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Netflix on Android Finally Shows Official Support to Honeycomb

Android tablet owners, today is your day. Netflix is finally available to anything running Android 3.0+. Not really sure what else to say. Hooray? Hooray!

*Note – It most definitely does not appear to be optimized for Honeycomb though. Quality is…meh.

Market Link

Cheers Nathan!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ll be going back to Netflix anytime soon, I just didn’t get enough content for me to want to stay with them. I decided to go back to Blockbuster and haven’t had an issue since. Working for DISH Network I also decided to check out their Blockbuster Movie Pass that was just released, I’m loving it. I’m getting streaming and DVDs by mail, can’t beat that. As to what Andrew was saying, I’m having that same gut feeling, just hoping that it’s not true.

  • Anonymous
  • http://twitter.com/#!/staticfritz Romie Gibly

    WHOA! FINALLY works on my verizon lte galaxy tab 10.1

  • http://twitter.com/GutterIsATool Chilli

    Looks like it’s broken on CM7.1. Audio only. No video.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Ditto here. Had to revert back to previous with TiBackup. Dinc running CM_7. 1

  • Anonymous

    This has been available in the Market for my XOOM a few months already. Wanna impress me lets see Hulu+ for Honeycomb…

  • J Dub

    At the RAZR event Sanjay said the RAZR would be the first device to offer Netflix streaming in HD. So yeah…probably looks meh.

  • Anonymous

    Wait what? I installed on my galaxy tab 10.1 from the market weeks ago, and it worked.

  • Anonymous

    The market comments suggest that we might be better off sticking with 1.4.1. Plus i have the modded version from xda that allows rotation and cool alternate splash screen colors!

  • http://twitter.com/jamdev12 jamdev12

    Holy doodlebugs the day has commeth at last.

  • Anonymous

    Not showing on my Transformer….

    • Anonymous

      Oh wait…shows now once I followed the link.

  • Jonmvera467

    Aw man! Talk about being a day-late and $100 SHORT! :(

  • Steve Cale

    Watch ‘The Secret of NIMH’ Kellex, it is great!

  • andrew

    Why do I have a gut feeling that Verizon is going to screw us over with the G-Nex. Anybody else have this feeling?

    • EC8CH

      Nope, it’s gonna be great.

    • Anonymous

      i’m still in that boat too, bro. vzw tries its hardest for years to get these evil rooted tethering bad people to stop, but then releases a google experience developer phone to the masses and looks the other way? i just don’t buy it.

      • Anonymous

        *cough* DROID 1 *cough*

        • Anonymous

          i don’t think they realized what they were doing back then in the beginning..  that doesn’t count.

  • EC8CH

    Sorry Netflix… but you’ve lost me to Amazon Prime and the occasional trip to RedBox.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe when Amazon starts putting out apps you can use to watch Prime, but until then we have Netflix

      • EC8CH

        now that the kindle fire is coming out, it shouldn’t be long, unless their going to try and keep prime streaming exclusive to their line of products.

        • Anonymous

          this is true. they’ll either put it in their app store or someone will rip it out of the fire once its rooted. Either way we’ll finally get something, but they should just embrace all of Android and release the app in at least their market.

        • Anonymous

          My guess is rhat it will be a Kindle Fire exclusive for a short period of time (maybe a month) and them be placed in the market.

  • big007hed

    Update won’t download on my Xoom, sits at 1%

  • Finire

    Sweet, but thanks to Droid-Life I’ve been using it on my Xoom for quite a while now.

    • Anonymous

      Same. And it looks like they didn’t optimize the UI at all either.

      • Finire

        Yep, just un-installed the old netflix and put the new one on. Same exact app it looks like, no new features, and nothing new to take advantage of the huge screen.

        • Anonymous

          Well, the UI wasn’t terrible for tablets before (not like facebook-app levels of terrible), but clearly this app has worked in honeycomb for quite a while, and they’re just making it officially available now without changing anything.

      • M.Slab

        Yeah, it’s look the same as before on my Transformer.