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New Android Market Version 3.3.11 Now Available For Download (Updated)

A new version of the Android Market numbered 3.3.11 is now being pushed out to select handsets. For the impatient, our friends over at Android Police have pulled the APK and have made it available for download. They have stated there seems to be a few glitches and minor kinks after installing it on Honeycomb devices, so for those wanting to throw it onto a Motorola XOOM or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, maybe you should hold off.  

In the update there are a few minor UI changes along with a new app drawer icon. You will also find a new star rating in each app page along with a new “Update over Wi-Fi only” setting which has been desperately needed for some time. Feel free to download and install right over your old Market. Some users may encounter a signature error, but for you rooted users, you can use Root Explorer to replace the two APKs. Enjoy.

Update:  Both Tim and I are dealing with massive Force Close issues with this market. Some are having no issues at all. Seems to be a toss up. Others are having issues seeing their apps, download and installing, etc. A couple of readers even reporting issues rolling back after updating. Clearing “cache” and “data” in Manage Apps may fix the problems though. Proceed at your own risk.

Update 2:  After installing, be sure to “clear data” in Settings>Applications>Manager Apps>Market. This should clear up any issues that you may have.

Download: Market-3.3.11.apk.

Via: Android Police

  • Peter

    I have the Samsung Tab running Gingerbread 2.3.3 and my job needs me to download software that runs Android 3.2 orn greater. Isn it possiblt to upgrade the software on the Tab?

  • Anonymous
  • Downloaded the app & everything is working fine for me. No problems.

  • Mark Day

    I went back to the previous version. The only problem I had with this was that it would not allow me to download/purchase some apps (Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Duke Nukem 3D, etc.). When I switched back to previous version, no problem.

  • Anonymous
  • Heard PayPal’s coming to the Market, too.  Good, eh?

  • Howie

    All these Market updates and they still can’t fix the bug that doesn’t see what apps you have on your phone.
    It says I have 12 apps instlled, when I really have 75ish. Emailed Google about this a while ago, and they said are aware of it and are working on it…………LOL

  • HerbNLife

    I have the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. I cannot find the Droid Life App anywhere in the market. Also I cant find select others including Google +. Anyone else going through this?

  • Anonymous

    OK was working just fine for me the last few hours, but all of the sudden getting “No Connection” with a Retry button.  Retry does nothing.  Any one else starting to have issues?

  • will not install on droid x rom liberty 2.0.1
    can anyone offer any assistance?
    all i get is “Application not installed”

  • Trooper

    Is this worth upgrading to?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction to the new look (now gone) was, “Hey, did I accidentally click on Engadget?”

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded, installed and cleared data. Working great no issue at all.

    Stock Tbolt 2.3.4

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s gone for good.  But I don’t think I will be that lucky.  

    Sad, because I used to spend much of my day here, but I certainly don’t want to fight a page full of nonsense trying to find the articles.

    Stuff like this usually happens when an expert is hired….. things usually go backwards.

  • Bryan Williams

    So much for the new layout?

    • Anonymous

      I hope so.  It was horrible and cluttered.

  • Bjcroteau

    Working great and loving it

  • Anonymous

    Wow new Market is great.  Within a few moments it seems to have found a bunch of apps that had mysteriously gone missing from my My Apps view.  Very cool so I can start getting updates on those apps again.

    Also the update notification indicates which of your account has updates waiting, and it doesn’t automatically switch back and forth between accounts mysteriously any more!

    Option to add a shortcut is cool, as is the WiFi only auto update.

  • Finally i can comment again!!!

    • EC8CH

      glad you had something important to say 😛

  • Jason

    Looking good!! Having alittle trouble loading the stuff on the right of the screen but I’m at work and sometimes these computers don’t play well with all sites.

  • Ravnos CC

    New site is much slower than the old one, and the text looks a bit fuzzier now 🙁

    • Anonymous

      The new site is very difficult to want to stick around for.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I can see the comments again

  • Anonymous

    Droid-Life now becomes ‘Droid-Life’

  • EC8CH


  • I prefer the old look. Just as long as it doesn’t look like Gizmodo, I’m not complaining.

  • Looking Good fellas. Is the gentleman with the Bro stache invited to this party?

  • Anonymous

    And test.

  • Anonymous

    Like the new look!

    • Anonymous

      was gonna say the same thing, but now it’s gone… at least on my computer… lol

      • Anonymous

        Thank goodness, the new look really sucks. Very slow and full of spam and nonsense that you have to close.  Very cluttered and messy looking.

        A horrible step in the wrong direction.

        Now that we are back to the old things are very fast again. Loads up quickly and you don’t have to battle a page full of nonsense. The new might have been fine for the casual viewer, but those that are here a great deal certainly couldn’t have liked it. I would never want to load that new site on my phone and waste so much data. It would kill your data plan in a week. It was very amateur in my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t mind most of the look – I did have a problem with the large sideways scrolling bar at the top that prevented me from seeing the first story without zooming out so far I can’t read it. I don’t blame them for putting in ad space – gotta make the $$!

          • Anonymous

            But making it so difficult to get to what you came for defeats the purpose of a page full of ads. Sadly I spend many hours a day reading this site, and I would not be able to continue with so much inconvenience. I am sure nobody would care if I left but it just seems like the whole thing was poorly thought out.

            I have to close that stupid half a page thing before I can get to the first story. And I can’t keep the thing closed since you have to do it each time you refresh.

            Maybe they are trying to thin this place out because it was getting too popular. Trying to get it back to a smaller viewer base.

          • Anonymous

            lol it’s not sad to read this site hours a day… I do too…

        • Anonymous

          i love how whenever a website changes, for the good or the worse there is always someone like you who has to bitch about it.

          • Anonymous

            If you don’t bitch, they won’t know how badly it sucks.  I bet you don’t mind cause you only stop in once and awhile. I wouldn’t either if I only came to the page once a day. It is ad space friendly, but not stick around friendly.

          • You’re in the minority. Deal with it.

          • Anonymous

            I doubt it but its not my place. If I were forced to deal with it I would…. It would probably allow me to spend more time doing other things.

            But seriously do you even notice how quickly this old site loads compared to the bloated one?

          • Anonymous

            you probably have a slow internet connection

          • Anonymous

            i dont mind it all, but its back to the old layout now for some reason, it will probably be back soon enough though.

    • Anonymous

      I hope they changed it back so they can add the droid eye to the top again. That was the only problem I had with the new look. It’s nice to pay homage to the OG!

      • Anonymous

        I think they should make a collage of all the droid eyes

    • cookiees

      I’m just glad auto update is a feature you can set up in your settings now, rather than setting it up for each app you download.

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • 第一次来 踩踩7d

  • Anonymous

    Looking good DL..love the new look

  • dquicknc

    Works great! Stock BIONIC. Update -.893

  • Kelly

    working nicely on my Og Droid (PE v4), though still having the ‘missing apps’ issue

  • Anonymous

    works awesome, Thunderbolt Stock OTA 2.3.4

  • I don’t think I”m gonna download it with tons of bugs. Not worth the issues. 

  • Booboolala2000

    No fc here yet…although certain apps were not easily found in the market. Google + being one of them.

  • Clean install on my OG Droid!

  • cbn

    Can’t see my apps on my second account

  • install went fine but now when I click on My apps I get an error that says “applications and games owned by this account will appear here”… Guess I’m flashing it back to the old one. 

  • OHNO

    Haha, now everyone will have the same buggy version of android market that Xoom 4G owners have been suffering through since their 4G upgrade.    When all of your phones start having the market crash when hitting “My Apps” or trying to download and install applications from the market, go head over to motorola’s xoom support forum for tips on how to work through all the problems.

  • Tom

    Does this add back the clear my review option?

  • Brien

    Installed on a rooted Droid 3, but app force closes whenever I try downloading from it. Restored to 3.1.5 through Titanium Backup, and having same problem. Anyone else encountering this?

  • Abundis5555

    Update over Wi-Fi only, awesome!!!!

  • DroidLifeRules

    Can anyone tell me why my Market Icon shows up as that Default Android icon? Dolphin Browser HD also has that Green Bag with the Android Logo icon….Strange

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure the Dolphin issue is due to the app being installed on sd card (only bc I notice it on any app shortcuts/home screen icons I update or after a reboot that are moved to sd), but never noticed it on a system app like market, maps, etc…..

  • Haha

    Works like a charm on Bionic .893

  • Also, what does the “auto-add short cuts” option do?

    • Kuboo99

      I believe it automatically puts a shortcut on ones homescreen.

      • Well that sounds stupid — probably correct in assuming that that is what it does, but a stupid feature nonetheless.

  • You forgot the most important update: everything now renders properly (such as correctly sized icons), and lists not have less padding (or should I saw list again have less padding).

  • Anonymous

    Is this the release that fixes the annoying “defaults to my other [work] gmail account” every time I open it up and set it back to my default [main] account?

    I’m on 3.1.5.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately no, but makes it easier to switch bc of the account choices on the page itself, not just when hitting menu

  • Anonymous

    Can  I install this on my Nexus S running ICS? 😀


    • Anonymous

      I’ll answer that from my Galaxy Nexus in a few weeks.

  • kanyeezy

    Also, it FINALLY added a “clear search history” option. I’ve been using a separate app to do that for quite some time. Not that I have anything to hide, it just bothers me when the search bar is crowded with past searches- especially when you have a typo in one of them.

    • Amir

      That’s been there for a while.

  • Anonymous

    What is root explorer? I just rooted my thunderbolt,put away your pitch forks…

    • Anonymous

      It’s a file explorer, but it has access to system files that are normally read only, as long as you have root access….

      • Anonymous

        Ah. Thanks.

    • It’s an essential app for root users – probably my most frequently used app.  It allows you to explore the system folders.  

    • Anonymous
    • Florynce

      Try Total Commander. It’s free and awesome and does the same things as root explorer.

      • Is Total Commander in the market? I can’t seem to find it.

    • If you’re looking for a free alternative, File Expert is just as good as Root Explorer. So is Total Commander.