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New Winamp Released, Includes Android Pro Bundle and Mac Sync

The Android Winamp app has received quite a significant update today, which is now available in the Android Market. The update includes the new Pro Bundle – a package of premium features, enhancements and customizations. The update also contains a customizable home screen, crossfade, gapless playback, FLAC playback support, browse by folders and more.

Additionally, Winamp now features Mac OSX support, granting users the ability to import their iTunes playlist. The Mac Sync will be able to sync music from your Android device to your Mac, and vice-versa.

While the app itself is free, the Pro Bundle will be available as an in-app purchase for $4.99. Winamp has always been a great program, from Windows to Android, however is this new bundle worth $4.99 – especially with numerous alternatives.  

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What’s New:

  • The all new Winamp for Android Pro Bundle
  • The all new Winamp for Mac Sync Beta

We have a brand new update to the free Android app (Winamp for Android v1.2) which is available in the Android Market. There are plenty of new free features to play with, plus the new Pro Bundle. The Pro Bundle is a package of premium features including audio enhancements and customizations (e.g. 10-band graphic EQ, customizable home screen, crossfade, gapless playback, FLAC playback support, Browse by Folders & more). The Pro Bundle will be available as an in-app purchase for $4.99 from within the free version of the app.

We are also really excited to announce our first ever presence on the Mac OS, with the all new Winamp for Mac Sync (beta). Although not yet a full fledged incarnation of the Winamp Media Player, it’s our first step! The initial goal of the Sync application is to help Mac users get their music onto their Android phones (or off their Android phones and onto their Mac). Our beta release offers the following features:

  • One-click music and playlist import from iTunes and Mac desktop
  • Keep Winamp updated automatically with Watch Folders and iTunes library sync
  • Wireless and wired sync with an Android phone (requires Winamp for Android)
  • The ability to play local files and playlists
  • Supports Mac OS 10.6 and above

We’ve got plenty of feature enhancements on the roadmap so stay tuned to www.winamp.com & the www.blog.winamp.com for updates or follow us on Twitter – www.twitter.com/winamp.

For more information about today’s releases:

  • The latest Winamp for Android blog post – http://blog.winamp.com/2011/10/26/winamp-for-android-updates-pro-bundle-and-winamp-for-mac-sync/
  • The Winamp for Mac Sync blog post – http://blog.winamp.com/2011/10/26/introducing-winamp-for-mac-sync-beta/
  • The updated Winamp for Android product page – http://www.winamp.com/android
  • The new Winamp for Mac Sync product page – http://www.winamp.com/mac
  • Anonymous

    I really like winamp and it’s the only music player I’ll use on my PC, but the android version just isn’t up to par with other offerings.

    I will say that I’ve gotten more questions about my winamp for android t-shirt than any other shirt I’ve ever owned.  People really like that neon green llama 🙂

  • i might pay the $5 if it could sync with google music. 
    has google released the api’s for music yet?


    • wut that’s only in the $5 thing? ugh 🙁

      • 11knives

        you mad bro?

  • foreWard

    I might have to check this out as I have macbooks and droids…..

  • Raven

    I have used and loved Winamp since it came out back in 1997 or so until AOL bought Nullsoft out and started to ruin it.  I was liking the Android Winamp, mainly for nostalgia if nothing else, but now like the PC version, it has gone the Way of AOHell.

    They have added Ads to the Free version and according to most of the Reviews even broken playback on a majority of devices.  I would highly recommend that no one upgrades if they were enjoying the previous version.

  • I like .flac support.  I’ll need some way to play .flac files on my Galaxy Nexus.  Maybe this is it?

    • Anonymous


      Nuff said!

  • Anonymous

    Equalizer = Premium version = Fail!

  • Anyone use Winamp 1 back in 1997 when mp3’s first started being used?

    • Anonymous

       boy those were the days!.. winamp was certainly on top of their game back then.

      • Yeah, I remember my brother the computer nerd explaining mp3s. “you can fit the music from 10 albums on to 1 cd”. I was like bullshit!

    • Anonymous

      You kiddin’? I still this day use v. 2.81 on my Windows 7 Pro laptop.  I use it with DeeDSP for buttery smooth bass and crisp clean highs.  LOL.  Simple and sounds beautiful.  

      • Mike

         2.92 here. No fluff, just music.

  • Does it still say it kicks the lamas ass?

    • yeahhhhhbuddy

      WHIPS the llama’s ass!

  • I love Oh Land!

  • I’ll probably catch flack for saying this, but I am fine with the default music player. However, the gapless music playback is making this look rather enticing . . .

    Is there some reason that gapless playback hasn’t been a standard feature in ALL music players?

    • Anonymous

      I loved the defualt player till the GB update. I have close to 16 gigs of music on my phone and every time i back out of a play list it jumps back to the top of the artist list and i have to scroll all the way down and select a cd to add.

  • Billy Jenkins

    Google music app kinda sucks with no features besides cloud storage. So they should really allow other devs to sync google music with their app or update the official one with more features and customization

  • i’ll stick with PowerAmp for now.  and when (or if) google music releases a sync API, i am sure PowerAmp will be on top of it.

  • It would TOTALLY be worth $5 if it synced with Google Music Beta.

    Is an API too much to ask for, Google?

  • Me

    I just updated the app on my stock xoom. No songs will play.

    • Jhl3

      Same here

  • Anonymous

    Too late.