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Monday Poll: Now That All Three Have Been Announced – Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or RAZR?

A number of readers have been asking, so we decided to do it one last time. With all three of Verizon’s mega-phones receiving official announcements, it’s time to do the poll prior to them all hitting store shelves (hopefully they all do). You were all asked back in early October if the Galaxy Nexus was going to be your phone no matter what. Almost 60% of you were willing to say “yes” at that time, prior to it even being announced. Now that the RAZR and Rezound are also on the way – and possibly a couple of weeks before the G-Nex – has your mind changed at all? Tell us which phone will be your next.

Since all three phones are official, which are you choosing: Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or DROID RAZR?

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  • The Nexus for me most likely. I’ve been really happy with my Nexus S so for that reason alone it gets the edge over the others. When it comes time i will try them all out and keep an opened mind but i might be to impatient to wait for ICS.

  • dblj

    What’s with the rumors that the Nexus will only be available over the web? Does this mean I can’t get hands on time with it before I make a decision?

  • Sporttster

    Nexus is running away with it hands down not even close! And I picked the Rezound….feel rather stupid….lol

    • joejoe509

      No. Don’t feel stupid. All three phones are amazing. This poll is far from perfect. Nexus fans are very avid. They tend to read these sites every single day. It’s no wonder we’ve seen such a turnout from Nexus peeps. Besides… personally the Rezound is second only to the Nexus and not by much.

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye ridiculous custom skins that most never wanted in the first place, uninstallable bloatware that constantly drains your battery, and empty promises of updates that never come and when they do come they are pulled because they don’t want to cooperate with the custom skins.

    I have nothing but love for Android and all Android devices.  Without a doubt, I would still rather have a skinned Android phone rather than a iPhone.  But from now on, stock Google devices only for me.  Hopefully, Verizon won’t screw this one up.  

    Here’s to not seeing VZ Navigator and Let’s Golf 2 on my phone… 

  • G-Nex,if it ever gets released.

  • htc_rapes

    NEVER AGAIN HTC! after the thunderbolt, it should of been called the Eris 2 

  • SpikedRed

    WOW, over 10,000 votes in under 12 hours?  That’s just badass….

  • IntlGrizzly

    That picture of the Nexus looks horrible. It’s not all shiny like the other two. 

  • John Gaspardo

    it depends on how it looks in person if the razr looks good and has some custom roms i might go with it just because of good build quality but im leaning toward galaxy nexus with pure vanilla android and android that is optimized for that device

  • I hope this is a sign to the manufactures that like to ruin the performance of  their phones by putting their overlays on them that nobody wants.

  • Anonymous

    im surprised not as many people voted for the razr (i voted for the nexus :P)

  • Nate Davidson

    Maybe after my next contract goes up, I’ll wait for a nexus… But so far, nothing has really impressed me to leave a DX2.

    • You’re in denial.

    • Flip74k

      Can’t stand my x2. To many random reboots and freeze ups. And its completely stock. Jumping ship to the nexus the 1st day its released!

  • Abigail Savage

    I just saw the RAZR in a Verizon store and I tell you, that screen is no good. Very pixelated with that pentile matrix. I know it doesn’t bother everybody but when I look at a pentile screen I can see every pixel and it drives me crazy. Combine that with a mediocre camera (see the Engadget review), and the RAZR loses my vote. The Nexus just seems way too big, and I’m concerned about early-adopting a new OS that may still be buggy. So I’m gonna go with with the Rezound. A dark horse, I know. But it’ll get ICS when it’s good and ready, and already sports many of the features ICS “introduces,” so I feel pretty good about the decision.

    • DJstinkDIK

      I was just looking at the razr. The display looked alot better than the bionic. Everyone is different but I think you might be exaggerating a lil bit.

  • Anonymous

    Off-topic: The Skyrim Rap – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j50u0zUeCmU#!

  • T2technology

    Work only buys Motorola or I*phones. So I don’t have an option.if I did I’d get the galaxy.

  • Raymund1

    Seemed more appropriate here – So disappointed, no sd slot is a deal breaker for me :(, rezound it reluctantly is… I hate htc battery life and video quality, I have 29 gigs of music on my sd card because music is important to me (music producer/engineer, I know it seems like overkill but It really isn’t) and 5 gigs. of Apps filled on my x, plus I love to take videos and 1080p videos take up a lot of room, cloud storage is not an option because I travel a lot and coverage in between cities is extremely spotty and that’s when I need it almost the most plus google music offers no audio options and I use poweramp for music, so I’m really disappointed that they didn’t include an sd slot, rezound looks great but has big drawbacks but an hd screen is too hard to pass, guess horrible battery life and a laggy processor are in my future, wish the razr had an hd screen… But it’s all good I’m blessed to have the option to buy one of these phones so that’s the last of my complaining, just had to get it out haha, enjoy whatever phone works for you android friends, especially those getting the gn ha

    • Interstellarmind

      I am, more or less, in the same boat.

      • Raymund1

        I feel your pain

    • babadush

      How often do you take out your sd card?

      • Raymund1

        Well I usually switch my 32 with my 16 when I know I’ll take a lot of videos, usually on the weekends so doing it a few times a week isn’t much but it still happens, if only it had 64 gig like the iPhone, but that’ll come eventually

  • Anonymous

    Played with a Razr in a BJ’s earlier today, was a display model but it was super responsive and the display looked great. The thinness was surprising, couldn’t make out the weight of the thing due to the cord constantly trying to pull it back into the little display cradle-thing.
    The rezound appeals to the side of me that’s a sucker for free crap, especially headphones since I manage to somehow ruin a set every other month. I’m sure battery life will be abysmal between that resolution, the lte, and the smallest battery of the three and yet…I’m not as put off
    I dunno this is gonna be close, guess I’ll just pickup whichever I can find for cheapest at a third party retailer soonest.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon Holiday lineup = Can’t loose

    • joejoe509

      True Dat. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to bet the RAZR has crappy camera performance?  I swear Motorola needs to go to Kodak school.  If I was buying at this time it would be the Nexus though the Rezound would be a great second choice.  Finally something made with audio in mind.

  • Always wanted a nexus device we finally get one on verizon.  Wish I had an upgrade though god that price is steep but its what I want!

  • STiK

    None of these phones are worthy of an upgrade.

  • djembeman

    Are those pictures to scale? Why does the Galaxy Nexus look so small compared to the RAZR? Also, Motorola has always been good to me. LG phones have sucked and I haven’t liked any of the Samsung phones I’ve tried. Verizon let me do an early upgrade to the Bionic because my original got bricked from a Gingerbread update and the replacement updated successfully but after an hour of use had the 4 Android buttons become unresponsive. I wore out my Originals BAL Droid’s headphone jack and had to get a warranty replacement and it’s been great. I could still be using my Droid 1 but wanted 4G. It will take some serious convincing for me to buy anything other than Motorola again!!!!

    • djembeman

      My original Revolution got bricked and the replacement too.

  • weapon x

    OG DROID running Liquid 3.1 with ICS theme. Still hanging in there. I’ve been waiting a long time for something worthy of taking this bad mofo’s place. I love the idea of having a phone with pure Google but I sincerely believe that the Razr is a better built device. I think it will last longer in the long run. Once I root it, I can uninstall all the junk and enjoy pure ICS. then I can have the best of both worlds. NFC is not that widespread yet here, so I can wait two years

  • Galaxy Nexus all the way!  Keep those soft buttons away from me, it’s all on-screen now baby.

  • what’s funny about the razr…

    -it has that kevlar covering or whatever.  so i asked if it still needs a case.  “yes, it does.”  ok?

    -it has gorilla glass… “yeah, get a screen protector”  i had a droid x AND a bionic.  i have taken my car keys, my house keys, knives, etc to the screen and have not been able to scratch them.

    yet, every screen protector i get gets worn out in a month or so.

    sorry, i’m not giving you extra commissions, buddy.

    • joejoe509

      True, it’s mostly for marketing. But there’s little doubt that the RAZR is built well. Given the slim form, I’m sure many people would have been worried about flexing and/or quality issues. They’ve generated enough buzz around the build quality that no one has much of a legitimate reason to worry. That said… no that doesn’t make the other two phones crappy by comparison. Gorilla Glass or not, most phones hold up pretty well considering the abuse they take.

  • Hfd1113

    Remember what happened to the first nexus? Google gave it all of the love..the latest OS etc. and my OG still kicked it’s butt. history has a way of repeating. Go Razr!

  • I went and looked at the droid razr today.

    so, it’s a thin 1.2ghz 1gb ram version of the bionic?

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus, its a no-brainier…

  • Like I’d ever buy anything from motorola ever again after the bionic turd

  • Nick

    First choice: Galaxy Nexus
    Second Choice: Droid Razr

    Current Phone: Samsung Alias


    • Alexander Garcia

      RELEASE THE KRAKKEN!!! LOL sorry! Just couldn’t resist 🙂

  • I doubt I will get any phone that isn’t a nexus from now on. The new features usually flag shipped on them with the fact that they are the pure vanilla android OSs.

  • Where is the option for iPhone 4s?

  • Anonymous

    I know now that I don’t want the RAZR. I like HTC built phones like the Nexus One and Droid Incredible, which were near the bleeding edge when they came out(a bit midrange now). Sammy makes good stuff, but I hold final judgement ’til I see the G’Nex and Rezound next to each other and enough early adopters to weedle out all the pros and cons between the two. They both have parts inside that are about a year old now along with some new tech. I may even wait for the 28nm foundry processors as that would mark a big turning point in mobile processors with win sauce dribbled on top and huge battery gains.

  • Anonymous

    i like all three, but the nexus being a nexus isnt enough to make me ever buy another Samsung phone…HTC i like their style, and the innards, unfortunately i hate sense, and HTC makes plastic junk…i like moto’s build quality, and their partnership with Google(read getting bought by) will help them get their updates in a timely fashion, much like the nexus being run by google

    • John Gaspardo

      hell yeah a moto nexus device would be the altimate phone their build quality with google software integration the ultimate combo indeed. I just wish they would start using better quality screens they are just okay in my opinion i want amoled plus or something better whatever is next 

  • Aries1816

    Who are these 241 people that said none of the above!!!!????!!!! They are the five percent!

  • Ajharman53

    I like the Rezound, honestly. I mean it’s $300, and you get a pair of Beats that are $150, so I think its a win-win. I love the colors of it. The Razr is cool, but I think that with Blur it’ll slow it down. The Nexus, I really love it, but I love having an SD card that I can remove.
    I’m split equally from each of them, and I want bits of all of them. I’m still rocking my OG running Bugless 2.3.7, so I don’t see anything worthy of an upgrade.
    I’m also looking into a Xoom or Thrive, so who knows what I’ll get.
    Maybe I’ll get an iPhone 5 😉 (Kidding, I’m never going to own an Apple product. EVER!)

  • Anonymous

    Did I miss something: When was the G-Nex officially announced?

    • babadush

      At Samsung’s event a month or 2 ago

  • Earleepa

    Nexus for the screen size and because I’ve lost my taste for frozen yogurt but I absolutely love ice cream sandwiches.

  • Anonymous

    When I get the Nexus, am I still allowed on a Droid site? Will my 2 years with OG mean anything? Please let me stay! I’ll call it the Droid Prime, because lets face it, that’s a way cooler name. 

    • Anonymous

      Meh. Prime doesn’t really roll of the tongue. 

  • Mule0331

    I’ve already preordered the Razr. Every Moto phone I’ve owed has been bulletproof. I know they hiccupped with the Bionic, but I still got to get one. As a current TBolt owner right now, I will never buy another HTC product again. Crappy battery life, updates are atrocious and buggy. I’ve never been a big fan of Samsung devices. Everybody I know that had one doesnt get the signal strength I do and call quality is not as good. Now that is for the people I know, so I’m not saying that there are people out there that dont have that issue. I was really salivating over the Nexus, but I realized that all I was salivating over was the software, which the other phones will get soon. I’ve never really minded bloat, it has never got in my way. If I dont want to use the bloat, I just dont open the apps. I think Moto has by far the best accessories. Granted people, this is just my honest opinion, and do realize that others’ may be different. I guess it all boils down to personal preference. I really don’t think either of the 3 clearly outshines the other in a overall sense. Get what you like, and quit knocking everybody elses decision. 

    • Dbarden31

      Well said! Question. When you pre order are YOU the first one to open the box? I really like that part. I hate when they open it and set it up for you in the store. Just me tho.

  • babadush

    Never had a nexus before. Nexus for me.

  • Dbarden31

    Im back and forth between the Razr and Nexus. Can’t make up my mind. I personallydont think the Razr will be as bad as people are making it out to be. No one really knows. I’m gettin more and more impatient with my OG Droid. Stresses me out. If the Nexus is online only I might have to go with the Razr. I have to feel what a device is like before I fork over $299.99. That is all.

    • Androidcentral gave it a really good review only con it listed was non removable battery and it being a little bigger meaning width of the screen…but thats pretty good

      • Dbarden31

        Yeah well in my personal opinion idc if the batter is removable as long as it has good battery life. I won’t be using 4G unless I travel because we don’t have it here yet. So that might help me out too. I like the size of it though. I use my phone for everything. Don’t have a tablet or lap top. So the size is fine w/me. I was looking at the otterbox defender series for the Razr last night. I’m gettin excited!

  • hatethanet

    If you REEEEAAALLY want an HTC phone, forget the clunky Rezound. This is the phone to get: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-57319780-251/leaked-htc-edge-could-be-worlds-first-quad-core-phone/?tag=TOCmoreStories.0

  • Bear0013

    I was reading on the pled siteand they weren’t impressed about the nexus screen…and read on another screen site they used the words fish net and a blueish tent on the white to describe the screen …BUT they were talking about the galaxy note which has the same screen as the galaxy nexus……….I personally want this phone and don’t think you have to be dev to want it or expect the best from a google phone……..any one got any other info on this he super amoled screen

    • I wouldn’t take anyone’s word unless it is your own….especially on web sites who knows what their other motives are or what….all that matters if you like it because everyone I’ve read said the nexus screen is amazing

  • If anyone that reads Droid-life actually buys the Rezound or RAZR they must be border line retarded.

    • I thought thus was funny

    • I don’t think I am retarded, just not as hardcore. Biggest issue I see is locked bootloader, but for what I use the phone for, not a big deal. The Nexus has a bigger screen and higher resolution but with out actually looking at I may not notice the difference. The Nexus has better camera specs in that it is a better chip with zero lag etc but I have a real camera for the important shots and the RAZR is going to be good enough for quick snapshots. Now the the RAZR as a larger battery capacity  (I have never once had to replace one of my batteries in my previous phones). The materials used seem like they will hold up better to my everyday life. Free Motocast app which I can see myself using. I also read that now through end of year you get Madden football free on the RAZR. So for me the RAZR makes better sense but I am not retarded.

      • Anonymous

        Look how long it took for the Galaxy S II to be released in the US after it was released worldwide.  

      • Anonymous

        may not notice the resolution difference between the razr and the gnex?  the moment you go to a webpage you’ll notice that your able to see 3 times more on a single screen over your razr, beyond that it is an LED screen, using less power and gives you deeper blacks… then when android 4.1 comes out, you’ll notice you got an update immediately on your gnex while your refreshing droid life every 2 hours to find details about its release on your razr even though the update was announced 3 months ago

        don’t forget, you’ll notice the difference when you open your app drawer and see 15 applications you not only don’t want but have no use whatsoever, and you’ll never be able to get rid of

        PS. the battery difference is 20mah… thats about 3% better.. and remember, you’ll be able to get an extended battery for the gnex, the razr doesn’t have a removable one so if your concerned about battery life, know once your battery starts to wear down after 6 months, you’ll never be able to replace it

        • Anonymous

          Uhh the Razr IS using an LED screen just so you know. And what kind of half-assed led-acid batteries have you been using that wear down after two months? I’ve got a feature phone laying around that still managed to go two days without charging a week before I stopped using it and i was using it for nearly a full 3 years prior.

          External power packs will be available for the Razr should you need one, and while it’ll definitely be clumsy and awkward it should be no more awkward than an extended battery on the Nexus, that design is heavily compromised by an extended battery in my opinion. The Razr with a power pack will just be kinda brick like, while the Nexus with an extended battry will look like a bubble with a big brick growing out of it.

          Your “last note” is irrelevant, see Nexus S ICS  SDK, it’s a bit buggy but it works for the most part. ICS can be easily transferred to the Razr(and the Rezound for that matter) with way more completeness than can be called a “port” by anyone who doesn’t have their head lodged up their own colon. Well except for the whole manufacturer skin issue.

    • weapon x

      You’re an idiot .

  • Nate Surber

    Anyone know the Vegas odds on the G-Nex release date? There has to be something out there.

  • Mysteriomp

    I’m going with htc

    Removable battery and sd card is a must!

  • Interstellarmind

    Anyone know if the RAM on the G-Nex will be ddr2 like on the Rezound?

    No SD card, regular RAM, lower MP camera… the case for G-Nex is getting harder and harder.

  • Galaxy Nexus all the way. Got burned by Moto from the lousy Bionic. Not sure I want to own a new Moto device ever again.

    • Anonymous

      “Burned by Moto” and you decide to go to Samsung? Funniest thing I’ve read all day. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna have an orgasm when the gnex comes out!!!