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HTC Rezound Matches DROID RAZR at $649 Off-Contract Price

According to the document above, the HTC Rezound (our hands-on) will launch at the same $649 full retail price as the DROID RAZR. After seeing a dip in full retail prices earlier in the year, we are now climbing back up and over what was once the standard of $599 for smartphones thanks to top of the line specs and nationwide 4G LTE connectivity. Whether you care or not, one thing is obvious here – Verizon is going all in on their big three November Android devices (Nexus, Rezound, and RAZR). With each having benefits or features that another may lack, it’s going to be a fun choice for anyone looking to get into the smartphone game.

Now that we know the price for two of the three, the question remains, “What about the Galaxy Nexus?” With both 16GB and 32GB models expected to be available, don’t be surprised if the 32GB model matches it’s two big competitors. It will also likely match them on the $299 2-year contract price as well.

And if you wanted another look at specs and features for the Rezound, we have them for you below.  

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  • The Rezound by HTC is definitely
    a phone that I would love to have, especially since it combines Verizon’s super
    fast 4G LTE network with a dual core processor and Beats audio. This phone will
    be the greatest mobile entertainment device when paired with my new employee
    Sling adapter from DISH Network. With the Sling adapter, I can stream live and
    recorded TV to my Android device everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. It’s
    perfect for me since I have a hard time fitting my favorite shows into my busy
    schedule and DISH is offering them for free, so why not?

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  • All Rezounds for a limited time will ship with TWO BONUS GIFTS!!!

    1. a stress relieving squeeze ball for when you finally want to off somebody because of the 5-7 reboots random reboots per day, and lag so bad you can smell it wafting outta your beats!

    2. a 3′ metal strap on anntenna for that time when you’re the only guy who cant get any reception!

  • Bewara2009

    Cant wait! 

  • Darcmasta

    Im interested in what that promotion is in their system….BOGOfBAGO? I might have misread it. Anyone know what that is?

  • Anonymous

    You can still get 1 year contracts under the corporate plan?  And for only $30 more than the $250 their asking for.  

  • Well. I know what I was going to pay for my Nexus. It looks like I won’t be buying it. I’m boycotting these prices until they come down. $649 is absurd for a smart/super phone. They have to be making a killing here, all fixed and variable costs included. I’m sure my OG will get ICS anyway… It got Honeycomb.

  • Old man in tight slacks

    I bought my first car for less then $649. and that was with a full tank of gas

    • Gina Yesson

      You may want to quantify that…was it new?  =P

    • Anonymous

      that was also when cell phones weren’t around and gas was 10 cents a gallon.

  • Do you guys ever complain about your cable or internet prices?  

    You realized, along in your cable bill are built in prices for cable box leases, right? Same with those who choose to have a wireless broadband with the router from the company? 

    Phones are just like any market, there isn’t a monopoly here, switch to sprint, switch to cricket, revol, metro pcs etc…..you have a choice, but why do you choose to stay with verizon? …think about this before you rant and ramble….

    • SIMs

      For the phones. Once LTE SIM swapping is easily done, I’ll be switching to whichever carrier is cheaper with the phone I want (without having to buy it again).

      • Phones have traditionally been better on other networks…why..stick with verizon?

        • Guest

          Not Android.

      • Anonymous

        Not going to happen anytime soon. the lte networks are all different frequencies.


    extended battery for me then…

  • gadgetryan

    Just waiting for the Nexus to drop. got the cash ready for this bad boy. Hopefully it comes out before I go to Vegas!!

  • Anonymous

    Poor Rezound… This just isn’t your time.

  • The Radio Shack near me has a promo going for $100 off any verizon phone. They got the Bionic same day as release with this promo so hopefully they get this the same day too. If they do I’ll go there

  • Jbird1713

    Anyone know of a good camera app for the droid bionic, factory camera is not to good.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else notice the usage time measured in minutes, 404 and standby time in hours, 261? Simple math 404 minutes equals less than 7 hrs. Instead of throwing in headphones maybe some jumper cables would be nice.. Just sayin

    • what’s that usage based off though? Is it straight? or casual. if it’s straight then i don’t think it’s that bad, if it’s casual, then yes, that sucks…

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  • awesome

  • Nick

    I really hope that the 32GB GNex is $299. There is always the nasty possibility of 16GB being $299 and 32GB being $349 or $399, which would be rediculous. I’m personally hoping for a $199/$299 pricing.

  • Anonymous

    Are there people in Verizon’s social media department commenting on these Android sites to sway our decisions? It sure seems like it. Stop posting your biased comments on these sites please. I have some friends that do that for a living but are respectful about it.

  • Anonymous

    One word on Verizon’s pricing. Ridiculous.

  • Wmsco51

    That’s 300.00 right off the top into there profit! 150.00 to make possibly less

  • Anonymous

    Att needs to speed up their lte deployments so Vzw has some comp and makes prices more competitive.

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense since it does come with $100 head phones.

  • Ozzzmosis

    whom ever buys this phone i would like to buy your head phones

  • Kianjudah

    So this phone has what to do with the Nexus???

  • Hfd1113

    I just went into my account to test the upgrade price for the Razr. They offered $259 + $30 discount. on a two year contract. I will wait on the offer fron Costco next week.

  • Anonymous

    For this I would rather get the Transformer 2 .
    Makes no sense for such markups on such tiny devices.

  • Anonymous

    So $649 huh…Verizon is telling me these phones are better than a top of the line laptop computer, 4 day cruise, a trip to Vegas, one months rent, or full retail on other carriers. The Atrix 2 on Att is only $449 full retail and is a sweet phone. If I pay the ETF on Verizon, sell my current phone and then get on Att with the Atrix2 at a$100 on contract, I will have only spent around $100 total to switch…thanks VZW for making my decision for me.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely; the only thing keeping me around (barely) is OG unlimited data.

    • Lmrojas

      649 for rent? Where do you live?

      • Anonymous

        I actually pay $575 for rent in Western NY

        • Anonymous

          So then 650 isn’t a month of rent. And Idk what cruise you are going on for that cheap must not be a very good one.

    • Big Red

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Buh-bye.

      • Anonymous

        Ok. Corporate Fanboy.

    • Anonymous

      You leavin bro?

      • Guest

        you 5 years old bro?

        • Anonymous

          No.. but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    • Exactly, this is just Verizon charging an unnecessary premium for their LTE phones. AT&T’s recently released LTE phones are a full $100 cheaper off contract and in some markets $100-$200 cheaper on contract. Obviously Verizon has AT&T beat by a long shot when it comes to their 4G deployment, but still that is NO excuse for raping customer’s wallets just because you can. There is no way that they are actually paying $650 for these devices. They’re just trying to turn a profit even on off-contract phones. They think because they can sell the iPhone for $650, they can get away with it for the rest of their phones. Shameful…

  • Brady McEwen

    usage time just under 7 hours…..hopefully usage doesn’t include sitting in your pocket 🙂

  • OG Droid

    Guess I know how much I’ll be paying for my Nexus off-contract then.

  • Mr. English

    Off contract pricing is just another way of strong arming consumers into contracts. Nothing more. As long as stupid people keep paying stupid prices, they’ll keep going up. When sales lag, prices follow. Supply and demand is not a theory.

    • Anonymous

      But my company is paying the stupid price so I can’t resist. 😛

      • Flyer

        Hopefully the 32 gb Nexus is 650.

        • Anonymous

          Shouldn’t be anymore than that since this and the razr both have 32gb storage and u can hp higher with a larger sd card.

        • Anonymous

          Hopefully the 32 gb Nexus is $589 off contract…(never say hopefully $650 + tax).

        • Hopefully the 32GB Nexus is $300… Off contract that is.

    • Peters

      Too bad contract pricing is getting higher too. I may be able to afford it but a phone isn’t worth that much to me.

      • Wright

        Seriously, it’s just a smartphone. Even the “almighty” Nexus isn’t worth $200 to me.

      • James

        kind of sad for us when european carriers offer their top smartphones for free on contract.

        • Gues

          hopefully when lte becomes the norm for carriers and sim swapping isn’t blocked, we’ll get flagship smartphones for free on contract too. 

          • Anonymous

            Never will be free on contract and the carriers will still block you from switching to an at&t lte phone just like the carriers do now.

    • Martin

      As long as the sheep continue to pay these prices, it doesn’t look like it’ll get cheaper.

      • Anonymous

        All I gotta say to that is…….beehheehhh. I’m disgusted by my own “gotta have it” sickness. 🙂

    • Mr. Snrub

      It’s not just supply and demand – subsidized prices are at play here, which prevents a true open market.  If carriers didn’ t have subsidies we’d see these phones priced near their current contract price without the contract, and it would be sooner than later.

      No incentive for manufacturers to duke it out on the open market when the subsidies result in an inflated full retail price, which they get regardless if it’s on contract or off.

      Imagine choosing between the Rezound, RAZR, and G-Nex with no contract price available.  Moto, HTC, and Samsung/Google would start undercutting each other.

      • Anonymous

        I do imagine it. Every single stinking day. I’m John Lennoning this thing constantly. Get it? Imagine. Nevermind. I “liked” your post just because you had to deal with that response.

  • Anonymous

    Price has GOT to come down! Too much money for a phone, no matter how awesome it MAY be…

    • Art

      Don’t buy the phones then. If enough people don’t buy then the prices will go down.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t surprise me, as this is exactly what Apple charges.

  • Jason Purp

    Doesn’t it make more sense to add a line to your family plan and do it that way? Then cancel the line after 2 years.

    • Anonymous

      No? You’d spend a grand more over 2 years?

    • Anonymous

      not really considering the cheapest you could do it for is $30/month ($10 for the line and $20 for the 300mb of data) which equals to $720 for 2 years.

      • Anonymous

        You definitely didn’t count taxes and fees, there about $10 a month depending on your plan

      • You can dummy out the esn and carry no data on the line. So you will be only paying 10 bucks a month for the two years. Verizon doesn’t make you have data once the phone is switched to a different line.

  • Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nexus almost guaranteed to be $650 now.

  • Anonymous

    Absurd…  i guess i was wrong about them making full retail cheaper for good since they eliminated 1 years. . .  bleh

    • Anonymous

      also just realized combined with the $299 price and the ETF $350, it equals the same value of full retail.”

      Winner. That’s where it comes from actually. Nexus will be the same.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah the cost of these makes it hard to decide on which of the two i want.

        i’m getting closer to leaning towards the NEXUS again after realizing the ReZound is about the same size of the EVO3D and I don’t like how small that device is, it might have a 4.3″ screen but its a skinny display this time around.I checked out the device sizes here thanks to a tweet i saw on twitter, i’m not gonna advertise who since its another blog

        but here’s the site, it might come in handy for those wanting to compare sizes (i mean after all, who doesn’t compare sizes LOL)

        http://phone-size.com/also i want to note something i was a little annoyed by but not sure if its true.

        ICS won’t be themable apparently, which i find hard to believe since its still a UI with images that can be replaced.  Anyway the quote from a tester is “ICS is going to put you themers out of a job” 

    • Anonymous

      It seems like they just adjusted the subsidy to reflect a brief period of getting the early adopters to pay.  I would bet this and the other two will be $200 after 3 to 4 months on the market.

      Sales will show if it works and is here to stay.

      • Anonymous

        so basically were paying for devices Verizon gives away cheaper by giving them the profit from our higher cost.  makes sense, most business models work that way

      • Anonymous

        yeah the price will drop once new android’s come probably in a month or so. Full retail won’t drop though.