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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update is Sort of Available Right Now (Updated: Again)

Sooooo it’s sort of rolling out. Three or four readers hit us up to let us know that they were able to pull the Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt within the last hour. Build 2.11.605.5 is what you should be seeing, once HTC or Verizon’s servers catch up with the massive group of people trying to get in on the action.

To check for yourself, head into Settings>Software update>Check new.

Update:  As of this morning, almost all of us are still seeing the “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” message when checking for the update. There is a chance that they populated it to the server to get it ready and a lucky few were able to snag it before it was pulled again. We’ll keep you updated as we see it go live again.

Update 8:57AM:  Folks are starting to ping our inbox with successful updates. My device is still hating the world, but be sure to start checking now to see if you are able to pull it.

Update 9:30AM:  Verizon just made it official. The update has official begun to roll out. Feel free to start hammering on your phones.

Cheers NZT and everyone else!


    STILL havent got it…….Really awesome…….

  • Double_down

    I have a rooted Thunderbolt and it keeps trying to download and install the latest Gingerbread OTA.  I have been cancelling / deferring the install.  I am sort of new to rooting, but I used the unrevoked method for froyo.  How can I update my tbolt to the latest gingerbread version from here?  I know im not supposed to accept the OTA.

  • Onepurplesage

    Was woken up at 2:30 am by the white reboot HTC screen (lit up my BR) as my T-Bolt self rebooted from this update which was automatically downloaded and installed as I snoozed.  No one has mentioned the clock app which went missing with the short lived update a month ago.  Its still MIA with this update…  I’m running stock.  When I switch over to Go Launcher, it reappears.  Sad commentary.

  • Noaimise

    Im still not getting the update!! Is it because I installed the first leaked version?

    • Tgfree

      I did not load the leaked version…and I was not getting it either.  After an hour on the phone with Verizon Support, they could not figure out why I was not getting it either…so they decided the best thing to do was to send me a new phone.  You might want to give them a call.

      • DVP

        Same here. But they won’t send me a new phone as usual. I don’t want a refurb. I have set up a call back a week later and we’ll see how it goes.

  • JennGrover

    Lots of problems since the update this AM – random reboots and caught in reboot loops.

  • Tgfree

    Just spent an hour on the phone with Verizon Support…they cant figure how to push the software to me…have old version of software…1.66…and so….they are sending me a new phone.

  • Tjaden1000

    Can anyone help me out with the exclamation Droid that I’m getting when trying to install the update…i am rooted , but I didn’t think that mattered or does it?

  • Anonymous

    so far im noticing a DRASTIC decrease in battery life since i did the update…. im gonna give it a full charge over night and see how tomorrow goes but my phone never gets to the yellow in a full day, already going to power save modem at 8:00pm. something is def not right.

    • Anonymous

      doesnt sound right. ever since i got the update last month my phone has been doing great. anywhere from 10 to 18 hours with moderate, always in 4G areas use. and at that point im usually at like 20% battery, then i swap it out. I wont do the bulky battery or car charger thing. i carry an extra one. easily gets me threw a 24 hour period.

  • Nothanks

    Does anyone know why the 150MB update (data usage rates may be applied) forces a download via 3G
    rather than the full-bars Wi-Fi its on at the moment?

  • Michael D.

    I try and am getting NO MESSAGE of whether or not I can get it, how can I tell if I am able to get it??

    • Tswonger84

      Same her, it doesnt even say “service unavailable” wtf????? It just checks for new software, then vanishes…..??

      • DVP

        I am having the same problem still. Just got off the phone with VZW. They want to send me a replacement phone which would be a refurb. They won’t send me a new phone. How is this my fault?

  • Anonymous

    The issue I was having with prior to this current firmware update was that once I was out of BlueTooth range, it would disconnect and shut either my music player or iHeartRadio/Tune In Radio off and it would not reacquire once I was back in range. I’d have to either turn off/on the phones bluetooth or turn off/on my head sets. I didn’t have this problem prior to Gingerbread. I hope its corrected with this new firmware update.

  • boobooMCfoofoo

    I DL’d through the Software Update and the phone reboots as if its going to apply the update, but only gets partially through before I get the exclamation droid.  Now the phone reboots every few minutes. GD’it.  I should’ve stuck with a custom ROM!!

    • Tjaden1000

      yeah im having the same problem…does it have ne thing to do with being rooted?

      • me too. i’m rooted, and my phone automatically updated. HELP!!!

  • Last part of update dropped in Detroit area about 12:05 pm today 10/26/11……..My TB has worked fine every since I first put it on line. Had a OG Droid before that….

  • Anonymous

    If you click on the weather part of the clock it will bring you to detailed info. then hit the menu button. there will be a Demo option. click it and then you can slide up and down through the 10 weather pics w/ sounds.

    • Jedivolsfan

      Thanks for the info.  I guess it’s a nice feature but I could do without the sounds as they all sound like they took 5 minutes to make and were never listened to.  I’ve turned them off.

  • babymono

    Not getting “Service Unavailable”, mine just says “No New Software Update Available.” homph.

  • Mr Manville

    Umm… I never grabbed last months gingerbread update, so I got this thinking it was a polished version of that. This is not Gingerbread. Its just a fix for Gingerbread, on my Froyo. Weak. Anyone else?

  • James

    I’m already hearing that gtalk with video still isn’t working.  I can’t test it out as all my contacts seem to be off line.  Can anyone confirm?

    • Deneir86

      Me and my room mate both have thunderbolts.  We could not get gtalk video to work between our phones.  In face, it would kill 4G every time we tried.  Tried it on wifi, would connect for 1 second, then end.

      • James

        Thanks for the response.  I guess it is a lost cause then.  This is the one thing I wanted out of GB.  What I got instead was a broken car dock, reboots, and lost connections.  I may just root if ICS becomes available.  I have nothing to lose really.

        • Anonymous

          I rooted using revolutionary, no ADB needed…and it was cake 🙂

    • Jimmy

      gtalk is working for me on wifi – at least between my thunderbolt & galaxy tab.  they fixed the video coming via the front facing camera (previously, you were limited to the back facing camera – though now it seems like it’s locked into the front facing and you have no option of the back facing)

  • Jester4281

    Anyone else run into the following: Update acknowledged, download begins, craps out to SERVICE UNAVALABLE, status shows it failed and now you are getting a No New Updates when trying to pull update ?

    • Jester4281

      Just got off the phone with VZW on this, they say it was a system issue they are trying to resolve and I should see the update soon, even though it is still being pushed to users, if you get dropped you have to wait………..what a joke, but hey, I have been waiting this long whats another day, week, month, year.

      • Andy

        Same thing happened to me…Download finally started and failed about 95% of the way through. Now it keeps saying “No New updates” when I try. This is really getting frustrating.

        • Jester4281

          I noticed when this happened to mine I also lost the ability to recieve txt messages. I did a factory reset on it and the download was again avalable to me and and I got it to install.