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DROID RAZR Will Be $649 at Full Retail?

Would you be willing to pay $649 full retail for the DROID RAZR? We are hearing that the price is expected to drop in at just that when it finally hits stores in the next couple of weeks. The pre-order goes down this Thursday, so we should get confirmation on it then. I’m just wondering why phones are now jumping up into the Apple iPhone over-priced model?

Over the last few months we had seen Verizon slash the full retail prices on all of its phones to well below what used to be the standard of $599. Jumping above that scares me some. And not that this phone lacks the specs to last you for a long time, but the idea that the next wave of super phones will head into the $650+ realm is something we should all be worried about. Higher data costs along with more expensive phones? Yikes.

And what does this mean for the Galaxy Nexus? We have seen contract pricing at $299 which was expected. With 16GB and 32GB models apparently on the way though, could we see iDevice-like pricing at $649 and $749? Hmmm.

Sort of comical to think that Dan just so happened to have written up a post yesterday about the outrageous prices we are now seeing on mobile phones.

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone realize its cheaper to add another line on family plan, buy the phone at $299, move the Razr to your own line, place a dumb phone on your new line, pay $10 per month more over 24 months? Total cost is $540. Plus $240 of that is spread out over 24 months interest free. Best deal out there!

  • Anonymous

    Blur with a 1 g of ddr2 is super good. The bionic does not lag at all. You are still living in the times of the 256 and 516 memory ram.

  • Anonymous

    People do not want to understand that the most important features moto provides them to us. Call quality, build quality and radios. The software has improve as well.

  • Anonymous

    It will kill the nexus regardless.

  • Anonymous

    The battery is good enough 1800. The radios are good and the build quality is excellent ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    droid charge is garbage compare to the razor.

  • Anonymous

    Blur was bad when it was on the droid x running froyo get over it.

  • Anonymous

    You are cheap.

  • Anonymous

    I am getting it when it comes out ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    It seams like there over pricing the phones to test the consumers waters. They probably figure that if some are willing to pay iPhone like prices, they might be able to get away with it. 

  • Anonymous


  • Gozirra89

    Just wait til Thanksgiving.  Prices will drop like the price of my house.


    still getting it ūüėÄ

  • Anonymous

    Great more YARO! …. Yet Another Rip-Off

  • RW-1

    Problem is, is that the masses of lemmings that will actually GO buy it on opening day.

    Let’s live in a world where we could alter that for a moment, what do you believe would be the reaction if we could get everyone to NOT go buy a device and give the reason that it is $100 overpriced?

    Would be interesting wouldn’t it?

    But that’s a fable.

    It is greed, and if the public buys into it, you can say goodbye to any new “top, next big thing” being any less than $299, in fact at some point they will jump it to $399.

    The ONLY way is if one doesn’t purchase it, economics; plain and simple. If overpriced, resist and don’t buy yet.

    The yet is because what occurs eventually?

    They got enough first instant suckers that DID pay for it, and now try to appeal to those who did hold off, while at the same time introducing the next big thing at the higher price.

    Round and round we go.

    Sucks doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    What sucks is this is probably pure greed on both verizon and motorola’s part. Yeah this may be a super smartphone but the cost of the parts typically doesn’t go up over time. I don’t see how any of the internals would go up in price. I don’t know much about kevlar but i cant see that as why the price has increased. Greed, plain and simple just like their data plans.

    • Exactly, well said.. Greed plain old greed.¬† Someone needs to say something!

      • Anonymous

        The only way you say something, is to not buy!

    • Anonymous

      the tech is still relatively new in these phones. Prices will drop over time just like the old phones that cost this much but could do half as much.

  • Cb2000a

    I am so done with Verizon and contract plans. ¬†Also, I think Nokia should sue Moto as this phone looks a lot like their N series…..

    • YourFriend

      Then they’ll just get sued by Apple for suing. All old and lame sue jokes aside, it’s not like Nokia never stole any designs from Motorola.

  • One of the big intial reasons that android shot up when it first came out was the fact that the phone and devices were cheaper than ipple prodocts.¬† Now that that is not the case say goodbye to healthy competetion.
    I think all the tech blogs should put a post on their sight regarding this rediculous rapid bloat of prices.¬† That’ll tell the service providers that we don’t like it!!¬† I think they are just testing us by slowly¬†raising the prices to see if we’re paying attention.¬† Like the frog in the pan of cream on the stove with low heat.¬† slowly…….

  • Anonymous

    Pffff…That’s the sukka’s price.

    I’ll wait for Amazon to drop it like it’s hot…and that’s if I even decide to buy it.

    • Anonymous

      amazon doesn’t drop the full retail price.

      • Anonymous

        They also didn’t offer phone insurance either, but that recently changed. We’ll see what happens during the holiday season.

        In either case, that is still a ridiculous price.

  • Jason

    So what’s the next phone after this?

  • Craig

    I would pay $649 without hesitation for an unlocked global Razr, but I would Not pay $249 for a fully locked and bloated phone that will only function on Verizon’s network.

    • Anonymous

      Very good point. If it were indeed unlocked, that would be a completely different story. Paying $649 for a locked device is like a hooker paying the client.

  • Jake

    If they insist on charging iPhone prices, most people are just gonna get the iPhone. Either way, VZW gets paid.

  • I would easily pay $549 for the Nexus… $749 seems steep…

  • Dominick DeVito

    (This is an honest question so please no trolling)

    Doeswould anyone how ICS will run on a phone with physical buttons? Wouldn’t that imply that every phone with buttons would need a customized UI of some sort? It just doesn’t make sense considering all the new menu items in ICS Google demoed.

    • Keith Sumner

      Could be as simple as a line of code (onscreen keys = 0) or (onscreen keys = 1)

    • Anonymous

      they would just use the hard keys instead of the software keys

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t really seem worth an extra 60 bucks than the bionic. Then again I am just curious as to what the nexus full retail will be.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope we don’t get dinged an extra hundred dollars the 16gb of space on the galaxy nexus.

    Does anybody know if the rom is stored on the 16gb of storage or does the rom have its own storage? 

  • Booboolala2000

    My guess last week was that I thought the GNex would be this same price. Still getting off contract. Not this phone but the Nexus. Hell even if the 32gig is 699 or 749. Sold my free d3 with accessories for 400 and might get 250 to 300 for my Droid Charge and accessories, so that’s Adair trade for me.

    • Booboolala2000

      A fair trade. Not adair. Lol, had to change my keyboard back to SwiftKey. Flex t9 sucked.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope we do not get dinged for an extra hundred for only 16gb of space on the galaxy nexus.

    Does anybody know if the 16gb of space also includes the storage for the rom or will the rom have its own storage?

  • If this phone had an unencrypted bootloader, it would kill the Nexus!

    • Dominick DeVito

      .and a replaceable battery and non-customized ugly ass UI and timely updates.

      Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Keep dreaming

  • Sb1831

    Really? You complain when a company puts out a product when it doesn’t have @ least a 1.5Ghz dual core processor HD screen, LTE radio and 1GB RAM. You complain when those products come out and have a price you don’t like. ¬†How much SHOULD we pay for a netbook replacement, with broadband speed, available in a portable form factor?¬†

  • A Leaked screenshot of Rogers’ system in Canada showed it at $549 Canadian full retail

    • foreWard

      according to the price of all my paperback books, that translates to roughly $10, American……lol

  • Cadillachanley

    Full retail on the thunderbolt was over 700 can’t remember if I paid 725 or 750 the day it came out. so 649 doesn’t seem so scary to me. No I don’t like it but its not some big shock

    • Anonymous

      no it was $589 I bought one and then 2 days later full retail dropped to $569. Best buy and that is more expensive but they always price their phones higher.

  • Some bloggers are just…

    Dude… $299 phone + $350 ETF = $649

    Just like the Droid 1:

    $199 phone + $350 ETF = $549

    This isn’t rocket science, folks!

    • Anonymous

      droid charge 299 on contract +350 etf= 650 and charge is only 569 full price.Nice try tho.

      • Then simply put, Samsung gave you an extra discount. Most of the time, the subsidized price is the full retail cost, minus the ETF. So if you cancel, all you are charged, is what you would’ve paid anyways for the phone.

        Xoom saved you $25 by going the contract route, since 599 + 175 ETF = 774 instead of the 799 retail.

        But generally, the cost of the subsidized + the ETF adds up to the retail cost. Flukes aside, this is normal. So why is this major Android blog so shocked by it?

        • Anonymous

          Droid x,x2 and 3 would all be more with 199+ etf.

    • Whitey1101

      I’m with you Jake, while they don’t ALWAYS follow this logic, they always try to stay close to the charge of an ETF, otherwise people would just purchase a new line, move the new phone to their existing line, then cancel the new line and pay the ETF (if it’s cheaper why not!)… The whole object of subsidized¬†phones is locking a customer into a plan for 2 years, so carrier can make the money back on their plans.

      I’d be really curious to know the average margin on their plans that they make, my guess is it’s pretty good.

  • Hal

    What were you expecting? It’s superior to the Bionic from a hardware stand point, thus its gonna cost more

  • Anonymous

    People are just going to stop buying these devices and look for alternatives if the pricing continues to be outrageous. I am getting the Jitter Bug!

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it and I would love to get out of verizon, but….comparing my current family plan to another system, I am better off believe it or not. (700 minutes $120 buck plan / 4 = $30 bucks a phone) (3 Smarts x $30 = 90 & 1 old message x $10 = $100)¬† Before taxes, I am only paying $220. Most plans for single lines unlimited are much more.¬† I hate the $220 bill for a bunch of toys.

  • That just decided it for me…RAZR!!!

  • joel rizo

    If thats the price that the Galaxy Nexus is going to use then i’ll just break my contract and start a new contract. Comes out cheaper that way. To break my contract right now it is $270.


  • Anonymous

    Forget that why is the Bionic $299 and the Atrix 2 $99? That is beyond me because it is the SAME PHONE repackaged. I’m a verizon customer and they are whack!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I might jump ship and go to ATT for the Atrix 2. ETF of $350 plus a $99 phone is still cheaper than retail on Verizon phones.

      • Anonymous

        I’m debating myself too. Maybe when they fully get LTE I’m gone¬†

  • Jak_341

    Meh. That isn’t so bad. You gotta pay to play (as they say.)

  • Ray

    I remember when i got my first smartphone more than 5years ago which was a windows phone and it was nearly $400 on contract. Then a few years ago the standard became $199 now phones are going back up towards that higher price range. Remember when it meant that if you had a smart phone or Iphone you must be rich. LMAO maybe thats what their going for.

  • Anonymous

    Blame yourselves. ¬†This stuff is like crack for geeks and companies know it. ¬†Most people won’t pay anywhere near retail for this. ¬†They’ll buy it on contract, and many will buy it months after it has been released as part of a BOGO. ¬†It’s just the folks on these blogs who get upset because they “need it right now”

    • Kierra

      Exactly, I buy NOTHING at launch. Why? 

  • Anonymous

    I won’t even pay the subsidized price for that locked down Bloatorola crap!¬† I’m surely not going to pay $650!

  • Ffdvgsdfgf

    Sorry Nexus Prime!

    No Gorilla Glass, No SD slot………I’m officially passing on both until the integrated 4G LTE chips are out and Verizon stops charging more than a TABLET. ¬†

    • Dominick DeVito

      Hope your current device will last the test of time then…

      • Keith Sumner

        Dom, Motorola’s known to have great built quality and lasts the test of time, here’s my phone timeline:

        Motorola Q on VZW, actually stills works, not a scratch on the screen, solid phone never had problems with it.

        Samsung Glyde on VZW, went through 7 faulty devices in 8 months before they would replace it with another phone. > Replaced with

        LG Voyager, first one keyboard died after a month, replaced with another>

        LG Voyager, the inside screen stopped working and half the keyboard stopped responding. Dealt with the piece of crap until I got a>

        Motorola Droid on VZW, bought within launch month, still have this phone today, not a scratch on the screen, no paint peeling, no scratches, no flaking, still holds a full day + charge to this day, rooted and ROM’d and running CM7.

        Motorola Droid Bionic, incredibly fast due to the processor, ram, and 4G/LTE, every action is instant, there’s no hiccups or waiting with anything, superb call quality and clarity, reliable service thanks to VZW’s network.

        I have been very happy with Motorola’s consistent quality builds and durability.

        Samsung and LG on the other hand…not so good. I baby all my devices too, never drop or mistreat them.

        • Dominick DeVito

          I don’t question Moto hardware. In fact, I love my OG. It has taken a beating. I actually prefer Motorola over all other OEMs.

        • bigrob60

          My voyager lasted about 2 1/2 years before the main screen started dying on me. Replaced that w/ a cheep OG Droid this past Summer to grandfather unlimited data while waiting for the Bionic. Which I passed on for the Nexus. 

  • Anonymous


  • Profit margin on Windows PC and computer¬†components¬†= 5%-10%. ¬†Profit margin on the more prolific and competative smart phones 100%-200%+ ¬†The prices of the mobile phones are not market based. ¬†We are tricked into thinking we are getting a good deal with a new phone contract but the contract price is pretty close to the market price if there were no contract were in play, I suspect. ¬†Case in point is the iPod Touch price vs the iPhone 4 price. ¬†The hardware differences do not justify a $400+ retail price difference. ¬†On the plus side, the massive profit on these phones accelerates mobile technology at a rapid pace.

  • yeah i would never buy a phone like this full retail. theyre really nice, but with my insurance, ill just replace the phone i have and deal with it. im getting the galaxy nexus, but only because i have an upgrade. i got my transformer for 389 bucks. i could get two tablets (roughly) for the price for one droid razr (or an ipad, you get the gist of what im saying). i could even get a decent laptop for that price. its not unreasonable, these phones are extremely high tech, and cost so much because of that.¬†

  • Bewara2009

    Take my money, I dont care just give me the Razr..Nexus what?

    • Anonymous

      Nexus what?¬† You’ll probably be saying that because it blaze by your Razr at break-neck speeds.¬† Good luck with blur.

      • Anonymous

        Blazing by the Razr with the same processor and memory? ¬†Don’t think so. ¬†Blur isn’t slow anymore, old argument is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    OUCH!! LOL

  • Krburton

    Blame it on the Patents…. Just go get any broad sweeping patent and then sue every one for any thing close and drive up the cost for them to bring their phones to market. Who pays for it .. We do. Thanks apple now I have to pay more for my phone and I still did not buy your cap. You tried to slow android down but did not work. Thanks for driving up my cost. That is all

    • Guest

      It would have gone up either way…It’s simple economics…supply in demand. If no one was to buy this phone, Motorola and Verizon would be forced to price the phone at a lower cost for the consumer.

  • Dominick DeVito

    They’re just pigeon holing us into contract pricing – honestly, it’s not like you’re gonna leave VZW so why pay full retail anymore? It’s doesn’t make sense.

    If you bought a lemon return it within 14 days.

  • Superior1

    Verizon is getting ridiculous with this shit!!! How do you justify that???????

    • John

      we’re the idiots that keep paying for it =

    • Sb1831

      This has been the price of top end cell phones off contract for the past 10+ years. I paid 700 for an N95. I paid 900 for the StartTac Where have you been?

    • T Hall

      Haha awesome.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Ha, great find.

    • Anonymous

      Nice find

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha, perfect. Hey, Motorola (and all the other handset makers) need to make a profit, or no more handsets. These things cost $200+ to make, and that’s just parts and materials–imagine the fixed R&D costs behind that. If it’s too expensive for you, you have every right not too purchase, that’s the beauty of a free market. That said, VZW, please bring back the one-year contracts!!

      • Mack

        Yes they need to make a profit but not that much. Most smartphones today don’t cost over $200 to build. As far as my research has told me, the average is between $100 and $150, even with LTE. I realize they need to make money but $649 is absurd. I don’t want the Droid RAZR but sadly I have a feeling the Galaxy Nexus will follow in it’s path. In retail there is always a minimum price but if they can get more out of a customer they will. It’s actually surprising what a Verizon salesman will do when trying to strike a deal with a customer for the full price of a phone. Most of the time, especially at the independent stores, it’s possible to pick up a phone off contract for less than the full price if you know how to properly negotiate. It’s still going to be more than the new contract price though. ¬†

      • Anonymous

        How much R&D do you think goes into it? The components are what take the most R&D and the price for that is covered when the device manufacturer buys those components. All the device manufacturer has to do is put everything together efficiently, kind of like Tetris. Sure it costs $ to make everything play nicely but it’s definitely not $450 per phone.

        • Anonymous

          So let’s say build costs (what we accountants call “variable” or “direct” costs are $150. (Which I think is way low, given that an iPhone 4S costs $207, see http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2395035,00.asp#fbid=bxy00KYwLF7, and Moto wouldn’t have anywhere near the purchasing economies of scale for this model versus Apple with the 4S). Agreed that a lot of the R&D in a phone is baked into the components, but there’s certainly still a lot on top, especially with the software skin (which I of course wish weren’t present, but it is). I only mentioned R&D but there are other fixed costs: sales & marketing, administration, etc. Added together fixed costs have gotta easily be another $150 if not more, so you’re at $300+ all-in cost. Any (non-commodity) business worth its salt aims to sell stuff for at least twice what it cost to produce, that’s perfectly reasonable, in fact as a general rule of thumb if a business can’t sell for double its costs it usually isn’t worth doing. So $650 is right about on par. As Moto sells units and starts to¬†earn¬†back its fixed cost on this model,¬†their finance people will start to allow the price to drop down towards the variable cost base, so you’ll see the price fall, just like it happens with other devices. Remember that Moto only makes money on the devices, no ongoing monthlies for them.

        • Guest

          You are completely wrong; there are significant R&D costs in the latest high-end phones. I happen to have friends who do the hardware design on these kinds of phones, and there is significant design work involved by the phone manufacturer (in this case Motorola), including for the IC chips used in a top end phone. The costs of the developing the custom chips is not “covered,” really, but spread out over a high minimum product buy by the phone manufacturer. These cutting edge chip fabrication technologies are¬†ridiculously¬†expensive these days. Add to that functional testing, validation, regulatory testing…

      • Anonymous

        I want my one year contract as well ūüôā

        • SA_NYC

          Seriously, the way phone tech is evolving–especially 4G, we’re in Gen 1 of that, after all–two years (or even 20 months) is an absurd length of time to be expected to stick with a device. Note that I’m not expecting any freebies; I understand that a 1-year contract subsidy would have to be lower than for 2 years. I just think the option would be nice for us early-adopted types. You figure the subsidy on a 2-year plan is about $18/month or so ($400 subsidy divided by 24 months) and you come up with a 1-year contract price of about $515. Works for me, well, I should say works for me better than $300 and 2 years. O Verizon, hear our cries!

          • Anonymous

            I don’t mind paying the extra cash as long as i have my 1 year contract. Technology is so far ahead, that is difficult to stay with one device for 2 years.

    • Guest

      That was back in the day when LCD TVs were 6-7K which are now a few hundred and Blu-Ray players were $400 and now at or less then $100…Gotta look at where technology is and look at price points…$649 off contract is outrageous…That’s almost as much as a 64GB iPad which is $699.

      • gearmonky

        phones have changed since 2005.  TVs, for the most part, have not.  same
        sizes, same resolutions, same sorts of hardware (tuners and DSPs) inside for all intents and
        purposes.  the products simply mature, not evolve, with each product cycle.  i.e., what changes with TVs is through refinements in
        production they can make them (and thus, sell them) cheaper. 

        high end phones on the other hand are like computers.  they are always
        on the bleeding edge.  better processors on smaller fab processes,
        better, higher resolution screens, more memory, etc.  these parts do not have time to mature because they are constantly upgraded with every product cycle.  compare the price
        of a high end computer now to a high end computer in 2005 (here’s a hint: it’s the same).¬† that is a
        much more accurate analogy.

        • gearmonky

          evidently the comment system doesn’t like being copied and pasted from/into.¬† sorry about the fubar’d line breaks.

        • Guest

          Evidently you don’t know much about TV’s…You would be surprised that TVs from 2005 to 2011 are completely different

    • Paul

      Great proof to back up that buying a phone off contract has always been expensive. It just comes down to how much you want the phone.

  • So… does it ever occur to anyone to do the math and ask WHY the iPhone 4S gets a bigger subsidy than the equivalent Android phone?

    $649 Galaxy Nexus = $299 on contract. $649 iPhone 4S = $199 on contract!

    And yet, the monthly bill for voice and data is the SAME. That’s B-LLSH-T!

    • Dominick DeVito

      It’s the LTE tax.

  • rick

    these premium phones are no longer looking as attractive. ¬†i mean, seriously!!?? ¬†maybe i’ll look at 2nd tier stuff. these prices are absurd.¬†

  • Andyboy

    it’s b/c phone carriers want you to sign up for a 2yr deal so that can grab onto your nut sak for 2yrs!

    • bigrob60

      My bill is under $100 a month w/ my droid 1. So the carrier can caress my “sak” while I play w/ the nexus for 2yrs.

  • Rjtoudouze

    I am getting a little tired of the bad news with this current wave of superphones.  Instead of choosing what phone offers the most I have to choose what phone screws me the least.

    • Anonymous

      Good thing none are called the Corkscrew – that might hurt a bit more than even the RAZR

    • Guest

      Sounds like how I vote for politicians…choosing the lesser of two evils.

    • jbonics

      Or you can just buy it from one of those online sites ( wait 2 days after it comes out) for $299. Noobs.

      • Anonymous

        Full retail price doesn’t stop. That us supposed price without an upgrade 299 is rumored upgrade cost. Learn to read noob

  • tbaybe

    but the price always drops within weeks…¬†

    • Rjtoudouze

      Not so much.  The Bionic has actually gone up $20 since launch.  Maybe after a few months, not weeks.

      • tbaybe

        ok, the bionic price dropped, my bad. 

    • Not full-retail. :/ The damn ThunderBolt is still $569.

  • Pretty sure Verizon is only getting one Galaxy Nexus. (likely the 32GB).

  • Dominick DeVito

    Damn that’s a lot of dough.

  • Djlowproz

    Good lord thats a lot of money (in Chris Rock’s Voice)

    • EC8CH

      ILC FTW!

    • Anonymous

      Nostalgia FTW!

    • bigrob60

      How ’bout I give you a nickel and you let suck the rest of the ketchup out of the¬†bottle.

  • EC8CH

    Encrypting Bootloaders costs money… Pay Up Suckers ūüėõ

  • Anonymous

    I’d expect it and the nexus to cost the same as an ip4s 32GB

  • Gorilla Glass Premium Tax!

    • Anonymous

      +1 until my mouse breaks.

      • EC8CH

        shoulda bought a mouse made out of gorilla glass

        • Anonymous

          +1 again. I’m giving them away today.