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Verizon Introduces UpNext HD Maps, A Map App for Those that Can’t Stand Google Maps – If Those People Exist

Verizon introduced a free maps app for your tablet this morning called UpNext HD Maps. It’s interactive and 3D just like Google Maps, includes quick tabs for finding restaurants, nightlife, and shopping, as well as deals. It’s actually not that bad of an app, I’m just trying to find a reason to use it over Google Maps. It doesn’t do navigation by itself, and instead matches up with VZ Navigator – an app you have to pay for. The 3D maps are colorful and fun though, but the app overall needs to find a way to load much faster than it current does.  

Give it a whirl and let us know if you find it to be a nice sidekick to the Google version.

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  • droid xyboard

    I have the xyboard or so called xoom 2 and it only worked once for me never again it stays loading with circles but nothing so for me nothanks

  • Dan Phelan

    The best part about Droid and all the map apps on Droid is VOICE RECOGNITION and VOICE RESPONSE (i.e. navigation).  When is someone MOST likely to need directions?  When they are driving!
    I have an Apple 4 (no Siri) and I HATE it for many reasons but mostly because of the LACK of easy voice recognition availability.  I miss my Droid but unless I want to spend another $600 to replace the one that fell in the hot tub, I’m screwed (to iPhone).