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Honeycomb Update for Sony Google TV Blu-Ray Players is Available

The Honeycomb update for the Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player is available now for everyone with the device to download. Mine is just about finished installing and then I’ll get up some more shots, features, Market stuff, etc.

If you own one, head into Settings>About>System updates.

  • Matthew Drake

    Haven’t had to wait this long in ages..as my cousin would say “what are they doing making them?”

  • Anonymous

    Any idea of when this will be on the Revue?????  Soon I hope!!!

  • Derklassik1

    Got the update yesterday on my 32in Sony google tv. Although honeycomg offers more, the video media support got really bad, whats up with this google?? Half of my avi files wont play anymore…It’s a shame.

  • Hova

    As soon as the Revue gets the update, I’m buying 1!

  • ChuckG73

    C’Mon Logitech get with the program

    • Matthew Drake

      my thoughts exactly lol

  • I have the Sony Blu-Ray and got this update Tuesday morning.  Overall the new update is very nice.  My only complaint on the update overall is I wish that more apps, that were tailor made for GTV, were available.  We all know that they will come eventually.  But, if you are somebody that doesn’t read up on this stuff and goes to buy one of these units, I think Google should be prepared to take some heat for people saying some the apps don’t work very well or at all on GTV. 

  • now if we would only get Google TV on my PS3….

  • BossOE

    I got this update on my player on Tuesday.  It is an awesome improvement over the previous version.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad the Sony Blu-Ray setup is so ugly. I need to get a blue-ray player and adding Google TV would be icing but the Logitech keyboard looks 10x better.

    I could just buy the Keyboard but it is the same price as the entire Logitech Revue setup. For $300 I’d rather just get the Logitech Revue and a $200 Blu-ray Player.

    • Logitech Revue update now forecast for end of the year….  Obviously Sony is taking it far more seriously than Logitech.

  • I didn’t get one on my VCR (insert sadface)

  • Nex

    I got the update yesterday morning on mine, not sure why, but the market includes Live wallpapers.  Anyone been able to get wallpapers to work?

  • Michael Dunigan

    came through this morning.  Looks like a nice foundation by which to grow from.  Now… just need developers to fill the gap.

  • Julio Duverney

    Lucky! I can’t wait for my Logitech Revue to get updated ! 

  • Anonymous

    Coooooome on Revue

  • Chasm31

    Still haven’t been able to pull this to my tv 🙁

    • Jg127

      I have the 46″ Sony Google TV and have been checking for updates every day since Sunday with nada.  Any clue what their rollout procedure is?  It definitely wasn’t made available to ALL Sony TV units (yet).

      • Same story for me, although I got mine this morning. 
        Don’t know if they are updating based on activation? date, I bought and put mine online Saturday the 29th.
        This may be placebo, but mine showed up after doing this:
        I had been combing through any number of other forums/sites, I read where the user agent needs to be set to generic (reboot 2X) and that the browser cache/cookies needed clearing, AND popups disabled.
        This is based on my trying to pull it down from http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/model-home.pl?mdl=NSX46GT1&LOC=3#/downloadTab

        So far, I’ve been pleased, and can sideload apps, stream music from my Amazon cloud account, etc. Going to attempt to email myself Google music and some other apk’s to see if I can get those to work.

        • Jg127

          Thanks for the tips .. I’ll def try playing around with it when I get home tonight.  I hadn’t checked since last night, so maybe I’ll have it tonight.  FWIW I hooked up my tv around Labor Day weekend.

    • Kipprd14

      Power down and unplug. Then restart and head to system update. It didn’t work for me until I did.

  • ssjnimma

    wonder if they will ever role out something like that for the PS3…. hopefully wishing I guess… 😛

    • that would be awesome

    • Billy Jenkins

      That would be the best update ever on my ps3

  • I want on my revue :(.

    • ME TOO.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, when I get home I am going to stare at my Revue in disappointment.

  • your update screen looks alot different than the one I got! 😀 oh well Glad I got it FINALLY! Expect a walk through soon?

    • Nex

      A lot different from mine

  • Anonymous