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Is the HTC Edge the World’s First NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Phone? Are We Ready for it? [from AL]

Is the world really ready for a quad-core phone? Whether we are ready or not,the HTC Edge might be the first. The photo above has leaked along with a bunch of rumored specs that include it being powered by NVIDIA’s latest creation, the Tegra 3. It could also sport a 4.7″ screen, Beats audio technology, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, and HTC’s new Sense 4.0. No word yet on if it will be released with Ice Cream Sandwich, but you have to imagine that with those specs, that Android 4.0 will become a reality before too long. Rumored launch of late Q1 or early Q2 has been tossed out.  

So what do you guys think? Are we ready for quad-core processors in phones? Before you toss out the, “No, because it will only last for about 2 hours with that kind of power” comment, understand that NVIDIA is claiming that their Tegra 3 can improve battery life greatly over their own dual-core chipset thanks to a secret 5th core in their processor. I think the real question is, “Do we really need a quad-core processor in phones?” I’m sure that we asked similar questions back when Intel was pumping out a new chip every 2-3 months for computers, but is it even necessary in a phone?

As phone operating systems, apps, games, etc. become more robust on small screens, we are inevitably going to need more power. Do we need it today or in a month from now? That remains to be seen. What I will say, is there is no better time than now for companies like NVIDIA to start putting out the first batches, optimizing the hell out of them, and then getting us ready for the day when Android or iOS become so processor intensive, that we won’t be able to live without anything less than a 1.5GHz dual-core something or other.

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously who needs a quad-core phone?  Don’t get me wrong I want one, but who really needs one? lol

  • They should be giving us TBolt owners this phone for free for all the grief this piece of crap phone has given us.
    Even with the GB update i’m still having problems.

  • Al Z.

    I just found the phone that will replace my Thunderbolt…I love it

    • Anonymous

      ………there are plenty of phones that can do that besides this one!

  • huh, well if moto made it i would be interested. until then, who cares. It doesn’t matter how many cores, ram, or even if its the latest generation of android already installed… HTC will just pony up even MORE bloatware, make sense even more intrusive, and as a result it will lag as bad as a GTR trying to pull a double wide trailer. Motorola is starting to learn their lesson in that department. HTC hopefully one day will do the same… lol not anytime soon tho. And if any of you noticed sense 3.5 is considerably larger than sense 2.5 or 3.0. The better hardware their devices possess the more bloat, sense, and “customization” they slap on it. Sad really…

  • Mark Christian

    Save for the battery life and screen size… I have some thoughts.

    The first thought is not “Do we need quad core phones”, but rather “How soon can we fully utilize these quad core phones.”  At the moment, it’s a numbers game.  Nvidia says they can put 4 cores in a phone at X speed, now everyone else has to catch up because that’s what the consumer wants.  The consumer isnt quite sure why they need it, but they know they want it.  Games will load faster, we can run more intense games with better graphics and the like, but how soon will the market come out with games that can fully harness the power?

    My second thought is much more practical, futuristic even… Motorola has tried it before, it wasnt a huge hit, but there is a practical application for it: Cell phones as replacement laptops.  How nice would it be for you to just drop your phone in a cradle and now you can use your keyboard, mouse and 23″ monitor for anything and everything.  Create your word documents, powerpoint slides, surf the internet, check email and so much more.  Even better, no cables (save for your power and HDMI) because it’s all wireless!  You set out on your business trip and you dont need to lug around your 7lb laptop, it’s all contained on your 8.3oz cell phone.  Forgot to download your slides to a flash drive for your big presentation, no worries, it’s already setup on your phone. Drop it in the cradle at the presentation stand and it’s ready to go.  Worst case, you just VPN’d into your main computer and drag all your files to the phone, downloading at 4G speeds.

    Consumers may not know they need it yet, but we’re more than happy to tell them what they need.  Sounds like a page straight out of Apple.

  • No matter what phone you buy it will always be obsolete. Technology is way ahead of what is actually out right now. You just have to pick one and know a better one will come out within a month. I still have a Droid X and 9 months left on my contract. I would love a new phone, but my X still works fine. By the time my contract is up the phone in this article will be obsolete. 

  • It’s a slick looking phone, that’s for sure… Reminds me of the nexus one but cooler. will i regret buying a galaxy nexus when this comes out? no. The big three coming out for verizon this month are the epitome of what dual core phones have become in the last year. they are polished phones that have had a chance to learn from other’s mistakes, and i believe they will still be awesome devices at the end of 2012.

  • Jason

    After the gnex, my next phone will have a 8 core processor and 4gb of RAM running android 6.0 and it will be AWESOME!! lol

  • Sporttster

    No, I am NOT waiting for this phone,lol. It will be one of the ‘pass over’ phones…..going right by, waving as I go….till next upgrade….

  • Insect Overlord

    Why is everyone so hell bent on slamming anyone who isn’t bothered by the size?  What about people why buy a Galaxy Note?  Are they toolbags for wanting/buying a small tablet/large phone type device?  If HTC were to “leak” or publish test data that showed good battery life, this phone could be one hell of a leap forward.

  • the_mekanik

    That’s it I’m taking back my Galaxy Nexus and holding out for this every thing else just sucks and is outdated….lol I can hear it now!

  • Claydos66

    unless you are going to be rockin’ some hard core games that eat up processors for lunch or have the need for a intense cpu for programs like Photoshop, flash, etc for rendering, I don’t think its worth it.  

    Now if you take the awesomeness of a Flyer, add a more stable OS version for it, add some awesome rendering software, Bluetooth fold-able keyboard and a quad core processor, now you got yourself a machine. 

  • Granted

    Doesn’t matter to me, once March rules around I’m just going to buy whatever is to of the line at that time. Smart phones are just a luxury not what makes your life worth living. If I didn’t develop games for Android I wouldn’t even item one because of the stupid ass costs and bullshit Verizon keeps removing from plans. Verizon is that dIck friend that circumstances currently force me to keep hanging around with. But it’s just a matter of time when those circumstances change, and I’m able to reenact the movie “Audition” with said friend. 

  • Irrational Man

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 
    That’s it! Stop the tech world, I want to get off!

  • Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor codenamed “Kal-El” contains a fifth core, to help devices using the chip save power. For instance, during low-power tasks like Web browsing or music playback, the Tegra 3 processor will power down its four cores and instead rely on its the fifth core…………its called research for a reason

  • TC Infantino

    This is a very good looking phone.  I will reserve judgement until I see all the specs, and of course will wait until it comes out and we have real world test results.  Technology grows fast and companies have no incentive to put a phone out on the market if it cannot keep a charge for at least the majority of the work day.  I am willing to bet that once this phone hits the shelves that the majority of issues will be resolved.

  • Sense UI? No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY technology HTC should be investing in right now, is BATTERY tech.

    • Anonymous

      and so should motorola and every other smartphone mani. the bionic sucks juat as much WITH a larger battery…..
      Just sayin

      • Anonymous

        Uh, I get almost two days with moderate useage on the Bionic’s extended battery.

        • Anonymous

          I wasn’t talking about extended battery. It comes with a 1930 mah battery versus thunderbolt’s 1400 mah and last about the same with the Bionic having a battery about 40% larger……
          HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE.

          • Anonymous

            No, the Bionic’s standard battery is 1730 mAh and has better life than the TB. It has the best battery life of all the 4G phones on Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. It was hyperbole on my part. But as far as I’m concerned, until HTC starts shipping phones with bigger batteries that last longer, I won’t even consider them.

  • Anonymous

    Nvidia in a HTC phone?  Possible, but I’m leaning towards highly unlikely since HTC has exclusively used Qualcomm SoCs in their Android phones to date.  The only reason I can see HTC release this phone with a Nvidia SoC is to claim a first with the quad-core in a phone.

  • Anonymous

    Quad cores doesn’t necessarily mean poor battery life. If the software could take advantage of four cores and each code was clocked down to 800 – 1000MHz you may have a really smooth (no lag) phone that can last over a full day per charge.

    A huge reason the pc industry went to multiple cores was due to power consumption. That and heat dissipation.

    If the chip companies stay with dual cores and ramp up the speed theyll have to figure out how to dissipate the heat. And keep increasing battery capacity.

  • Anonymous

    It is not necessary to have quad core devices. The dual core does that job perfectly.

  • Bionic

    quad core is simply not needed.  And ill believe “better battery life than dual core” when i see it.  Somehow i find that hard to believe.

    • John Gaspardo

      Your tunnel vision simply amazes and frightens me! Are you some sort of technophobe? Why would you not think that a better cpu/gpu is not needed. That is like saying your satisfied with 16 bit graphics piffle I say.

      • Bionic

        Would it be cool to have? Yes, but please tell me one function on a phone that Needs 4 cores to do its job? Hell not many phone functions or apps are optimized for dual core let alone quad.

        • John Gaspardo

          Okay every single app u use can run on it’s own core regardless of multi threaded optimization therefore it can run each core at a lower clock and by running it in parallel much like a 4 lane highway vs 1 you can multitask  better the “road” doesn’t get  overcrowded and besides that more powerful hardware lets developers create next gen software that does take advantage. better faster cheap what about that doesn’t make sense?

        • John Gaspardo

          The point is that it does the job faster and more efficiently. AKA NO LAG 

          • Bionic

            Dude I get it. I never said I’m anti quad. I said it’s not really needed. Will I buy one? Of course.

  • Armorthane

    If the screen is really that big it will make for a bigger phone sure, but it will also make for more room for a bigger battery! All I’m really looking for in my next phone is something that runs fast and has decent battery life. Oh, and if it happens to have ICS, a Dual core 1.2GHz processor, a big HD screen and be made by Samsung, then I’ll consider that a bonus!

    • lol

      You just described the Nexus exactly… lol

  • Kianjudah

    Yeah iit should be sweet other than the fact that its HTC and after being dully charged it will die in about an hour. And thats if you don’t even do anything with it.

    • Kianjudah

      *fully* charged

  • hatethanet

    It all depends on what kinda battery life these quad-core phones can achieve. At a certain point, battery life matters more than pure processing power. In other words, I’d take a 400 horsepower car with pretty good gas mileage as my daily driver over an 800 horsepower car with crappy gas mileage.

  • Anonymous

    And it will have a battery that will get you through three hours (with 4g switched off)…this IS HTC after all.  I sure like my fast enough single cpu phone that goes all day without a charge. 

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap!  I’m still trying to decide between the Nexus and the Rezound.  At least I have another upgrade next year.

    • Anonymous

      dont buy any HTC phone until they ditch sense, thats my advice. although i find it unlikely. 

  • Anonymous

    Why are they even bothering to release phones with buttons isn’t it time for ICS

  • Anonymous

    i dont think this will even be for verizon.

  • Damnit, now I don’t want the Rezound.

  • Anonymous

    I am tired of hearing these super-duper phone where carriers here can’t even give us the dates of release. This is just teasing and nothing good comes out of it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Nate Davidson

    I just realized, I am wasting my time trying to formulate my opinion for a comment. I’ll just summarize it instead- Uhm what?

  • Man I’m tired of people stressing the *next* phone.  Yeah, it’s better than yours.  And yeah it’s better than the one that is about to come out, and yeah they already have better they aren’t even talking about yet.  Don’t sweat it, pick a phone with confidence and KNOW that they will have another great phone when you’re going for that upgrade.  Of course I say that and I’ve been holding my OG waiting for a phone that really impressed me.  And then we had November.  

    • TC Infantino

      So true.  I am still hooked on my OG, and just enjoying the capabilities of a phone that with rooting, ROMing, and overclocking can still perform well enough that I do not feel in a hurry to upgrade.  I am waiting and comparing the new phones that are out and soon to come out to see if they will be what I want for the next two years.  So far I am thinking the Droid4, but who knows, maybe something with better specs and more attractive form factor will draw me before I pull the trigger on the Droid4.  One thing I am not worried about is whether once I do get my new phone there will be something better right after.

      • Jason

        Your OG must not be very old cause most peeps I talk to on here there OG’s are plagued with problems, myself included. Screens sections dead to touch, RAM failing, power buttons broke, rooted and ROM’d are the only things making the OG somehwhat useable! I’m so frustrated with the damn phone I don’t even want to use it any more! Holding out for the gnex and hopefully I can get back into using my phone again. Good luck with your OG! You will need it

        • Anonymous

          You people are brutal to your phones, my Droid is still in like new condition.

        • Raven

          My old OG that my daughter now pretty much just uses to play Angry Birds still works hardware wise as good as the day I bought it.  Granted it doesn’t get daily cell use anymore, but it does get tossed around by a 5 year old.  It also gets phenomenal battery life in airplane mode easily lasting over a week in between charges depending on how much playing it gets.

  • Superior1

    NEXUS PLEASE!!!!! That will hold me down for 2 years, who cares about quad cores, these dual cores are fast enough. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Going to stick with Nexus phones after my Thunderbolt the Experience ride.

    • Guest

      Yeah no more “firsts” from HTC for me.  Also no more seconds through lasts…

  • I’m still gonna buy the G-nex because it’s a nexus, nuff said

  • Mithedhel11

    My feelings to htc. I can appreciate the hard work poured into every phone put on market. The point here I have is that though respect is deserved it should be also be understood it should be earned as well. I bought the Thunderbolt. Being my first htc owned phone I eagerly anticipatedall l the promises that it was to bring. All the problems I will spare to list all would be redundant but my point is this as a customer I trusted that an upright Company, one that would likely seek my business again someday should not forget how it treated such customers. I understand money and business so i won’t make any tall requests but I state of htc ever expects my business ever again than trust must be earned again. Wow me dazzle me make me

  • Hans

    do we really need 4 cores on a phone?  i dont even have 4 cores in my laptop… and its a perfectly speedy core i5…

  • Ahsan

    With HTC Sense? No chance.

  • Anonymous

    What’s ridiculous is they claim battery battery life, but 2 more cores will do nothing for us.  If they concentrated on improving the dual cores, we’d have improved battery and more advanced chips that our software would actually utilize.  

    Quad cores are a failure, even in the computer world.

    • Anonymous

      This is the funnies comment I have ever read.  Mainly the last sentence.  Quad cores aren’t needed in all parts of the computer world, but they are far from “failures”.  The rest of your comment is of course uninformed fluff (or are you a CPU Designer?)

      • Anonymous

        Name one program you use that utilizes a quad core?

        Look I use a I7 920 Quad core OC’d to 4.2Ghz, but 2 programs and 1 game actually utilize all 4 cores.  This is after computers having quad cores for over 4 years.

        Do you really think even a single company is going to start rewriting their software to utilize quad cores in phones?  No, because it costs them money and they gain nothing.

        • Anonymous

          What games do you play?  Many major games made in the last year and a half/2 years uses more than 2 cores (as in 4 to as many as 12).  Web browsing?  4 cores, especially complex pages even on a setup similar to yours (mine only hit 4.0Ghz).  There are many others, but that’s not even the point.  There is more to quad core than running programs with 4+ threads.  Background tasks for one.  Faster data processing.  All sorts of things benefit quad core over dual.  If Nvidia is to be believed, their 5th core will be even more beneficial to battery life, finally delivering that multicore battery life promise.

          Besides, most programs don’t need to be “rewritten for quad core”.  You just need to thread it.  Google has been encouraging threading and providing tools for threading your program since I believe the N1 came out.  Do you develop android applications to know the cost and difficulty of this?

          In other words, don’t hate till you try.

          • Anonymous

            So in 4 years, we’re just scratching the surface of utilizing quad cores in our computers and yet somehow our phones are going to jump from dual cores to quad cores and be useful within a few months? 

            Sorry I don’t buy it, I’ve been around computers too long and have researched far too much about CPU’s to think that quad cores are going to be beneficial to phones in the next few years.

            The most basic fact?  Phones don’t need quad cores. 

            Will they be useful 3-5 years down the road?  Maybe for the few applications that jump on the wagon just like PC’s, but overall it’s a dead end, just like it has been for computers so far.

            You’re right that there are some other benefits, but the fact remains that the performance increases just aren’t there and for phones they aren’t even close to being needed.

          • Anonymous

            4 years and just scratching the surface of quad core?  It’s actually been 5 years and we are far beyond scratching the surface.  I have been around software long enough to not be ignorant of that fact.  If anything, phones limited processing power will allow 4 cores to benifit it more than the current 2 than the jump did to PC’s (which is still sad that you consider that a dead end.  I’m not sure I believe you are being serious here, but I will assume you are not trolling.  Hard to tell though.)

            Again, you seem to be saying things you know nothing about.  Go write some software that utilizes multithreading.  Then go write some software that runs background threads that can utilize the extra cores to not take resources away from even single threaded apps in focus.  Then you might understand a little more and you can come talk.  As of now, you need a little more information on how software and such actually works.

          • Dulas

            Just ignore him. He’s clearly not a software programmer let alone understands how multiprocessing and multithreading works. His lack of knowledge (ie. thinking hardly any software exists that make use of multiple threads/CPUs) is pretty obvious. 

          • John Gaspardo

            Stupid people frustrate me. Why does peoples lack of critical thinking skills hurt me so?

        • Whett Phartz

          I may be afraid of fire and worship the sun, but even I use these multithreaded programs on a daily basis:

          3D Studio MAX
          Adobe Acrobat Distiller
          Adobe After Effects
          Adobe Audition 3
          Adobe Photoshop
          Microsoft Flight Simulator

          • Anonymous

            Now how many of those will you use on your phone.

          • Whett Phartz

            You said: “Look I use a I7 920 Quad core OC’d to 4.2Ghz, but 2 programs and 1
            game actually utilize all 4 cores.  This is after computers having quad
            cores for over 4 years.”

            Just because you won’t use them doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Same thing with a phone.

          • Anonymous

            This is about phones, what programs will be used on a phone that utilize quad cores?

          • Aston

            Quad cores have to come out first before software will make use of them. The same happened with
            multi-core PCs. Developers and companies need a reason to put the effort into making their software multithreaded. As phones become more capable, so will the software. Especially since people are already using their phones more and more instead of their computers.

          • Anonymous

            But that’s the point, the few programs that utilize quad cores on PC’s aren’t going to be used on our phones, it’s just not going to be used.  You aren’t going to do photoshop work on your phone, or play Crysis. 

            I stand by my word that quad cores will be useless for a good 2-3 years, maybe even longer in phones.  They will show no real world difference to dual cores in phones.

          • Anonymous

            Believe it or not there are many programs on Android that can utilize multiple cores.  What programs?  Browsers, flash, camera apps, movie players, games, system apps, photo editing apps and really anything that can make use of the extra CPU power.

  • That “photo” looks more like Photoshop.

    • Anonymous

      no it does not

    • Guest

      It’s called a render.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so 4.65″ is fine for the iNexus, but 4.7″ is too big when talking about this?

    • Alan

      No, too big was already at 4.3″. Besides, the Nexus is a 4.3″ device when considering it doesn’t have the dedicated buttons.

  • Is it too much to ask for no Blur/Sense/Wiz, a removable battery that will last a full day of usage, an SD slot, a GOOD camera with a hardware shutter button, a spot to tie a lanyard if you’re actively using it outdoors, and water resistance?

    The speed of these phones have arrived, so I’m not too worried about getting a ‘laggy’ phone.  And I suspect most of us don’t care about how thin a phone can get or if Dr. Dre endorse’s it!

    Sammy, HTC, and Moto might actually be surprised to learn many of us use these phones daily for work, and function does matter more than form.

  • Anonymous


    I don’t even have my powerful Nexus yet and now you’re showing me Quad Cores D:

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sexy lol, packing a Tegra 3, I wonder how many people will bash this device Hmmmm

  • Small

    non removable battery again ?!