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PayPal Receives UI Upgrade, Widget For Making NFC Payments


A new version of the PayPal app on Android is available for everyone to download in the market this very minute. You will find a completely revamped UI that makes navigation much easier, improved support for tablets, a Send Money redesign, and more. Upgrades haven’t been just cosmetic though, as a brand new NFC payment widget is also available for the phones with the required NFC chip. Just plug in the amount you want, and tap phones with a friend to receive your payment. Simplicity at its finest. Well, at least simple bill paying by your broke a** couch surfing buddy, that is.

As an avid user of the PayPal app, I can tell you first hand that this update is a serious jump from the version before it. I cannot wait until the entire DL team has a Galaxy Nexus, so that I can rob Kellex of all that he owns at the pool table.

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Cheers 0mie!


  • Anonymous
  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • 第一次来 踩踩

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  • I visit your blog, its very interesting..The images are very beautiful.Anyway a lots of thanks for sharing this information……

  • seedster

    Sorry Tim, but I got money on Kellex 1st game…I’ll give 2-to-1.

  • Tim why does your keyboard look like the rethemeable keyboard on the nexus?

  • Anonymous
  • Mike

    Did check deposit get removed in this update?

    • Mike

      Nevermind found it

  • great! now i just need to get all my friends to use paypal

  • Why all the hate on Paypal? I have been using Paypal for over 4 years without any issues.

  • Jason Purp

    Wirefly has a small unboxing of the HTC Rezound, just in case you wanted to know, Kellen.

  • Anonymous

    Paypal is the scam of all time, if you don’t know, you haven’t used them.

    • Why all the hate on Paypal? I have been using Paypal for over 4 years without any issues.

      • Anonymous

        Do you do any selling or just buying?  Paypal always sides with their buyers, which costs their sellers.  Try proving to paypal that you’ve sold someone intellectual property, they’ll tell you they don’t cover it and give the buyer their money back along with the intellectual property you sold them. 

        • I do both buying and selling.

      • Warden Chinbach

        Many people have had outrageous issues. Personally, I’ll wait until Google Wallet adds similar features.

    • Used PayPal now for about 2-3 years. Had only one problem where they locked my account because I logged in though the browser on my phone, and they said it was an suspious location. Called them to confirm it was me, unlocked it. Pain, but very secure on their part.