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Steve Jobs Really Disliked Android and Google

The much anticipated book about Steve Jobs’ life is set to be released this Monday. The book, which is simply titled “Steve Jobs”, was written by Walter Isaacson and is the only authorized biography about the Cupertino CEO.

According to the AP (who received an early copy), the book provides insight into Jobs’ relationships with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors with the launch of Android.

Isaacson wrote that Jobs was livid in January 2010 when HTC introduced an Android phone that boasted many of the popular features of the iPhone. Apple sued, and Jobs told Isaacson in an expletive-laced rant that Google’s actions amounted to “grand theft.”

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs said. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Jobs used an expletive to describe Android and Google Docs, Google’s Internet-based word processing program. In a subsequent meeting with Schmidt at a Palo Alto, California, cafe, Jobs told Schmidt that he wasn’t interested in settling the lawsuit, the book says.

“I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.” The meeting, Isaacson wrote, resolved nothing.

We all remember the picture of Schmidt and Jobs at a California cafe that Gizmodo captured back in 2010 – perhaps this meeting was not the civil one that we once thought. I personally pre-ordered the book and I am excited to learn about the private life of Mr. Jobs, and of course see what other swipes may have been taken against Android. Will anyone else be picking up a copy?

Via: AP

  • Did he hate it because it stood in his way and it was his job to hate it? or was there something in particular he didn’t like about it?

  • Buck Bengoshi
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  • august

    Nokia was the best-selling phone before iphone and android came to being… It will regain its throne. Just wait apple and droid fanatics!

  • Telveer

    The gall of Steve jobs … just because he is dying from cancer and led Apple back from bankruptcy does not mean everything he says is true. Smart phones existing long long before iPhone, and I can show almost every iPhone feature in older Smart phones.  Except for the layout of icons (which by the way is a Palm invention), there is nothing much in common between iPhone and Android. In fact, iPhone copied many of the features from Android (pull down notification bar, anyone?). Just like their PC business, Apple will corner its 10% or so snobby fanboyz and get stuck there. I am so glad I switched from Windows Mobile to Android. If I have to, I will go back to WInMo but  never to iPhone. My son has an iPod and it is a POS.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kcmex

    Apple never has and never will get a penny from me.

  • Fuckiphone

    The only reason he is crying, is android is kicking the iphones  you know what A$$ and they are selling them for half the price of the I-products. So quit crying and deal with the competition. Be a man oh wait now your worm food to bad so sad! Android wins again!

  • Poor Steve, thought he invented the smart phone. Yes, he refined it and brought the smart phone to the masses, but Microsoft, Nokia and Palm were making smart phone operating systems many years before Apple. There’s nothing new or original on the iPhone, nearly every single feature was done before the iPhone. Maybe Microsoft, Nokia or Palm should be suing Apple.Nothing Apple has ever done is innovative. It’s simply been a matter of refining what others have already done. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, unless you try to hold claim that you somehow hold the right to prevent others from doing the same.

  • RIP Steve Jobs… did not mean to disrespect… The fact that he has died must be respected…. Please remember that!

  • I do not know much about this technology stuff, all I know is that I LOVE ANDROID…. I LOVE CHOICES AND FREE APPS, CANT AFFORD APPLE… I am a true believer OF CHOICE….YOU LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE AND I CAN LIKE WHAT I LIKE!!!! CHOICE IS GREAT AND I HAPPEN TO LIKE ANDROID!!!

  • Anonymous
  • John Crisp

    I have to add my 2 cents in on this just because I use to have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs till I read this statement. Steve Jobs and Apple did a lot of good for technology. No one can refute that…I thank Steve for all his efforts to bring choice when the world was dominated by Microsoft and Windows OS…With that said, I tried Apple out for a few years and I had a all the iCraps till the 3Gs and I each one of them I sold less than a month of owning them and even sold my Powerbook and iMacs. I am a Vz customer and I have had all the flagship Android devices, because I have been in working in the technology world for 20 years,still rather young, to my knowledge of the way how technology should work, I will never own a Mac product again. They are way over priced and always behind in technology. Heck, I remember when the iCrap could not receive a MMS message but yet was classified as a Smartphone. I found this puzzling because was very low end devices on the market that even had this capability. Yea yea yea!! I can here it now, the iCrap had the capability but it was ATT that preventing it…Whatever!!! Now that here is a choice over iCraps, with Steve Jobs statement, he is lashing out at Google and Android because people have a choice over Apple, the very basic fundamentals of why Steve Jobs started Apple. I can list why Google/Android is far better than Apple iCrap but I do not want to get the, Fanboys of Apple panties in a bunch…

  • Anonymous

    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”
     –Steve Jobs

  • Anonymous

    APP =’s Apple Probably Pilfered.

  • Anonymous

    And the irony in this tyrannical, wannabe, is that iOS 5 copies quite a few features from Android OS

  • Finger

    During the development of radio, there was an inventor named Lee DeForest who, apart from one or two legitimate achievements, was notorious for claiming other people’s ideas as his own. The thought of anyone surpassing him in ingenuity enraged him and he spent a lifetime suing his competitors to gain complete control over all of radio broadcasting. By the end of his life, he had won the public battle, selling himself as the “father of radio,” and accepting soul credit for a technology that had been developed over decades by hundreds of people, most of whom had contributed far more than he ever did.

    Any of this sound familiar?

  • Anonymous

    Does this remind anyone else of Braveheart. Jobs on his deathbed can’t wait to hear Android is finished instead hears Andy yell “FREEDOM” which basically means Android is still #1.

  • Spoken Word™

    Why are there iTards here commenting? Oh, that’s right, they’re iTrolls….

  • Asdfmj

    this is kind of funny considering iOS 5 stole the notifiction bar from android…

  • ihater

    Karma’s a bitch, eh Jobs?  It’s okay to steal ideas from xerox and make them your own, but android can’t exist?

  • babadush

    Steve Jobs can dish it out but can’t take it

    • Anonymous

      Sore loser or should I say poor sport!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to buy this book for damn sure! 
    Then I will make a video of me burning it and post it on YouTube

  • Anonymous

    I’ll wait for the movie that Sony is making.  

  • Dvdseer

    Android based phones actually have a higher share of the market than IOs based phones. Apple has a high share based on the single maker (Apple) but when you combine the total of Android phines out there, its a different story.
    BTW: Apple did not invent the GUI or mouse either, but they like to take credit.

    • manny

      He didn’t invent the mouse but was one of the first if not the first to package it in a personal computer. Get your facts straight

      • babadush

        He just said he didn’t invent it. What facts are wrong?

  • Eryk

    Not to bash a dead man…but Steve Jobs stole his own things too.  Just to name a couple, the Graphical User Interface, and the mouse.  And let’s remember, Stevie, “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”.

  • Anonymous

    But it is perfectly fine when apple takes android’s notification bar concept

    • Anonymous

      Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark. Android FTW!!!

  • Stevaroo01

    Preordered my copy from Amazon. Will ship on Monday. It’s a shame Apple & Android don’t get along better because they both have much to offer!

  • aham brahmasmi

    allright ifanboy….keep it cool….whatever happened has happened for good….

    • manny

      not a fanboy i just like it when i buy something and it works….I actually own an HTC thunderbolt and this is not what i have gotten with this

      • Anonymous

        My thunderbolt works just fine. Rooted, running the latest Gingeritis ROM, can’t remember the last time it rebooted. Sorry you haven’t had a good experience with yours.

      • The problems with the Thunderbolt are HTC issues, not Android issues. HTC has been crappy lately while Samsung has been breaking out of their crap trend with smartphones (the Charge was a great device and the Galaxy Nexus looks like it’ll be amazing).

        • manny

          Your right..this crap should not even be called android.To me the only phones that should ever get compared or even talked about in the same sentence are the Nexus phones… That’s android. Not the crap lg motorola and htc have.

      • what the hell are you doing here, yes you are a fanboy, and desperate sounding one. Your not someone who just wants something to work, your someone that gets mad when other people don’t like what you like.  That’s what your doing here right?  Obviously you suck apple nuts for breakfast, and your on here like a rampant troll, spewing android hate.  Go on an apple blog and have an orgy with other iphone users.

  • manny

    I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want This says it all Android Aholes stop using our Ideas

    • Anonymous

      You are truly an airhead.  Sorry buddy, you obviously lack the common sense to recognize reality from fiction.

  • manny

    On a android fanboy site like droidlife is the maturity of these comments is expected.If android is so great why is it that not one android handset or tab out sells any ios device. What you morons fail to realize there would be no android had it not been for ios in the first place. If ios is released and all of a sudden android is released with a bunch of similar features that had obvously been copied by your boy Eric while working at apple, Doesn’t that entitle Stevie boy to sue? Out of every hundred android device that’s sold 20 gets rooted and rommed. So all your bullshit about customizing and all that other crap is just that,Crap. What everybody here seems to forget is that at the end of the day It’s all a business and at the end of the day not one android handset is or ever be as popular as an ios device.

    • You sir are a effin moron…period… It’s funny that you comment with no knowledge of technology. Stay away iSheep troll.

      • manny

        Install a rom on your comment….ahole

        • Anonymous

          Again, I beg for an answer as to why you Crapple fanboys feel the need to come to a droid site and bash everyone? Nothing better to do with your life? I’ve never once felt the need to visit an Apple fanboy site just to sit around and bash their fans. I figure if they are on those sites, their IQ is already so low that they wouldn’t understand a valid point if it smacked them upside the head. Now go away manny and let the rest of us enjoy our droid site in peace.

          • manny

            I come here b/c I’m a techie and have owned a droid,droidx,dinc,droid3 and now use a thunderbolt, it just pisses me off how on this site everybody always has something negative to say about apple. I also use a mac,had iphone2g,iphone3,iphone3gs and an iphone 4. And from my expirience I enjoyed my iphones more than my android devices. I do like the big ass screen on my tb. 

          • Anonymous

            Understood, I’m thinking the Galaxy Nexus will be the game changer for anyone, myself included, who think that Android is not quite as polished as the iphone interface. I have always been willing to live with this little compromise to have a phone that I am free to customize the #*%$& out of to make the experience as close to my liking as I can.

          • manny

            Well said droid dude !!!!

          • 1324356565

            I call lies on all the devices you have previously owned, you probably have a palm or a blackberry or something.

          • Then use your iPhone and ignore what people say about Android.

            I don’t own an iPhone for reasons that painfully evident to me, but hey, to each his own.

          • babadush

            This is a serious question. Why do you have so many phones?

          • Ever think that’s because this is an Android related site?

            Go to an Apple blog or forum, you won’t find them saying about how great Android is how they wish iOS was more like Android (though that is what they are starting to get now lol)

            Same with anything else. go to a Xbox forum and they will talk down Sony’s products but go to the Sony website and they are all about hating Xbox’s

            There are many people who are a bit close minded and think that unless everyone thinks the same way they do, they are wrong. These are the people who forget that competition breeds innovation.

    • Anonymous

      ohhh so you base your buying decisions on whether it’s popular.  Ohh good the continuing dumbing down of America.

      It’s people like you that have let a show like Arrested development get cancelled yet stay glued to the Jersey Shore.

      Now off you go and follow the rest of the sheep.

      • manny

        I actually liked that show and hate Jersey shore. Well ahole the fact that in the 3rd quarter verizon sold 2 million iphones and 1.5 million 4glte devices says that some thing actually works a little better. That’s why there are how many android tablets out there….yeah that’s right what apple sold on it’s debut weekend. Dude if ios was as bad as every android fanboy says it was they wouldn’t sell as many as they have…Remember it’s a buisness and you are the minority

        • Anonymous

          so if you live in a community and they all decided to become a segragated cult  you would joing because that is what everyone else is doing.

          Sony should have gone thermonuclear on Apple and Jobs, the iPod is a stolen product.   

          • manny

            nice comparison…but that’s where you live not me.

          • manny

            The ipod is a stolen product,from sony ? What other mp3 player was out at the time of ipod release ? Sony’s walkman ?

          • The Ipod was a stolen idea from Creative Labs, Apple still pays royalty to the company for iPods sold.

          • manny

            read up
            Creative Labs, the American subsidiary of Creative Technology, was awarded a patent on a music management interface (now commonly seen on audio players, including the Apple iPod) by the US Patent and Trademark Office on August 25, 2005,[42] after applying for it on January 5, 2001.[43] Apple filed for a similar patent on October 22, 2002 but was rejected.[44] Along with the launch of the Vision:M, Creative announced that it will “aggressively pursue” respect of its patents, addressing “all manufacturers that use the same navigation system.”[45]So far, Creative has only addressed Apple’s infringement of its patent. Creative announced on May 15, 2006, that it has launched a lawsuit against Apple for the infringement of the ZEN patent[46] (Creative also asked the US Trade Commission to investigate whether Apple was breaching trade laws by importing iPods into the US),[47] which was then counter-sued by Apple on the same day, filing two lawsuits for infringing their patents.[48] Since then, Apple and Creative have reached a settlement, with Apple paying $100 million, and Creative joining the “Made for iPod” accessory program

          • thanks for proving me right again

    • Anonymous

      “…at the end of the day not one android handset is or ever be as popular as an ios device.”
      This is to be expected when people are given the choice to buy the device that is right for them.  With Android you get many different price points, screen sizes, skins, and manufacturers. 
      With Apple you get one each generation.  The only choice is white or black and how much memory.  All people do not have the same preferences, something that you and Apple do not seem to get.  

      • manny

        One preference all people have is having shit that works which you nor (not goggle) HTC,Motorola,Samsung
        and lg do not seem to get…Get it through your thick skull if it worked as good as you say or believe it did we wouldn’t be in here. But they don’t. Nevermind what you like and dislike. Use an iphone for a month and then go back to what ever android phone you have. Base your comments on that and not on what you heard someone else say.

        • Anonymous

          Wow…you really are a moron. I apologize for trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone who has the IQ of an average table lamp. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

          • manny

            Dude grow up get a job and experience and iphone or ios device before bashing it. Android is not quite as polished as the iphone interface

          • Anonymous

            Are you really so immature that you cannot accept that people have a different opinion than you do?

          • i lol’d

        • Something on Android must be working right since it is growing a such a rapid rate as more customers and developers leave Apple and other OS platforms for Android.

          Also something must be working right since Apple is now taking parts of Android and incorporating them into their OS. If I remember correctly, basically all features in iOS5 have been on Android devices for years now….

          But lets hear it, I want to know what doesn’t work on Android? The ONLY complaint I could have had with Android was the UI was too advanced for the processors in the beginning. But now even my single core 1ghz phone runs the OS silky smooth, much less a dual core device.

          BTW, i used to sell and had an iphone for a short time before android. Don’t try to pull the try it out and you will like it better stuff with me.

          I think you have serious case of tunnel vision combined with fanboi-ism. While myself don’t have a problem with people choosing an iPhone over an Android device you obviously do when its the other way around. If you like iPhones, GREAT! That doesn’t mean that everyone else does. I perfer Android, but when my sisters friend came to me asking what phone she should get i immediately told her to try an Android device and iPhone out and see which you like more but I bet it will be the iPhone. And that is what she went with. Why you ask? Because she is an idiot and Android would have taken her forever to learn. Apple’s simple UI works better for her.

    • Ok I think I’m done laughing to be able to write this.

      First off, Android existed before iOS did. It was a mobile OS project that was bought by Google in 2005 I believe it was. There were prototype versions shown of the OS on phones before iOS was ever even announced. But back then the OS was styled in a Blackberry style since those types of phones were the crurrent trend. Then in 06 I believe it was LG unveiled the first fully touch screen phone with a simple OS. The LG Prada. Apple then releases the original iPhone which lacked so many features, and Google released Android around a year later with alot more features. Of course, some of the basic features were similar (most likely because to both companies releasing a phone without them, well made no sense.) and Apple started their rants just because they pushed a “finished” product out first.

      Did you know that iPads were stolen from IBM? And iPods from Creative Labs? The thing is while Apple has been successful in creating their own OS, they are mostly better at marketing. They have been great at taking others ideas then brainwashing the masses to think that they did it first because they rushed it out or were first to mass market it.

      How can you compare the amount of sales of phones when one company basically tells you what you want and releases it once a year for people to buy (so of course during that one time of year they will likely outsell the others) to a company that first off doesn’t create their own hardware devices (i’m looking past the part where apple just buys parts from everyone else for their products) and just have an open source OS for manufacturers to freely choose if they want to use it or not? Comparing OS to OS seems a bit more fair inwhich Android does outsell Apple. Maybe people like choice?

      You dare to bring up the amount of rooted devices? Android has about 15% rooted devices while Apple has 34%. Seems like people who want iOS devices want more features and freedom…..while Android can do like 95% of the stuff a jailbroken iPhone can do out of the box.

      • manny

        Let’s start from the bottom up. Did you know that most people with a jailbroken iphone only jailbreak it to UNLOCK it (use on tmobile) and never customize or use cydia based apps ?

        Apple out sells any 1 android phone All year round not only at release. At the time when Verizon got the iphone 4 a phone basically 6 or 7 months old and released maybe a month or two before the tb. Who sold more?

        Not sure about the ipad..but the ipod was not stolen from creative labs
        Creative Labs, the American subsidiary of Creative Technology, was awarded a patent on a music management interface (now commonly seen on audio players, including the Apple iPod) by the US Patent and Trademark Office on August 25, 2005,[42] after applying for it on January 5, 2001.[43] Apple filed for a similar patent on October 22, 2002 but was rejected.[44] Along with the launch of the Vision:M, Creative announced that it will “aggressively pursue” respect of its patents, addressing “all manufacturers that use the same navigation system.”[45]So far, Creative has only addressed Apple’s infringement of its patent. Creative announced on May 15, 2006, that it has launched a lawsuit against Apple for the infringement of the ZEN patent[46] (Creative also asked the US Trade Commission to investigate whether Apple was breaching trade laws by importing iPods into the US),[47] which was then counter-sued by Apple on the same day, filing two lawsuits for infringing their patents.[48] Since then, Apple and Creative have reached a settlement, with Apple paying $100 million, and Creative joining the “Made for iPod” accessory program

        • 1. I don’t know one person who has jailbroken their iphone to use on t-mobile. generally if you can’t afford to have a better phone carrier, then you can’t afford to buy an iphone and computer to unlock it to use on tmobile. I’d say about 90% of the people I know with iPhones have them jailbroken, mostly for getting apps for free.

          2. Yet again you are comparing apples (no pun intended) to oranges. You can’t compare sales of the devices when Apple gives you one choice and the 10+ manufacturers who put out Android devices. Thats one of the points why Android is so popular now, you have choice. You want a keyboard? There’s a phone. You want a large screen? There’s a phone. You want a gamepad? There’s a phone. Etc.

          3. Um, you just confirmed what I said. Obviously Apple didn’t make the first mp3 player. Their main direction that made them different was the GUI OS on the device that was developed first by Creative Labs who patented it then sued Apple for them. Since they are still using the patents it is likely that besides the money they got and the accessories rights, Apple is paying a royalty to them for each iPod sold.

      • manny

        Android did exist before ios but released after Eric Schit worked at apple so there is a strong possiblity that some of what the article says is true. Read it again it says I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.” The meeting, Isaacson wrote, resolved nothing. Eric would have never met up with Steve if all he was going to do was hate on android and not bring up a valid point…

        • While Eric may have gotten some ideas from Apple while he was still there, Android would still exist either way. Android was acquired from Android Inc by Google in 2005. So either way Google was going to have Android and honestly, how many things has Google touched that hasn’t taken off? But the thing is Apple people claim that Google stole the idea for the modern smartphone from Apple jsut because the iPhone was released in 07 while the G1 was in 08. While LG had already released the first fully touchscreen smartphone in 06. What actually happened with Eric and Steve is a gray area. Hell for all we know they could have been Eric’s ideas that Steve took and slapped in a phone to release it before Google to be able to take the credit. And the thing is Eric wasn’t on the board at Apple until mid-late 06, a year after they acquired Android and had been building it…..

          Steve’s fight against Eric was basically the same thing that happened 20 years before with Gates. Steve wasn’t the first to make a home computer or the mouse or a GUI. But when Gates went off with basically the same idea and was more successful (just like Android has been proving to be over the past 2 years) Steve got angry and sue happy, while it wasn’t his idea….he was just building off of someone else’s. But twice now its been proven, 1 OS with the freedom to be on basically any device will be more successful then you forcing people to choose one device (mobile) or a limited selection (pc).

  • Anonymous

    Not to speak ill of the dead but the guy was a douche and so many people are brainwashed that he was some great innovator.

    “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

    Really…and what would he call OS X? He basically stole the GUI from Xerox.

    The list can go on and on…

    Look at what he did to Apple’s co-founder. Basically lied to him and tried to steal money from him.

  • jbonics

    WWaaaaaaa R.I.P……. waa

  • Randy Rowland

    You can’t own an idea

    • manny

      Really? How much did Mike Zuckerberg have to pay for “his facebook idea” …

  • Finger

    This is why I get really anoyed when people try to talk about Steve Jobs as some benevolent visionary bequeathing his inventions on the world. Steve was a businessman, and a particularly greedy one at that. He took credit for ideas that weren’t his, charged unnecessarily high prices for shoddy products, and sought to destroy (by way of legal action, not business) anyone who tried to compete with him. He was anticompetitive and monopolistic, yet (through clever marketing) convinced two generations that he was some sort of underdog inventor fighting off evil billionaire tech companies. The most he deserves is credit for popularizing good ideas that weren’t being taken seriously before: Personal computers, Mp3 players, smartphones, and tablet PCs. But without competition, technology stands still.

    • manny

      This can too be said of Mr. Micro$oft.

      • Anonymous

        Yup.  Microsoft likes to throw their weight around and threaten so that they can dismantle or make money off of their competitors.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs died a litigator and not as an innovator. He feels that he is the only one who can steal or borrow ideas and claim them as his own, but when someone else does it, he cries bloody murder. Google didn’t steal anything, they bought Android, Inc., a startup company only 22 months old based in Palo Alto, CA. I’ve got a great quote from a great hypocrite: “Good artists copy, great artists steal. We at Apple have always been shameless at stealing great ideas.” -Steve Jobs

    Shameless at stealing great ideas, unless someone steals them from Apple. If that’s, Apple will get the lawyers out. Even worse, Apple steals of its own people – WiFi Sync, was an app that Apple rejected. They then later stole the idea, and even the guy’s icon who originally created it. This has happened countless of times. Apple at first rejects something because they did not think of it originally, only to steal it later while the poor guy or small team that wrote the app get stampeded on by the big company and lose everything.

    iPad 2 smart cover? A company was making the 3 panel folding company for the iPad 1 units. Apple stole it! Yes they put magnets on it, but they stole the design. Didn’t bother paying for either of these two. The list goes on and on people. Apple is no saint, and neither was Steve Jobs. It’s truly saddening that Apple gets a false reputation for being a goody good never do wrong type of company. It couldn’t be farther from the truth! They truly are an evil corporation. Foxconn, the Asian sweatshop that handles the majority of all Apple products, has one of the highest rates of suicide among their workers. They are treated less than human.

    “I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want” Says the guy who just rolled out iOS notifications straight out of the Android playbook.

    He must have not realized, even on his own deathbed, that the world does not revolve around him and his ideas (stolen & genuine).

    • Anonymous

      Apple has been stealing other people’s ideas while getting (and claiming!) all the credit for decades.

      • Anonymous

        I agree 100% +1

  • boo Jay

    Of course he would, Android’s whooping Apple’s candy@$$ in market share despite entering the game later.  Imagine how much further Google Android will dominate in the coming years.

    • Anonymous

      How much market share did apple lose to android? I don’t consider it “whooping ass” unless they lost market share against apple. If anything rim and microsoft are the ones getting their asses whooped.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the AP leave us with such a cliffhanger????? I hope it turns out ok for Android!!!

  • I would love to read it but I really don’t like ready biographies, but maybe

  • John Hicks

    And yet here we are, taking over the world.  I wonder if Steve has started doing somersaults yet.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if his biography is going to have a sequel since he was buddist where he gets reincarnated as a sweatshop worker and gets his revenge on android by making defective devices.

  • i just lost muchos respect for jobs(corpse). See, this is yet another reason I will NEVER purchase another iPhone no matter how much bettter or worse they may become in the coming years. I am devoted to this platform, and will continue to support it. So sell your iPhones/destroy your iPhones in protest and go buy a REAL SMARTPHONE>>>> an ANDROID.


    PS: suck it apple! Your leader died of AIDS(the media will tell you otherwise) and your platform will slowly rot back to what macintosh was in the 80’s: useless crap!

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that Apple is complaining about this considering the majority of iOS features are borrowed from other devices. I will admit they have executed the borrowed ideas quite well though. Again, Apple’s arrogance is alarming. Very FEW of the features on ANY Apple device is an original idea. Siri is nothing new – though it’s better executed than anything out currently. Cameras were nothing new, the shape wasn’t really all that new (LG Prada), touch screens weren’t their idea. The App Store and iTunes/Music was really the only original idea they have had. Granted, they were extremely important and revolutionary ideas. Google has yet to copy the Music idea and the app store isn’t something you can really patent or expect others not to follow/implement.Apple – your arrogance is alarming. Steve Jobs arrogance was legendary. Having said that, Apple makes a great product – no doubts there – but to say that Android is stealing from Apple is ridiculous. The only way they could be stealing is if the ideas were Apples originally – most weren’t.

  • dam he was a hater….even though he never mentioned in publically 

    • Anonymous

      He actually did everything possible to convince the masses otherwise. Some people think he was more of a saint than mother theresa. It’s pathetic that people ignore or can’t see the truth.

      • true…
        Currently apple is like a chicken without head…the way I see it that good days are gone for apple they may have next one or two good years but at words it is all down hill or up hill
        Andriod WAS ahead of apple and WILL be….

        • Anonymous

          True, they had a good run back from the depths but it’s starting to head downhill again. Unfortunately all the great minds and workers at Apple will never get credit for their intelligence and diligence. It will all be credited to Steve.

  • Wasn’t steve a pirate himself? No honor amongst thieves remember Steve?

  • Rob R.

    As a person who loves android I never did like Jobs much. The fact that every apple fanatic looks down on your for liking android and windows made my distaste for him even worse. I have no respect for anybody that thinks everything they make is “game-changing.” After watching Pirates of Silicon Valley  my respect dropped further when I learned he was a dead beat dad, and now this. All I have to say is that his hate for Android was fear based, if he really believed the bullshit that came out of his mouth than he would not have gave two shits about android.

  • Heh. Too bad, Jobs. Using others’ ideas and making them better than yours is the way of technology in capitalism. No idea is original, and no idea may be owned by any one person, if you ask me.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Henry Ford felt the same way about Chevrolet and Chrysler. We know how that turned out.

    On the flip side, did you see Ford sue other car companies for building cars with the same 4 wheel design? I don’t think so.

    I respect everything Steve Jobs, but enough is enough, get over it Apple. You’re not stopping Android.

    • Actually Ford has sued the other makers plenty of times.

    • look up Preston Tucker, and watch the movie “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”. Want to talk about corporations killing a new product and taking it for their own later. This is one of the worst in history.

  • Vegaspoidog

    Guess What?  Steve Jobs is Dead!!!

    • What?   Are you kidding?   When did that happen?

  • HAHAHA….wow, what a waste of time…Droid isn’t going anywhere….just cuz we take ideas and expand on them and, well, make them better….eesh…don’t get ur panties in a bunch.

  • JP

    Wow, pot calling the kettle black!  iOS used tons of ideas and concepts from Palm OS and even some from Windows Mobile.  Wasn’t Steve Jobs a believer in “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?

  • Bigmammoth50

    I don’t believe some of the jokes are too early. He claims that android was stolen material when a lot of the stuff mac throws out there is the same thing. Someone else’s work with a white shell.

  • Anonymous

    i think everyone knows that steve was insane

    of course i think dealing with looming death like pancreatic cancer would make anybody a little crazy 😉

  • KC

    Just business.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad this is finally coming out so the world can see just what kind of a person Steve really was.

    • I don’t think anyone said he was a warm and fuzzy dude.

      • Anonymous

        Most people had no idea how warm and fuzzy he was.

  • Anonymous

    “Good artists copy. Great artists steal” What a hypocritical jackass. He even stole that line…

  • J2000pro

    Yeah! Damn you htc, that looks just like apple’s clock widget!

  • Creasi

    This is nuts I don’t care love android its Apple with WINGS…WE FLY FREELY …Still R.I.P. THE GREAT ONE

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Stevie always say that most of what they did was copy what others had already done or invented and simply improve on the ideas?
    So, it would seem that it’s OK for them to do this but no one else?
    K.  Got it.  These were his rules?  Alrighty then.  Cough…hypocrite…Cough….  Sorry.  Had some irony stuck in my throat.

  • hatethanet

    There’s no way Apple could “destroy” Android at this point no matter how much Jobs wanted it. 

  • @2won6

    By 2012 Android will be looking down on Apple

  • Christopher Knowles

    Steve Jobs in 1996: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”

    Steve Jobs in 2010: “I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.”

  • Boris Badenov

    Steve against the world… I’ll bet on the world.
    May god rest his soul, he was a major douche…

  • Anonymous

    Android is a rip off of iPhone? iPhone ripped off Palm OS anyways, so anything Jobs says is useless. It just shows you how Jobs is a monopolist at heart. He’s uninterested in licensing even for $5 billion, he just wants the competitor out of the race. He’s a monopolist who never gave to charity, unlike Bill Gates who plans to give 95% of his wealth to charity. Why are people who never met him so sad that Jobs died again? He was a greedy man. Soldiers more honorable than him die often, I don ‘t see the masses mourning them. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean it changes the truth and makes him a saint. He’s human like the rest of us.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. All the big runners borrowed ideas or have similar versions of other makers functions. The ones who had patents are being successful in court now, the ones who did not well, that’s the game they are in. Been happening for years. It’s nothing new.

      • Anonymous

        He’s actually spot on.  Having patents do not change the reality of the situation, they only make playing the game favorable to those who do.  Ignoring the fact that the system on which those patents are derived is patently broken.

  • Anonymous

    After reading this shit I say F U bitch!

    RIP my ASS!

    • Spoken like a true intellect.

      • Guest

        you mad bro?

  • Anonymous

    “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” ~Steve Jobs

    So its ok for you steal Android ideas (ei Pulldown Notifications) but when someone does it to you you have a meltdown. lol

    • If you don’t patent a feature it can’t be stolen in  legal sense. Apple had many patents that Android has ‘borrowed’ ideas from. This has gone on in the tech field for over 50 years. Jobs was so angry because up until the last couple of years no one borrowing these ideas from Apple had made such a presence as Android, his anger also came from fear of what Google was becoming.

  • Wow…actually reading this and it sounds like what everyone describes. Steve Jobs didn’t do shit for innovation. All he did was tell people about his ideas and make them realize it. He had no concept of anything other than larger ideas so anyone who made a phone that worked similar to his was a theft of his idea. He’d probably also look to sue Barq’s Root Beer out of existence if he was Mug Root Beer.

    • Anonymous

      Barq’s is much better than Mugs….so good comparison!

      • I’m a rootbeer fan. IBC and Barq’s are my favorite mainstream brands. The more ginger kick/spice in the root beer, the better, IMO.

  • Steve Jobs was reluctant to install suicide nets at his factories.

  • Wow…passionate about what he did. But what an Ass. But you don’t get to where he was with out stealing ideas, which Apple obviously did, and he justified it in that 80’s interview.

    Here’s the deal. He and Apple worked long and hard on the iPhone and iTunes. First iTunes, then the store front device, iPhone. It was his philosophy that you have to tell the consumer what they want. Well after all that hard work and advertising to convice everyone they NEEDED an iPhone w/iTunes, he was watching it all slip away in while dying. Android’s lead over iOS is substantial, and happened pretty quickly. When you work so hard on a device and software, then spends lots of money convincing people they need this and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It would anger you to see a bunch of kids at Google(Android) pummel your device in a couple years, and tell you that you idea of a device is wrong and this is people want cause we listen to them and actually know technology. It’s like sharing with your kids your favorite sports team and then they decide on their own that your team sux and is kinda boring to watch. He was bitter about his passion.

    This whole thing about who came up with what first is all BS. Jobs was an innovator. Ok. So was Henry Ford. He created a great thing call an automobile. But other companies were formed and began to create automobiles with options and things not thought of by Ford. Do all Apple people only drive a ford? No, they drive a foreign car, cause they took Ford’s innovation and made it better. Then ford and other companies copy that and make that better and so on. 30 years from now no one will care. We will just want the phone that does all the best stuff and if Apple continues to sue instead of innovate, then their share of the smartphone market will only dwindle.

    Sorry I never post, but had to get this off my chest…

    • Anonymous

      Ummm… the first automobile was made by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769, NOT Ford.

      In terms of internal combustion(modern automobiles), the first one was made by Karl Benz, and named after his daughter, Mercedes.

      • Well there you go…Ford copied that and made it available to the masses and created the assembly line, so we remember him for that. Just like Jobs copied Xerox and Samsung and others and created a devices for all the iSheep to follow and we will remember him for that.

        Thx for the info…I’m gonna google and wiki that now…never knew about Karl Benz or Cugnot.

    • Anonymous

      I agree except for your last paragraph; Jobs was not an innovator, he did not invent the cell phone, the smartphone or anything else, he stole ideas and put them into a pretty package like many do only he and his company were very good at marketing and creating a reality distortion field (that term originated from within his own company by some of his own engineers and employees btw).  He was a delusional egomaniac who believed in his ideas so strongly that he was willing to fight to the death to preserve them, very much akin to religious extremism. Of course he was also a businessman so he wanted to gain and maintain market dominance and didn’t tolerate competition of any magnitude.

      • babadush

        I was just about to say this. Henry Ford invented mass production. Motorola invented the cell phone. What did Jobs invent?

  • Anonymous

    Its ridiculous how in the world of technology people actually accuse each other of stealing ideas. If nobody copied each other great companies would never have a chance to innovate and create such great products that we do today. Technology has grown because people have taken good ideas and turned them into great ones.

    With that being said, Apple has a serious problem thinking that everything is a replica of their crappy device. haha

  • The part I find amazing is the point to which Jobs believed his own bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    All due respect that jobs was a great creator, but the real reason he hated android is android is because it posed a threat the apple. He knew that the i*hone alone alone wouldent be enough to compete with android and he would have to be more inventive with new products. The reality is android has changed the smartphone market forever

  • Anonymous

    And i just saw a commercial last night for apples NEW voice to text. Who is the thief?

  • Rich

    wow, I love this site for it’s information and I’m a very happy Android user and developer but the comments here are the worst kind of fanboy-ism and borderline delusional. This is the exact kind of shit you guys are always claiming Apple users are guilty of including in this very thread.

    With iPhone Apple pulled together a bunch of existing ideas into a single slick package. Anyone remember what Android looked like at the time iPhone was announced? It looked and functioned absolutely nothing like it does today. 

    It’s disingenuous to claim that Google didn’t dramatically change Android once they got a look at iPhone. A simple Google image search can prove that.

    That’s not to say I think Jobs is right. This is the nature of technology. It’s a game of leapfrog and you have to constantly innovate your way to the head of the pack. Adapting to superior ideas, as Google did, is not theft IMO.

    • Guest

      you mad bro?

      • Rich

        Nope. I am disappoint.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I guess we can sum it all up with “oh well….”

  • Anonymous

    This will be the most commented on article of the day.  It involves Apple.  This site is predictable and juvenile.  Cover things of actual importance to Android. 

  • J Dub

    I personally will not be picking up a copy. May Steve rest in peace, but I don’t really give a dern about his life. Don’t take that to mean I don’t care that he died. I just don’t care about his personal life.

  • Kinchas

    Think that pretty well clears up Oracle’s position in all this mess.   Lot of crazy talk from Steve on Android. Sad commentary to remember Steve by.   It’s business….it’s not personal.  Maybe the Apple Board of Directors will address this in a more business like fashion.   And then Apple should get back to using it’s time, energy and talent to innovating something.

  • HotSauceMagik

    Jobs was a baby.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting considering most of the iOS features are borrowed from a multitude of over devices.

  • Anonymous

    Go one day without mentioning Apple or anything related.  Or will that hurt the site’s traffic too much? 

    • how about when apple stops suing everyone, while at the same time coping features that have been in android phones for quite a while, than maybe there wont be anything to talk about.  
      Steve jobs is a well known person in the mobile field so news regarding him especially mentioning things such as this are well within the topics of this site.
      now if i went to droid-life and the main story was kadafi was dead than id be worried unless of course he had an android phone in his pocket when he died 🙂

  • That’s apple.  It’s not just the i*phone.  They rarely change the look of anything.  It works for a lot of people…but if people are coming out with better/nicer things and you still don’t want to change what you’re doing than it’s no fault but your own.  Also a*pple will always have their die hard fans who will keep buying product after product with minimal changes.  I’m not worried for them.

  • Anonymous

    I am not here to take a moral stand about who did what and whether it was right or wrong. Frankly, no one knows the truth until they have all the information from all parties concerned.

    I am interested in a product that suits my needs and purposes. Whoever puts that product out first.. gets my money and admiration. Simple. 

  • Anonymous

    bunch of freaking humps, the lot of you.  so the guy had an opinion that we disagree with.  is this news?  hardly.  this site is becoming so pathetic but in a sad way entertaining.  like a car accident and I have to look.

    • Guest

      you mad bro?

  • 😡

  • SugaShane

    ” You know that’s like cutting a huge fart and just walking out of the room. And that’s how we’ll remember you, as a big fart.”

  • Rizzidy

    The last two sentences of this article were completely unnecessary.  No one cares about you.

    • So what he is a very friendly person and is always nice to everyone in the community.  He care about what we say and reads our comments so stfu.

    • Tboltuser

      @ Rizzidy:  “Droid Life:  A Droid Community BLOG.”  Blogs, or web logs, typically contain commentary on a particular topic.  Commentary typically involves personal perspective and insight.  How much further do I need to go with this?

  • Dollyllama

    In a meticulously calculated response, Eric Schmidt replied, “U mad bro?  All UR base r belong to Google…These are not the droids you are looking for.  I find your lack of faith (and sd cards) disturbing”

    Jobs, extremely disgruntled and angrier than ever had no words and could only /facepalm

    Just then, simultaneously outside of Apple, Microsoft and HP headquarters, a time disruption sphere appeared, vaporizing each company’s logo statue on the front lawn.  A green (albeit naked) Android appeared and said to the CEO of each company, “Come with me if you want to live.”

    Roll end credits…DADA-DA-DADA   DADA-DA-DADA  DADA-DA-DADA

  • Anonymous

    wait a sec, what HTC phone was it that got him all butthurt? Incredible? What was so upsetting about that phone? That it was sleeker than previous Android phones, and didn’t have a slideout keyboard like OGDroid?

  • Because he never used an Android device.

  • Reason

    Well, I guess when he finally realized he could not destroy Android before he expires, he decided to change his tactic and steal from Android.

  • Tomgillotti

    At one time *pple did it first and then Android came along and did it better. It’s sad, but the truth is that as *pple released their i*hone 4S, and Android has announced their newest OS with the Nexus, Android now does it first AND does it better.

    Sorry *pple and Mr. Jobs (RIP), you were once an innovator. You failed to change with the demand of the consumer… Android adapts, changes, and meets the needs of the current market.

    Say what you will, but Android is the Future, while ios is the past.

  • Booboolala2000

    Nope. Jobs was a spoiled brat. Plus he never created any of the tech or the design, only ideas and thoughts thereof. Woz was the brains of the two, Jobs rode on his coattails. Funny that he said Android was copying ideas. He never even looked at Android long enough to notice. Plus, when Apple rejected Android for the platform for iOS Is when Schmidt left.

  • I think he was a miserable man, genius, but miserable.  Never liked him.  He’d rather die than see Android succeed, in some way he got his wish.

  • Wow I agree that maybe a little bit of android kind of looks like the iPhone somewhat but I think in Steve’s head he thinks they stole all of it. Well Steve R.I.P ICS is nothing like the iPhone!

  • Justin Kos


  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it was his own fault. Who puts a potential competitor on their board of directors? And I disagree with Mr Jobs. Android is far, far away from the gimmick, cheap metallic and wood themes and uncompromising home screens… You mad Job? too soon?

  • Anonymous

    Looks who died first. 

  • js

    Facebook vs Harvard Connection. I know how this ends!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    In the end, none of this is even worth the energy or hate

    • Anonymous

      right on.  these people and their insignificant little lives are only happy when putting others down. i feel pity for them and hope they find happiness someday.

      • Guest

        you still mad bro?

  • GCurry

    Many companies were coming at phone-as-general-purpose-PC.   Some came at it from the direction of calendaring.   Some from the direction of messaging.   Apple came at it from the direction of personal music.   Jobs’ obsessiveness, coupled with Apple’s user-centricity produced a well-finished device, with style.   But if Apple and Jobs never existed, the format would exist anyway, and wouldn’t be much different from Android.  

    Same as circa 1981, when it was “time” for the personal computer.  Lots of different kinds existed, some dominated.   But if it hadn’t been Microsoft, it would have been some other company.   And it twenty years, it will be “time” for implanted-device-as-general-purpose-PC.   That some company should OWN the intellectual property of an idea whose time has come is a sad joke.

    Jobs liked to think he was bigger than he was, but in the scheme of things, all will proceed as it has been.

  • Rick

    As much as he hated Google, but he was friends with Eric and spoke with Larry a lot.

    Steve was an interesting person, to say the least.

  • Rich

    Not wasting my money on that fools name… What about the features IOS stole from Android? If it were apples Ideas first, then how come android had them out 2 to 3 years before Apple did… In my book and in the patent book, who gets it to market first wins… Sorry Jobs…

    Now that the patent laws are changing, maybe Apple can now STFU and get over their High priced crap and locked down crap… I don’t even know why people would pay so much for something they can’t use fully…

  • This is like saying the first car ever made should have rights to every car that has followed since its conception. Look how far they have come, these are exciting times for cell phones. I defiantly see where Jobs was coming from, I get that. Without HIS idea, we would not be where we are at with these devices. HE was the innovator and iPhone was HIS creation, but just look what has happened from Steve’s idea…it’s amazing. I have no desire to buy an iPhone but I will never disregard or forget where mine came from….This was his baby, android defiantly borrowed and improved many ideas from it though…In one form or another, this is tech, people borrow from it only to improve apon it…

  • EC8CH

    Bottom line… 

    *pple as led by J*bs was a very innovative company.  But they innovated in much the same was as everyone else, by combining and improving upon ideas and technologies that already existed.What pisses me off about them is that they tout the innovations they make through this process as miraculous and magical, and demonize all others as slavish copiers.

  • Finire

    Well, he got his wish, and used his last dying breath.

  • And this excerpt really made me dislike Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure I’d go that far. Though it is easy to say that he was beginning to lose the battle.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that Mr. Jobs would certainly commiserate with Mr. Henry Ford’s frustration that everything manufactured on this planet was “grand theft” of the mass production system 😛

  • John



  • Guest

    Yup, he did spent his dying breath fighting Android, and he lost….  I appreciate what he has done for the tech world, but the guy is a douch (alway is, alwasy will be).  Just because he’s dead, it doesn’t automatically make him a saint.  Rant over..

  • Anonymous

    …Too soon..

  • Anonymous

    “Immature poets imitate. Mature poets steal. Bad poets deface what they take. Good poets make it into something better or different. A good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique and utterly different than that from which it is torn.” android didn’t do that. They may sell a lot of android is devices, but what about the tablets

  • john


  • Jordan

    What about the original Mac OS, wasn’t that stolen from Xerox?

  • Spoken Word™

    Stevie J was an a-hole and we all know it. This isn’t surprising at all.

  • Anonymous

    I just might…I am interested in seeing what Jobs actually thought about Android and the tech world as a whole

    • Anonymous

      I’ll save you the time. Everything sucks except me and my company, everyone copies us.  The end.

  • Brian

    Jobs may have been good at his job… but he was a douchebag. Get over it Steve, you didn’t invent the smartphone!

  • I regularly follow

  • Anonymous

    Good thing: The guy wants to give technology to the world  Bad thing: He wants to be in total control of it and get all the credit

    And let’s be honest, he even admits he didn’t invent any of it.  He just invested in it and sold it.   I am happy to have my Android that I can customize to no end.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Anonymous

      The mere fact that I was bored on my DX just a second ago and loaded a different rom just for fun is all the reason I need not to be an isheep.

  • amy


  • Anonymous

    He tried, and failed.

  • uwsjbddkdk

    But…he’s right…

  • LiterofCola

    “Last dying breath” to destroy Android?  How’d that work out for ya?

    • Anonymous

      too soon.

      • Not soon enough. haha

        • Anonymous

          No not really funny. Steve died, let it go. Do people have that little dignity? The man poured his heart and soul into something he believed in, literally until the day he died. Now if he believed things were stolen, that’s his opinion and we may have ours but he perused legal action which he is entitled to do. The courts will decide the rest. Was he shrewd? Sure. Wrong? No. 

          • John

            Actually, it was quite funny

          • Rickysiebold

            relax… don’t be such a steve jobs. 

          • LiterofCola

            Made me spit out my water

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            They were his own words. I personally find the attitude very narcissistic, and his being alive or dead changes nothing about that opinion. It amazes me that a man who was so smart and creative could be such a bad sport.

            Like you said: Steve died, let it go. He will have what dignity he gave himself.

          • Anonymous

            He was very wrong, actually, and a giant hypocritical assclown.

          • amona

            Zep you disappoint me. You show way too much respect for someone who simply shouldn’t receive all the credit.

      • we went from 5th to 1st since he made that statement. we won. going forward…TBD

        • Anonymous

          There are no winners and losers, competition is good for the continued evolution of technology.

          • Anonymous

            He didn’t succeed in cornering the market for his own greed and vanity, I consider that a win.

          • Anonymous

            unless the losing company sues the competition and handicaps the evolution of technology

        • Anonymous

          Uh, the iPhone commands 2/3 of all the profits in the smartphone market…..what exactly are you first in???? Oh that’s right…..market share. Guess what fandroid? HP is number ONE in PC market share, yet they are considering spinning off their PC division….any idea why? I guess market share doesn’t mean a damn thing if u aren’t making any MONEY….boy u fandroids make this too easy…

          • Anonymous

            you’re an apple fanboy posting on an android blog.. scared much?

            boy you isheep make this too easy..

          • Anonymous

            Nah…..just providing some balance to the legions of fandroids that invade Apple blogs…..scared of an opposing opinion, fandroid dufus???

          • Arodroid

            Seriously though…you are an Apple fanboy on an Android site.  Get a life dude.

          • Anonymous

            Translation: We have no valid response so please go away……

          • 1324356565

            Tanslation: gtfo

          • Anonymous

            Here’s your translation: Apple has 2/3 of the profits of the smartphone market because Apple’s marketing team is SO GOOD that they can make an average consumer pay 2x the cost of what they should be paying.

            SO kudos to you Apple marketing for making people pay extraordinary amounts for your average product yet still some how getting them to defend you…. Briliiant!

          • Anonymous

            And why should I (the consumer) give a shit about profits? Nobody is denying the fact that Apple has their fanbase straddling the company for absolutely anything they dish out with an “i” in front of it. The truth is us (as consumers) should care much more about market share because, guess what, WE ARE THE MARKET SHARE!

          • Anonymous

            This is why you should give a shit, fandroid: a company’s PROFITS point to the overall health of a business. In short, it assures that the company who’s products you prefer will remain available for years to come. Market share, on the other hand, assures NOTHING. Just ask HP…..

          • Anonymous

            How long do you think Apple will dominate the market after Jobs is gone?  He is the one who brought Apple back to life when the company almost went bankrupt…  Now he is gone, they have no one else to guide them…  That’s the reason why they are doing all these Patent law suites.  Apple is looking desperate.  They know that without Jobs, there is no more innovation and one else to help guide the company in the right direction…  Apple is in really deep trouble in the next 4 to 5 years from now…

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like wishful thinking….

          • Anonymous

            Sounds more like a fact…  Do you actually think if Jobs was not brought back as CEO of Apple more than 10 years ago, Apple would’ve created imacs, ipods, iphones ect…?  If Jobs was not brought back over 10 years ago, Apple wouldn’t have existed today…  Now Jobs is gone… it’s all down hills for Apple from here on…  Do you actually think Tim Cook can keep Apple afloat in the next 5 to 10 years?  I think not!!! 

          • Anonymous

            “I think not!!!”

            That’s obvious….

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            That is my point…there are reports from everywhere saying one and then the other. Fact is we prefer one you the other. There will always be websites and reports claiming and stating all kinds of things, just use your damn phone and shut up.

          • Anonymous

            No that wasn’t your point….you thought you scored with that article….don’t try and backtrack now

          • LiterofCola

            Obvious troll is obvious

          • Anonymous

            You do realize that Apple’s stocks dropped over 20 points after they announced that they hadn’t hit their quarterly numbers and then Google announced that they beat their projections and their stocks have been rising? Probably not the best time to be clamoring about profits…

          • Anonymous

            Did u know it was bcuz everyone was waiting for the new iPhone, evidenced by the sale of 4 MILLION units in 3 DAYS?? And in spite of that, they still managed to sell 17 MILLION iPhone 4’s, a phone that is 18 MONTHS old??? Nice try…..

            Like I said, too easy….

          • Anonymous

            Are you really that clueless when it comes to the stock market and projections? You’re either saying that the iPhone 4s was released behind schedule, more people than predicted waited to buy it or the rest of their crap didn’t sell very well…which is it? Apple projected a profit, and then didn’t hit it. Why was that? Stop glossing over answers just because you can’t go into detail about them.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry….I didn’t realize that selling 17 million units of a MORE THAN YEAR OLD PHONE meant that their “crap didn’t sell very well”……I guess that’s the bar that Apple has set huh? Remember how their stock fell when the 4s was introduced? Guess they didn’t see 4 million in 3 days did they???

          • Niteperson

            Of course they’re going to sell 4 million phones in 3 days.  What other choice do the Apple faithful have if they are ready for a new phone?  Otherwise, they’ll have to wait until who-knows-when.

          • Anonymous

            You’re partially right, fandroid! But here a little secret (at least to clueless fandroids):
            It’s not just the “Apple faithful” that are buying the iPhone 4S:


            Like I said, too easy….

        • Anonymous

          After Jobs’s gone… Apple will go from 1st to Bankrupt!!!  Just like when Jobs was kicked out of Apple…  Jobs is Apple.. without him, Apple is dead in the water!!!

    • Sruel3216

      this was good! haha

      jealous old man

    • Job’s words from the grave disgust me more than anything he said in life…

      Hey Steve, you didn’t invent touchscreens, been around forever (better sue Wells fargo I guess, they have one), you didn’t invent apps, they are called $1 simple programs, you certainly didn’t invent the words ‘app’ and ‘store’ yet you feel the need to sue when spoken (I’ll have my lawyer send your family .57 cents), you didn’t invent mp3 players, well you DID invent the $400 mp3 player when the rest were like $50, you didn’t invent copy n paste yet your commercial sold this to your iSheep like you did! my pathetic moto Q from like 2k5 copy n pasted lol. You didn’t invent retina display, you simply took years to match the competitions HD displays and when you finally did you add 50 more pixels and stood up and sold the world Retina display! only u steve, only u, lol and lastly for now, you didn’t invent voice recognition, but you did BUY an companies app that did it and then bake it into your OS as a reaction to google’s stellar in house voice technology that has been around for a year plus…



      • Barbacoa

        By the way just an FYI. LG makes the Retina display…. 

        • My point is simple, Apple added a slightly higher resolution than all the other HD smartphones to their smallish 3.5 screen that they rolled since 2007 and called it ‘retina’ display. Steve stood up, showed the world his old 640×480 display that they held on to too long… and claimed the world over how special an extra few pixels over all the other phones already had some year or 2 later…

          Apple is actually the king of copy and spin and marketing yet steve claims he will blow all of apple’s money, ALL OF IT!!! to destroy android as it’s a stolen product, in life and now in death steve you really are/were completely delusional

        • Me

          Additional FYI … LG has been behind the scenes making the guts/meat and potatoes for many electronics and appliance companies for nearly 50 years..

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Well said.

      • Jikhead

        Beat me to the punch….nicely put though, and I have the same scentements. 

      • LiterofCola


      • Matt H

        well said

      • Guest234234


      • Anonymous

        Nicely said…

      • Datterdude

        Espier.  On the Google Android Market.  It’s a home launcher that mimics iOS extremely well. Try it for a week.  I don’t think you’d like an iPhone that basically has that as the primary interaction.  iOS is not winning element on the iPhone, it is it’s hardware.  That gap is closing/closed with current offerings in android.

      • Anonymous

        The ignorance in the comment makes absolutely no sense. Obviously he didn’t invent “touchscreens” and “apps”. He invented a device, the iPhone, that revolutionized the mobile-device industry and opened people up to a new world of smartphones. The Retina was amazing because it crammed the most pixels and achieved the highest ppi in a smartphone at the time of it’s release. There was no other smartphone at the time the Retina made its debut that achieved such a feat, there were no “competitors”. There were no “HD” displays on any smartphone that I know of until the Galaxy Nexus was announced.

        You are claiming he invented things when he simply implemented them into devices and brought them to the forefront making them that much more relevant. Apple did indeed invent “Facetime”, they never claimed to invent a webcam. They invented a webcam using application that made it easier to communicate between their devices with a pinch of effort. Apple did not invent voice recognition, nor did they invent Siri. But they did however implement and alter Siri in such a way that makes voice recognition interesting and “cool”, though the same came even be said about Google’s implementation of it Android.

        Steve attempted to trademark the phrase “App Store” because his Apple devices again made it (app) a term that has become extremely popular among the public. It is their store for apps. There was no device with a store for apps that is was relevant and popular until Apple stepped into the game, and they felt that it should be their phrase as they again brought the phrase to the forefront of the public. However it is much too generic to be trademarked. Though, I do believe there are several trademarked things in this world that are incredibly generic, yet are still trademarked.

        Android fanboys need to properly analyze things before making such outrageous statements. You are stating things that are completely invalid. When you patent and create an idea you defend it. That is why Steve does what he does to Android, and that is why he sees it as a rip-off. Without the iPhone, Android would quite possible be a horrible, and ugly OS that may have not reached the success it has today.

        • Anonymous

          Extremely well said…

          • said the iSheep..er iKing sorry

          • Anonymous

            No problem fandroid….er, well yeah, fandroid

        • My response is not to be taken as fact.. it IS to be taken as SATIRE and how Steve and Apple project on the iPublic, who iSADLY are just iNNOCENT ViCTiMS of crapple!

          • The world wants to know, are you ready to give it another shot?
            Steve, how do you really feel about Android?

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to burst your bubble but “app” is short for “application” which has been a term used for decades to describe computer programs.  Pre-retina, the displays on android devices made the apple iPhone’s display look like a fisher price toy.  I guess android manufacturers using the better displays should have come up with a buzz word like “retina” to describe how their displays *smoked* the iPhone’s puny low-res screen but they don’t have the marketing machine that Apple has.   They got it right this time though with “HD”.

          • Anonymous

            I know what app stands for, “app” was never as heavily used as it is now, pre-iPhone. Though, I am only 15. If people were using “app” as frequently as now instead of application when I was young then I apologize for my ignorance, no sarcasm intended. I truly don’t remember it being as popular as it is now, Apple almost made it into it’s own word per-se. Independent from the word application.

            Also, I never said that the Android phones released pre-retina had inferior screens to the iPhone. Were you just bringing that up?

          • Best part of Retina display is the marketing behind it. Apple doesn’t plan on doing 1080p for iPad 3 they will do slightly more, so they can be ‘better’ than 1080p. While the world of technology embraces standards (like 1080p), apple likes to show up late, then tweek it slightly and proclaim to the world something new.. 

            Well that was when Job’s was alive, good luck Tim Cook in this kind of sales and marketing Steve had ‘it’, this was clear but Steve is gone and so is Apple’s dominance. And no, appel isn’t going down because Steve died, they are going down because of Google and Samsung and all the other technology makers making products that fit all lifestyles, state of the art products (not lets wait a year and save as much all the while calling it the 4S and screw 4 million into thinking it’s new!)  Hey apple! not one version of 1 product with the same 3.5″ screen as when it was introduced in 2007 (cough, cough iPone) or 1 iPad or 1 iPod (people actually by those still??) 

            Apples 10 year run is coming to a close as It wont be long for  people to discover the world of technology not appels narrow vision of it

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            The fact that you stated that makes me realize how around 1-3 PHONES (being iPhone only) still manages to outsell HUNDREDS of ANDROID PHONES. Its Google’s fault they dont invent a new technology and claim it awesome like Apple has. And I think Apple, being the brilliant company they are, already prepared for this day to come (Jobs dieing and such). Im pretty sure Apple knows what to do and how to do it. I cant wait until iOS 6 comes out and shows Android who’s boss.

          • Me

            um ….. Read the paper dude.  Android outsells iPhone at a pace nearing 3 to 1.     So, who’s the boss again?

          • Benjamin Landwehr

            Watch out.  You’re gonna get an iSheep using the, “Well android needs 500 phones to do that, the iPhone has one released at a time.”

            No one gives a hoot, so don’t bring it up.  The fact is, Apple isn’t leading in sales.

          • yep, the best thing about android is choice, big screen, small screen, cheap, expensive, keyboard no keyboard, lte no lte etc.. YOUR CHOICE CONSUMER TO PICK FROM ALL THESE OPTIONS!

            and the lol worst part of ipone is to think that the 3.5″ screen that apple introduced in 2007 is the screensize for all 5 years of iPhone. To think the Apple knows all the best features to fit all personalities and incomes in 1 product. To think that iPone is 1Pone to rule them all is easily the downfall of Apple.. it is like the whole world of technology against 1 silly little iPhone,.

            Really it’s laughable how many iSheep there are considering that apple has like 4 products and only 2 decent (iPad/iPhone are solid products and the who cares iPod, all our phones are our mp3 players now aren’t they and then the mac which really is just a tiny market share in the world of computing.. So, all the isheep waiting for 1 silly iPhone and 1 silly iPhone on steroids, iPad.. really? you’ve got tp be kidding that this is the 350 billion dollar company, blows the mind and iSad

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            Whats even more laughable is your opinion on this. Yes, even though there is only one device, people seem to LOVE a 3.5 inch screen. It doesnt matter wether just one person such as yourself wants CHOICE, the FACT is that people DONT CARE ABOUT THAT. Its simplicty, ease of use, and a one size fits all model that people like.

          • Anonymous

            The fact that android is selling 3 to 1 against the iphone suggests that people do care.

          • Tim

            iSheep? Really? You sound like an ABA (anything-but-Apple) – people who hate Apple because it’s fashionable. A four-inch screen isn’t going to make or break a phone for me. Seriously. It’s about the overall build and how it works with my life. It’s Gestalt, bro. Hell, I noticed the other day that when I was holding my iPhone in front of me it, it appeared to be, due to perspective, the same size as the 42 inch TV that was sitting across the room. So, I guess I’d be willing to give up the extra half-inch of screen real estate for a better overall experience and less worry. And better battery life. And better app quality. And better availability of accessories and add-ons. And a company to back it up that actually has a passion for great hardware, not just selling ads. Oh and far, far less malware.

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            It doesnt matter who sells more or has the biggest market share, its who makes the most money out of this. And in this case, Apple is winning.

          • HATEYOU


          • Jeffrey Garcia

            Apple dude.

          • Anonymous

            Do you realize what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs left the board the first time? They are following down the same path. Granted they shouldn’t go broke any time soon, but they are losing market share quickly and a loss of market share for them greatly affects their software sales. In the mobile phone world they have to worry about Samsung, Motorola, and HTC… And in the Tablet space they have to worry about those same companies as well as Asus, Lenovo, Amazon, and soon enough Windows 8…. Sure right now they are dominating the tablet space as they were dominating the phone market a couple years back and we know how that turned out. Also remember that once Windows 8 comes along its going to be a whole new ball game since it’ll probably bring along all of the applications (That’s long for apps, in case an isheep such as yourself didn’t know) that currently runs on windows pcs and all of their hardware manufacturers along with them. I know it doesn’t look like Apple is in trouble now, but in the long term if they continue as they are they’re going to become the same nitch market that lead to them needing a bailout from Microsoft at the turn of the millennium. 

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            Wow do you honestly believe that just because Steve Jobs left Apple is going to fail? Wooow. Look, Steve died, the iPhone 4s came out and its the best selling phone ever sold on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Selling over 4 Million in the weekend ALONE. No other phone has ever had that much success. In case you didnt know, Android was created by apple. Eric Schmidt and Andy Ruben both worked for Apple at the time the system was being created. Now do you really think Apple is going to lose their crown of top smartphone or tablet? No. They are the largest technology company in the world. They are already prepared for the day Steve died.

          • Barbacoa

            Hi Jeff, I was wondering if maybe your meds are wearing off? I know what it is to blindly follow something, but damn dude your’e not even making sense. I work for Verizon and we still sell droid’s 2-1 over the S. You act like adding an 8meg camera, flash, global technology and a dual core processor make the sad little iPhone relevant. In truth the only thing that sells apple is the ingrained fear of change that apple instills in its fan base. “Dont get a droid its a splintered system””don’t buy windows you’ll get a virus”… The next time you standing in line or having to make an appointment to get your device fixed look around the “genius” bar and ask yourself this. “If this product is so flawless, and has so few issues why are all these other people standing here waiting to get thier devices fixed?”. Honestly all apple is, is a status symbol. “OOoooo look at me i can spend a stupid amount of money on outdated hardware.” Oh, and other than the dual core My OG droid1 had the same specs as the new iphone….   

          • UNdroid

            android just appears to outsell the iphone because it is hosted a LOT of android-phones (samsung, SE, motorola, etc)… The iPhone has its own OS and phone… the ratio of selling 2-1 in favor of android is actually nothing. Android makes good in the beginning but that will END soon because they will lack new ideas, guess they will have to wait for apple to introduce new features then COPY again… and the best thing is… android lacks CLASS. 

          • They are the largest technology company in the world and their offerings are 1Phone, 1Pad, 1Pod and 1Mac, 2.5 of those products are hardly relevant, iPhone is a good product that once was King of the World! but not any longer, there’s a new Android in town … oh and iPad is just a overblown iPhone, so it only gets a .5 in my book. 

            So tell me how long can a company blow smoke up iSheeps asses before they realize there is a whole world of better products not made by Appel out there?It will NOT be another 10 years of Apple on top like the decade of apple that was, they had a nice little run but it’s over, consumers like choice, competitive products and pricing, not the 1.5 decent products and the narrow vision of Apple, not much longer you watch.

            and there leader is dead, that doesn’t  help. But i am sure Tim Cook will do just fine, just ask Microsoft how life is after Bill Gates! Jeff, u seem like you live in a appel bubble so I’ll tell you, the last 10 years without Gates has not been good for MS, besides xbox, not good at all!

          • Anonymous

            “iPhone is a good that was once King of the World!”

            Uh, correction fandroid…..STILL King by a wide margin:


            More fandroid ignorance on display…

          • Your so cute iKing really

          • Not really iSheep now get back in line, iPhone 5 Steve’s greatest achievement (from the grave) is coming in 7 months! if you hurry, you can be the first one to get one.. go, go, go!!!

          • Anonymous

            “You’re” (learn how to spell) so ignorant Fapple really

          • Tim

            Apple didn’t “need” any bailout. The $150,000,000 that Microsoft invested in non-voting stock was part of a settlement that would end Apple’s ongoing GUI lawsuit against them. Reports say that Apple had something like 5 billion in cash and assets at the time the deal was made. Do you really think $150 million was all they needed to be “saved?”

          • Levi Wilcox

            All you have to do is look at Android 4,0 ICS features, and then you’ll know what iOS 6 will be like. 😉

          • Guest

            I heard iOS will let u facetime Steve Jobs in heaven….that is sweeeeeeet!

          • Guest

            sorry I meant iOS 6….

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            I want you to show me what POPULAR Android phone used a screen that had more pixels than Apple’s 960X640.

          • it’s a 3.5″ screen that they came out with in 2007, they upped the pixels to slightly more than the competition to simply market it to iSheep like you 🙁 I’d rather have 960×540 4.3″ x2 screen than the pitiful 3.5″ iPone screen.. but yes, yours has more pixels, just need a magnifying glass to use that tiny little thing

          • Jeffrey Garcia

            Yea you STILL didnt answer my comment. What POPULAR android device had a resolution more than 960X640 before iPhone 4? None. Thats right.

          • Anonymous

            Fandroids aren’t very good at answering direct commemts…

          • Anonymous

            You know your precious iPhone only had a paltry 320×480 resolution before the iphone 4 right?  Practically every Android phone before the 4 had a higher resolution, some much higher yet they didn’t get the attention that the 4’s screen got which was merely a doubling of its old resolution to claim some arbitrary crown.  Apple slaps on some marketing buzzword like “retina”, proclaims it magical and you zealots swallow it up like gospel and call them innovators.  If it weren’t so funny it would be sad.  Have fun showing us how small your phone’s pixels are on your equally small screen with a 100x magnified picture.

            Btw, pentile screens allow for higher brightness with less power draw, they weren’t made to cut costs Einstein (and only two OEMs use pentile screens off and on).

        • Anonymous

          Steve jobs didn’t create a damn thing a bunch of Chinese ppl in a factory worked (slaved) to make millions upon millions of those pieces of shit.

        • Fmangina

          You Sir, are a ritard.

        • Dredamanfoo2

          Take that garbage to a eulogy or something. While it’s no happy day to hear that the only real reason your competition was in the game in the first place died, it’s not an excuse to allow for that same competition to claim stupid stuff the way people like yourself are claiming. Steve Jobs WAS Apple. With his death marks the beginning of the end of the brainwashed tyranny that was Apple. The man was brilliant, which was Apple’s biggest mistake. Without Steve Jobs, Apple will fall the way that it began to when Steve resigned that first time. May he rest in peace, and sooner or later, may Apple rest in pieces…

        • Alfjas

          Apples hasn’t invented shit they baught stuff that was already invented and then incorporated it into their product dude get over it Apple suxs!

        • DIPSHIT

          “Android would quite possible be a horrible, and ugly OS that may have not reached the success it has today” oh maybe you should go GOOGLE  that you retard. Are you serious! LMFAO

        • DLFJA


        • jerry Martin

          Some people  that even make sure thier name is “apple like” just need to get over it. I gurantee you I don’t go the apple sites and rave android supreme. Does someone have a problem?

        • Crackmonkeys4hire

          Just to note a few things:
          1) Steve Jobs did not “invent” anything. He marketed other people’s inventions and often took credit for their work.
          2) Steve Jobs was a bit of a hypocrite complaining about the tactics of large companies like Microsoft yet employing those same tactics when it suited his needs.
          3) Steve Jobs thought it was perfectly fine to take the “Windows” idea that Xerox had demonstrated then sue Microsoft over Windows and HP over X-Windows (Windows for Unix).
          4) Without the iPhone we would no doubt be exactly were we are today (Less Apple law Suits) because all this technology is market driven and many of these same ideas were thought up long before Apple even existed. The only problem was waiting for technology to catch up to Man’s dreams.

      • Check this Jobs rant out, almost 1 year ago o the day, http://www.droid-life.com/2010/10/19/steve-jobs-goes-off-on-android-andy-rubin-and-tweetdeck-respond Wow, he is way more psycho than I ever would of thought 🙁

      • Drovla

        Hey Moron,

        There is a reason that Apple is the second most profitable company in the world and it is not iSheep.  It’s the fact that no other company has iVision.  Microcrap and Anfraud are nothing but copies of another man’s vision.  I have an Android HTC and it is garbage.  The only reason I keep it is because me company pays for it.  The voice recognition on it is about as coherent as your rant.  As for over priced items…people pay for quality.  The $50 mp3 players you speak of are crappola!  Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison didn’t invent electricty.  How would you describe their contributions to technology?

      • Crackmonkeys4hire

        Oh Steve, by the way in case you forgot. You STOLE windows from Xerox and then tried to sue Microsoft and HP over the invention you STOLE. You STOLE the mouse from UC Stanford. You STOLE ideas from Wazniak and others refusing to give your “friends” who actually invented the first Apple computers any stock in the company. The only thing you did was STEAL and MARKET other peoples ideas.

        • Tim

          Actually, in the late 70s, Xerox was pursuing a relationship with Apple in order to source them for hardware manufacturing. As part of the deal, Steve and company were invited to Xerox PARC to see what kinds of technologies they were working on. Steve loved what he saw, although what he saw was a $10,000 computer system that was incomplete and not fit for typical consumer use. So he took a lot of people from PARC with him to Apple and there they figured out how to take the best of what PARC had done and make it, and here’s the important part, useful and affordable for everyday people. In addition, Apple developed the idea of the trash can, drag and drop, the pull-down menu, double-clicking and many other innovations that did not come from PARC. So when Apple contracted Microsoft to work on some apps for the Macintosh, of course they were dismayed that their ideas and research were lifted directly without any sort of agreement being reached beforehand. So, you’re wrong. Apple stole nothing. It held a contract that allowed them to do everything they did. Microsoft did not. That’s the difference. Quit ranting and do some research.

      • Tim

        Hey Fapple:
        – Larry Tessler invented copy/paste, but it wasn’t used in personal computers until he joined Apple and introduced the concept via the Apple Lisa in 1983.
        – Also, the trademark for AppStore was given to Steve Jobs by the CEO of Salesforce. So yeah, he owned it.
        – aaaaand Google’s CEO himself recently admitted that Apple’s voice technology is actually a threat to them. Half-baked? I don’t think so. Can you say “do I need a raincoat?” to your Android and have it pull up the local weather for you? Nope.
        – BTW I remember the first mp3 players. I had one. It cost about $130 and held something like 20 songs. There was also one from Creative that had a 5GB hard drive, but it was big and heavy and was meant to be added to a stereo component system. It certainly wasn’t a portable player. It wasn’t until the iPod was released that we knew mp3 players could be both pocket sized AND hold 5 gigs of music. And let me remind you that the iPod was originally Mac-only. It wasn’t even marketed to the rest of the world. But boy they sure did want it!
        – Yes touch screens have been around forever. But they were never as sensitive or accurate as the iPhone’s screen. Oh, and you pretty much had to use a stylus all the time because no one could figure out how to develop an OS that worked well with only your fingers…until Apple did.

        I could go on but no, for the most part you’re right, Apple/Steve didn’t invent most of this stuff, and I don’t think he/they ever claimed to. He/they just made us actually WANT to use them. But no one started using or copying these various products/ideas/technologies en masse until Apple introduced them to the world. If it weren’t for the Macintosh you’d probably still be using a command line interface. And if it weren’t for the iPhone, you’d still be using a RAZR or some variation thereof. Apple has been changing the world little by little since 1976. Everyone has always copied what they do and it then it generally becomes the standard. CD-ROMs. Quicktime video. The mouse. And as always, uninformed haters like yourself use that very technology to rag on the guys who introduced it in the first place. Go do something constructive.

    • Steve

      without Steve Jobs and iOS; there would most likely be no Android OS.  I am a former Droid X user- I enjoyed Android while I had it; but now an iPhone user(because of work) I would never look back.  Better hardware than any Android device, hands-down.  If you put android on iPhone hardware, it would be better than any android device out there.  In terms of OS, to each their own…i have seen that key features(camera, phone, email, text, apps) run much better on iOS.

      • Barbacoa

        Ummm are you high?

        • Steve

          Nice Comment Barbacoa.  

          No. I actually recognize good technology for what it is; good technology.  The funny thing is, i would imagine half of the people on this blog have never used iOS for any length of time.  If you enjoy modding and trying to make your phone run as best as possible on your hardware, get an android device.  If you want a smartphone that works out of the box that you can be productive with- get an iPhone.

          • Barbacoa

            If you want a device that you can only receive support through fixed locations that are few and far between buy iPhone. If you want a device that requires the brain power of a potato to use get an iphone. The fact that you call hardware into question is funny. What did the 4s bring to market dual core (big deal android phones already have it, and are work on quad now), Flash (oh wow do they know its Christmas my d1 had a flash), 8meg camera (come on really? how many droids already have this?). If you want better and more hardware option an the ability to use your phone how you see fit buy Android. If you dont want to think and really need a status symbol buy iphone.  

          • I have an ipod touch and my wife has the new 4s.  There are some things that I like Apple for but the negatives outweigh the positives by far for me.  I hate Itunes with a passion and hate that I am required to use it.  I want to just plug my device in and move whatever I want to it.  No program, no wiping device if it wasnt set up on it…none of that.  I cant stand the fact that I have to type in a password everytime I want to download an app.  I cant stand how it wont move from wifi to wifi seemlessly without having to shut the device down and leave it off for 5 min or so before I try again.  It just will not connect to new networks easily.  I like widgets and even if you don’t, you have the option to not use them.  If you like them and want them with an iphone…out of luck.  Camera and stability are things that I look at iphone as being better with.  After GNex comes out, I imagine that even that would be gone.  Oh…yeah the iphone looks good, but when are they going to actually offer new technology like 4g?

          • oh…and no.  I wont be picking up a copy of this book.  

          • Oh…I forgot to add…Iphone was touting that their new hspa+ would make the phone faster than reg. 3g.  I did a speed test on both my wifes 4s and my OG Droid and both got the exact same speed.  I first tried it with the case my wife bought for her 4s…the download speed came out to .06 mbps.  Jump for joy ye iphone lovers!  Another year with subpar speeds.

          • Anonymous

            My same impressions with my wife’s new iP4s

          • Datterdude

            You nailed it, buddy.  In every way.

          • trumpet444

            I bet youre more wrong about that second sentence than you know. Im typing this on an ipad. But I prefer an android phone. For one, who wants the same old small 3.5″ screen every time they “upgrade”?

          • Barbacoa

            You are so right. I have use Ios for many years, in all formats. Granted its true it doesn’t get viruses but whos going to target a platform that hold 2% of the worlds computers…

          • Anonymous

            see my avatar? that’s my i*4 next to my DX.. I’ve got both, iphone is for work.. now I agree with you in some aspects, many here haven’t used an iOS device for some length of time, because my opinion changed when I was given one to own.. but I say diff strokes for diff folks, but I think most of the population would be better suited to android yet most of the population only knows iOS since it came out first and haven’t taken the opportunity to check out direct competition, a high end android phone… I whole hartedly believe the GN and ICS will finally start taking bites out of iOS marketshare instead of feature phones, WinMO, and RIM.. all the issues with fluidness and ease of use are fixed and with those gone it is impossible to sit back and pay the same for half the features… the i*hone is not a smartphone, it is an app jukebox.. android is a smartphone, you have to admit, if not you are a fanboy

            P.S. the few people I knew who switched from android to iphone always say the worst part is going to a 3.5″ screen 😉 I know I hate the tiny screen, not just for typing but gestures also

          • Anonymous

            How many more calls per 100 does the iPhone 4S drop over the iPhone 4 which averaged 1 more drop per 100 than the 3GS?  Yeah, great hardware.  “Just one more dropped call per 100”.  If I was in a life or death situation, I’d be dialing 911 on a Moto Android phone before trusting your iPhone to complete a call.

      • XxForumBoiXx

        Your name is Steve, Ironic.
        And if your an apple fan, get out of the DROID-life forum.

      • Better Hardware? You’re an idiot. Please breakdown the hardware used on the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S. Will Android run better on the iPhone 4S still? Let’s go further moron, how about the Droid Bionic, Droid Razr, Evo 3D compared to Apple’s latest and “greatest”.  You iSheep are all idiots.

        Had you said better software, I would have left it alone because that’s all subjective.

        I dare you to respond.

      • Anonymous

        That is arguable.  Email and text depends on the app and they both work similarly.  It’s preferential.  Although, android phones get the win with gmail and gtalk integration.  I’ll give you the camera though.  Current android camera software is junk, but ICS is looking to correct that, finally.

        As for being an actual phone, my sister wants to throw her iPhone 4 at the wall because it doesn’t work as a phone.  I constantly get “purse dialed” by her.  When she does actually call me on purpose, she always disconnects because the proximity sensor doesn’t work fast enough and she “cheek hangs-up” on me.  And let’s not forget the infamous antenna design…

      • Datterdude

        I’m with ya Steve, in that iPhone hardware is solid.  But I think that gap is closing and may be surpassed by current and coming Android devices.  Up till now, however, iPhone hardware is among the best if not the best.  They are like the Germans when it comes to cars. 

        Android on Apple hardware would be end game.  However, the Samsung S2 and the HTC Nexus may change all that…

        ANDROID 4 LIFE

      • Anonymous

        I’m opposite… I used to love my iphone 3G..  But after one year of using it, I got so bored of it… Can’t customize anything and constant crashing…  After switching to Android, I never looked back to iphone…  I just love my android tablet and smartphone…

      • Android was in development way before the iPhone was even announced. I believe Google bought the company back in ’05. So Android would in fact be around. Would it be exactly the same as it is today? Probably not, but it’d be pretty damn close. 

        • Anonymous

          “Would it be exactly the same as it is today? Probably not, but it’d be pretty damn close.”

          Uh, no it wouldn’t:


          • Joseph Moreno

            You do realize that at that time Google also had a full touch prototype also, right?

          • Anonymous

            That’s all you iZealots ever do, spam those two photos of a pre-beta Android phone as if it’s supposed to prove anything?  You do know another model existed with a large touchscreen shortly after that one right?  Please stop acting like you know anything about theoretical alternate time lines.

          • Anonymous

            May I see it please???

          • Anonymous

            Here’s another one:


            So there you have it. They went from pretend Blackberries to pretend iPhones….watch out Windows Phone 7…..if you start selling well they’ll pretend to be you too! 😉

    • Kierra

      You guys take phones WAY too seriously

      • trumpet444

        Thats what this website is about. Its not called Droid-Hobby

      • Billyrouth2000

        And here you are visiting a phone website

    • Dude!  Don’t taunt the dead… You may give him enough beyond the grave rage to come back as the first iZombie! All his fans will flock to him and insist on being bitten so they can tell us that being iDead is so much better than being alive. Yes, that was bad.  Let me apologize ahead of time. Sorry!  Happy Halloween!

    • Anonymous

      “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs

  • Djlowproz

    U mad Apple?

  • haters-gonna-hate

    No one stole his ideas. Google just made them better. It took over 2 years for Apple to finally make a phone that was comparable to a Droid. It still isn’t a Droid though. The consumer is reaping the rewards because of the competition. Jobs was just mad because he thought he was going to corner the market and no one else would be able to make a smart phone.

    You were a genius and it sucks that you feel like Google stole your ideas, but they just improved them.

    • Anonymous

      How? Remember what android looked like right when iPhone was announced

      • Anonymous

        If you are referring to the Blackberry style device, then you should know that the code for android already had previsions for touchscreens. They used what they had at the time and put it on a Blackberry style device (a very popular form factor for the time). I don’t think anyone can for 100% say that google/Android wouldn’t have released a form factor similar to the iPhone if the iPhone wasn’t released. We just don’t really know for sure. The LG Prada showed that someone would have released the same form factor without the iPhone inspiration.

  • Jigga_Z

    U mad Steve?

    • lol

    • OG Droid

      You forgot the bro

      • Jason

        way to ruin it

  • John

    nope. will not buy it.

    • Jordan

      i might download it if it hits a PDF

  • Anonymous

    The deep ironing here is that iOS5 “stole” a lot of android’s ideas. Apple isn’t above it and it’s the extreme narcissism that permeated down to their followers.

    • Anonymous

      Like what, the pull down for notifications. What else

      • Anonymous

        Bottom line is Apple did not invent the smartphone. So he should stop crying because apple is losing this fight in cell phones!

      • widgets.

        • Anonymous

          iOS doesnt have widgets

      • Anonymous

        well ppl can say that android stole drop down notifications from cydia

    • Anonymous

      Apple likes to encourage the myth that their designs are divinely inspired, created in a vacuum by their team of geniuses deep in the bowels of the Apple complex. In reality, they do what everyone else does–take the best ideas of others and try to improve them.

      Their attempt to get consumers to care about the illusion of originality is pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Nope.  The deep irony here is that Apple stole the vast majority of their ideas from others.  Multi touch?  That was done before.  Icons?  That was too.  Almost every “feature” was done before.  They were just the first to put all into one device.

      So it’s quite ironic to get “pissed off” that Google copied from Apple, when Apple copied from everyone else first (and starting from IOS3, Apple started copying from Android).  

      Here’s to having your cake and eating it too…

      • Rich

        Hell bill gates stole from Linux and HP when he took their idea and made it graphical.. Ie Windows… So everyone stole from everyone…

        • Anonymous

          I’m not arguing if it’s good or not (or if it’s really “theft” or not), just saying that they did it too…

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it was Steve Jobs who stole Xerox’s idea for the GUI (with windows) first…so while I do not condone hateful remarks towards a man who changed the entire computer industry, you can’t deny that his opinion on this is extremely hypocritical.

          • Anonymous

            Another SHINING example of complete and utter fandroid ignorance…..Apple PAID Xerox to license some of the tech it developed for SmallTalk and the GUI that ended up in the Star series of computers to build both the Lisa and the Macintosh:


            Too easy….

          • Joseph Moreno

            those last words describe your mom

          • Anonymous

            Oh how I love the internet. I know anonymity is fun, but did you ever consider posting this information in a non-trolling / flaming way?

            Regardless of the attitude, I do appreciate the link. Despite what you may believe I do enjoy being well-informed and am surprised a documentary that I watched on this subject had their information either wrong, or presented it in a misleading way.

      • Anthony Armando

        please look up the LG Prada phone, which came out in 2006.

        • Anthony Armando

          well, annouced in 2006, released in 2007.

          • No, it was leaked in 2006 by a design award, announced a month after the iPhone in February.  And that design award didn’t come until the end of 2006, so neither side was copying the other.

      • Multi-touch wasn’t stolen.  Apple bought FingerWorks, which had many multi-touch patents, in early 2005 (before Android was even bought by Google, by the way).

        Think we just need to accept that both borrowed from each other.  Everyone who’s used iOS 4 (from 2010) can tell you that Android 4.0’s new folder scheme looks awfully familiar…

        • Anonymous

          Multi-Touch was stolen.  It was first developed in the 70’s at CERN, and really worked on in the 80’s at Bell Labs.  Heck, even pinch and gestures appeared as early as 1991.  Perhaps Apple (through FingerWorks) brought it to the mobile world, but it existed long prior.

          And I never said Google didn’t “steal” or “borrow” from Apple.  I just said that for Apple to complain about that is like the pot calling the kettle black. 

    • Anonymous

      “Picasso had a saying: Good artists copy, great artists steal – and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs

      Apple (and Microsoft) wouldn’t have been a company if it wasn’t for stealing ideas from Xerox…Steve Jobs’ hypocrisy knows no bounds…genius, probably…egomaniac, definitely

      • Anonymous

        Perfect rebuttal. It needs no further support or exposition.

      • Picasso

        I wouldn’t be surprised  if SJ said, somewhere in the book, he hated Picasso.  LOL

      • I couldnt agree more, for someone that goes on a rant because someone supposedly stole Apples ideas… they sure forget how easy it was for them to steal countless ideas from anyone and everyone they could…. Steve Jobs meant a lot to technology… but in all fairness he was a giant douche-nozzle and the only good ideas were ones that came from him.

  • Anonymous

    Pure Gold

  • Stolen product and willing to go into thermonuclear war?!! words of true HATER 😀