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RadioShack Deems DROID Bionic as “Unsellable”, Removes From Direct2U System (Updated)

Update:  We have been assured that this is a RadioShack-only situation. The device as we have been told, has no issues and will continue to be sold nationwide just as it always has been.

Talk about an alarming message coming from inside RadioShack, right? The DROID Bionic has been flagged as “unsellable” in stores and has been removed from their Direct2U system. Our source says that it is likely a software or security issue that needs to be addressed before they can begin to sell it again. So it doesn’t sound like the phone is gone for good, but there is something going on that we will do our best to get to the bottom of.

Cheers randyrkelly!

  • 1www

    Bionic is also unusable. Crap.

  • Bowdendr

    They also removd t he Droid charge as well

  • Safrus
  • Anonymous

    My Bionic as it exits now is worthless as a data device. They should stop selling them until they fix this phone.

  • me

    Dl life use to be the place to go for info but not anymore theytake an rumor they can find but don’t bother to look into it at all 75% of the time its wrong and misleading. Come on Dl we look to you for info not fairy tails

  • Anonymous

    Why is there so much hate for the Bionic on DL? It’s almost pathetic.

    “My phone that I’ve never used or even held is better than yours that you own”

    Guess what! My phone that I will own in 2 years is better than the phone you don’t have yet!

    Sounds kind of dumb, huh?

  • Dan

    I totally believe that it is a Radio Shack software issue. On the same day that the Bionic was released, I rushed down to the nearest Radio Shack and proceeded to purchase one. The clerk/manager had such a hard time trying to process the order that the warm fuzzy feeling I had completely gone away. I wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t going to screw up my unlimited plan.

    I spent about an hour there and decided that it was a no go for me. I thought about ordering it online, which would have been a much nicer experience. I procrastinated for a couple of days until heard about the Raze and decided to wait for it instead.

  • Dlc1265

    I would say the Bionic was unusable. I upgraded my Thunderbolt, at Radio Shack. The price was fair at $199. After 3 weeks I couldn’t stand it. The screen was terrible and almost every day the phone would randomly shut off, only to be turned back on with a battery pull. I was more than happy with my Radio Shack experience, an easy return, quick refund, ant the 30 day return policy rules. What was I thinking to pay $199 to upgrade my Thunderbolt??? I love this thing!

  • Ericspareaccount

    “Official scoop”. Numbers foible puts new, factory sealed radioshack bionics as “stolen” when trying to activate. Since they’re not allowed to sell stolen phones(obviously) they are temporarily holding off on bionic sales, till the database gets straightened out. Someone will fry for what looks to be a simple data entry error.

  • Rizzidy

    Even Radio Shack knows it’s a POS.  lolbionic

  • Awfredricks

    Im not surprised at all. This phone has some serious bug issues that should have been addressed before coming to market. Im on my second bionic and the issues have been consistent between devices. Its about time they did something besides telling us to wait intil november for an ota.

  • It’s hard to imagine why someone would buy this device in a world with the new Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ricky

    You guys been in a Radio Shack lately, I think it need to be removed. Horrible over price and oddly selective items.

  • Bubba

    Yeah, the pentile screen and glitches has made it unsellable.

  • Ajones36438

    Its an issue with their selling system. My mom went to 2 different radio shacks and both of the phones in their inventory were flagged as stolen. Simply a problem with their sales software system . Hey Kellex, gonna update this story or what?

    • Q

      Probably not.. for some reason DL relishes hating on the Bionic for any irrational reason.

  • Bill

    If Rad Shack was smart they would just take your name off your credit card and look it up on facebook and they could get the answers to all those questions!

  • ShootAngelsFace77x

    Bionic users just couldn’t be patient and had to pull the trigger.  They defend it like that one fruity phone’s fans.  Can’t blame them for that.  I was eligible in July for an upgrade but I’m clinging on to my OG until Nov. 

  • 4djincredible

    The issue with RS may not be the sales rep but their sales process. It is to be EXPECTED if you walk into a retail location that you will be asked  to “BUY” something. Its all comes down to how the sales rep deals with the customers, I’ve been in sales for years and I currently work for a cell phone company and doing very goodl for myself and family. Every retailer has a process but personally I like to find out what the customers NEEDS and WANTS are before I present a product I BELIEVE will BENEFIT the customer. Sales reps need to change their approach and focus on helping customer and not their pockets. If you focus on solving customers needs they wont think you are selling to them. The product sells its self if its a good product the reps job is to show you what a product can do for you and how it will increase your life style. before I offer a product to a customer I ask questions… sometimes I need to ask 10-15 questions to really figure out what a customer needs are, some customers may not even know themselves what they are looking for thats where questions come in. Also build some type of connection with your potential customer, it goes a long way. RS needs to change their sales process then maybe they will be able to sale more then wires.

    • Guest

      The problem with RS isn’t so much the corporate policies (they’re pretty lax actually, most of the stuff you’re asked at the register the person can skip if they deem it necessary) it’s the managers hiring. They get a ton of high school kids applying who are “tech savvy” (aka own a cell phone) and are only looking to pad their pockets off commission. Just like with any national company out there, there are good stores and bad ones. Just like there are good salesmen, and bad.

  • Anonymous

    I understand and agree with most everything, but what I think happened and happens is the time between development, production, training an finally to the shelves.  What would be quite interesting is how long the bionic was in storage AND when production of the razr started.

    As far as I am concerned, Moto and Verizon went wrong with pricing.  They could have sold the bionic for 149 and sold out before even introducing the razr.

    With all of the harp regarding the bionic, I was really looking forward to it, but I am glad I waited, because I really want the razr and I am not waiting this time.  Sorry to all of the bionic purchasers who were taken advantage of “in my mind” really by verizon.  That is the sucky part of the whole thing and will be even more if T-mobile is taken over that the companies are really screwing us.

  • 4djincredible

    After i’ve read everyone comment….

  • Anonymous

    No issues with my Bionic either.  Just more frustration that Moto and VZW would release a phone that would replace another so soon.  And I really like the looks of the Razr.  Sent a complaint into VZW and do it Moto as well.  Not looking for justification….more of a trade in deal or free stuff…lol 😀

  • Welcome to the world of retail! The sales associates job is to ask you lifestyle, and personal questions for a reason. It’s so we can help you to better spend your money. These are all standard retail sales practices at any properly run cellular store. I’ve been a professional salesman, and manager for 10 yrs. If you want to keep your job, you better help the customer spend his money. I can’t do that if my sales associates and I don’t ask informational questions. I will never sell you more than you need, but sometimes a customer has blinders on. We just help them see the value in products they never considered before. Customer service is number 1!!! 

  • Anonymous

    So Radio Shack pulls them from the shelf and there’s a run on the bank.
    Verizon still sells them.
    Wirefly still sells them.
    LetsTalk still sells them.
    Amazon still sells them.

    Radio Shack may be having a hard time selling phones for more than $200.

    They should stick with what they do best – selling batteries and asking for your mailing address.

  • Anonymous

    No problems with my Bionic. It looks like I might be lucky and some of you guys have had some duds.

  • Anonymous

    I have had tons of problems with both my Bionics (had to return the first one.) I will be ditching my current one the day the Nexus is on shelves. I dont care if I only get $5 for it, just getting rid of this piece of shit will be enough for me. Constantly just stops working, pull it out of my pocket and it wont turn on at all and have to do a battery pull just to get it to turn on, 3g drops out at least 10 times a day minimum where turning airplane mode on and off does nothing and also requires a battery pull. Not to mention the build quality is garbage, the volume button is loose and rattles (did on both) the whole thing makes creeking sounds when held in landscape typing a message. Never again Moto.

    • Keith Sumner

      That’s unfortunate, I’m sorry that you’ve had such a hard time with your Bionic, I personally have not experienced any of these issues.

      • Anonymous

        I though it was just my first one and was a fluke, but the second one has all the exact same problems and my brother who bought one also says he has the same issues. If I switch it to CDMA only I will get 3g service for maybe %10 of the day, but when I have it set with both radios on, 3g works about %50 of the time. I don’t live in an LTE market so I can’t comment on the reliability of that. But it so far has been a dramatic leap backwards from my original Droid as far as things actually working.

  • Anonymous


  • Bionic

    Ive had mine since day one. No problems.  As a matter of face we just got out LTE turned on today in South Bend, IN and its working perfectly.  With only 2 bars at my house im getting 15 down and 5 up.  Im not losing my data connection.

    I guess I got a good Bionic?

    I love my phone.

  • Ryan

    I just purchased a Bionic from Amazon for the $0.01 sale. I love the phone. Faster than heck, haven’t had any problems with it. I chose Bionic because to me, RAZR is too thin and I hated previous RAZR lines, and G-Nexus just a bit too big for my liking. And to be honest, you can’t argue with a penny.

    I love the phone. I only notice the pixels when my brain thinks about the people here on DL or other sites who complain about the pixels. Thank you all for poisoning my brain to look for pixels 🙂

    Amazon does have the double ETF, yes. But the Amazon one is 181 days. I’m not going term my service after 6 months, so to me that wasn’t relevant. They also have a 30 day return policy as well.

    I have had no problems with data. I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

    Anyway, I’m happy. I’m not a power user like alot of the people on these boards, so maybe I’m not seeing the flaws others do. But it’s just big enough screen wise and doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap in my hands, which is what I fear from RAZR.

  • Anonymous


  • Somia25

    How about I’m on my third one in 5 weeks and all three can’t keep data signal as soon as you drive around town. Stay in one spot and it takes these coke cans 30 mins to resume data. Lemons!!

    • Somia25

      And I live in Miami…. (I’m always close to cell towers)

  • Genius

    Meet me at the Radio Shack next to the Sprouse-Reitz, which is in the shopping center where the Alpha Beta is, across from the Woolworths. After we buy our Droid Bionics we’ll get a clown sundae from the Farrell’s on the corner. 

  • Anonymous

    My question is how are we gonna put any faith in Moto when it comes to the RAZR after this debacle of a phone? Moto had what? Like 8 extra months on the bionic and still this….

    • Anonymous

      And exaxtly what is so wrong with this phone? You may not like that is “not as powerful” as the phones coming in November, but so what? They are not as powerful as what you will see at CES, only about 2 months after that batches release. And so on. So where does the “debacle” come in?

  • I said this a month before its release.  Cryonic owners were even more dumb than iPhone owners.  I wonder how many Amazon pushed when they had the $0.01 sale the other weekend.  Probably just a few.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously dude, WTF is up wirh this phone and your Anger Management issues? Did your wife leave you for a Sroid Bionic?

      Other than the meme rhat better phones are just a month or away, what spec on this phone is so blatantly bad rhat it has you so filled with vitriol?

      • I took mine back after two days – I could not, for the life of me, get over being able to see pixels on the screen when I swiped. Same with the greens looking funny. I put the Bionic and my X side by side and the X had the better screen, hands down. Maybe the colors didn’t “pop” as much, but it was far clearer than the Bionic. Otherwise, it’s a great phone – I didn’t see the radio issues as much. But that screen is absolutely horrid. I tried to give it a chance…I really did!

  • Boyjorge

    Tried 12 bionics @ radio shack.. couldnt buy any of them. all 12 came up LOST OR STOLEN. Verizon support wouldnt do anything either.. now this and all stores cant sell it SKU deleted. intranet shows a DO NOT SELL BIONICs at top..

    • i feel like that may have something to do with it. even if your 12 is more like a 2.. thats still a major problem. 

    • Bionic

      That happened on day one at my verizon store but they were able to fix it somehow.  So basically nothing is wrong with the phones they have per se, just something is wrong with their inventory system

    • Anonymous

      12? c’mon!
      Lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  • a42ozslushie

    This “security flaw” might explain the charge on my credit card for “Thanksgiving tits” and the title “Mega Facial Festival”

    • Anonymous

      Keep telling your girlfriend / wife that.

  • Maybe it has something to do with that fact that the radio in the Bionic is garbage and doesn’t work properly. I just swapped my Bionic for something else because of it.

    • a42ozslushie

      Even though it is past the 14 window frame for me, I might try to return it and hold off until the Galaxy. These radio problems are really irritating me.

      • Awfredricks

        Good luck. Ive been trying for the past 3 weeks and all theyre concerned about is “replicating the probelm” to see if something is actually wrong with the phone.

        • I tried, and succeeded with my exchange, even after the 14 day window frame. I got a ‘worry free’ exchange, and swapped it out for a Charge. SO much better now!

    • i hope you got a thunderbolt. i hear those are relay good phones. 

  • Anonymous

    because the Bionic is unusable?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe radioshack grew a conscience and couldn’t knowingly sell the Bionic to people who could have any of the 3 phones that are coming out in 3 weeks.

    Maybe they were never allowed to sell it for $199, that would be hilarious.

    Either way, this is just the funniest leak ever.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be happy to take their inventory off their hands =D

    • For what, target practice?

  • Anonymous

    some one is saving a lot of people who were about to make the mistake and buy this instead of the razor that moto should have released….

  • hahaha, we could have told them that about the Bionic months ago, hahahaha

  • It’s just low on stock, my store sold out at verizon for the past week, we are receiving only 8 of them this weekend and probably will be sold out again. 

  • Lakerzfan80

    THAT’S WHY I BOUGHT MINE AT COSTCO….90 day return policy I was smarter then most 🙂
    And FYI anyone who can clearly pick either nexus or razr wow….I mean this is not an easy decision trust me I use ny phone a lot and I charge my phone fully like 2-3 times a day …and to me having a sd card access is vital so this is going to be a tough one …I just don’t get how everyone else can just brush off these things….but what it the razr and the nexus had a baby togethet…now that’s what im talking about! Lol

  • Synapticrecord

    Fyi…shipments to radioshack were listed mistakenly as stolen …it was not corrected until shipments were delivered there by leaving all meid’s associated with those deliveries coming up as “stolen”. Lol so basically radioshack unknowingly joined in the racketeering of stolen property:-P

  • Anonymous

    Your sources, in this case, are poor… Or running with old rumors.

    • Synapticrecord

      Lol…straight from the source(aka big red) I’m afraid….not a rumor.

      • Anonymous

        The rumor part being that this was a Radio Shack decision and the reason they are “unsellable”

  • Jikhead

    I only go to Radio Shack when I need some type of connector, led, etc. in order to build something.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a couple of weeks, and it really WILL be unsellable unless they half the price.

    • Amazon probably couldn’t move them with their $0.01 sale.  How would 50% off make a difference?

  • Jmart8684
  • Commonsensethatmotodoesnthave

    If I was Moto I would drop the price by another $50 and make it their first unlock bootloader 4g lte phone and along with that promise (follow in on the promise) to have ICS on by Jan . Bam madafker will start selling again.

  • Anonymous

    Unsellable or Unusable? 😛

  • It’s unsellable because Radioshack, unlike verizon, refuses to sell a phone that has been replaced by 3 phones in less than a month… lol

    • What 3 phones are those?  Because if your talking about the Razr, Nexus, and that piece of crap HTC is peddeling than I really don’t see any thing spec wise that makes them replace the Bionic

      • Anonymous

        How can you possibly say those 3 phones don’t replace the Bionic.  They do in every possible way.  The screens on all 3 devices alone destroy the Bionic, making it obsolete.

        • wow the screen is all you can come up with?  I actually like my screen because unlike your shiny, glossy screen I can see mine outside.  You know some of us actually get off the internet sometimes and got out into the sun

          • Anonymous

            Enjoy your pixelated screen, I’m glad you can see it indoors and outdoors. Try taking a picture of anything while you’re out there, good luck.

          • I take pictues all the time with no problems.  I won’t say it’s a great camera or there isn’t room for improvement but good pictures are taken by people not cameras.  When you use proper lighting the Bionic camera actually has no shutter lag at all.

            I understand you might not be a good picture taker and that’s fine no need to bash my phone to make yourself feel better.

          • BoozeHammer

            Your phone sucks

          • then yours does too

          • kurttrail

            Still in the denial stage of mourning, I see.

            Motorola’s King phone is DEAD. Long live King Razr!

            Shortest reign for any of Motorola’s King phones.

            How’s the developer community for the Bionic? Very small, I’d imagine.

          • ok buddy

  • Anonymous

    As a Verizon customer I can’t justify my upgrade on anything yet as long as I have my Incredible, maybe if they figure out how to use 4G without the need for direct bolts of lightning or a Mr. Fusion on hand to keep the phone powered.

    • kurttrail

      4g works great for me, and I’m in the burbs of South Florida.

  • Q

    The Bionic hate here is pathological lol.  IIRC, it’s unsellable due to not having any to sell.
    Please continue with the regularly scheduled Bionic hate though..

    • Regardless if that is true, it is a poor choice of words on Radio Shacks part; saying out of stock is one thing, saying unsellable communicates quite a different message.

  • Graywolfscv

    In more relevant news, Radio Shack has been deemed unshopable, due to their insane prices, and lack of product that is actually wanted.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Billy Jenkins

      I agree. Like the $100 Droid 3. Even the $100 HTC Evo 3d is pretty expensive. $50 for the Samsung infuse 4g? wtf. Thats expensive. Good thing I didnt buy any of them before checking the prices on the Verizon wireless and at&t websites. Why don’t you check for me before either of us decide whether radio shack really is expensive.

    • Cse

      Right, even though the Bionic was $199 as an upgrade at Radioshack which is it’s lowest currently advertised price…

    • You forgot to mention Radio Shack’s creepy employees who want to know your Social Security number, your credit rating and your SAT scores the moment you walk in the door. God help you if you stroll over to the cellphones – the assistant manager will be breathing into your ear before you can check the price on a car charger.

      • Billy Jenkins

        Never happened to me before. and I’ve been to alot of radio shacks

        • Here is a Yelp review I found via Google that is representative of my experiences. Note the 2nd review down the list:


          LOL at the 4-star review on top, no doubt an attempt at counter-SEO.

          • Billy Jenkins

            idc what online reviews say anymore. idk if you’ve noticed but the internet is filled with trolls that have nothing better to do then complain. But I know from my own personal experience that nothing bad ever happened at any radio shack i’ve been to since the 90’s when I first started going to radio shack.

          • a42ozslushie


          • Billy Jenkins

            nah bro. lol. I just dont pay any attention to trolls that complain.except for the funny trolls like you.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve never had a problem at radio shack, last time I went was for a custom connector that the guy helped me figure out there.  I think those “complain” sites are just full of people looking to complain about something.  I mean you don’t see many sites saying, “come here to tell about the amazing time you had at X store.”

            Not to mention Radio shack had the lowest price for the Bionic when it was released, $199 on day one. Seems legit to me.

          • Anonymous

            the customers dont tell anyone about the positive experience they’ve had…for every 1 positive review, you’ll get 10 negatives…unfortunately the negatives sink in faster than the positives do

          • You might want to ask them if they include an EXTRA early termination fee in the contract (on top of the Verizon ETF). Last time I checked, Radio Shack charged TWO ETFs, one for the carrier and one for themselves. That would completely wipe out any discount if you left your contract early.

          • Jftitan

            I work for radio shack in San Antonio Texas. We do not collect SS#, or any information unless it is in regards to a credit check for a contract cellphone service. Yes, upper management wants us to be on your back the moment you walk in the door, but many employees rather get into trouble than vilify a customer.

            We cannot charge a ETF if you cancel your cell service early, the carrier is the only one. We sell our own warranties, but those don’t have ETFs either. And if you stop paying for your monthly warranty through RadioShack, the only thing that happens is…. Your extended warranty expires. ZOMG ponies that is soooo awful.

            Stop spreading misinformation.

          • GuruAD

            yeah, you’ve really got to recheck your information my friend, RadioShack doesnt charge termination fees. They are not allowed to.

            Check your facts. Check your facts.

          • RAZRBurn

            Sounds like a good call on Radio Shack’s part- unless the Bionic drops down to $99, it is unsellable.  Who in their right mind will walk into any phone store and choose the Bionic over the RAZR.
            Bionic has an inferior processor (slow 1 Ghz), bad camera, no Kevlar, not splash proof, no HD front cam, too thick (reminds me of the old Thunderbolt and Revolution) and a blurry non- SuperAMOLED screen.  There is also a good chance the Bionic will never get ICS.

          • Duder

            “Slow 1ghz” hahaha. It’s a 1ghz dual core that is anything but slow. Do your homework. And the Bionic is getting ICS, Why wouldn’t it anyway? It’s a top of the line phone that is made by Motorola, which looking at Moto’s track record their phones usually get updates first. haha, nice try. Samsung has been known to be the slowest at releasing Android updates, have fun waiting for the next version 😉

          • BionicGotBurned

            u slow bro?

          • Ever tried taking a picture with the Bionic?  It’s the slowest camera in a smart phone I’ve ever seen.  It’s one example where specs alone do not make a good phone.

            I’ve been rocking a Droid X for a while now, but I’m looking envious at the Samsung line.  Motorola, though capable of making fantastic hardware, is really slipping in the software department.

          • Duder

            Right, Moto is not known for good camera’s. I can live with that. If ICS’s camera software is as good as they say it is than I’m sure this problem will be fixed when it gets ICS.

          • DoubleRAZRBurn

            Now, only if your old Bionic could have Kevlar backing, water proof coating, an HD front cam, go on a diet- to lose both weight & inches, and have a screen that actually looks decent (if I was you I would never take out my phone next to an Apple nor Samsung phone), well then you might have a phone worth buying.
            Not too mention the Bionic’s battery life is like half of what the RAZR will get. Good luck with your old phone bro…

          • Duder

            haha “kevlar backing” as if it’s a selling point. nice try bro. I’ll be looking forward to a month after the Nexus and the Razr comes out when an even better phone comes out and everyone is saying the exact same thing to you 😉

          • duch

            You know the Droid Razr has the same CPU AS THE BIONIC RIGHT OMAP4430.NOT THE 4460,LIKE THE SAMSUNG NEXUS. .2 MORE is not going to have a big impact on performance.ther always better technology coming out avery few month,not from apple,but from the other companies.

          • The camera quality is not great, but if you switch to a separate camera app off the market (many will work) you can actually get better quality photos and quicker shutter speeds.  I’ve tried a few others after someone recommended it to me and I was impressed at the difference – you’d think if anyone knew how to manage the camera in the Bionic it would be Motorola, but apparently… not.  (The Droid 3 was even worse; the initial release had all of the photos tinted blue.  My wife has one – the system update seems to have fixed it  I don’t know how stuff like that gets through QA.)

          • Anonymous

            Have you actually tried this phone lately? I have one, it is junk. Read the latest forums at Motorola and Verizon. It has no data connectivity.

          • Duder

            Also, the Bionic is on backorder on Amazon, so whatever reason it’s “unsellable” at Radioshack it sure is selling just fine at other places…

          • R_U_BurningBro

            u wasted your $ bro?

          • Anonymous

            It is selling because people don’t know. They have been misled by hype so far.

          • Android Developer

            I know this is old, but the Razrs battery is the same as the Bionics. You wouldn’t be able to tell since you can’t open the back of your bullet proof cell phone. Bionics camera has been fixed. The processors are practically the exact same. Razrs screen is notoriously green. Motorola already announced the Bionic will get ICS. 

            The Android community will accept the Razr people as family but, your getting laughed at because you bought a paint scraper that has a hard battery door.

          • Anonymous

            Judging by the ‘likes’, you and your two friends(probably your two ghost accounts) are the only ones who agree, compared to the 14 so far that agree they are crazy there.  As I mentioned above, I worked there.  We really were trained/expected to hard sell particular services despite a customers attitude or intentions.

        • Anonymous

          As a former Radioshack employee….it happens all the time.  When I worked there we had VZW, Sprint, and Dish Network to sell.  They didn’t care if the customer was a 75 year old man looking for a single battery for his hearing aid, we were instructed to try to sell all services, and gather as much personal info as possible at checkout.  And never forget to try and sell warranty, even if it costs as much as the product.

          • Anonymous

            Sounds like that was a long time ago, things change.  Every time I’ve been there I’ve always been treated well and not hassled any more than any other place.

          • Anonymous

            You very well may be right on that…they always treat me well, but the local places still harass me. 

            Are you SURE you don’t want a special holiday battery pack?

            Are you SURE you don’t want to sign up for Dish?

            Are you SURE you don’t want a $15 dollar warranty on your $10 dollar headphones?

      • z00mer

        Apparently you don’t shop at that many retail stores… your so called “Radio Shack shopping experience” happens in just about every other retailer dealing with electronics and cells. IMHO Best Buy is the worst! Lord help you if you stop to take a gander at a dummy phone… the sales associates will be all over you like flies on sh!t!  

        • Lord help you if you work in sales and a customer looks at something and you don’t jump on them like flies on sh!t they’ll complain what horrible service they got and get on the internet to tell everybody about it

        • You’re right about Best Buy associates jumping all over you to upsell cables and warranties and crap, but I think these Radio Shack guys are on a whole different level. On multiple occasions at Radio Shack I’ve been asked all sorts of personal questions like where do I live, what do I do for a living, do I have kids, what’s my phone number, and on and on.

          I’ve come to the conclusion that RS trains their salesguys to “get to know you” or something and it just bugs the shit out of me.

          • Anonymous

            At least some of you get attention.  Fry’s Electronics is horrible.  They’re uninformed, unhelpful and understaffed.  You can fondle any camcorder, cell phone or car stereo.  It’s like a ghost town.  However if you put your hands on an item worth at least $1000 they’ll leg hump you.

          • Nick

            I personally like that. I get all my information about phones and stuff from the internet and sites like this. So, when I go into a store, I want to be able to fondle my electronics in peace.

          • T0ked

            I’d rather have a SA come to me and ask if I want help than have to go looking for one. At my local Circuit City before they went under, I practically had to yell and scream for someone to help me. As long as the SA gets the hint when I say I’m just browsing, I’m fine with it. Sometimes they hover too long then I I just say I don’t help right now. That usually works, And they come running when I look at them and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’ve been asked many questions at checkout but I just refuse to answer most of their questions. What can they do? Deny a sale? I don’t think so.

          • Random

            I dont know about now but the old pos would not let me do a sale without getting your phone number address and a slew of other information before i could even ring them up. 

      • Random

        as a FORMER radio shack employee ill tell you why… when i worked there the thing that was stressed more than anything else was cell phone sales an employee gets a bonus on their paycheck each phone they sell for prepaid it was 5 dollars for post paid 10-30 depending on carrier… Radio shack also has a quota on phones if an employee does not sell on in a pay period they can be terminated for that reason alone… Also they put alot of verbal pressure on you to sell those phones… I sold one once and not 10 minutes later the dm called me to congratulate me on my sale and then he said do it again… He was going to be out of the office on a store inspection and he instructed us to call him if we did a cell phone sale…

        • Rock

          And this is the reason Radio Shack is a pile of crap. Use to be a geek store with hard to find parts, now its a no different than the stupid cell phone kiosks in the mall. Lame. I want cell phones I will go to the carriers corporate store.

      • Nathan Hosford

        Sears does this now its all the online shopping they want all your info so they can email you and direct you to there web sales.

      • Not quite sure where you shop… Radio’s Shack is not the same as Radio Shack…. (too far?)

    • Genius

      Meet me at the Radio Shack next to the Sprouse-Reitz, which is in the shopping center where the Alpha Beta is, across from the Woolworths. After we buy our Droid Bionics we’ll get a clown sundae from the Farrell’s on the corner. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve bought two phone from Radio Shack and each time they were the lowest price available.  What’s with the hate for the Shack??

      Droid Charge for $150 a month ago.  $50 less than anyone else.  Obviously cheaper now but my OG was on it’s last legs

    • Guest

      I have experienced annoying sales tactics from Radio Shack.  I went into my local story to get a Virgin Mobile phone.  I specifically wanted one because it was a pre-paid phone and was not a contract phone.  It was for my teenager and I wanted the freedom to cut off the phone if the teenager performed poorly in school.  The jerk salesman was trying to push me onto T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon.  I stuck to my grounds and said this is a gift, so this is what I am buying.

      What is also annoying is that Radio Shack forces you to buy pre-paid top minutes along with the phone.  I was planning to do that via Virgin Mobile’s website after I gave the phone as a gift.  I had to make an on the spot decision on get the cheapest plan with only 300 minutes or one of VM’s more usefull plans with more minutes.  I was so annoyed with Radio Shack at that point that I got the cheapest plan so I would spend as little as possible in that store.

      I can buy a VM phone directly from VM or Amazon, and they do not force you to buy a pre-paid plan.  It is just Radio Shack being dicks.

      This is not the same Radio Shack chain I grew up with were I could get all kinds of electronic parts to tinker with or repair broken equipment.  They have become a high pressure reseller of electronics, and cell phones are their cash cow.

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t say he was a “jerk salesman” for trying to get you on a contract phone. Most people don’t realize there’s a difference in service between pre-paid and contract phones and end up coming back all pissed off that their $20/month phone sucks.

        Also the reason he sold you airtime with your phone is because that’s how they make commission for pre-paid phones. If they don’t sell airtime they don’t get their $5 or whatever it is on those phones.

        • kurttrail

          IOWs, the customer comes in second to commissions. What a GREAT business model!

    • Anonymous

      I have no problem with Radio Shack. It is what it is and does not try to be anything else. Customer service sure beats Verizon.

  • TheDave

    And thanks to Droid Life, I made a good decision not to buy with my 300, which to my poor ass is a lot of money.

    Thanks DL!

  • I guess they saw the Galaxy Nexus event.

  • Rachel

    I wonder if I can return mine get a full refund…?!?

    • MJZ

      if you’re within your 14 days you can return it for a refund. 

  • Anonymous

    Unsellable is relative. Obviously it’s ‘sellable’ if people, myself included, have bought it… And continue to buy it.

    Like some have said – probably unable to be sold because stock is low. Why is stock low at Radioshack and not other retailers is another question..

    • kurttrail

      Seriously? If you had a friend that was looking to buy a Motorola phone in the near future you’d recommend them buying a Bionic today, rather than telling them to wait to preorder a Razr?

      My next phone is gonna be the G-Nex, but if forced to buy a Motorola phone, I’d go for the Razr, not the thrice redesigned Bionic, even if the Bionic was half of the Razr’s price.

      • Anonymous

        No sorry bad wording by me perhaps…

        I would recommend they wait and get one of the next awesome phones. I would always recommend wait until the next new phone(s) come out, then wait a few weeks after it is released to verify that it has good battery life, screen quality, etc. (whatever things matter most to THAT person), and then buy it if that is what you want.

        There is always going to be a better phone coming out. People are still buying the bionic though for sure, especially because 97% of the world have not heard of Razr or Nexus or ICS for that matter..

      • Anonymous

        Actually, yes i would currently recommend the Bionic over the Razr. I make fun of Apple for their non-removable batteries… I am not then about to buy (or recommend somebody else) an Android phone with one.

  • Awesome. I have a Bionic. Works better than any Android phone I have ever owned.

    • Anonymous

      Id hope do it is the best spec LTE phone available in the states

      • More than just specs, it is actually super smooth, far fewer crashes, and just all around refined experience compared with any other Android phone on Verizon to date. And I have pretty much owned them all. Its almost a shame that the Razr and Galaxy Nexus are coming out and the Bionic really isn’t going to have its time in the spotlight.

  • Jeffwoolf95

    Who is Radio Shack to say if something is unsellable? They havent been relevant since the 80s.

    • Anonymous

      I think it was sent from Verizon, to Radioshack(and probably every other Verizon seller), and Radioshack leaked it

    • Anonymous

      They have an awesome selection of hard to find cables and little adapter type things that are hard to find.. basically if its over $15 you go elsewhere

      • Raskell

        Thats what ebay is for now. I never get anything at RadioShack anymore. Haven’t for years.

        • Billy Jenkins

          you poor bro?

          • Guest

            you a dick bro?

      • MattInPDX

        I can think of 3 places that have better selection and prices just off the top of my head for cables and adapters.

        Monoprice.com, pchcables.com and nwca.com.

        • Anonymous

          Matt fishler right? Hey buddy.. and B&M shops.. nwca us tight but that’s only for pdx peeps

        • EC8CH

          monoprice ftw!

  • Kelson Sebring

    This popped up a few days ago. I believe it was because stock was low. See here:


    • Anonymous

      Good find – this article scared me a bit as I’m sitting with Bionic in hand…after reading on your link, I was reassured that demand is too high for the supply they have.

      Kellex – don’t scare us like that!  You should update your post to reflect the rest of the story.  Still love all of you at DL!  Keep up all of te hard work!

      • Anonymous

        Trust me, it’s not because of low stock levels.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll trust you, but I’m counting on an update here in the near future…

          I’m hoping it has to do with these awesome new phones coming out and not anything to do with some issues they’ve found with the Bionic. And if it’s issues, fix the issues before I find ’em (and give us ICS!) 🙂

        • Anonymous

          lol this is great.  Thanks Kellex for making the Bionic trolls go crazy.

          Looking forward to my new Android Beam parties.

          • Anonymous

            Bionic trolls?!  You’re a f*cking moron.

    • Jikhead

      My brother works for VW and applied to get the Bionic a few weeks ago.  His request was denied due to low stock levels.

  • HAHAHAhAHAHHAHAAA Damn moto, unlock eh?

  • rikster

    it became obsolete after the trifecta of razr nexus and ics yesterday

    • Anonymous

      Only in the eyes of the arrogant and status seekers that need to claim they have “the phone” and that anything less is unacceptable.

  • MJZ

    Unsellable due to stock depletion. 

    Please stop already with the all the misinformation. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That price tag is unreasonable. 

  • Iceberglettuce

    u unsellable bro?

    • wow you’re a clown bro

      • Anonymous

        You funny bro?

    • John

      such a misuse of this dumbass meme

      • Meme

        U angry bro?

        • Billy Jenkins

          I think you are angry bro. and thats not a question

        • Guest

          you a dick bro?

    • Guest

      you a dick bro?

  • Anonymous

    overpriced @ $299?

    • Anonymous

      $199 at radioshack, or at least it was when I got it..

      • you still got ripped off….. you’d have to pay me to own that POS

        • It’s the best phone on Verizon right now. Considering my OG Droid lasted me for 2 years, I am sure that this guy will last more than 2 mothes

        • Anonymous

          What’s wrong with it…in your worldly knowledge of the phone??

        • Anonymous

          Definitely not a POS. Definitely not as cool as the Razr or Rezound or of course Nexus, but who knows what those phones are going to bring with it. I’ll put money on at least one of those phones having serious issues/bugs and/or delays with it.

          I’m pretty damn happy with the bionic. Do I wish I had waited for these phones, probably. Am I glad I waited for the bionic and didn’t get the tbolt or charge? Hell Yes.

          If I were to wait for the three aforementioned phones would I have buyers remorse with those and wish I had the next great Dinara or quad core phone? Of course…