason. its ridiculous. i dont buy from motorola anymore because of this.

          • Anonymous

            Well that’s not a problem with any of the phones he mentioned.

          • Anonymous

            i never used the phones he mentioned so why should that matter to me? my point is moto cant update a phone without loading bugs into it first. its ridiculous…

          • Anonymous

            So because they had problems with the Droid X update all their phones suddenly are bug riddled? I don’t know, I never had any problems with the multiple updates on my OG Droid and to my knowledge there weren’t any major bugs with the Droid 2 or Pro updates either. Everything has bugs, even the locked down iphone.

          • Anonymous

            OG droid was a stock device, not blur. and if i remember correctly google also sent out the software updates, not motorola. obviously all phones have bugs, but none of them are as drastic as motorolas bugs. dont act smarter then me, i know what im talking about from my own experiences with motorola and blur.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, actually, you don’t. It wasn’t Google that updated the OG, it was Motorola. Like I said, Motorola updated their Droid 2, D2G, Droid Pro and Atrix all without any problems.

            None are as drastic as Motorola’s bugs? I think many Galaxy S and Thunderbolt owners would disagree with you.

      • Anonymous

        You were living the days of motoblur running froyo smartass. The new devices with 1 g of ddr2 ram fix the lag problem.

      • Tim242

        Do you still believe that nonsense?

  • Anonymous

    Moto always have the best  call quality, build quality and radios. They have come a long way with their software, but nowadays a lot of people prefer moto’s user interface instead of sense and vanilla.

  • Anonymous

    Everything is fine stop panicking.

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    HTC is good with cameras and display. Those features are secondary things. On the other hand moto has the radios, call quality, build quality and speakers. They were the first one using the ddr2 ram. Samsung is better than htc overall. They have the best display and the best sensors and lens. HTC is the third choice sorry 🙂

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    It would of been nice if they bionic would of come with the smart feature that the razor has.

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    It still a beast , i feel they rushed it a little bit because the razor was on schedule.

    • Guest