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Verizon Confirms Galaxy Nexus Exclusive Deal

galaxy nexus exclusive

I’d say that pretty much confirms that rumor. According to Verizon’s own website, the Galaxy Nexus will indeed be exclusive to them for a least a little while. “Exclusive” meaning, the exclusive carrier here in the states of course. Folks on T-Mobile, looks like it could be a bit before you get an HSPA version.

Cheers TheDrizzle!

  • Lame.

  • Anonymous

    Gah, I just commented on this in the Droid 4 article. Why the hell does everyone do this Carrier Exclusive BS. Learn from the Galaxy S, having it on every carrier is the best way to make money and build a Brand Name. The iPhone is on almost every carrier now and they are going to up productivity because they dont have multiple hardware designs for all the different carriers. Less designs means more profit. Different designs for all of the carriers makes each design more expensive to produce. I’m not a genius, or a CEO and I understand this.

    Besides I dont understand how Verizon gets ALL the newest exclusives. They had the Droid series, then the Droid X series, the Playstation Phone, then the Bionic. Now they have the Razr, Milestone 4, and now the Nexus Prime all exclusive? WTF man. This is getting out of hand. I guess the other three carriers all got Galaxy S2’s where Verizon passed up on that. Oh well, maybe it is time to get that Epic 4G Touch…

    • Anonymous

      uum all those phones came to other carriers. Maybe not here in the US but don’t blame that on verizon blame that on the manufacturer or your carrier. The playstation phone also is on at&t too.