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Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Promo Video Released, Verizon Spotted in Notification Menu


The Galaxy Nexus / Ice Cream Sandwich event just wrapped and a promo video is already available for those of you that missed it. It highlights the phone a bit, but really digs into the top features in ICS like panoramic photos, facial unlock, new notification system, etc. A great watch.

On a related note, all of us noticed that Verizon was missing in action even with all of the LTE talk going on. It makes sense that they would stay away though – after all, they just had a massive event in NYC to announce the DROID RAZR. But! One of our readers caught at the 21 second mark of this video, the words “Verizon Wireless.” It’s coming, friends. No need to worry. We have MAP pricing and Samsung’s site saying as much.    

Cheers Adam!

  • Whoever’s Mom that is in the promo, she looks hot with the hourglass head!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t view the Video, says “the video has been removed by the owner”????

  • Anonymous

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  • GotSka81

    Video removed by user???

  • The video link is down but here’s another in HD:


  • JD

    How thick is the VZW version. When they announced the specs on stage they said the “HSPA+” version was 8.XX mm thin …. How thin is the LTE version? Did anyone see it?

    • Jdm4292

      I’m really curious too (looks over shoulder for “Mctypething”) but cant find an answer anywhere!

    • mrsbelpit

      They said it was about 1mm thicker.

  • Anonymous

    Video was removed… boo.

  • BoozeHammer

    iphone 4s still the best

    • Djlowproz

      yeah its the best. The Best on Yesterdays 3g technology smh….

  • Booboolala2000

    hope this is actuallyncoming to vzw. they havent delivered a nexus yet and i remember the last time we saw a link to vzw on a nexus page. just doubtful and hoping.

  • Bionicman

    yes definately excited now. not even considering any other phone. but am considering whether i should sell my wifes iphone 4 to buy this for her so we could “beam” each other!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Finally, a worthy successor to my OG DROID. I’m getting this phone, end of story. Verizon, take all my money, I will own this.

  • Here’s to hoping that when my contract is up on my Droid X (which will more than likely receive a proper burial) that I’m not stuck paying $300 :/

  • QQMore

    video not working now?  grrr

  • Anyone know of a way to get someone to buy my Tbolt for 300 ; ) lol 

    • Anonymous

      Step 1 is to find someone that didn’t watch the release last night.

  • First 16 seconds would make an awesome boot animation. 

  • Finger

    This is a really small issue here, but I really liked the “green” theme in the Gingerbread UI. It was unique and identifiable. The blue just makes it look like they’re trying too hard to impress people (and from the video, it’s pretty obvious that they’re trying to look like the movie Tron.) This seems less like an Android UI and more like a new version of TouchWiz.

  • Lmao [email protected] Kalista perfect ICE CREAM PAINT JOB hahaha your not the only “urban geek” who gets that 😀

  • Trick254

    🙁 makes me sad i want it
    I love my bionic though

  • GotSka81

    Any word on the sd card slot status? Also, anyone find out if this thing has hardware acceleration?

  • This will be the first time in over 4 years that I switch from buying only Motorola phones to buying a Samsung phone. This will be my next phone to upgrade my OG Droid. 

  • OK now i want one..  that looks cool.. 

  • miscreant

    I’ve got to say…I am simply blown away by the enhancements made in ICS. The phone is simply beautiful, and it looks like the i*hone camera may have just been dethroned. I’m all for amazing tech, and I will give *pple credit where it’s due. But, that being said…let’s see unbiased reviews of both devices.

  • Anonymous

    finally something worth while on verizon since the original droid trio! (the Droid, the Incredible,and the X)

  • Tyler Cunning

    Droid Raze + ICS = great Christmas/birthday/newyears present. Gotta start the year off right

    • Anonymous

      droid razr wont have ics. nice try.

  • icsrules

    Did they give any info on carrier or pricing?

    • Anonymous

      it will probably be 300$ on verizon like all the rest of em -__-

  • Baked14

    It’d be fine with a locked bootloader. This thing is spick and span.

    • Anonymous

      even if the bootloader was locked for some crazy reason it wouldnt matter because we already have perfect software

    • Anonymous

      as a nexus (dev) device, the bootloader should either come unlocked, or should be as easy as flipping a switch.

  • Anonymous


  • Brent Cooper8

    Battery life? HD mirroring(yes I know spelling)? Removeable battery? SD slot?

  • Sputnick

    The RAZR what?

  • icsohya

    So happy to be a verizon customer right now..unlimited 3g/4g on top of ice cream sandwich and vanilla goodness … *jizz in mah pants*

  • I must have this phone…

  • Anonymous

    + Take pictures with ninja speed.
    + Take pictures while filming.
    + Panoramic mode and live effects.
    + Video stabilization and time lapse video.
    + People app.
    + Flick away notifications.
    + Drag and drop icons to create folders.
    + Place folders in the dock bar.
    + Scrollable widgets.
    + Pinch zoom in Calendar app (and hopefully Gmail soon).
    + Face unlock.

    They were right, I cannot believe what they managed to squeeze into this release. WOW.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone catch that he said the HSPA+ model was 8.84 mm thick? This leads me to believe the LTE one is going to be thicker. Bummer.

  • Anonymous

    Counting down the days. Loved your live blog coverage too

  • Ray

    There is only one thing better than this phone….SEX

    • Anonymous

      Just barely! Lol

  • Ronaldo781

    take my money!!! here TAKE IT

  • Anonymous

    I think ICS just obliterated everything that we thought we knew a phone was capable of. This just set the bar for the industry. Come on Verizon and give us the CONFIRMED release date! PLEASE!!

  • Time to ditch the thunderbolt..sad to say rooting and roms,,and still getting bad battery life contract is up on Nov 28th!!! Time to get my sweet tooth on with a ICE CREAM PAINT JOB!!!

  • Trdracer21

    they made android simple to use i think that was there main goal!! i think next version will be more advance

  • Jak_341

    Let the countdown to Jellybean begin.

  • My upgrade is on Nov. 9. This couldn’t have been better timing. I just felt funny in my pants.

  • Ray

    Why OMAP 4460 google/samsung with the dated PowerVRSGX540 ???? Even the 4s has an SGX 543MP2!!! How am I suppose to nerd off to apple fan boys GOOGLE????

    • Anonymous

      I hear you on that one! We gotta still win on the specs game.

    • The GPU could be better, but from my understanding the Galaxy Nexus will run a hardware accelerated UI like the GSII and iPhone, so that plus NFC, LTE, Super AMOLED HD, plus the goodness of ICS makes up for the processor differential. Watch out for the overclock kernels that will put this thing right back to 1.5 GHz, the normal clock speed of the 4460

  • Anonymous

    As a long time Android user, I am surprisingly excited for this phone! Ice Cream sandwich looks to be the major overhaul Android has needed for a little while and I for one can’t wait.  5mp camera? Hmmm but the video looked great, I guess we will have to see camera examples.  Other than that and the fact that it probably doesn’t have an Exynos processor I think I am all in for this phone. 

    Finally, a phone worthy enough to replace my DX

  • Anonymous

    Well, let’s hope the rumored date of Novemeber 10th are true. Hopefully pre-orders will start soon.

  • Awesomeness<3

  • Arenaboi

    Anyone know if they said for sure whether they were using the OMAP 4430, or 4460?  Also, does it have Micro SDHC expansion?

    • the word is it’s a 4460 with a PowerVR540 GPU running underclocked from 1.5GHz to 1.2GHz

  • Flip74k

    Sure am glad I didn’t fall for the bionic. Been holding on to my upgrade since the first week of September

    • Aries1816

      Ouch… Wanna buy a bionic? C’mon, it’s veirzon’s first dual-core lte device and for you, 400.00. <—- no contract!

  • Anonymous
  • Jmpidhirny

    Map I hope they release this early nov…

  • Ray

    ICS exceeded all my expectations just need more info on the actual phone

  • Brian Wenger

    If this came on Sprint right now with an LTE radio that did nothing at all until next year, I would still be OK with that.

  • Well this pretty much sets it in stone that it’s coming for Verizon

  • leelee

    I know the Gnex page was on samsungs site because I saw it earlier but it doesn’t seem to be up anymore. Is it me or has Samsung removed any hint of the Gnex on their site?

  • Sputnick

    This blew the iPhone 4S out of the water…not even close.

  • Anonymous


    Galaxy Nexus and ICS, here I come!

  • Mack

    I got a Droid X2 about a month ago from asurion for the Droid X I lost but wow, my X2 is gone the second I have the money for this thing.

    aaaand…guess who just got a new job! 😀

  • Andrew Mortimer

    Give it to me on T-Mobile, please. Not switching to data caps and horribly overpriced plans even for a Nexus device.

    • Fakerjs

      Noooooooo…. i don’t want t-mobile forcing an android data plan on this…. let me import it

  • My first ever live broad cast of a new OS launch and I am addicted. This morning was the first ever new device launch I ever participated in, man this is better than sex…ok I lie not better then sex but cool. 

  • Bewara2009

    two things keeping me away from getting this, does it have HDMI mirror, and whats the battery life?

    • Anonymous

      That is truely my issue regarding the mirror / docking.  Its mine if that is available, otherwise I am going razr.  Can’t buy this just for OS.

      • It looks like it has to have something they were doing it at the launch event.  As the guy was talking about it the whole time someone else was running an actual phone in the corner to show it off.  That might be something else software wise though they were running on it since its a demo unit.

    • POOP_on_YOU

      It’s has a removable battery so that definitely is a big +

  • Anonymous

    Great now all the dumb asses who thought this would be droid branded (droid prime *shutters*) can shut the hell up. 

  • Jefferz00087

    Good lord, I am in love

  • guest

    does it do HDMI mirroring?

  • Anonymous

    Any word on battery life? This is the one thing I’m stressing about…

  • Also, notice Verizon Wireless appears NOWHERE else on the phone.  Not on the bezel, not on the back, not even in the notification bar (until you pull it down).  This is a pure Google experience phone just like we (Verizon customers) have always wanted.

  • Anonymous

    sexy video.. awesome music!.. google nails it with ICS

  • Anonymous

    ICS is amazing! There’s no way I’m getting a phone without it!

  • Anonymous

    The Verizon Wireless mention is a definite non-announcement announcement…eagerly waiting for dates

  • Goodbye my droid x..hello nexus…..now just give us a actual confirmed release date..damn vzw will prob stall so they can push the razr

  • Why don’t they just give us a date already!

  • Xoltol

    If this does not make it to Verizon, Lowell McAdam will have a mob of angry men and women at his corporate door.

  • Corthney

    anything about HDMI port either?

  • Yay!! I sent in this news tip!!

    • Anonymous

      Congrats on accomplishing something in your life 😛

  • Steve Heyboer

    When will ICS be coming out for nexus s?

  • dhiren savalia

    my next phone. i’m glad i waited!

  • Corthney

    any word on front camera quality or google talk/skype video? cuz for me to buy this it has to have AT LEAST the same features of the BIONIC

    • kurttrail

      Go buy a Bionic, if it has all the features you need want.

  • Kclose50

    My next phone for sure!

  • hey they copied those notifications from ios5

    • Anonymous

      they copied the touchscreen also

      • POOP_on_YOU

        Yeah cause they just made all these software changes since iOS5 was introduced. /sarcasmOFF
        They’ve been working on this ICS for more than a few months.  So both companies introduced similar ideas, who’s to say that Google didn’t think of it first?

    • Anonymous

       the individual delete? been in android, cyanogenmod

    • Anonymous

      They obviously stole Apple’s innovation.  Seeing the i*hone 4S and now the Galaxy Nexus it pretty obvious Apple is missing some innovation and Google/Samsung have definitely got some extra.  

    • Calculatorwatch

      Haha yeah screw WebOS! It failed so we forget all the things it did first 😛

  • I came.

    • DroidzFX

      I saw.

  • They said the HSPA+ version is 8.94mm. What about the LTE? hope its not any thicker..

    • DroidzFX

      Who cares! ICS is the SHIZ

    • Rickysiebold

      for sure it’s going to be thicker otherwise they wouldn’t have said that.   it could be twice as thick and i’d take it…. wait… what i’m trying to say is… nm.

  • Anonymous

    Cream on the inside
    Clean on the outside
    Ice Cream paint job

    • Dorrough Music!!!

    • Jrgray27

      That’s hilarious and Im probably one of the few “urban geeks” that knows where that comes from… Lmao.

      • Adam Elghor

        lol i didnt know urban geeks listen to hip-hop

      • Anonymous

        I am another Urban Geek 🙂 lol and I know that rap song, wasn’t one of my favorites tho.

    • Android69

      Cream in my pants

  • Sanjay Jha

    Why do you have to steal all my thunder, Samsung?!

    • Kclose50

      You just gotta work harder when your #2, love my droid x tho!

      • Anonymous

        I cannot wait to get a Galaxy Nexus, but you are definitely right I love my Droid X also.  

        • Anonymous

          Guys how do i convince an isheep whose argument is that the 4S simply improves on what is already the best mobile experience that he is wrong and an isheep.?

          • Anonymous

            Why bother? Let everyone use what they want. Android, iOS, and WP7 all are pretty feature complete and all have advantages and disadvantages. If your friend is happy with his iPhone let him keep the iPhone.

          • Anonymous

            Werd, if someone is “forced” to use something they didn’t think they were going to like they are just going to nitpick at it.

            All the people I have moved to Android I just showed them some features (as a friend, not as a salesman) and then they wanted one. One of my iphone friends said that the iphone just got too boring for him

          • Anonymous

            iSheep, I like that one lol, I would eithr have your friend paly with 
            your phone or take him to a VZW store and play around with a couple of
            devices or wait till the G Nex and RZR is out and have a go with both of
            the phones. If your friend is interested in further pursuing the
            discussion of trying out an Android device slowly bring him along. 

            The other guys are right you can’t just force someone to change, that’s
            like your friend telling you to take a look at Apple IOS and forcing you
            to run to the Apple store.

          • KojimaSnake

            Kick him in the iNuts 😛

    • palomosan

      My TBolt is on sale as off right now, who gives me $200, I need it to buy this beauty. Anyone.

      • GnexDave

        lol good luck getting $200 for it 😀

        • palomosan

          Lol, $199 maybe.

        • Anonymous

          Just check eBay.  Tbolts with accessories go for $200 at least.  Some poor schmuck is paying $500 buy it now right as I type this.

        • shdowman

          LOL….I already have Incredible 2 sold for $200….

          • Timothy Cregan

            Ha ha….  I just sold my wifes original droid incredible with an extended battery for $225.  She now has the Thunderbolt with an extended battery that lasts her about 34 hours.  It is a nice phone, except her “pretty pigs” wallpaper. omg, thats gotta go!

      • Anonymous

        Try $59.99, once both of these devices launch, you’ll be lucky to get 20 bucks for the tbolt lol Try Ebay and see what you can get for it 🙂

    • TheAndroid1

      Stealing the thunder from Motorola, the feel of windows 7, the drag one app on the other to create a folder from iOS, screen capture from iOS, etc.

      • Anonymous

        and this is how competition works my friend. Everyone forces the best out of each other. Whether it is copying, mimicking or improving new standards are set so its not who took it from who but who made it the best regardless of where it originated from

        • TheAndroid1

          That’s my point, I’m tired of every new feature coming out on a phone being called a “rip off” of another.

          Even if it’s just similar.

      • Trdracer21

        sound familiar right notification bar etc lol 

    • bigrob60

      Sorry Jha. But this phone is getting my last new every 2 discount. 
      P.S. I’m not really sorry. No go cry and have a bite of some Ice Cream Sandwich.