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Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update Returns as Version 2.11.605.5 – Includes Fixes for Security Issue and Voicemail Notifications

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After HTC and Verizon released 2.11.605.3 for the Thunderbolt, they quickly realized that it had a couple of very serious bugs (broken voicemail notifcations and a major security vulnerability) and pulled it. Now, almost a month later, they have returned with a new version rolling in at 2.11.605.5 which just so happened to have leaked last week. It fixes both of those major issues we just pointed out, along with Bluetooth security and those random SMS message sessions.

The update is 146MB in size and could be available in the coming days.

No word yet on how HTC will update those that actually accepted the 2.11.605.3 update.

  • Theresa Berard

    I have never had so many problems with the T-bolt since this latest upgrade, the 2.11.605.5 update. I bought a watch so that I wouldn’t miss an alarm due to constant rebooting.

  • Davidw

    Since my 606.5 update 2 days ago, my extended battery life has been cut from 14-16 hours to about 8 hours.  The earlier gingerbread I received before they stopped it had no effect on my battery and it stayed at 14 hours or so.  Fix this new update !!!!!

    • Davidw

      I obviously meant update to 605.5

  • Miaminole21

    My phone automatically accepted the first GB update and I’ve been rolling with that since.  I just got automatically updated to a new version that was only 12 MB or so, so I’m assuming Verizon and HTC are taking care of those users as well.  So far so good, so it looks like this blog post can be updated as well.

  • What happens if you already got the old update ?

  • Jer

    With the Gingerbread update that I received before they pull it, I now have a phone where the battery lasts 20-24 hours with more then normal use.  If they put up another update I will wait to see what you guys find out before updating again.  I like the Thunderbolt as it is now.  HTC has some very poor management, however.  They are willing to lose thousands of customer’s in the name of coming out with many sub-par phones instead of one good phone. They are lucky to have Verizon selling their phones.  Verizon needs to set higher standards, too.

  • Brosebo

    Will this update fix the alarm clock.  I have also been unable to access it since the last update and it goes off no matter what at 7:20 every day.  Yeah even on Sunday when I want to sleep in.  I am almost ready to chuck it against the wall.

    • Maxxmentum

      try installing a volume control app that will at least let you turn off the alarm app.  Also you can use mybackup/titanium/similar to free the alarm clock. 

  • clarkbsharp

    What about the front camera in GTalk??

  • jb

    I’m considering rooting my TB with CM7 (as it seems to be the most popular – don’t really know anything else about it or any other options) but my biggest hesitation is losing progress in any and all games I have.  I’ve literally invested hundreds of hours playing and there’s NO WAY I’ll root if I’m going to lose that.
    I noticed one of the comments recommending Titanium Backup for apps and I went to the website http://matrixrewriter.com/android/ but can’t really tell FOR SURE if it backs up progress made in an app.

    Can anyone verify this for me?  Does Titanium Backup restore the progress you’ve made in a program like Angry Birds, Grave Defense HD, Fieldrunners, etc.?

    Also, is this a “one and done” deal?  What I mean is, when ICS comes out, will this automatically update or will I have to go through the process again?

    Actually, in general, does this require a lot of upkeep and maintenance?  Is there something similar to OTA updates and everything happens automatically, or do I need to login to a website every so often to check for newer versions, etc.?

    I’m not a tech idiot by any means, but I do like a “set it and forget it” experience.  And that’s why I haven’t bothered to learn about rooting, customer roms (not even sure what a custom rom is), kernels, bootloaders, etc.  It just seems like more of a PITA than it’s worth.
    I haven’t ventured into YouTube yet but I’m sure there are some good walkthrough videos available – but I’m worried I’ll depend on a walkthrough video that isn’t right in some way and I’ll end up bricking my phone.

    So, anyone who’s willing to invest a few seconds (or minutes) into helping me with a little info – I’d be HUGELY appreciative.  I could use help with the steps, like:
    DL Titanium Backup to your phone (and computer if necessary)
    Backup phone using Titanium Backup
    Restart phone
    DL CM7 to phone (and computer if necessary)
    Install CM7
    Go to Market and DL Titanium Backup (is the Market included in CM7? I assume so)
    Run “restore” in Titanium Backup
    Restart phone

    I know it’s NOT that simple, but something along those lines would go a long way.

    • Anonymous
      • jb

        Thanks for the video Jason.   I haven’t checked it out yet since it’s 10 minutes long, but definitely will later.

    • steve0617

      OK some answers (and I’m new to rooting/ROMS so I might get some of these wrong)

      1. You cannot get a full true backup of anything without your phone already having root access. You can backup the apps themselves and contacts/pics/etc and the like can get backed up, but no app specific data as Titanium and it’s brothers can’t gain access to that app’s data. Also, without root, if you backup your phone, and then restore the apps from the backup, there won’t be any Android Market links to provide you with updates when they’re released. There’s a workaround but I’m not 100% sure it works. Thus, backing up an unrooted phone only works somewhat. It’s certainly not a snapshot of your phone/data.

      2. You have to root first before a custom ROM. Note: you *could* lose all your Angry Birds and all other app’s data just from the rooting itself. Use ‘Revolutionary’ with your Thunderbolt. It *should* root without wiping anything. It worked perfectly for me. YouTube videos here: http://goo.gl/kng85

      3. Once you’ve rooted, you can then choose your custom ROM if you wish. I personally use Bamf Forever 1.09. It seems to work really well with minimal bugs. Lots of support at teambamf.net

      4. You get nothing over the air when running a custom ROM. It is not a ‘one and done’ deal unless you want it to be (e.g. you do it once and then forget about it). To get updates, you have to go to the website threads and see what progress has been made on bugs/improvements, then download and apply them yourself. I’ve been rooted for about three weeks and Bamf Forever has gone from .06 to .09 already. Nothing happens automatically. You have to keep up.

      5. There are NO guarantees that an update won’t pooch your phone, just like there is no guarantee that a VZW official OTA update will not screw anything up either.

      6. If you are *that* insistent on getting a guarantee of not losing any of your data, perhaps rooting/custom ROMs aren’t for you. That said, I held off trying it for fear of screwing my phone but now that it’s done, I’m glad I did it.

      Good luck!

      • jb

        Thanks Steve!  Lots of good info there! 🙂
        I suppose I don’t mind doing a little bit of work to keep up with things – but I certainly don’t want my life to revolve around the latest updates.
        Thanks again!

  • Markw16

    What about GB for the ORIGINAL INCREDIBLE?!

  • Anonymous


  • Nex

    Really less the a month from ICS and still no Gingerbread, Goodbye HTC 

    • Anonymous

      I’m starting to feel the same way… I had the HTC Incredible and I talked that phone and the company up sooo much, would have recommended them to anyone. After going through everything I’ve gone through with this phone, I think its time to switch, its absolutely ridiculous how many problems I’ve had with this device..

  • Pmegna

    You would think it will update all phones without the new build number including all the people that got the las update.

  • Anonymous

    The Thunderbolt has been the best phone I’ve owned.  

    The same people that couldn’t handle their Thunderbolt wont be able to handle the Nexus if it has problems. Those that will never root their phone will never benefit from all that a phone like this can offer. Might as well go with the Razr. 

    It takes 20 minutes to load a good rom.

    • sog805

      you shouldn’t have to load a ROM to make your $200 phone work properly

      • Maxxmentum

        I’m rooted with a SHIFT ROM, but I agree with you.  The phone did not work stock for a lot of ppl, and that is a problem.  It’s still a bitchin phone, but I went to root to fix and debloat many of the problems.  Sometimes it was cool….sometimes I was a sad panda. 

    • Madcow06

      I know a lot of people on this site are all about rooting and running roms but the vast majority of people who bought the tbolt are not. To say that it’s their fault because they cant handle the phone is ridiculous, it is absolutely htc’s fault. They are 100% responsible to put out a product that is functional, both hardware and software.

      • Anonymous

        You are correct.  But at least the phone has the ability to be fixed if you don’t mind taking the time.  I agree that you shouldn’t have to, but at least you can.

        The Nexus will also have this ability. But all the abilities in the world won’t help if they are not taken advantage of.

    • Maxxmentum

      and another hour to config everything the way it was 😛

      • Anonymous

        I can do the entire process in less than a half hour…. “through practice”…. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused about why those that downloaded the update won’t be able to get this new update? Won’t we be able to pull it the same way we had before?.

  • Rich

    Yeah, F HTC… They ship a phone that was advertised to have gingerbread but it didn’t… It was supposed to come with all these goodies as features and it didn’t… HTC is more worried about please the ballsack of VZW than the costumers who buy their phones… They are more worried about locking us out of our overpriced POS of a phone and did so, so well they left vulnerabilities in the phone that are of security nature…

    F you HTC, F you MOTO, F you to anyone with a skin on a phone or sells a skinned phone… Hows them sales going for you HTC? think VZW has the pull? try US we buy from VZW and we won’t be buying your shit anytime soon…

    I wouldn’t even piss on their phone to put out the fire if my body fluid was the last water source on earth…

  • The only problem I have had is battery life, but I always have a cord on me so thats not really that big of a deal.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I love Android, but it took HTC this long for the Gingerbread update – with Ice Cream Sandwich around the corner does this really matter anymore?

  • Donk

    What’s with all the spam in the comments?

  • great post! liked it!

  • miketb34

    You know these problems can be avoided if everyone just rooted….

  • Anonymous

    well this blows…. i was able to pull the updated at like 7am back on 9-28-11, so now im stuck with the shitty update and now my phone wont pull the new update. Just another problem to add to the list… 

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about?  It’s a new build.  Why wouldn’t you get the update?  I didn’t even accept the update, it just happened overnight for me, so I would think they would be pushing the update to every single phone.  If the build number was the same as the last one, then I would be concerned, but it’s not so calm down.

    • Anonymous

      Just because the PDF is out doesn’t mean the update is out/approved for your phone. These things go in waves.. you’ll see it soon enough.

      • Anonymous

        I know, my bad, I think I was still sleeping when I first read that. I saw afterwards that it was coming soon, and then the comment at the bottom “No word yet on how HTC will update those that actually accepted the 2.11.605.3 update.” is what confused me. I thought they were saying that the update was out but if you got the original release you wouldn’t be able to get the newest update. 

  • Warlike1919

    II am rooted running bamf 1.0.9.. I but when I was not rooted I never had a problem with my thunderbolt….

    • Donk

      Exactly.  Same here.

  • DaveDoug

    The post isn’t entirely true.  I’ve been engaging in volley after volley with HTC’s customer support and they’ve let me know that an update for those of us fortunate enough to get the last round will be coming “soon.”  And “soon” is a word, so that helps.  HTC has handled this whole experience so poorly, they’ve lost me for good and I’m making sure to keep friends and associates from buying HTC products in the future.

  • Jordan

    This is what happens when you purchase from HTC.

  • Anonymous


  • Stevie Schwedler28

    I can’t believe this….. I have zero problems with my thunderbolt, but all of you sound like a bunch of wine ass kids, stop your complaining and grow up already

    • GotSka81

      “I smoked for 20 years and didn’t get cancer, clearly smoking doesn’t cause cancer”.


    • Anonymous

      You are one of the rare few lucky ones trust me
      Go buy a lottery ticket or something

    • Donk

      Ditto – no problems with my thunderbolt.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and it’s been the best phone I’ve owned.  These phones are too much for some people. No matter what phone they get if there is an issue they won’t be able to deal with it on their own. The beauty of an open phone is that you can make something good…. great.

      • jason6g

        agreed as well. my only problem on the latest batch of gingerbread roms is an occasional reboot. enough to deal with though 😀

    • Guest

      I have no problems at all…oh wait…I’m rooted and am running a Bamf ROM

      • Maxxmentum

        Mine has less problems than most but still had issues that probably should not have been there on a flagship phone (GPS off, Battery 2.5 hours to 7 hours, LTE inconsistent).  Most of my problems went away when I went to SHIFT,  but it was a lot of ROM trails to find one that works. The phone is nice but it needs a lot of care and feeding to get it tweaked right.  I like my tbolt but I am not going to boo pple who are bummed when their experience was poor.  The spectrum of problems to none is so wide some of us just got lucky, others well….really need to root and put CM, bamf or Shift on it.

  • Rccrod

    Does google talk video finally work on third build?

    • Rccrod


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  • What is wrong with the 2.11.605.3 update?  I apparently installed that before it was pulled and have been running it fine for a while now.  I’m not rooted.  What issues are people having?

    • Eh, security issues and voicemail notifications.  I only install trusted apps and I use Google Voice, so no problems here.

  • David E.

    Forget Gingerbread, Update to ICS

    • Anonymous

      Just wait for source, and youll see the roms start flooding the forums.

  • islandak

    I’m on the fence about going back to 605.3. My gps is back to not working on 605.5. Anyone else having this?

    • Maxxmentum

      by not working you mean off or just not working?  I am using prior radio ver 2.5 and my GPS is working.

  • Avaladez4471

    I seriously cannot wait to get rid of my Thunderbolt. NEVER again will I EVER buy a Piece of Chit HTC phone again. I liked the 4G speeds but this phone was plagued from the get go. Late coming out, GPS issues that have not been solved as of yet, software issues, weak speaker, and so many other problems.

    My only question now is…Moto Razr or the Google Nexis???

    Cant wait to smack this phone with my baseball bat! (no I rather break this phucking phone than sell it!)

    • Anonymous

      Bet i can fix your unsolvable gps issues in 2 minutes or less..first make sure ur gps is on…download gps status from market. open it, hit menu>tools>manage a-gps state>reset. then go menu>tools>manage a-gps state>download. stay in the app for 20 seconds or so(optional but recommended) then you can go into maps and see if its fixed. Your welcome.

    • Anonymous

      Wow… The Nexus is not a phone for you then. You need something locked that hopefully works well. Cause if there is the slightest issue with the Nexus you wont be able to do anything with it.

      The Thunderbolt is and has always been very easy to fix and make great.  Never an issue that I couldn’t resolve quickly.  

      • Jarred Sutherland

        WHAT?? Kleen, this is the strangest thing I have heard you say. 

        The only reason that the TBolt has been “easily fixable” is due to the 3rd party dev support. A device that is coming unlocked from the factory will garner dev support like crazy. Not to mention if something is busted, Google pushes out the fix and it’s to your device, no waiting for third party to fix (which is the problem with the Tbolt).

        • Anonymous

          Misunderstood what I meant… what I meant was that the people that don’t know how to work with their Bolt through root and developers certainly wont be able to handle their Nexus. Since the Nexus will also be easy to work with for those that put in the effort.  I didn’t mean that the Nexus couldn’t be worked with.

          I wasn’t very clear with what I wrote….

    • Maxxmentum

      ouch…well at least post the youtube if you do.

  • K Jachimowicz

    can someone pls explain to me how to download this..its saying i have the newest software but clearly i do not….

    • Anonymous

      From TFA…

      “The update is 146MB in size and could be available in the coming days. “

  • Billy Jenkins

    HTC should just make this new thunderbolt security update 2.3.6 or even 2.4 since the next big update that will be available to most phones will be 4.0 its not like they will need 2.4 as the next update number. Idc tho since im rooted running 2.3.4 and HTC sense 3.0 on my thunderbolt

  • K Jachimowicz

    How do I download this lol

  • hatethanet

    Can’t believe they let that earlier update out in the first place. What a clusterf*ck this whole thing has been.

    • Billy Jenkins

      well people were complaining about HTC releasing the gingerbread update. so when they do finally release it people are complaining that it has problems. its not HTC’s fault. Its the idiots who complain about how long it takes them to release updates when they can just root their phone easily and install the update themselves and let them take their time on the official update until its working good.

      • Wouldn’t it be their fault for being a year late to the party with Gingerbread on their flagship 4G phone?  Or for advertising features of the phone that only are usable under Gingerbread?  I can understand some quirky problems with LTE because that’s what happens when you’re an early adopter but whoever was making Engineering decisions on this phone better not be a project manager anymore.

      • hatethanet

        Releasing an extremely buggy software update because people “complained?” What a lousy excuse. Did these people have a gun to someone’s head over at HTC? They should’ve taken their time and gotten the update right, regardless of people complaining.

      • Madcow06

        Maybe the worst comment I’ve ever seen.

    • I’ve been running the first update (2.11.605.3) with no problems.  I apparently installed it before it got pulled.  What is wrong with the .3 version?


    yep yep… ebay for the rezound…

    • Cmonnats23

      Hahahah you still haven’t learned, have you!

  • Ben Murphy

    Blah blah blah blah, who cares…this thing will be on eBay in about 3 weeks,

    • GotSka81

      Actually there are a lot of people out there who care.  I’m just looking for GN news myself, but my wife has the blunderbolt and she’s one of the unlucky few who pulled the update (my fault for watching DL so damn closely and telling her to pull it, heh…).  Thanks for reporting, Kellex!

      • Anonymous

        Why didn’t you help your wife by fixing her phone for her?

        • GotSka81

          Lol, I tried! She’s resistant to root mainly because she doesnt want to go through the trouble of setting it all up again.  I’m still working on it though 😉

          • Anonymous

            🙂  Sneak it from her and put it back later when it’s good to go. Just make a titanium backup of all her apps and data, and write down what apps she has. After you get it all up and running re-install the apps from the market and use Titanium to put only her app data back in.  She will have to do very little and you will be her hero. After much practice I can pretty much do this entire process in about a half hour.

          • GotSka81

            To my understanding, she needs to be rooted to be able to backup using titanium…

          • jason6g

            correct. i use an old version of my backup pro to get all the apps and data (not app data, but contacts, texts, etc) then restore as much as i can.

            besides high scores which i could care less about anyways, the only pita is setting up handcent again. otherwise i hardly ever restore any app data when switching between roms

          • Nrojashbc

            App brain works faster than all and you don’t need to be rooted

          • Guest

            I would use MyBackup Root…you get more bang for your buck then with Titanium…Plus My Backup Root is FREE!!! I use it all the time and works perfectly!

          • Guest

            Let me change what I said, use MyBackup to back up everything (Don’t need root to use and they have a 30 free trial) then when you get rooted use that to restore everything…except system data. Then you can switch to MyBackup Root which is free.

          • Maxxmentum

            I have mybackup pro its pretty good. Pro backs up ur sms and txting.

          • Anonymous

            Yes of course… you can’t do anything without root.

          • Anonymous

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      • Maxxmentum

        Its a brave man that directs his female to upgrade without testing.  I almost made that mistake with mine’s Incredible…dodged a bullet there.  Updates seem a lot like rolling the dice these days.  I found one that deblunders my bolt and have decided to stick with it.  I need my phone more than the headaches.  The Tbolt is not the only phone with upgrade issues (granted it has a lot of them).  Even still rather roll the dice than get locked into one media provider.

  • Looks like released that part of their Facebook post about “providing fast and consistent upgrades” and said “Oh crap, the T-Bolt!”

  • Alex9483

     random sms message sessions? What is that?

  • I love the wording on this: “Improved security features that reduced device vulnerability.”

  • Anonymous

    Thank god… but really, at this point, I wish they would just drop all support for the thunderbolt and put the money saved into allowing me to switch to a nexus prime for free.  I can dream right?  But really, have any thunderbolt owners had any luck in talking VZW into an (affordable) early upgrade due to the problems we’ve had with the TB?

    • Billy Jenkins

      What problems? I own a thunderbolt and have never had any problems. Thats probably because I’m rooted though.

      • Anonymous

        must be nice to be part of the 1% 😉  But really, I just want a phone that works that can do some other cool stuff, and I don’t want to waste half my time off rooting, unrooting, figuring out which ROM/kernel/radio combo works best.  Say all you want about being “trouble free” but you know that you’re lying to yourself, and I dare you to count the hours you’ve spent trying to get it to work like it should have.  Case in point:  I can’t give my TB away, letalone get a little $$ to put towards a new one.

        • shaun

          I know exactly how you feel. I had an awful time with both the Thunderbolt and the Droid X For the longest time, the Droid X was plagued with horrible bugs. A lot of them could be fixed by rooting and making adjustments, but that just seems insane to have to bother with. It’s easy for me, yet it’s still time consuming and it’s not easy for the millions of smartphone users who DON’T visit sites like these and keep up on this stuff.

          Both the Thunderbolt and Droid X have been flagship phones for Verizon, and both have been plagued with serious issues, namely random reboots. At what point did it become good business practice to charge $300 for a phone, lock customers into a 2 year contract and charge $80 or $90 (don’t know the price of individual lines) a month for service? At the price being paid, these phones should come flawless. I bought my mom a Droid X and after one of the latest updates it developed a keyboard issue where it locks up when certain buttons are pressed. It’s a major software issue and severely inhibits the use of the device.

          Something like this may already exist, but if not, shouldn’t there be a provision in cell contracts to prevent against software bugs? I realize that Android is constantly being refined and that OEM’s are getting wiser, so we should be moving away from bug laden devices. But what happens when a device gets released or gets a software update and it can’t do something basic? What if it only receives a third of the text messages sent to it? If you’re a year and a half into your contract and the OEM puts out an update that cripples part (but not all) of your phone’s functionality, shouldn’t you have a right to cancel your contract or have your device switched out for a different one, even though your phone is out of warranty?

          I kind of got off on a tangent there, but oh well. The comment about talking VZW into an upgrade got me thinking. We get gouged at the cash register and then again in 6 months when software updates are needed. I wonder how the carriers are going to react when the smartphone boom inevitably slows down and consumers aren’t willing to fork over hundreds just to lock in for 2 years of expensive service and use a device with considerable software flaws, just to have the latest hardware.

          • Azndan4

            put CM7 on both of those phones and all your problems will go away.

          • Maxxmentum

            I have no trust for direct carrier upgrades anymore.  If I am not upgrading it on my own, I wont allow it.  The “features” introduced by the VZ upgrades were pretty bad.  I wonder how many embarrassing txt occurred :O, glad I am not hard core txter.  With the new data plans, and cheaper carriers getting smartphones, I also wonder what the biz model is.  I like VZ, but if I was not grandfathered into the unlimited data plan I would be on sprint or Credo now.  Show of hands, how many jumped on the TBolt wagon out of concern for about data plan changes for LTE?  LOL.     

        • Anonymous

          I’ll take your T-bolt. Let me know where to send a prepaid UPS label. Since you are saying you can’t give it away. I’ll take you up on it. Also. Liquids AOSP Rom 3.0 on the latest Radio works like a dream. Senseless, fast, light, and excellent battery life. Total time spent getting it to work “like it should have”, <= three. One to read the forums, one to implement root, and one to reinstall all of my apps from the market.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, three months is more time than I want to spend dicking with a phone, but it sounds like you have time to burn.  Drop a nexus prime in that box and I’ll gladly pay return shipping on this POS.

          • Anonymous

            I think he meant three hours, not months.

          • Anonymous

            congratulations, captain obvious

          • Anonymous

            It isn’t that bad. I have the thunderbolt and yeah battery is pretty crappy but the phone works. Just because it isn’t dual core and all that means nothing. People just like to bitch about everything.

          • In the past, my TBolt has had MANY hundreds of random reboots just trying to do basic phone calls, texts, or not even touching it.  It also would send random people the wrong texts.  I think those things are fixed now finally, but it still lags, freezes, the top button is tough to push, and yes the battery life sucks so I leave 4G off.  The in-call volume
            is insanely loud, have to hold the phone like 6″ away from my head and
            everyone in my office can hear the call lol.  Even though it says I’m
            turning it all the way down, it doesn’t turn down at all.  Thought I was
            losing my mind but looked it up and sure enough, many others having the
            same problem.  I let two others try it in my office and they said they’d throw the piece of crap away. Factory reset doesn’t fix it.  I also don’t get the notifications because I did the GB update Verizon posted, but later pulled.

            If this update fixes the notifications and call-volume, I may be able to live with it, but I’ve had enough of these problems. 

          • mike

            You speak the truth. Anyone with a Tbolt should run this ROM before making any rash decisions. I’ve been running it for the last 5 days with Go EX and Swiftkey and I am stoked! And I’m a noob.

          • Anonymous

            Similar setup here. Slideit kb, ADWEX and contapps. I toggle between about six keyboards. Looks like SlideIT 4 has really improved, wife likes swift key because it switches languages on the fly. Enjoy your phone!

        • Anonymous

          well said my friend.. my roommate ALWAYS talks about rooting and how much better it is with a custom rom, but yet he is constantly complaining about little things not working, im sorry but I want my phone to work exactly like it supposed to. Which is why I chose to not root my phone

        • Maxxmentum

          I have spent the hours so I will save you the time.  Rooted and put SHIFT s3ns3 v1.5.  It looks a lot like sense 3.0 GB.  Most of my problems did go away.  I have had about  5 reboots in the past  6 weeks, but I was mega power using the phone while traveling so that might have been me.  Even the battery life has improved.  I can leave it unplugged over night and still have at least  a 40% charge the next day.  I was shocked too.  Its not perfect but I like having the GB sense 3ish interface, and the phone is nice to use now.

  • Anonymous

    HTC has already lost this customer forever. Too little too late.

    • And it’s really sad because this phone had so much potential. Galaxy Nexus for me when it comes out!

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you there. I dislike this phone so much that I can’t wait to drop $600+ for the Galaxy Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          if I’m lucky enough to pull i $200 from my tbolt (with case and extended battery), I’ll be happy.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            They are going for that on eBay with an 8GB sdcard and nothing else. I am in the same boat, trying to sell mine right now.

      • Billy Jenkins

        No. The thunderbolt did exactly what it was built for. It remained as the best and fastest android phone for about 2 months before being replaced with a better phone which is an accurate amount of time that most phones get replaced. Like the Bionic? Already talking about a better phone and its only been about a month since it was released.

        • GotSka81

          I have to disagree…while the blunderbolt had the potential and hardware to be a flagship phone, it was completely forgotten by HTC.  I have to agree with the masses that the way that HTC has handled the support for this phone has been very poor at best.  There’s no excuse for allowing your flagship device on a specific carrier get left behind (software-wise).

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I think HTC gave up after they realized it would be difficult to make the LTE chipset function like it needed to. All those delays with it releasing first because of battery life, lte problems etc, it became in the best interests of the company to just move on.

            Really sucks.

          • Maxxmentum

            I think its a combo of VZ lock-down requirements and HTC making a biz decision to move on.  I like a lot of things about my Tbolt, but the phone has issues.  Its only because of the Mega cool android developer community out there (+1) I found a ROM that made my tbolt really work (props to SHIFT developers).  What puzzles me most of all is why some Tbolts had one kind of problem and others had another.  Mine did not have the restart issue, but my GPS could not get closer than 2000′ with a 5 min lock in time.   Not that I am bitching,  I am happy to have bad GPS over random restarts.  Over all I dont think HTC did/could not do proper field test, and after it just was not cost effective.  I will probably ride my contract time out with my tbolt as it works like it’s supposed too and I like it, but my faith in HTC products is a little shaken now.   Say what you will about MS, they supports products forever and HTC could at least shoot for a year.

          • Anonymous

            You should have helped your poor wife with her phone. It would have taken little effort on your part and she would have been very happy. shame….The phone is, and has always been very easy to fix.

          • GotSka81

            See above reply…

          • Anonymous

            After you do this later you will be her phone god and hero.  You will get lucky for at least a week… 🙂

          • GotSka81

            That needs to be a fortune cookie.

          • Barlog

            My thoughts EXACTLY! 😀

        • Anonymous

          actually the thunderbolt was the fastest phone for about 6 months. and honestly its probably now only seconded to the bionic on verizons network. some might of had their software issues, but i still love my thunderbolt. i was fortunate enough not to have a whole lot of problems with mine.

        • I bought the Thunderbolt for the ability to use the front cam in skype conversations with my long-distance girlfriend. I just recently got that ability with the latest (bug-ish) GB update from HTC. So it let me down because it was advertised with the ability for video chatting, but to get it I had to take some bugs to get that ability. So the potential was there….but failed at it.

  • Anonymous

    Will this finally be it?  Finally GB for the TB?

    • Until they have to fix whatever bugs they put into this bug fixer….

  • As someone who hasn’t had to many issues with the original GB update, I’m not too worried about getting the update right away. That being said, I would like my VM notifications to work and have some of my faith in HTC restored.

  • Anonymous

    Why am i up at this hour? Well Zimbabwe time of course ahaha