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Live – Motorola DROID RAZR Event [Ended]

Motorola and Verizon are about the drop the newest DROID family member in just a few minutes and we are in the building to capture it all. The DROID RAZR is expected to be ultra slim, fast as hell with a dual-core processor and 4G LTE, and give us a first look at the advancements that Moto was working on while they tossed out the Bionic.

The show should start at 9AM Pacific…  

8:42Random pre-event thoughs:  Moto and Verizon paired together with their love for red and black just seems like a great match, doesn’t it? Wonder if our semi-prediction of NFC will come true? Wonder if they will announce an ICS update already? Oh, and I have my Bionic so that we can do a screen compare when this whole shindig is all over with.

8:52 – Commenter just tossed out this link that could be to a live feed if you are interested in watching.

8:54 – Is the ultimate question for this event, “Is the bootloader unlockable?”

8:57 – Eric Schmidt in the building? No way we could get ICS…could we? (via: Engadget)

9:00 – “Silence electronics…” – should be going any minute now.

9:02 – Sanja Jha on stage talking about how important smartphones are these days. We look at them last before we go to bed and again first thing in the morning. He’s right…we’re addicts.

9:04 – Moto Active announced. Looks like that watch we saw a month or so ago.

9:06 – MotoActv is the official name. It’s your ultimate fitness buddy and sort of like an iPod Nano. Heart rate monitor, GPS for tracking, runs Android. It’s like Nike+ on ‘roids.

9:10 – Dean Karnazes a fitness machine is on stage to talk about how he uses MotoActv I’m assuming. Dude runs way too much…or should I rephrase that as I could never run anywhere near as much as he does or I would die.

 9:13 – Bob Harper from Biggest Loser is out to talk about MotoActv. He calls it a “game changer.” Loves the idea that it tracks calories, counts steps, and motivates people that aren’t necessarily fitness gurus.

 9:16 – Available nationwide November 6. 8GB and 16GB models starting at $249. Best Buy. REI.

9:18 – And here comes the RAZR. He’s teasing it as them trying to produce the greatest smartphone on the planet. Looks beautiful. Has a massive processor. But it also has to have new smart tech in it to make your life simpler.

9:20 – It’s the world’s thinnest smartphone. 4.3″ Super AMOLED Advanced qHD display. Advanced? Ooh, first device to download full HD videos from Netflix. Dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, splash guard for protection, Gorilla Glass, weighs very little, 1780mAh battery.

9:22 – Best battery of all 4G LTE devices. 1800mAh…he said “built in” though. Wondering if that means it’s non-removable.

9:23 – New advanced webtop app that will run on the Lapdock 100.

9:24 – Included Smart Actions which are a bunch of location-based smart features. Should also help save battery by turning off GPS and things like that.

9:25 – MotoCast! Used to be called Zumocast. Allows you to sync and access your files from your PC to your phone whenever and wherever. Handy for business folk. And now he’s showing you how to stream 50 Cent from your computer to your RAZR. Silly. And then another demo of him accessing a business plan.

 9:31 – Now showing that you can take a video or pictures and have them instantly load them back to your home PC. That’s actually all sorts of winning. Sharing between multiple devices is a pretty big deal that as a writer, I would most certainly take advantage of.

9:33 – Really big push by Moto these days to take over the enterprise space. More than any other Android device manufacturer, they produce business-friendly apps and services. Smart move. Still wondering why no one else has jumped in the game.

9:35 – Accessories. Lapdock 500? Did I miss that announcement?

9:36 – 4G LTE confirmed. How’d they do it in such a thin device? Miracle.

9:40 – Pre-order start October 27. Available online and in stores in November. Price is $299 on contract.

9:41 – Press release is out. Android 2.3.5. No ICS, folks.

9:42 – Oh, you can sync the RAZR with the MotoActv. That’s cool. Shows call on your Moto watch or on your phone. If you had a wireless headset, could have just take in there too. Got to give it up to Moto, they certainly like to innovate in this smartphone game.

 9:43 – Available globally as well, but without the DROID name of course.

9:44 – And that’s it. Hands-on time. No NFC.


  • ChrisI

    I’m sorry, but claiming your phone is 7.1mm thin but has a huge hump on the top that appears to be almost 13mm is rather deceptive marketing. Reminds me of the tactics women undertake when posting pictures online of just their neck-up.

    • Bear0013

      Lmao…that there’s funny I don’t care who you are ..lol

  • Sk102704

    While as a Bionic ownwer I am disapointed that something newer came out so soon, but my OG Droid would not have made it another 2 months so I am still happy with my purchase.  If i wasn’t in such dire need of a new phone when the Bionic came out though, I’d be pissed.

    • Anonymous

      I was in the same boat with an OG.  But I’m still guessing this phone is not the complete package and Bionic is still the better all around phone. The Nexus on the other hand… regardless I have no disappointments with the Bionic.

  • Lwaples88

    Moto give us a high end phone with a qwerty keyboard already

  • Can I buy a Moto Active and sync it the same way for a Galaxy or Rezound 🙁 (hate that name)

  • weaponx

    I don’t know why so many people are complaining about this phone just because of ICS.  This phone is actually very impressive in specs and in looks. Moto is a damn good phone maker, this is a good solid quality device. I personally think that ICS is a very ugly UI. At least Moto blur looks more polished and presentable, plus it works pretty good too. When compared to others, Moto is pretty good about updating their phones. I cannot say the same for others, except a Nexus phone, which is obvious cause it’s Google’s phone. I think we should make our buying decisions based on HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE, but that’s just me.  I will be in a Verizon store in Nov. to pick this up. Unless the Galaxy Nexus has more to offer other than ICS, there is no contest

  • haha nice ending, no nfc.  lolz

  • Ufcjeff

    guys believe front facing acording to  the stats on motorola page states 8mp rear camera and  1080p hd video recording so their must be a front camera

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It looks hella nice dimensions and look and feel BUT no ICS and what appears to be no access to battery likely means a no buy for me.

  • Nemesis15

    How much on-board storage does this device have?

  • Bear0013


  • Let the bug list begin….

  • Anonymous

    That’s fair. I thought about jumping back to a Moto phone, but decided against it after my Xoom experience.

  • It seems pretty slick, and would be a fine replacement for my OG Droid, except I’m not sure if this will ever get ICS and it doesn’t have NFC. I want to know my newest phone will have all the new tools I want for at least a sizable amount of time, so here’s looking toward the G-Nex. (For some NFC doesn’t matter, but where I live there are already a ton of places that accept Google wallet.)

  • Nvitone23

    THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST PHONE!!!!!…until tonight’s event 😉

  • NO

    Motorola is a very dumb company. 

  • JP

    Verizon came out strong for the RAZR.  Wonder what this means for the Galaxy Nexus?  Not a Verizon exclusive is my guess.

  • Bear0013

    Hey kellex will they be letting you guys play with the razor…and if so will u give your first thoughts on it

    • J Dub

      Yes. In the live video feed he invited all the press to handle the device.

      • Bear0013

        Did u watch it? ….what did u think?

  • Dave

    I think the Bionic should have been scrapped in lieu of this. Oh well, back to waiting for Nexus news.

  • Jeff

    Really glad I didn’t jump on the Blond when it came out.

    • Jeff

      Wow, really got to love that auto correct….lol

      • J Dub

        There was a blond chick on stage there at one point repping VZW…so you were sorta right. She was kinda jump worthy though, so maybe you shoulda jumped on her.

  • Wow.. so now back to Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Anonymous

    that was very anticlimactic

  • Everyone who bought a bionic knew that there were better devices right around the corner.

    Bionic would have been epic in January/Feb, not in the Fall as the holiday devices are prepped for release.

    • Kevin Parlee

      I was 100% game for the bionic at origonal release, I think this phone looks amazing. Even without ICS its a solid phone with features.. I feel like 90% of everyone’s comments are r/firstworldproblems

  • Bocanut

    Well, I was going to get a Bionic in Feb. when my contract is up, but now I’ll get the Razr. I hate my Thunderbolt!!!!!

  • This only has the processor on the Bionic. The Razr is a joke to me. Removable battery? I didn’t know this was an apple event…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not one to scream “Fail!”, but why would anyone get this over the Galaxy Nexus? No ICS, physical buttons, delayed updates -what am I missing?

    • Jak_341

      This phone is an epic fail. Perhaps more so then the rest of the Moto phones since the OG Droid. Galaxy Nexus FTW!

      • Anonymous

        Oh yes….every phone is crappy compared to the Nexus branded phones….yet quad-cores are coming in 3 months and then the Nexus will look like a chew toy!

        • Anonymous

          The nexus is a step behind the razor, It just have ics for now.

    • Anonymous

      hm…because the Galaxy Nexus is a Galaxy phone? i.e. samsung…i.e. it’ll be broken on launch, and then the updates to fix the broken stuff will break other stuff, which they’ll send out an update to fix those and it’ll break something else…but you’ll still be able to use it as a phone, so therefore it’s not “technically” broken, and they will do nothing for you

      • shdowman

        I think that safely, the same thing could be said for Motorola.

    • shdowman

      Because some people are loyal to Moto for a variety of reasons. That being the case, this is THE best option available to them. And not a bad one at that.

      I just for sorry for all the Bionic people that jumped too soon.

    • Anonymous

      No NFC either. Is Moto allergic to them or something?

    • Anonymous

      You are missing the hd ffc, build quality and good radios 🙂

  • James Adam

    Any hands on video???

  • jeffrey pham

    so no nfc, no info on bootloader, no ICS, and no knowledge of a front-facing camera.

    with all of that, still very impressed.  will it be possible for GB phones to upgrade to ICS?  

    • Nvitone23

      and it likely has blur…Case closed…Galaxy Nexus it is!! 🙂

      • jeffrey pham

        to me, blur is not a completely bad thing.
        i really like the innovations that motorola has with this phone.  smart actions, syncing w/ the motoactv, etc..

        and bakdroid, you’re saying that all dual core phones will eventually get ICS?

        • jeffrey pham

          the one thing that i appreciate the most is probably how thin the phone is and still has 4g LTE.
          phones have been considerably too thick with LTE, and this shows that it doesn’t have to be.
          to be honest, i nearly upgraded to the bb bold 9930, but it didn’t have 4g lte and was a dealbreaker.
          i can’t fathom not getting a new phone with the capability of using the future of technology, even if a bb wouldn’t necessarily need 4g.

    • Anonymous

      Go to Moto’s site.  It does have a front facing camera.  Nexus will be the first phone with ICS and Xoom will be the first tablet.  If it has dual core, it will eventually get ICS.

      • Bear0013

        Only phones with dual core will get ics

    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I like the Smart Actions feature.. I’m leaning toward this more now than the Nexus. Who knows what kinda bugs ICS might have. I don’t wanna be one of the guinea pigs.

    • jeffrey pham

      smart actions is really cool.  i’m really diggin’ the battery life and the speed of the phone, especially compared to that fruit product.

  • Anonymous

    No front facing camera?

  • Larry Mao

    lame. Droid RAZR is all blurred up, does not come with ICS, has no NFC, it’s just thin…disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      It has HD ffc and as usual moto’s build quality. They proved that in order to make a device lighter it does not have to be plastic lol (SAMSUNG ).

  • Txbeaner

    Wow just watched the show & my inner geek just sprung a MASSIVE leak!! Lol

    • Anonymous

      Hope you weren’t getting too excited over Bob Harper’s appearance lol 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thought I could give the Bionic back to BB in the 30 day window, but if only pre-order on 27th and no official Nov date….guess I am stuck.  Still a good phone, just not happy that a successor already exists that the OG could have survived for…

    • Anonymous

      as has been said earlier…you missed all the reports about the Dinara, which is what the Razr is the official name of…which as soon as the bionic was delayed much past june…you should have just held off…so much for being the first on the bandwagon to get a phone eh?

      • Anonymous

        No I saw them, just figured that would be the phone for CES or release in Dec at the earliest.  The OG was on its last legs and would have never made it that long.  More shocked that it was so soon, but the Bionic is still a good phone and a huge improvement over the OG in terms of speed and capabilities.

  • well no NFC seals it for me Galaxy it is

  • WhAT What

    No Front Facing Camera????

    • There is a front facing camera. Why call it HD? I don’t get it there. The screen has to be 720p or else.

    • shdowman

      It’s there. Not trying to lead you to another site, but there is another site that has a gallery of this on it….just sayin’. Or just hold on, Kellex will post press shots I’m sure, soon enough. 🙂

  • Kierra

    I still dont get why people still grouch about locked Moto bootloaders. If they were missing your business they would try to appeal to you, but they dont.*shrug. 

    Just get another phone. Its pretty simple

    • Anonymous

      You do know they are the only major Android vendor losing money every quarter, right?

  • Bewara2009

    All this Info is up in the Motorola website,, http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-RAZR-BY-MOTOROLA-US-EN
    Oh yeah and it has a 1800mAh battery just saying………..

  • Anonymous

    I’d be more convinced about the Kevlar/Gorillla Glass combo if they’d actually dropped the device as part of the demo. Perhaps SquareTrade will do that as a follow-up to the iPhone 4S vs GSII drop video.

  • the watch in sync with the RAZR is sweet.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Give info on bootloader!!!

  • Anonymous

    I watched and never heard anything about an unlocked bootloader…. 

    That’s a shame because it sounds like a nice phone…. Oh well

    • Q

      Only nerds care about that.  I dont even know what it means to have a locked bootloader or why I should even care if it’s locked or not.

      • Anonymous

        Then this will be a great phone for you!  Hang around for a while and even play with a friends phone that does know and you will be screaming like the rest of us!

      • Anonymous

        I feel the same way. I could care less. What is a boot loader? The screen that pops up as you turn your phone on?

      • Anonymous

        There are only about 2 % of geeks in here that care about that nonsense. Did they put more ram in the droid ? I guess not lol , it does not matter if the device is unlock if it does not have the goodies it will be a failure.

  • Not a single damn word about the bootloader, which just makes my decision that much easier.  9 more hours until the Galaxy Nexus event!

  • Am I the only one that’s not in the least bit interested in the MotoActv device?

  • EC8CH


    • Anonymous

      Nope, and a locked bootloader as far as we know.

  • Jordan

    You guys better get in on that demo’ing

  • hahah, whelp, you can pretty much color this event over, just a tiny appetizer to this evenings ICS meal. 

  • joel rizo

    I think they mean November of 2012

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I wish Motorola designed phones like Samsung and kept their awesome build quality. I think this phone is absolutely horrid looking. At least they used premium materials.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to disagree with you, I think this phone looks ‘sharp’.

  • I really do like the Motoactive’s ability to display texts.

  • Q


  • Sven Enterlein

    Interesting phone but a shame it’s Verizon exclusive 🙁