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Verizon Introduces UpNext HD Maps, A Map App for Those that Can’t Stand Google Maps – If Those People Exist

Verizon introduced a free maps app for your tablet this morning called UpNext HD Maps. It’s interactive and 3D just like Google Maps, includes quick tabs for finding restaurants, nightlife, and shopping, as well as deals. It’s actually not that bad of an app, I’m just trying to find a reason to use it over Google Maps. It doesn’t do navigation by itself, and instead matches up with VZ Navigator – an app you have to pay for. The 3D maps are colorful and fun though, but the app overall needs to find a way to load much faster than it current does.  

Give it a whirl and let us know if you find it to be a nice sidekick to the Google version.

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  • droid xyboard

    I have the xyboard or so called xoom 2 and it only worked once for me never again it stays loading with circles but nothing so for me nothanks

  • Dan Phelan

    The best part about Droid and all the map apps on Droid is VOICE RECOGNITION and VOICE RESPONSE (i.e. navigation).  When is someone MOST likely to need directions?  When they are driving!
    I have an Apple 4 (no Siri) and I HATE it for many reasons but mostly because of the LACK of easy voice recognition availability.  I miss my Droid but unless I want to spend another $600 to replace the one that fell in the hot tub, I’m screwed (to iPhone).

  • cardi

    How is this not compatible with the thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    Verizon, give up already! You make useless bloated software we can get for free somewhere else and have it operate better too. Please, use my money I pay you every month better. Like giving my area 4G. 

    • Adejo

      This app is free. Can’t you read ? Dol

      • Justin Kos

        if verizon makes it, i consider it bloat even if its free

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t just talking about this app by Verizon. Damn, the attitude of some people on the internet is amazing. 

  • Torio

    I like the vibrant colors and yelp info..everything i need inone a one app. Sorry google but you are not yelp.

  • Vanessa

    Hey  – this app is so cool! it aggregates best live dynamic info from Yelp, CitySearch, FourSquare, etc to show you the best places to eat, shop, drink (!), etc.. sorry, but Google Maps does not do all this!

  • Anonymous

    Cool VZW is turning the world into SimCity 2000. 

    I can see on the map that we need more fire stations here… OH NO, UFO attack!

  • GCurry

    I hope Verizon’s stockholders complain about this.   So wrong-headed.

  • Anonymous

    The description says it’s for tablets? Does this work on Phones?

  • Bionic

    I’ll stick with google maps.  Its awesome and never fails me.  Besides, like the article says, you have to pay for navigation.  

    I am a person that has used GPS navigation for over 10 years now.  I have Magellan, Garmin, and Google Maps systems.  By far Google maps is the best, followed by Garmin.  And you have to pay for Garmin.

  • I am 99% satisfied with Google Maps Navigation. It’s that pesky 1% that is making me consider Occupying Google’s HQ.

    1.) Navigation efficiency. Sometimes I’m in downtown Buffalo, and I need to get out to one of the southtowns or northtowns. I’ll flip on the GPS to get to the 190. Like any GPS, it guides me along a route I KNOW isn’t faster. I check my settings, and everything is pointing to something that will guide me to the equivalent of “fastest route.” I take a quick turn off the route, it recalculates and BAM, 5 minutes shaved off the total time. I always wonder why this is….
    2.) Navigational Units. I work literally 100 yards from Canada. When I flip the Google Maps GPS on from work, my entire journey is in kilometers. When the voice goes “Turn in 800 Meters” I don’t know where I should turn. I should be able to set this default. It’s a GPS for god’s sakes! It KNOWS where I am…I can even visually confirm that!!!
    3.) Street view. Sometimes it goes into street view a little early -esp if my final turn on my route has me at a long stoplight – but I’m still 1-3 miles from my destination

    Other than that. Yeah. If Garmin, Magellin, and TomTom are losing share to GOOGLE……..VZ, what are you thinking???

    • Binglut9

      Works fine in buffalo for me but I had too calibrate the compas to get it right

  • Mr. English

    El Lamo, just like most VZN stuff. Stick to a fast, reliable network and leave apps to the pros.

  • Anonymous

    What does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus? Only post about that topic from now on.


    • Bionic

      no thanks.  Awesome phone, but what more needs to be said right now?  Other than official release date.

      • Anonymous

        Just joking bud =P

  • Anonymous

    Of course just another thing to try and get money off of you.

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness VZ, you got to release the G-Nex first because my OG doesn’t have enough memory for two maps apps.

    Google Maps to UpNext HD: This here memory aint big enough for da two of us!


  • Anonymous

    What idiot green-lighted this project?

  • Raven

    It must only work on tablets that Verizon sells because it is showing up as incompatible with my ASUS Transformer as well as my Droid 2 Global.  I would highly doubt that there are any technical reasons that it would be incompatible with a Transformer.

  • Adejo

    The social location with Foursquare is pretty cool. I can see where people are checking into to see what’s popular . Also, you can see deals nearby you.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon, u r  wasting money on creating apps that nobody wants. VZW I hope your are reading this…eat it.

  • Anonymous

    These Galaxy Nexus trolls are getting out of hand.  You don’t need to spam every story on this site with “Galaxy Nexus rules!  Screw this, give me the Nexus!”  We get it, you like the Galaxy Nexus but there is other news besides the Nexus and not everyone wants the Nexus.  Calm down. 

    • kurttrail

      You do realize that we only got one gnex fix this weekend, right?

      • Anonymous

        You do realize that is a poor excuse for spamming non-Galaxy Nexus stories with Galaxy Nexus posts?  There is a difference between excitement and trolling.  There are factions developing among the user base.  It’s swaying from Apple vs. Android to Galaxy Nexus vs. Android.   

        • kurttrail

          You do realize that I was being facetious, right?

      • It’s like trying to talk to a meth addicted whore about how the Cardinals won the world series while you wave around a 8 ball in your hand.

  • Anonymous

    Next up:

    • Anonymous

      What about pay/subscription-based Angry VZBirds, where the pigs look suspiciously like the AT&T logo?

  • Sayitaintso

    they need to make an app for those who don’t like new phones with minimal updates

  • Wow Verizon, way to waste your time and money.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    Google Navigator 4 Life! I don’t think ANY map/nav app will ever be released that will be better than Google Nav. Ever.

  • To be honest, if an app is good and it has a one-time cost, I will pay for it. If it is a subscription service and it is fairly hefty, I’m not going to pay. There are services I pay monthly for (phone, internet, Netflix/Crunchyroll/StreamingMediaServices), but Navigation is not one of them. I understand maps change and sattelite imagery and 3D building estimations all cost money (Google crowdsourced some, and built others themselves), however unless it is a minimal cost and the service is excellent, I will not pay for navigation services.

    If I were to pay a small monthly subscription (US$5/mo or less), it had best have not only constantly updated maps (including rural), but also Traffic services (and sub-routing based on that), emergency notifications (crashes, weather-related, etc), and possibly even known/suspected speed traps. 

    Things like City-ID, I would refuse to pay subscription services for. The updates to area codes and prefixes are so absolutely minimal that it is ridiculous. One-time cost, or _REALLLLLY_ minimal yearly cost. Screw US$2-$7 a month for that crap.

    That said, this app looks to be a different app from VZ-Navigator. However, since it is tablet specific, and I don’t own one, I’m not about to go installing it and testing (lest it charge VZ-nav costs). In this case, VZW branding works against them. Just about anything VZW (or any carrier) recommends is instantly suspicious to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh.  GNex news please.  

    • Wow, how original. Single track mind much?>

      • Hey Rocko, nobody cares what you have to say. kthxbai

  • Jason

    Slow morning for DL, this is all your giving us to comment on? We need a Gnex fix! lo l

  • Confusded

    Incompatible wit Bionic?!

    • Not compatible with the D2G either. 

    • Not compatible with common sense either.

    • Mctypething

      The post says this app is specifically for tablets.

  • As someone who does cartography for a living, I cannot bring myself to use this app. There is just so much wrong with it — it looks like it was done as a CAD project rather than a map.

  • Cam

    It doesn’t look terrible. You just have to wonder about a company spending money to compete against an app that is in every android phone and that, nearly everyone agrees, is fantastic.

    • trumpet444

      Agreed. It does look nice, but its competing with an app that is constantly updated, very awesome, and does navigation for free….instead of redirecting you to crap

  • EC8CH

    Seriously… does VZW just like to pretend GMaps doesn’t exist?

  • Billy Jenkins

    When will they add a monthly subscription fee? Because I’m sure we all know they will soon like every other Verizon app

  • Anonymous

    Is this available on the VCAST App Store? I only download apps from the VCAST App Store.


  • trumpet444

    Who seriously uses VZ Navigator? Its like hiring a maid when you live in a hotel

    • Anonymous

      Well put, a lazy one at that, that knows the boss.

    • EC8CH

      Housekeeping, you want me fluff pillow?

      • joejoe509

        I come in now.

        • Housekeeping….. Housekeeping… Housekeeping?

        • Anonymous

          Noooo. Nooooo.

      • Cgmartin33

        Housekeeping, you need clean?

      • Tommy

        WHAT KINDA HOTEL IS THIS?!?  Oh, it’s you…

      • Anonymous

        ok…so, thats 1 tuck…and 1 NO-tuck

      • Mack

        -We need more lemon pledge…

        You can just buy that yourself


    • Tyler

      Consuela! Make my bed!

      No. Nooooo…..


  • Woobaker

    and of course now that they have those tiered data plans these hi def maps wont use any more data

  • Bear0013

    Need my daily galaxy nexus fix…im strung out and need more info even a repost darn it..lol

  • Im just wondering about the accuracy of those colors? Are they just there to make it seem more “pretty”?

  • babadush

    Looks like somebody likes crayons

  • Anonymous

    This is another reason you pay higher prices on Verizon. Pay the application developers to create a solution to a problem that’s already been solved.

  • We can now be free of the chains that are Google by fully embracing Verizon…   Wait, What?

  • Dave

     How about they introduce the release date for the Galaxy Nexus instead? 😉

  • With Google Maps providing ‘free’ navigation, I see no reason for me to switch to the UpNext HD Maps.  If I switch, I would need to pay for VNavigator.  I see no reason to pay more money to Verizon, when I am perfectly content with the ‘free’ navigation from Google.

  • meh

  • FortitudineVincimus

    FAIL.. this is for the same aholes that PAY to use their Navigator service.

    • Anonymous

      No only just pay, but pay a monthly subscription. $120 a year. You can buy a paid navigation software like iGo for a lot less than that.

  • Oh Verizon, when you gonna realize that you just can’t beat Google

  • Dominick DeVito

    Yup – right up there with VZ Navigator, VCast and City ID.

  • Fail.

  • T Hall

    Count me in; VZ Nav for the win.  It is so worth the money….

    • Anonymous

      Are you being serious…

      • T Hall

        Yep 😉

    • babadush

      I hope this is a twisted joke.

      • T Hall

        Twisted as in I think people are crazy for thinking something that is free is better than something you could pay for.  VZ Nav so worth the money 🙂

        VZ Nav > Google Maps

        Ok I am joking and I will stop the madness before anyone else takes me seriously.

  • Sylense

    VZ Navigator is considered “bloatware” on my phone. Thanks, but no thanks Big Red.

    • Matthew Merrick

      the removal of the horrible vz navigator (and every other verizion app on my phone) were how i was introduced to the wonderful world of android rooting, hacking, modding, ect. 

      so thanks, big red. 😛

  • Kevin Varcasio

    Why is verizon so stupid? Sigh

  • Anonymous


    • retarded

      • Anonymous

        Will you have to go to a “special” school?

        • Keith Sumner

          He got kicked out of special school.