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RadioShack Deems DROID Bionic as “Unsellable”, Removes From Direct2U System (Updated)

Update:  We have been assured that this is a RadioShack-only situation. The device as we have been told, has no issues and will continue to be sold nationwide just as it always has been.

Talk about an alarming message coming from inside RadioShack, right? The DROID Bionic has been flagged as “unsellable” in stores and has been removed from their Direct2U system. Our source says that it is likely a software or security issue that needs to be addressed before they can begin to sell it again. So it doesn’t sound like the phone is gone for good, but there is something going on that we will do our best to get to the bottom of.

Cheers randyrkelly!

  • 1www

    Bionic is also unusable. Crap.

  • Bowdendr

    They also removd t he Droid charge as well

  • Safrus
  • Anonymous

    My Bionic as it exits now is worthless as a data device. They should stop selling them until they fix this phone.

  • me

    Dl life use to be the place to go for info but not anymore theytake an rumor they can find but don’t bother to look into it at all 75% of the time its wrong and misleading. Come on Dl we look to you for info not fairy tails

  • Anonymous

    Why is there so much hate for the Bionic on DL? It’s almost pathetic.

    “My phone that I’ve never used or even held is better than yours that you own”

    Guess what! My phone that I will own in 2 years is better than the phone you don’t have yet!

    Sounds kind of dumb, huh?

  • Dan

    I totally believe that it is a Radio Shack software issue. On the same day that the Bionic was released, I rushed down to the nearest Radio Shack and proceeded to purchase one. The clerk/manager had such a hard time trying to process the order that the warm fuzzy feeling I had completely gone away. I wasn’t convinced that he wasn’t going to screw up my unlimited plan.

    I spent about an hour there and decided that it was a no go for me. I thought about ordering it online, which would have been a much nicer experience. I procrastinated for a couple of days until heard about the Raze and decided to wait for it instead.

  • Dlc1265

    I would say the Bionic was unusable. I upgraded my Thunderbolt, at Radio Shack. The price was fair at $199. After 3 weeks I couldn’t stand it. The screen was terrible and almost every day the phone would randomly shut off, only to be turned back on with a battery pull. I was more than happy with my Radio Shack experience, an easy return, quick refund, ant the 30 day return policy rules. What was I thinking to pay $199 to upgrade my Thunderbolt??? I love this thing!

  • Ericspareaccount

    “Official scoop”. Numbers foible puts new, factory sealed radioshack bionics as “stolen” when trying to activate. Since they’re not allowed to sell stolen phones(obviously) they are temporarily holding off on bionic sales, till the database gets straightened out. Someone will fry for what looks to be a simple data entry error.

  • Rizzidy

    Even Radio Shack knows it’s a POS.  lolbionic

  • Awfredricks

    Im not surprised at all. This phone has some serious bug issues that should have been addressed before coming to market. Im on my second bionic and the issues have been consistent between devices. Its about time they did something besides telling us to wait intil november for an ota.

  • It’s hard to imagine why someone would buy this device in a world with the new Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ricky

    You guys been in a Radio Shack lately, I think it need to be removed. Horrible over price and oddly selective items.

  • Bubba

    Yeah, the pentile screen and glitches has made it unsellable.

  • Ajones36438

    Its an issue with their selling system. My mom went to 2 different radio shacks and both of the phones in their inventory were flagged as stolen. Simply a problem with their sales software system . Hey Kellex, gonna update this story or what?

    • Q

      Probably not.. for some reason DL relishes hating on the Bionic for any irrational reason.

  • Bill

    If Rad Shack was smart they would just take your name off your credit card and look it up on facebook and they could get the answers to all those questions!

  • ShootAngelsFace77x

    Bionic users just couldn’t be patient and had to pull the trigger.  They defend it like that one fruity phone’s fans.  Can’t blame them for that.  I was eligible in July for an upgrade but I’m clinging on to my OG until Nov. 

  • 4djincredible

    The issue with RS may not be the sales rep but their sales process. It is to be EXPECTED if you walk into a retail location that you will be asked  to “BUY” something. Its all comes down to how the sales rep deals with the customers, I’ve been in sales for years and I currently work for a cell phone company and doing very goodl for myself and family. Every retailer has a process but personally I like to find out what the customers NEEDS and WANTS are before I present a product I BELIEVE will BENEFIT the customer. Sales reps need to change their approach and focus on helping customer and not their pockets. If you focus on solving customers needs they wont think you are selling to them. The product sells its self if its a good product the reps job is to show you what a product can do for you and how it will increase your life style. before I offer a product to a customer I ask questions… sometimes I need to ask 10-15 questions to really figure out what a customer needs are, some customers may not even know themselves what they are looking for thats where questions come in. Also build some type of connection with your potential customer, it goes a long way. RS needs to change their sales process then maybe they will be able to sale more then wires.

    • Guest

      The problem with RS isn’t so much the corporate policies (they’re pretty lax actually, most of the stuff you’re asked at the register the person can skip if they deem it necessary) it’s the managers hiring. They get a ton of high school kids applying who are “tech savvy” (aka own a cell phone) and are only looking to pad their pockets off commission. Just like with any national company out there, there are good stores and bad ones. Just like there are good salesmen, and bad.