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Video: Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker Overview

Motorola started its announcement in NYC for the DROID RAZR by pushing one of their other products, the MOTOACTV. This is their take on a fitness tracker, similar to what many of you have seen with Nike+ products and also the iPod Nano. Like so many of Moto’s ideas this year, the MOTOACTV is a chance for them to break into another market that seems to be dominated by a few other key (and major) players. Priced at $249 (8GB) and $299 (16GB), with a GPS, loads of workout types, a music player, and a Bluetooth notification system that pairs with any phone (possibly just Blur phones), is this worth the purchase?

As someone that attempts to keep himself in decent shape, I was intrigued by the idea and picked one up over the weekend to give it a spin. Since it runs Android and all, why not? So here is a quick hands-on with it to give you guys a feel for Moto-gone-fitness-guru. After I have used it through a couple of weeks of workouts, I’ll report back to see if the price is justified or if the MOTOACTV appears headed for the same doom as the original XOOM.  

  • DJ_LTD


  • Thank you for this helpful stuff I got at your site.The images are very beautiful.Anyway a lots of thanks for sharing..It does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

  • Alan Paone

    I saw that screen-off animation. If this thing can run gingerbread, why can’t the Droid?

  • Anonymous

    Cool idea but needs more features and a lower price.

  • Stu Piddasol

    In a few months, I can see this in a package deal paired up with the Bionic or whatever is the current “soon to be obsolete” Moto phone.

  • You guys should be comparing this to the garman forerunner series or the Suunto watches which are GPS watches.  Nike+ doesn’t do cycling, stairs, or elyptical. Also the GPS is far more accurate when running outside and can provide crucial information like altitude gain etc.  

    Really comparing it to a Nano is like comparing a laptop to a pad of paper.

  • I’m not sure I could justify this when we’ve already got apps like cardio trainer and the like.

  • Anonymous

    Another nice moto product 🙂

  • ROB

    Is it waterproof???

  • bcblur

    Does this thing have a barometric altimeter or GPS only?  How good will the GPS be under tree cover and such?

    I use a Garmin Edge 705 (with SportTracks on the computer) and would like something smaller, but not at the expense of accuracy or precision.

  • C-Law

    I would be much more interested in this if it could stream my music from Google Music beta, or if it could stream music apps like pandora.

  • 00111

    In order to pair this device with a phone you need the motoactv app from the market.  What moto doesn’t tell you is the app only works with blur phones. Thankfully I found a modified .apk on xda and got it to work on my Tbolt.  Gotta love the android community!  The motoactv app is only used to receive notifications and take calls. All other features of the device will work without paring to a phone. 

    • Did not know it was only with Blur phones. I just tried it on a Bionic and D3, but of course, both are Blur. Good to know.

  • Elliot323

    No way I’m spending $250+ for something like that

  • They should have had a 2GB and 4GB model to lower the price points, or better yet, with the size of a micro SD card and slot these days, just use one of those instead. Include just a 2GB card so the price point is $149-199. Then the user can choose the amount of storage they want catered to their own taste and you sell more devices because the price is competitive.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, does the website have an import feature? If I switch, I would love to be able to import all of the data I have stored in my RunKeeper account. 

    • Not seeing an import function, which is unfortunate. Would love to drag all of my N+ stuff over.

  • Aaa

    It seems really cool, thanks for the article. However, I use the RunKeeper app and that seems to do everything this can do… It’s just that my phone is the Brick House Thunderbolt, so it’d be nice to have the option for something smaller. Plus GPS is slow to lock on. I guess I’ll have to wait for a price drop.

  • Anonymous

    Heart rate monitors themselves can range up to $500-$600+. And that’s just the HR monitor. I dont think the MOTOACTV is steep at all considering all it does. As a fitness trainer that uses Android phones, I think this a great buy! The problem is, people are to cheap to invest in anything of quality. Youre telling me $299 is too much to invest in your health? I bet most of yall spend that much on fast food in 2 months.

    • Aaa

      There are a lot of other investments in our health that take higher priority, like good shoes, or a good bike, etc. I also like to rock climb, and accessories for that are more important than this accessory for running/biking.

    • Anonymous

      Real talk!

  • they need to lower the price on this thing 

  • MTPenguin

    Also, I heard the wireless headphones has built in heart rate monitor.  Do those wired ones that come with it have the capability?


    • Not to my knowledge. The SF500 model has a heart rate monitor. The SF200 come with the device and they apparently do not have that built in.

  • MTPenguin

    Kellex, Please compare to the wimm.com product.  I don’t know if the wimm.com product has a GPS, or heart rate monitor capability.

    Do you know what OS Version is running?

    I am waiting to find out more information on this so I can purchase either this or the WIMM device.

    I am a developer so that capability is also very important.


    • MTPenguin

      And another one just pointed out to me:  metawatch.org


  • Motorola is my favorite company when it comes to Android products.  My least favorite company when it comes to pricing.  They overprice almost everything.

    • Anonymous

      i do agree with you , but remember you pay for what you get 🙂

      • I agree.  This is going to be one of those niche devices that will be full price for a while, and in six months we’ll be able to get them for what we think they should cost now since they won’t be selling a lot of these at that price point.

        • Anonymous

          It happens to all devices, they are costly at launch, but a week later we can get them for a 100 less.

  • Who the hell would use a ipod nano as a fitness device. It doesnt even have GPS to track your runs (or bikes in my case) and it has not Bluetooth 

  • David

    If I could transfer music files via bluetooth or wi-fi from my phone, that might make it a little more attractive.  

  • Spickle

    looks pretty sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex great job on doing a short walk thru on the Motoactv.  I was wondering if this new device was going to be worth it.  The price is still a little high, even with the functionality IMHO. 

    I run a Ranger Fitness Bootcamp http://www.rangerfitnessbootcamp.com on the side, from my regular software sales job. I can see where the Motoactv can come in nicely.

    Please keep the few of us, that care about being active and running up to date on your progress with a final review of the Motoactv.  I wish there was something for a weightlifting, workout plan, the amount of weight, upper body and lower body etc.. That would be nice as well.

    I’ve been lifting weights since high school playing football, college and the military. Certified through NASM and certified through the US Army Master Physical Fitness Training program.

    Good stuff Kellex Can’t wait for your final report 🙂

    • For whatever reason, Motorola didn’t make the wristband available at launch. Hearing that they should be in stores by this Thursday – I’ll be sure to get one and let you know.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Kellex 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t come with the wristband?  It’s definitely not worth the money then.  Overpriced as it is.  I would be interested in picking one up for $100-$150 though.

      • Avi

        They were at the NYC marathon expo at the Javits offering a discount for purchase and the wristband for free.  I think the rep. said it’s $40 if you want to buy the wristband in the store.  Not 100% certain on those details.

      • Anonymous

        Just got one of the 8 GB ones free today from Amazon Vine. Package included the device, charger + USB, headphones, a “firm” (plastic-y) wristband, and a “flexible” (fabric-y) wristband. Looking forward to testing it out. Still setting it up at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Do the included earbuds have the heart rate monitor? Or is that a separate accessory

  • David

    I really like the design, but I would not spend $250 or $300 for this.  I might pay $100 at most, unless it does something other than play music.  

    • Agreed. I’d pay at most $130. But paying almost what the Bionic is selling for. Just for a watch FM Radio and fitness training. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Is it able to pair to bluetooth headphones?  I can’t stand wires sticking to my body when I’m working out.

    • I’d like to know this as well . idc if the music quality is lessened , as long as i don’t have to mess with the stupid cables

    • PyroHoltz

      One of the problems w/ most BT headphones for working out is, they’re heavy and want to move around or fall off.

    • Definitely pairs to bluetooth headphones.

  • Come on Moto …. This is a straight up Nano rip off … … But whats the point of this ?

  • Anonymous

    The only important question is can you ROOT it?! CM7! hehe

  • Tommy Thompson

    I like it, I just don’t know if I $299 like it…

  • Anonymous

    $249?  Thanks but no.  Maybe $99.

  • I use my XOOM everyday but anyways, I was thinking about getting one of these for when I play softball all summer to see how much it really does for me but it needs some type of software that can you tell it each time you drink a beer so that it just tells you if the total that day was positive or negative.

  • ntrddragn

    this is doomed for sure especially at that price. there are free apps that does that and you can pair it with some cheap stereo headset. thats what i used to do when i was running 5 miles a day. Nike and adidas has devices that measure stride that goes into your shoes along with a heart rate monitor that works with android app that doesnt cost near that price.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to get one but Damn that price tag…Although If I did get it I could track my time and distance that I ran from my wife for getting it.. 

  • What I had hoped for (apparently in vain) is that since this was running Android, we would get some freedom to load apps on it.  I for one, don’t buy music these days.  I use my Rdio subscription for pretty much everything. A device like this is useless for streamers.  Rdio and similar services let you store a local copy for offline play, so why not here?  That would be a pretty killer feature, but maybe I’m just dreaming.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I had the same thought. I got kind of excited about it but then I realized all my music is coming from Mog these days, but mp3s that I’m buying.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      It would be killer BUT to use existing Android apps, but the small screen would not work for nearly any Android apps given the format size. I could see having a weather app, if your near WiFi, but traditional Android apps would just not format on that small screen. Maybe they are considering this and that will be part of the future MOTOACTV web site if devs want to make little apps.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, but don’t use it as regularly as I’d like, but MOTOACTV might just be the gadget to get me back to the gym. Or at the very least, get me to bring my bike out from the shed, dust it off and actually go riding again.

    And for those who are iffy about the price, just wait a few months, and I’m sure the price will decrease a bit. Well…possibly.

  • Lgreg64

    needs to be 100 or 150 in a bundle

    • Anonymous

      +2 right now its an expensive POS…

      • Anonymous

        If it’s a POS then who gives a damn how expensive(or inexpensive) it is…and if it isn’t a POS then it doesn’t become one simply by being too expensive.

  • Hamholla

    anddddddddd… here comes the patent infringement suit for “polished aluminum back plating with lazer etched company logo” 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Man I love shit like this and want one and almost bought at REI but the prices… damn!

    The watch is like $259 + $30 watch band + $30 bike attachment… it adds up quick

  • Idea’s cool. No way I’m paying that much though.

  • trumpet444

    I don’t care what anyone says, I want it

    • @waltassault73