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No Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Nexus

According to the official Twitter account of Corning – the folks that make Gorilla Glass – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will not come equipped with their highly damage resistant screen technology. It would be safe to say that many of us are disappointed to hear this news especially knowing that many of the top-of-the-line tablets and smartphones of the last couple of years have had this wonderful product. Hell, even the DROID RAZR has Gorilla Glass. Definitely not a killer, we would just recommend that you try your hardest not to pocket drop your G-Nex or take a key and scratch the face of it as hard as you can.

Update: Over at Samsung’s Facebook page they admit to the lack of Gorilla Glass, but also share that they use another type of glass that should be good as well:

Samsung Janel No. Instead of the Gorilla Glass we use another kind of fortified glass.

Speaking of Corning, has everyone seen the “A Day Made of Glass” video that they released earlier this year? It’s a fantastic watch. We have included it for you all below.  

YouTube Preview Image

Incredibly disappointed? Slightly? Already moved on while thinking of the unlockable bootloader and bloatware free happy times?

Via:  Twitter, Phandroid

Cheers Josh and Soren!

  •  abc123

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    That a day made of glass video was playing in a loop when I was at the Corning glass museum a few years ago. Pretty cool video though.

  • nailbomb3

    No, unfortunately, customer agreements prevent us from identifying all the devices that feature Gorilla Glass. This list shows all devices we can talk about. We’ll continue to update the list as customers allow us to share that information.”This on Corning’s FAQ page……..

  • nailbomb3

    Weird how you have a BUNCH of Samsung devices listed that DO have it, including the SII, but the GNex isn’t going to have it?

    Maybe the above tweet isn’t accurate and we should just all wait and see?

  • Anonymous

    Wow seriously samsung? you really did rush this phone… No 8mp camera, No 2mp front facing, No SD card slot and most of all no gorilla glass?? (Probably more but can’t think of the top of my head) come on even galaxy s2 has all of these specs… Only main good specs are the HD SAMOLED display,4.65 inch screen.. I mean might aswell get a galaxy s2 for cheaper and wait for ICS.

  • OK, so now its official that the Galaxy Nexus does not have Gorilla Glass. Odds are that it has the same glass that the Nexus S had. I have searched and not been able to find any drop test videos of the Nexus S. 

    Have any of you found some? if not perhaps someone is willing to sacrifice theirs to test. this could be very valuable information.

  • 1TallTXn

    So it’s not gorilla glass, who cares? My OG Droid doesn’t have gorilla glass and it’s survived a rough 2 yrs.
    If Samsung is using some other kind of tough glass, it’s all good. If not, well, maybe a drawback, but certainly not enough reason (alone) to run screaming from the phone.

  • As a person who just broke the glass on his thunderbolt, this is unsettling. Like, i truly hope this has good build quality. The tbolt may have issues, but its one of the most well built phones I have owned aside from my RAZR. (no not that one 🙂 ). 

    Digitizer will be in tomorrow, hopefully it wont explode. I just cant stand cracked glass. 2 days later im going insane… 

  • Buckgrad

    Pentile screen and no Gorilla glass. What is the camera…was it 5 mega pixel? You know, I was really excited about this phone and was going to pay full price to get it. But I think now I can wait til my contract is up and see what’s out next August. My Droid X is not so bad. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i would prefer a Micro SD card slot, and i would prefer Corning Gorilla glass but none of those 2 are deal-breakers for me.. if its running pure android on Verizon 4G LTE, its good enough for me. SCREW THE DROID RAZR AND MOTOBLUR/SHADOWBLUR! SCREW MOTOROLA! my droid x is barely a year old but acts like a 20 year old computer! i cant wait until November 10th!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well that really sucks… There are devices already out there with curved Gorilla Glass… I have no idea why they didn’t use it here other than to save a few pennies. Grrr! Just another strike against my potential next phone.

  • Anonymous

    Gorilla glass scratches. My og was scratchproof because it used conventional glass. Loved it.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LOL! I remember the good ol’ days when it was iOS versus Android! Ahh… the good ol’ days… Now it seems like it’s Nexus versus The Non-Nexus Androids. What ever happened to iOS in all of this?

  • Anonymous

    You guys are a joke you know that? The phone isn’t even out yet. There’s absolutely no verdict on the durability of Samsung’s new glass and people are already going nuts over it and screaming “DEAL BREAKER!!!”. Hope you guys are smart enough to wait and find out before springing for another phone then see that the problems with the new Nexus was way overblown. 

  • Realitycheck

    I was initially frothing at the mouth for the Nexus and rolling my eyes at the RAZR. That is no longer the case. Both phones have pro’s and cons, but the fact of the matter is the NEXUS suffers from hardware issues while the RAZR suffers from software issues. I’ve seen what the dev community can do and am starting to think the RAZR may be open sooner than we think. Motorola has a lot to lose if they produce another blockbuster soon.

    The fact Motorola put every premium feature on the RAZR and Samsung has cut corners all over the place (no GG, no SD, plastic, no AMOLED+, last gen GPU, small battery, 5mp rear cam) makes me feel like Moto is going to fawn over the RAZR and Samsung has already moved on. I could be (and hope) I’m wrong, but it’s a shame the I would even have an inkling of doubt about a Nexus device.

    Solution: I’ll just wait for the drop test and reviews instead of pre-ordering like I originally planned

    • Alexander Garcia

      you’ve made a wise decision my friend 😉

    • Keith Sumner

      You’re exactly right, it’s a much better idea to get the more reliable hardware, because you know no matter what, even if the manufacturer doesn’t bring ICS to a phone that the dev community sure as hell will, and if you don’t like what the manufacturer has done to the software, there is almost always a hack or a work around thanks again to the dev community.

    • Alexander Garcia

      …and let’s just add to that: stainless steel chassy, kevlar weave back plate, nano tech splash guard coating, and a super slim form factor. sorry Sammy… not into the plastic bull$#it!

    • LionStone

      Wow, you’ve already determined as fact the NEXUS has hardware issues!? Amazing.

  • This is no big deal for me, i always put a screen protector on my phones and never get any scratches.

  • Anthony Armando

    good! samsung has superior fortified glass anyway. in the drop test a iphone 4s pretty much totally shattered and a GS2 was totally fine.


    • Anthony Armando

      and since im sure someone may say it, it isnt totally clear whether or not the 4s has GG or not. also GG is more for scratch resistance than drop strength. i personally dont care about scratch resistance, that is what a screen protector is for. im more worried about the screen shattering.

    • joejoe509

      Well… that’s not the whole story. The GSII has Gorilla Glass. So that kind of defeats the argument. But the GSII does have a plastic body like the Nexus if there’s anything to glean from that video in relation to the Nexus.

      • Anthony Armando

        aww crap….

  • Granted

    Is that bathroom mirror display capacitive? Because I’m a messy bastard in the bathroom, and I know if a drop of liquid gets on my Galaxy Tab or Droid X, well the screen goes all nutty fu fu! So it’s going to be circus when I’m shaving and trying to read traffic reports on mirror, only to have it start going nuts from water splashing the mirror. But I’m sure in this future they will have that figured out. And hopefully a law has passed by then that made it legal to kill the “cast” of The Jersey Shore, and their thousands of bastard children, and of course fans. I also hope it’s not all Demolition Man, where people freak out when I try to mix my man fluids with their lady fluids, and try to get me to head gear hump them. Although it would be quite fun to get retarded drunk and drive 265 miles an hour, only to crash into a school bus full of aliens, and be enveloped in marshmallow goo.

    By the way, anyone else having a “blast” playing Battlefield 3 so far?! I haven’t touched multiplayer yet, and probably won’t for some time seeing as it’s always rampant with fucktarded 10 year olds. But wow, the campaign is riveting so far! And the face capture technology they’ve used is outstanding!

  • RW-1

    BTW folks, GG is not shatter resistant per se, if you drop any phone you run the same risk if it shattering imho

  • RW-1

    GG is not what it is cracked up to not be hehehe.

    My OG got a small scratch on it at one point …

  • lolz, making me feel better about my droid bionic every day

  • Theandyplan

    I don’t really understand why people are bothered by no sd card slot on the gnex. I still have my og with the card I put in it when I got it. I’ve never taken it out and it’s a 16 gig which I haven’t ran out of space on. Granted I don’t have my music saved to it anymore, but other than that…what’s the big deal?

  • Guest

    Gorilla glass is by no means shatter-resistant. Lot of you are getting the “scratch” and “shatter” resistance mixed up.

    For example, I went through two Droid Incredibles which are equipped with Gorilla glass. My first one had a fall from hip high, landed on concrete screen facing down. Glass shattered in hundreds of pieces. My second Incredible, it sustained a same level fall as my first one multiple times, but it’s crack-free even to this day.

    My point is it doesn’t matter what type of glass your phone comes with. With any right combination of fall, the screen will crack 99 out of 100 times.

    I will tell you what technology gurantees shatter-resistant screen. It’s called Don’t-Drop-Your-Phone!

    • No

      DI did not have GG.

      • Keith Sumner

        Yep, DI did not have GG, HTC doesn’t use this in their phones.

    • Alexander Garcia

      droid incredible didn’t have gorilla glass

  • Anonymous

    The Droid Razr does NOT have the same CPU as the Galaxy Nexus.  Motorola has already released the official specs. It doesn’t make the Razr any less awesome.

    It’s on the right side, under the list of OpenGL extensions. Can we put this silly debate to rest now?


  • Tomgillotti

    Might be a deal killer….

  • Go Gorilla or go home. Go to an Apple store help desk and look at how many shattered phones they have. Brand matters!

    • Bill Mitchell

      Hahaha, Gorilla Glass must be that great then, since that’s what’s used on the iPhone 🙂

      • joejoe509

        iPhone does not have Gorilla Glass

        • Bill Mitchell

          It sure does, since the iPhone 4!

  • Matt2783

    Just today my OG droid rang, I pulled it out of my pocket and it slipped out of my hand and fell four feet to the ceramic floor. Not a dent, scratch or anything. This makes me realize how much I don’t want to break a $700 fragile Nexus… Maybe I’ll go with the Razr and wait 6 months for ICS.

    • Keith Sumner

      Don’t fret, if you don’t want to wait, the dev community will deliver a way to get ICS on your phone before that.

  • Raymond Kim

    Wow… I don’t think I want glass (I don’t care if it’s Gorilla Glass…) on the dash of my car when I’m in an accident…

    • joejoe509

      Hate to tell you but isn’t your dash attached a couple of glass windows including the windshield?

  • Cheaply Made

    Future iterations/improvements to the Galaxy Nexus will probably implement Gorilla Glass and HD Super AMOLED “PLUS” screens.  Think Xbox 360, Xbox 360 HDMI. Xbox Slim, PS3 Fat and PS3 Slim, I*hone 4, I*hone 4S.  Unfortunately, it’ll take around 6 months after the phone gets release for it to happen.  But then a 12 Core, 4ghz OMAP9999 phone, with Jelly Donut 5.0 will be out. Sucks

  • Was there Gorilla Glass on the Motorola Droid?  Just wondering. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the OG has GG on it 🙂

      • Ahh.  Okay.  I’ll be a little concerned about the glass on this phone then.  My phone’s taken one heck of a beating and there are no scratches or chips.  Just hope it’s almost as good. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, my orginal OG about two ago fell out of my hand and it the pavement faced down, when i picked it up it was shattered, so I used my insurance for another one. It helps but not the end all deal breaker for me the G Nex is my next device 🙂 finally a worthy successor to the OG 🙂

  • Jon

    i won’t buy it now.
    unless this other glass they are using is as scratch resistant as the big gorilla

  • Guest

    Be it good or bad news I’m happy because it’s regarding the Galaxy Nexus

  • Marvin de Pano

    Unlockable bootloader and bloatware free? I have a feeling Big Red’s gonna find a way to rain on our parade.

  • Anonymous

    That video has some high hopes, why do I always feel like I won’t see this type of stuff in my lifetime.

    On the no gorilla glass, not too worried, I’m fairly safe with my phone and always use a screen protector.

    For people saying “terrible screen protectors”, um, I can’t see or feel my Sedio screen protector on my Droid, so maybe you just are buying the wrong ones or don’t know how to apply them.

    • We’ll see it in our lifetime for sure.   Think about how far tech has come in just the last 10-15 years.   The tech in that video will be available within the next 5-10 years.

      Most of the interactivity featured in that video will be using NFC, which all of us Nexis owners will soon have 🙂

  • Flag_U_Mad_Bro_Comments

    Every time you see a “U mad bro?” comment or any variation of the such please hit the flag button. I will.

    • Bear0013

      U sad bro! ..lol

      • Kierra


  • That’s a given, just like from a year ago how the Nexus S didn’t have one due to the curve screen. Corning have no mention of Galaxy Nexus on their site unlike the RAZR, and it was never mentioned by Samsung and Google.

    Not sure why people are under the impression that it came with one, and that is one of the reason I am getting the RAZR.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I like the Razr better myself

  • Anonymous

    I think many people miss the point of the Google Experience Devices.  These devices are designed for developers. Hence the stock experience.  The idea behind these Google experience devices is to establish a baseline for the new and upcoming devices that will be running a new version of Android.  Many of you who comment on this device from a complete consumer point of view are correct in saying it may lack the features/qualities that the normal consumer values, such as screen glass/sdcard slot,  but this device is not designed for the aforementioned consumer.  This phone is an experimental device.  The open nature of the device promotes developers to see what they can accomplish with the device outside of what is standard with the new version of Android. For instance perhaps you need to tweak the kernel to support a type of encryption for a secure telecommunication line on a GSM network or maybe you are a ROM developer like CYANOGEN who works on ASOP ROMS.  This device is a platform to build from.  If you are not willing to use this device as a platform rather than a device with instant gratification then this device isn’t for you. The appeal of this device is its ability to promote growth in the Android community.  If that doesn’t interest you then you should get another device.

    on another note pertaining to the actual topic of this post a SAMSUNG rep stated this on facebook.

    “Samsung Janel No. Instead of the Gorilla Glass we use another kind of fortified glass.”

    • Dominick DeVito

      Thank you – your comment pretty much puts out the troll fire

      • Anonymous

        You still seem to be burning bright…

      • Anonymous

        Nice that you call other people “trolls” just because their opinion are different from your own. Stay classy dude.

    • Kierra

      Naw just you techies act like this phone is the 2nd coming. Its just for a different set of ppl . You guys act like its superior to other devices when its not and when others say so its a problem?

      • Anonymous

        Apparently you didn’t actually read my post.

        I stated:
        “Many of you who comment on this device from a complete consumer point of
        view are CORRECT in saying it may lack the features/qualities that the
        normal consumer values, such as screen glass/sdcard slot,  but this
        device is NOT designed for the aforementioned consumer.”

        I am in fact, agreeing that this may not be the the device for the typical user and in fact is for techies. Yes us techies do think its the second coming but actually its the 4th coming of the Android OS and no other device will have it at the time of release except for some SDK ROMS. Most of us educated techies don’t have a problem with people pointing out the fallacies of the device. What we do have a problem with is people saying “I R NO HAZ GORRILLZ GLASS ME GO GET *insert phone*”  Most of us have a reason for getting a Nexus device and everyone is entitled to an opinion but if your opinion is asinine or irrelevant to the topic we get annoyed.

        • Kierra


          • Bill Mitchell

            So immature…

      • joejoe509

        The Galaxy Nexus is superior in a lot of ways including a few hardware specs (screen, processor, etc) than 99% of the phones on the current market. You really don’t have a lot of room to talk about the RAZR’s superiority if you are implying that. Just because the Nexus lacks a few silly things like an sd card slot (unconfirmed BTW) or a Gorillas Glass branded face (it’s still scratch resistant), doesn’t make it any less special. The Nexus series is a very special series unrivaled in the Android world and even if the RAZR was twice as powerful, we’d still buy the Nexus.

    • joejoe509

      Nice. True story. I didn’t think of it that way until now. I hope one or more of the Android sites post something similar to this. It seems like a lot of people need to be schooled in their Nexus history.