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HTC Rezound Promo Video Released, Shiny New Feature Documents As Well


We have touched on just about every little HTC Rezound detail that we could think of over the last few days thanks to Dan being on site for the announcement event. Our hands-on gallery and first impressions (video included) posts are worth a look if you haven’t seen them yet. To round out our coverage of this latest Beats-equipped HTC device though, we wanted to toss out the PDF document below that gives you one of the more comprehensive overviews in case you needed extra ammo when selling your potential purchase of it to your significant other. And then below that, we tossed in the promo video for the Rezound, which as always thanks to HTC’s feel for beauty, is a fun watch. 

(Click pages to view full versions)

Video time. Might want to sit back and crank up the volume for this one:


Cheers ___!

  • Really its very nice..I learn something more challenging on your blogs..I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  • Adam Elghor

    how is this not a droid?!?!?!

  • mbanicek

    Is the screen pentile?

  • Anonymous

    It should be called Droid ReZound 😛 With all that red fits nicely with the Droid line 

  • HTC is no longer quietly brilliant

  • hatethanet

    Sense 3.5 is pretty nice. I’m running it on my Tbolt thanks to BAMF SoaB. I have to say that the design on the Rezound is pretty lousy. The red accents make it look cheap and kinda feminine. It’s much clunkier and thicker than the other new LTE phones coming out, yet has the smallest battery. I’m curious about how well this phone will perform compared to the G-Nex and RAZR and whether the OTA updates will be a complete failure like they were for the Tbolt.

    • because only guys buy cellphones…

      how do the red accents make the phone appear feminine? that makes no sense. 

  • Smk582

    As a current owner of an Inc, I gotta say… This phone does not appeal to me at all. The specs are there, but Sense 3.5 is nothing special, trust me. Not to mention the looks… I find it to be loud and garrish. The red softkeys actually detract from the look. It looks like something that Vin Diesel would drive in Fast and Furious, and I mean that in the worst way possible.

  • Anonymous

    How much is Verizon and how much is HTC of the decision to use the Verizon “Z” on the phone’s logo?

    Not only did they decide to scrap the awesome “Vigor” name, they turned the name of the phone into a Verizon icon.

    F*** telephone companies, man. F*** them.

    • Anonymous

      It’s only a name. Chill the f*** out.

  • So excited ive been waiting 6 months for HTC to release this phone! 

  • Anonymous

    I love how they can get every camera angle BUT the one that exposes it’s thickness. Sense also looks to be unchanged. Nice phone but HTC has really fallen far behind in design. 

  • Anonymous

    At this point, it’s really time for Sense to go.

  • Prickee

    Lets be honest if the Google Nexus wasn’t coming out people would be all over this phone just like when the T’Bolt first came out.  

  • Anonymous

    What about the GPU, no one mentions it. Will it handle games?

  • Anonymous

    So HTC is bringing MHL after all, i never would’ve guessed *sarcasm*

  • Anonymous

    Meh, HTC phone never again.

  • Anonymous

    On a strange note. My Beats Powered Hp laptop locked itself into mute and won’t play the audio. Stupid piece of junk!

  • htc bring better hardware not just red lights to the button….no one wants to carry a tank around

    • Billyrouth2000

      I would rather carry a tank with good software than a Motorola with bad software

  • im back here

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good commerical

  • Peter Henkel

    HTC devices are like porn for me: I’m getting technological orgasm after seeing every new piece of sexy hardware.

  • Kelson Sebring

    I guess I shouldn’t bother combating the trolls anymore. I’ll leave it as, haters gonna hate. Looking forward to both this and the Nexus. 

  • David E. Smith

    What does “Beats Audio” actually mean in a phone, aside from the fact that it comes with branded earbuds? Does it have a better DAC, built-in equalizer, anything? Or is it just a silly marketing gimmick? (I’m assuming the latter…)

    • Mule0331

      From everything I have read, all Beats is, is an equalizer of sorts. It allows you to fine tune the sound. Also Beats will not work on the speaker, you actually have to have earphones connected for the beats software to run.

      • Beats isn’t an equalizer……

        • Mule0331

          Thats why I said Its an equalizer “of sorts”. It does have a built in EQ, that allows you to fine tune the sound. And to Billy, Beats is software. Do they have Beats speakers? Yes, but HTC is pimping the software, more than the hardware

      • Billyrouth2000

        Beats are speakers

    • PJ

      It means you’ll get a cool red b symbol on your phone!

  • Anonymous

    Have to give it to HTC and Beats, they really got this thing out there quick after their partnership.  It’s battery will probably be a disaster, but well done.

  • I’m getting this awesome phone but I would rather have those white headphones then the earbuds

    • Anonymous

      No kidding, those earbuds fit terrible, I bought some(similar) and they fall out of my ears so easily.  

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the uber-awesome screen and camera, but not so sure about this whole beats audio marketing ploy or does it really have a better DAC chip (not likely). Chances are , it’s just a set of equalizer presets. I’d rather set those myself and have the ability save them.

  • Anonymous

    Full retail price?

    • Mike Hawk

      the full retail price is an arm and a leg

    • Chris Kochinsky

      prob like 600

      • Anonymous

        Better than $700 I guess. Too much for a phone for me. Especially when there are like 13 bionics for sale on swappa.

        • Mike Hawk

          Whats a Bionic? I dont even remember. Is that like another name for Razr? or could it be another name for G-Nex?

        • Billyrouth2000

          Bionic yea if you like crappy software that is buggy as hell like all moto blur devices

          •  You make it sound like you know from experience because you own one. Wait, you more than likely don’t, you’re just trolling. I have for 2 weeks now, and It’s probably the best all around phone I’ve ever had. No bugs, great sound quality call wise, and Blur works great and isn’t as intrusive like other UI’s. Battery life is also very good as well, especially for a 4G device. It lived up to my expectations, and despite the Razr and Nexus coming out, I’m very happy with what I have. Of course, that won’t stop me from acquiring one or the other in a couple months, because I’m a phone geek, but still…

          • Anonymous

            Bionic is one chunky phone.

  • Mike Hawk

    bro. I’m very excited

  • It appears that these days, what passes for “high quality” audio has to pump and breathe way too much. Good audio should be open and have a lot of dynamic range, not compressed into a pumping box. This video demonstrates what BAD audio is. Suggesting that someone turn this up is just like telling someone to have the air sucked out of their heads through their earholes. STOP IT!

    • GUEST

      Actually, it’s telling us that the young generation this phone is targeted to likes loud music…… stop being a nazi. 

  • Love Those DROIDS

    I’m quite curious to hear just how dynamic the audio is on this phone…. I’m sure it will be impressive

  • guest

    so much sexy red