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New Pictures of the DROID RAZR in the Wild, Makes Its Way Into More Verizon Systems

It’s not like the DROID RAZR is a secret anymore. We have a pre-order date and announcement from Verizon, full specs, and picture and video hands-on with it. We even know that it should receive Ice Cream Sandwich some time in early 2012. It’s a beautiful, powerful and ultra-slim device that will surely be a winner. It may be tough to adopt it as a dev-friendly device though, since it will have a locked bootloader that according to Moto was a “carrier” decision.

Still, to those that could care less about custom ROMs or kernels, this device is one of the leaders in the clubhouse. Most of us are still wondering how Moto managed to fit that LTE radio inside and keep it so damn thin at just 7.1mm.  

Also, the device is now in Big Red’s Equipment Guide giving us another look at specs:

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  • gimlet72

    Just saw a patient of mine who has the RAZR… The screen looks great. Its is super thin.. I was jealous. He would not give it to me.

  • JP

    The Verizon logo on the front is misplaced.  By putting it under the screen and above the capacitive buttons, it breaks the illusion of a unified interface when interacting with the device.  

    Not to mention, having to stare a the Verizon logo all the time when using your phone is annoying. Brand it on the back, and be done.  We know which network we’re using…we pay the bills every month!

  • KG

    Wakie wakie Kellex.. need moar nexus neuz!

  • Justin Kos

    need moar nexus!

  • Monday morning at 8:15 and no new stories?

  • Want the Nexus because it’s a true Google phone, and should be updated accordingly, but love the sexy hardware of the RAZR, decisions, decisions…

  • Anonymous

    So here is my thoughts/questions about purchasing the RAZR.
    1. It will receive ICS in early 2012. (now i know that people worry about that meaning may, but I think Q1 for an iconic phone like the RAZR brand).
    2. Google is buying Motorola soon, therefore its in Googles best interest to support their devices first and quickly.
    3. Building and maintaining an Iconic brand is extremely important for any company, and few could argue that the Droid/RAZR has to succeed, and set high standards.
    So for a non developer like myself, who just wants to root just to run a few “extra” apps, I’m thinking the RAZR is a good choice for a 2 year marriage. It may be behind currently because of ICS starting somewhere else, but what will it be like in 6 months when its running ICS and that 8mp camera is run by awesome ICS, and I can disable bloat I dont want.
    I really want to make a good choice, so if I’m crazy and should go with the G-Nex, please sound off and let me know!

    • Anonymous

      I doubt google will ever be in charge or updating the Razr to ICS. Google doesn’t need to get anything over to Motorola.. ICS is available for free. Motorola will just sit on it for several months before they can roll in their motoblur with ICS. Google will have no control over that.

      • Jordan

        I think at the end of the day after Google acquires Motorola (regardless of their reasons behind it), they will care about all future devices put out by Motorola simply because their name will now be tied to that product.

    • Anonymous

      I think both phones will be good phones. If you do not really care about custom roms and what not then the razr will be fine for you. It is thinner and has a larger battery and rumors say it will have better battery than the nexus. I am going to wait a few days see how battery holds up then decide. This is the first moto phone in awhile that has interested me and I was all about the nexus for awhile but not so sure anymore.

  • hatethanet

    We ever get clarification whether the Nexus has a video out through the micro USB port or not?

  • LiterofCola

    Ok, all joking aside, I’m really torn between the Razr and the Nexus.  Both look like great phones, but they both have pros an cons;

    Firstly, the Razr:
    Pros…Super slim casing, kevlar backing, slight waterproofing
    Cons..No removeable battery, no immediate ICS, Blur
    Doesn’t matter to me…non-removeable battery, and ICS would eventually follow, locked bootloader (I have no plans on rooting the phone, would most likely run a Launcher)

    Now the Nexus;
    Pros…Super AMOLED HD screen, ICS, removeable battery, no 3rd party UI
    Cons..thicker design casing, plastic design

    I’m torn….

    • Alix8821

      SAME!.. My D.Inc deff needs to be replaced, BUT, i dunno… Nexus itself i hott… But I reallu want that ICS… If only RAZR came wit 4.0…

    • Anonymous

      As long as the battery in the razr is good I think I may go with that. I dont care about rooting and all that(even though the razr has already been rooted and with a potentially permanent root.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • good post!

  • Rogerwhyte

    Loving the look of this Android. Androids really to kick the ass of Iphone’s. Plus, since IPhone’s are on their way out of the market (let’s face it, without Jobs things will go downhill fast), best to focus on Androids now! Chinese calendar http://www.absolutelyfengshui.com/dateselection/chinese-calendars.php

  • Lakerzz

    Looks like Moto is changing “blur” up once again…notice text below the dock icons? Hmmm…I wonder what else has changed. Maybe the ability to totally shut blur off…I THINK NOT!!!!!!

  • Booboolala2000

    Love the ICS wallpaper. Even though it won’t have ICS until March or so. I’ll be more than happy with the nexus. Just wish motorola would release a non blur phone. Blur isn’t horrible, but it gets in the way of updates.

  • Anonymous

    This would be a nice phone if Motorola would quit locking up those bootloaders, at least then I know I could put ICS on it as soon as the Devs start pushing it out…. Galaxy Nexus hurry up and get here!!!

  • Sporttster

    Locked bootloader….enough said…dead on delivery…

    • Anonymous

      I still haven’t had anyone explain to me why this is such an end of the world issue. You can still root, still run custom ROMs, still alter clock speed… Hell, even the Bionic is already running CM7 and other “locked” phones, like the droid x, have been developed on for years…. What am I missing?

      • Anonymous

        Nothing, other than the inexplicable need to have bragging rights on the Internet. “OMG you don’t have vanilla Android? Your phone is obviously inferior to mine.”

        • Anonymous

          Ha so true. I could see before when rooting was almost necessary just to get the phones to run properly. Phones now have more ram, better processors, and android as a whole functions better. I only root if the phone has glaring issues out of the box. Most of these new phones run fine. Some will complain, just as they do about blur when it is nothing like the blur of old.

      • Tom

        That is not exactly true… You are technically running a virtual recovery to access everything. The original bootloader is still very much there.  When you have an unlocked loader you can swap out the bootloader directly and avoid conflict and damage to your phone. http://www.koushikdutta.com/2010/08/droid-x-recovery.html Please read for more info. Will it work? Yes. Is it a perfect system? No. Having an unlocked bootloader means that you have complete unrestricted access to your phone.

    • JohnPA2006

      Everytime they say its got a locked this or that, about 2 or 3 weeks later you see a ROM out for it.
      I wouldnt not get a phone because they’re saying its locked.
      The RAZR is going to sell just fine. So is the Samung Nexus as well.

  • Anonymous

    how do you get to the equipment guide on verizon?

  • Amd718

    Its crazy how everyone is forgetting about the rezound/ vigor. Its going to be super amoled hd with a 1.5 ghz dual core processor, 8 mp cam,2 mp front facing. Beats by dre headphones and s/w plus it still has expandable memory and removeable battery. Its on par with the razr and galaxy nexus with the exception of ICS.

    • Sporttster

      I’m not forgetting it at all. Waiting impatiently to test it out!!!

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t super amoled on rezound

    • Its HTC which stands for Horrible Terribad (battery) Consumption.  And uber slow update roll outs.  Beats is a gimmick which should warn you how weak their offering really is.

      • Tom

        I agree with this entirely. I won’t buy it BECAUSE of the Beats labeling. They just want to get people to buy it for that to compete with the iPhone. I’d rather see them say “With [insert good audio driver here]” rather than Beats. We already know that Beats on HPs is a joke because it only ups the bass and treble, and when you turn it off it DOWNGRADES both (in other words instead of going flat it makes the treble and bass lower than it should be). The mere fact that that is true makes me assume that Beats is only a software implementation that can be done much better with PowerAMP.

    • Anonymous

      Allegedly the battery is quite a bit smaller than the RAZR or the Nexus, with the big drain of LTE on top of it. If they don’t implement something like Moto’s power saving app, it’s going to be a tough sell with such a short charge life.

      Not to mention we still haven’t actually seen it officially released yet.

      • Anonymous

        agree think it went through fcc with a 1600 mah battery which wont hold up with an hd screen and the notoriously battery sucking sense.

    • Anonymous

      I think the Revolution 2 might be interesting too. It’s supposed to be thinner than both the G-Nex and Rezound. It will also pack the new LG TrueHD 720p IPS screen which should be better than both the G-Nex and Rezound screens.

  • Trvsdksn

    Not attracted to this phone at all. Same goes for the Nexus. Maybe the Rezound. If I can’t do some type of trade in allowance at Best Buy, I won’t be upping to any of them. $299 is more than I am willing to put toward any device.

  • Nexuslover

    Despite the hump on the Razr is nobody else worried about the supposed thickening of the Nexus Galaxy phone for Verizon 4G LTE? I was set on Nexus and then heard it will be meaty for Verizon – 10 or 11 mm thick…

    • Booboolala2000

      I have a Charge and even if it is that thick, I’m cool with it. Think it will be marginally thinner though.

    • Anonymous

      it’s the one with the jumper cables hooked to it. Not thick at all. thicker than the one they showed but by no means thick. Go find the pic, you’ll see for yourself

  • Battle Geek

    AT $299.99 this will do a lot of damage especially with Christmas just around the corner. If this is launched soon it will eat into that market share the Galaxy S2 had with being Super Amoled.
    Google and Motorola are now officially competing with Microsoft and Nokia who have a similar strategy to keep the smartphone at around $300.


  • J Dub

    See that hump? LTE radio in there. This phone is lacking a few features a next-gen phone needs. 

    • Anonymous

      The hump is where the camera is. What features is it lacking?

      • Sporttster

        Unlocked….biggest feature missing…

        • Anonymous

          but an unlocked bootloader doesn’t make something next gen.

    • Hello

      Yeah but that little hump is the size of the entire thickness of the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. According to some rumors “a little thicker” means 12-13 mm thick instead of the 8.9 they are advertising for the rest of the carriers.

  • joejoe509

    Anyone else think that this should have been called the SLVR not the RAZR? The RAZR was a flip phone and the SLVR was a candy bar phone. Makes more sense to me… Knowing Motorola, the SLVR will soon be their new “flagship” phone and it will be released in two months. Ha ha.

    • Anonymous

      I think they decided to not go with slvr since how big of a POS that was and atleast the razr sold well for while.

    • Anonymous

      People remember the RAZR and remember it fondly. Not so much for the SLVR.

  • Guest

    Anyone notice it says 4G MICRO SIM Card

  • Calvin

    An LTE device with a non removable battery? I guess it would be ok if I used my phone like my mother in law, once a week. Useless!!!!

  • viewthis66

    no thanks… i’m still on path to get the G-Nex.

  • Rlowez28

    I don’t know if anyone else realizes this ,but…….did you get a good look at the picture of the back of the phone????? That sure looks like a non-removable battery to me. (there’s no door on the back.) To me, that seems apple-ish and certainly is a deal breaker.

    • Anonymous

      Really? Have you been in a coma since this phone was launched?

      • Anonymous

        Hey, take it easy on Z28. Yea its like that…Chevy Runs Deep

        • Anonymous

          Lol… I am a Ford guy…

  • dshizzel

    I, personally, don’t think that Big Red will be able to come out early next year with ICS.  They have added a lot of “value” to the GB version on the DRZ and it’ll take a lot of effort on their part to bring that functionality intact onto ICS. Unless they have two teams – one maintaining the GB version and another toiling away on the ICS.  

    That being said, I’m going to be up bright and early next Thursday, ordering my DRZ.  The memory card support and HDMI port plus the general sturdiness of the device (despite it’s thin form factor) are the reasons I’m choosing it over the GNex.

    Gawd, I loves me some acronyms!

    • Anonymous

      moto handles the updates and sends them to verizon all verizon does is test it make sure it isn’t super buggy and then allows it to be pushed out.

  • Anonymous

    What people on this and other tech forums dont remember is that a very small percentage of the phone buying population knows and/or cares about what makes the G-NEX so great. 95% of people, especially business users, see the RAZR with encryption, web-docks, MotoCast, long battery life, extended SD memory and a slick, sexy form factor made of high quality materials. They dont care about ICS, NFC (yet) or anything else the G-NEX has over RAZR.

    My prediction, RAZR outsells G-NEX 3 to 1.

    • KevinC

      how do you know what the razr battery life is compared to the galaxy nexus?

      • Anonymous

        Fine, take out battery life, add in remote wipe, built in office app and higher MP camera. I know the higher MP don’t really make it better, but again, 95% of people don’t… Higher = better…

    • Sporttster

      Yep,just like the Bionic was supposed to be the hottest thing since the wheel was invented,huh,LOL! The Nexus is gonna smoke this thing so bad they’ll have to come out with another locked POS to try to compete with it. Better to do it right the first time around and not have to play catch up.

      • Anonymous

        If you ask 50 random people what a boot loader is I bet only 1 would know, if your lucky, let alone care if it is locked. POS? Who are you kidding? G-Nex might have some new features but RAZR is NOT a POS. making such comments just makes you sound like a drone. We shall see Which sells better shortly!

        • Tom

          I’ll tell you this… The RAZR won’t out sell the Nexus because it is a better phone, it will outsell it because it  is Droid labeled, and Verizon will advertise the hell out of it. Chances are if you walk into a Verizon store looking to buy a new top tier smart phone and you have no idea about anything, they will push the RAZR and the Rezound, not the Nexus. It is going to be like every other developer phone, it will sell to the niche crowd, (ie not well) but will remain up to date with everything. You will NEVER see a Nexus commercial, but you will see several RAZR and Rezound commercials.

          I personally like the G-Nex better based on specs and features that I would want. Rezound is wash because of Beats and knowledge that their battery life sucks.

  • big box

    Verizon considers the razr an enterprise phone…of course the bootloader is locked. Bet all phones they say are business phones are locked down initially. So stop acting like Motorola pulled the rug from underneath you. I’m pretty sure Verizon requested a locked bootloader or would Motor lie bout that and then say the international version can be unlocked?!?!

    • Anonymous

      all us moto phones are locked so it isn’t only verizon.

  • Bob

    Does anybody know what the thickness will be for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. It is 8.84 mm according to their site for the other carriers, but because of the LTE radio they said it will be “slightly thicker” on Verizon. Is it going to be 10 or 11 mm?

  • Anonymous

    F*ck you disqus.

  • I wish I could have the galaxy nexus with moto build quality. Plastic… meh. 

    • joejoe509

      Drop a plastic phone and a metal phone from shoulder height and tell me which one suffers less dings and scratches.

      • Sporttster

        With the case on it’ll be even….ain’t goin nude so don’t matter….

        • me

          With a case on next to the razor it will look like the fat girl standing at the buffet. I hate cases that’s why I buy moto.

  • Kierra

    I call bs on this article. Tough to adopt? Wasnt droid x adopted by the community? Why is droid-life turning into some Galaxy pushers

    • MOTOX

      its harder to adopt when the nexus is right around the corner as well.. nexus was never on verizon…

      • brandon holley

        it’s all on preference, do you want faster updates to your software or do you want a better build quality of a phone with slower yet still on point updates? Also I suppose I’m the only one who thinks this but the next nexus with supposed “jelly bean” seems to me that motorola gets that nexus solely for the fact that google bought them.

  • Psxfrolfer

    I hate to ask a question based off an assumed update but, should the Razr receive 4.0 would it’s camera then exceed the Nexus? I am having such trouble deciding which route to go.

    • MOTOX

      good question… no idea… i wouldn’t think that maybe yes… because actually… that should be software… though remember mexapixles don’t always matter so the nexus 5mp could be better… and might be… moto doesn’t use the best camera’s… but yeah if they did not use their moto blur camera ui and the ics one then yes theoretically maybe…

    • joejoe509

      Software helps especially when Moto’s camera software seems to be the issue, but it really ultimately comes down to the quality of the sensors. Samsung’s camera sensors tend to be better than Moto’s.

    • Anonymous

      depends on what the sensors are like in the moto. Moto never really had good cameras so I doubt ics will do much for it.