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Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Promo Video Released, Verizon Spotted in Notification Menu

YouTube Preview Image

The Galaxy Nexus / Ice Cream Sandwich event just wrapped and a promo video is already available for those of you that missed it. It highlights the phone a bit, but really digs into the top features in ICS like panoramic photos, facial unlock, new notification system, etc. A great watch.

On a related note, all of us noticed that Verizon was missing in action even with all of the LTE talk going on. It makes sense that they would stay away though – after all, they just had a massive event in NYC to announce the DROID RAZR. But! One of our readers caught at the 21 second mark of this video, the words “Verizon Wireless.” It’s coming, friends. No need to worry. We have MAP pricing and Samsung’s site saying as much.    

Cheers Adam!

  • Whoever’s Mom that is in the promo, she looks hot with the hourglass head!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t view the Video, says “the video has been removed by the owner”????

  • Anonymous

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  • GotSka81

    Video removed by user???

  • The video link is down but here’s another in HD:


  • JD

    How thick is the VZW version. When they announced the specs on stage they said the “HSPA+” version was 8.XX mm thin …. How thin is the LTE version? Did anyone see it?

    • Jdm4292

      I’m really curious too (looks over shoulder for “Mctypething”) but cant find an answer anywhere!

    • mrsbelpit

      They said it was about 1mm thicker.

  • Anonymous

    Video was removed… boo.

  • BoozeHammer

    iphone 4s still the best

    • Djlowproz

      yeah its the best. The Best on Yesterdays 3g technology smh….

  • Booboolala2000

    hope this is actuallyncoming to vzw. they havent delivered a nexus yet and i remember the last time we saw a link to vzw on a nexus page. just doubtful and hoping.

  • Bionicman

    yes definately excited now. not even considering any other phone. but am considering whether i should sell my wifes iphone 4 to buy this for her so we could “beam” each other!

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Finally, a worthy successor to my OG DROID. I’m getting this phone, end of story. Verizon, take all my money, I will own this.

  • Here’s to hoping that when my contract is up on my Droid X (which will more than likely receive a proper burial) that I’m not stuck paying $300 :/

  • QQMore

    video not working now?  grrr

  • Anyone know of a way to get someone to buy my Tbolt for 300 ; ) lol 

    • Anonymous

      Step 1 is to find someone that didn’t watch the release last night.

  • First 16 seconds would make an awesome boot animation. 

  • Finger

    This is a really small issue here, but I really liked the “green” theme in the Gingerbread UI. It was unique and identifiable. The blue just makes it look like they’re trying too hard to impress people (and from the video, it’s pretty obvious that they’re trying to look like the movie Tron.) This seems less like an Android UI and more like a new version of TouchWiz.

  • Lmao [email protected] Kalista perfect ICE CREAM PAINT JOB hahaha your not the only “urban geek” who gets that 😀

  • Trick254

    🙁 makes me sad i want it
    I love my bionic though

  • GotSka81

    Any word on the sd card slot status? Also, anyone find out if this thing has hardware acceleration?

  • This will be the first time in over 4 years that I switch from buying only Motorola phones to buying a Samsung phone. This will be my next phone to upgrade my OG Droid. 

  • OK now i want one..  that looks cool.. 

  • miscreant

    I’ve got to say…I am simply blown away by the enhancements made in ICS. The phone is simply beautiful, and it looks like the i*hone camera may have just been dethroned. I’m all for amazing tech, and I will give *pple credit where it’s due. But, that being said…let’s see unbiased reviews of both devices.

  • Anonymous

    finally something worth while on verizon since the original droid trio! (the Droid, the Incredible,and the X)

  • Tyler Cunning

    Droid Raze + ICS = great Christmas/birthday/newyears present. Gotta start the year off right

    • Anonymous

      droid razr wont have ics. nice try.

  • icsrules

    Did they give any info on carrier or pricing?

    • Anonymous

      it will probably be 300$ on verizon like all the rest of em -__-

  • Baked14

    It’d be fine with a locked bootloader. This thing is spick and span.

    • Anonymous

      even if the bootloader was locked for some crazy reason it wouldnt matter because we already have perfect software

    • Anonymous

      as a nexus (dev) device, the bootloader should either come unlocked, or should be as easy as flipping a switch.

  • Anonymous


  • Brent Cooper8

    Battery life? HD mirroring(yes I know spelling)? Removeable battery? SD slot?

  • Sputnick

    The RAZR what?

  • icsohya

    So happy to be a verizon customer right now..unlimited 3g/4g on top of ice cream sandwich and vanilla goodness … *jizz in mah pants*

  • I must have this phone…