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Verizon 4G LTE Network Down Nationwide (Updated: It’s Back)

The title says it all. If you have a Verizon 4G LTE phone, you likely do not have service right now (Is this the 3rd outage this year? ). Well, you may have 3G, but you sure as hell aren’t going to be crushing downloads or streaming movies for a bit. We have heard from a number of readers who have spoken with VZW support reps and the word isn’t all that positive. No word yet on when this will return. Calling support though, isn’t going to get you anywhere. This is one of those that you will have to sit back and wait out.

Keep it here as we will update it as we hear anything. Also, if you network comes back on, be sure to drop us a comment.

Update 9:00PM:  It appears to be back up and running.

Update 11:11PM:  According to our Twitter timeline and the comments, it’s not up everywhere. Sorry folks, this one is going to be hard to track. I would suggest just continuing to hang out in the comments to see if your area comes back up.

Cheers Mike, J, R and T!

  • stephen jester

    Back up this morning. thought my phone was a clunker there for a minute

  • Reggie Martin

    located in Roanoke va. service is down on my LG Revolution  bouncing in and out

  • Anonymous

    10/18/2011 at 3:04 PM PST.  Not working here in Vancouver, Washington on my Droid Bionic.  I only have intermittant 3G.  Signal is plenty strong when it works.

  • Still out in Acton, MA as of 12:01 AM 10/18/11

  • Greggsj1234

    It’s up in sacramento california

  • jamie

    if you pull your battery and sim card and reinstall it comes back. at least for me, here in SLC, UT

  • jamie

    pulled battery and sim card…upon restart 4G back.

  • jamie

    4G down still in SLC, UT  2:13pm MST 3G has been fine.

  • Greg G

    only 1x here in southern california as of noon pst.

  • Jaxun

    My LTE works while my 3G is dead…Go figure that.

  • Rich

    Finally got a 1x connection after hitting *228… My co-worker beside me has a 3g/4g phone and his says 3g connection… Just goes to you that VZW has shit service and shit phones as they always have had…  it doesn’t say much for the phone manufacturer either…

  • Warlike1919

    So this may explain why I was on only 1x at midnight

  • Anonymous


  • Beatbostonagain

    4g it up and running here in enfield, ct

  • Anonymous

    VZW 4G Down = 2 more hours before a recharge…

  • As of this morning at 8am ET mine was back up and running

  • Misledred

    Northern Virginia…Xoom=no connectivity…Thunderbolt….4G

  • As of 8:45 AM CT. My 3G is back up.

  • Thenew3

    4G/3G/1X still down in central CA as of 6:20AM

    • sog805

      I have no connection what so ever (1x, 3g, or 4g) in ventura, ca

      • Thenew3

        Got 3G back about an hour ago.  Still no 4G here in Monterey, CA

      • Thenew3

        BTW, I had to turn airplane mode on then off again for phone to find 3G network. 

  • Anonymous

    I was in the middle of flashing radios when it went down so I thought all of them were bad…talk about two wasted hours of my life…

  • Anonymous

    Droid does, Verizon doesn’t.

  • 4G is up and running is Lansing, MI. I really didn’t notice it until late last night after I turned off the Wi-Fi.

  • Dave

    Ah, growing pains. I expect these kinds of things will happen for a few years to come until LTE has matured.

    My data was out last night but I got it back early this morning in Orlando, FL (3G and 4G).

  • Also, 4G is still down, Central Jersey. It’s been very flakey here for the past week anyway, I’m normally 4G my entire 30 mile ride home… For the past week or so I’ve been on 1X for half my ride. Really kills the Pandora buzz… which blows cause my car no longer has a radio antenna.

  • 11knives

    I was having serious issues with 3G on my DX last night, was about to SBF. Good thing I saw this, hopefully this was my problem.

  • Djenks24

    Out of frustration with my Thunderbolt, I called Verizon right away.  They are sending me a different Thunderbolt. Took mine back to stock and unrooted and then the 3G started working again.  Actually, it seems to be working better with the stock rom.  Decent voice signal and good data signal.  Not sure what to do with the one that arrives today.

  • I was completely unaware that Hawaii is just south of Texas…

    • Anonymous

      You’ve never heard of the famous Cowboy Surfers?  Or the BBQ Luaus?  Strange.

  • Anonymous

    Jacksonville Fl still just 3g

  • Anonymous

    Still no 4G in NY 🙁

  • Jacob

    Mn= nope

  • Iamaguest

    I have no 1X or 3G, no service at all on my Verizon smartphone.  It went off last night and is still off this morning.   Germantown, MD        

  • Rich

    NO service in Maryland what so ever… not even 1x connection… They better make this up to use…

  • 32mbps

    For a moment there, I thought I was back with ATT.


  • Tboltuser

    Figures, I was flashing a new ROM last night, having 4G issues…now I know, not the ROM.  New flash step before wipingformatting is check droid-life for LTE outage.

    4G up in Cincinnati, but speeds are flaky.

  • Pnicuh

    hawaii no LTE just now

  • Kellogs

    I don’t even have 1x. I’m off today so WiFi for me. Tbolt.

    • Pnicuh

      me either, WiFi for me too. DBionic.

  • Babychase01

    I don’t even have 3G!!

  • Kevmex1989

    No Lte in san francisco so far

  • Anonymous

    It was bound to happen, i was losing 4G every few minutes on the way back from NYC, and at some points I didn’t have data at all.  Even sitting in a single area for a while the LTE would come on and go off, i hope they get the bugs out, its a great service when it works, it trumped 3G when using Google Maps to navigate NYC for ComicCon, my friends Droid X is so jealous LOL 😛

    battery on my ThunderBolt lasted maybe 8 hours that day and I was taking pics like there was no tomorrow.  LTE was a great way to upload them to share with my friends on Facebook very quickly i can’t wait till it comes to my area.

  • Wyveryx

    No effing way?!? Serously though I was starting to get really pissed off. They could have simply sent a notification text alerting us to this outage. Hell I couldn’t even get 3G on my Bionic, and after spending nearly 2 hours on hold… I needed to return to the real world.

  • Michael D.

    It’s working in Seattle!!

  • I’ve been with no data service for already 7 hours……this is rediculous, verizon is no longer the most reliable network with this crap -_-

    • LionStone

      Drop it into CDMA ONLY and you may notice that you indeed have data.

  • Anonymous

    AWall is well in NY and I don’t remember it going down…

  • Dom Alegria

    I live in Tucson,AZ and we have 4g but I do not at the moment 11:09p.m.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, didn’t even notice. And I have the Network Lost Tone on, so would’ve notified. But then again I’m in manhattan, so it’s a rare thing to lose signal unless I’m in the subway…

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  • M Day121908

    Im in GA and I’m not in a 4G LTE area, but my 3G isn’t even running…. My Revolution keeps goin from. 1x to no data at all

  • Still down in north Idaho

  • i didnt even notice – thanks to this pos bionic that never gets a 4G signal in this very well covered area.

  • For those without 4G/3G or any cellular data. 1X DOES still work. However for some STRANGE reason some phones may not switch from 3G to 1X. To FORCE the phone to 1X. Go to the phone’s programming menu. (For Bionic and maybe Thunderbolt). I say 1X data is better than NO DATA at all. Plus in 1X only you can
    still make and receive calls and send and receive text messages.

     “Dial ##PROGRAM (7764726)

    Enter Code # 6 ZEROS ( 0 x6)

    Choose “Test Mode” from menu.

    Press NEXT button til Field Test Screen appears.

    Choose Network Mode drop down box.

    Select LTE ONLY.

    Press BACK arrow softkey.

    Phone will reboot.


    To Return to CDMA & LTE. Just follow SAME steps as before and choose
    CDMA, EVDO and LTE From pull down menu instead of LTE ONLY. Or use
    CDMA & EVDO if LTE is not very strong over the EVDO signal.

    You can ALSO use this same option to disable all data or lock to 1xRTT.
    If you so desired. The 1xRTT lock is good if you are in a 1X area but
    3G keeps coming in and out.


    Wifi and Bluetooth remain as normal.

    (Legend: CDMA = 1xRTT 2G Data and Voice), EVDO = 3G Data NO voice, LTE = 4G .. 4G Data NO Voice)

    • LionStone

      One of the areas I work is in a 1x area only and most of the other time I’m in 4G, so I know what its like to have the slowest speeds and the fastest speeds. On the Thunderbolt I only used the “LTE On/Off” app. Drop it into CDMA ONLY and it locked on to 1X and was stable.

      After one of the updates we received a separate “mobile networks” setting on the TB (which it should’ve had to begin with!) When I went into 1X only area, I was getting an unstable signal again!? Well there is some conflict with the two settings.

      I noticed if I went to the LTE app first and then to the phone setting to set it also on CDMA ONLY, the phone signal would jump to CDMA Auto (prl) in the LTE app, which I think is fine if you can get a 3G signal but not where you know you don’t.

      If you still use the app like me, go to mobile networks in settings *first* and set to CDMA ONLY. Then go to the app to set CDMA ONLY and it will be stable. I have not tried uninstalling the app and just using the phones network setting. Maybe it will work fine but I have not tried it yet.

  • davel3

    Still not back here.  I still have 1X on my Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    For those in the Detroit area, 4G service is up again.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but here in Auburn/Opelika, AL, we are NOT back up yet.  I can confirm that since my house is only .75 miles from a 3G tower.  My BIONIC is still dead as far as 3G goes.

    • Ditto. I’m less than 1/2 mile from a VZW tower. I can get 1X data on my Bionic. I locked it to 1X in programming. If in CDMA, EVDO & LTE Mode or CDMA & EVDO for some reason it would ignore the 1X signal. Meaning the Pilot signal for the EVDO / LTE system is broadcasting or the phone would revert to 1X on it’s own as it would if 3G or 4G  were online. By forcing it into 1X only you are making the phone IGNORE the EVDO or LTE pilot signal and lock on to 1X anyway. Which I have CONFIRMED (in my area) works 100%.

      • LionStone

        Yes, I have also confirmed 100% (in my reply to you above and before I have also mentioned this) and I might add that you can still do most everything you normally do on your phone, just slower. Think back to the dial up days 🙂 Hey, I’m happy as long as I can still get my DL fix! Oh yea, you can’t talk and browse simultaneously, not sure if you mentioned that, but I think that’s a given.

  • That’s what I was going to say. Since when did we even have 4G in stockton? My bionic connected to it like last week out of nowhere

  • Mike

    Whew. Recently rooted my bolt and ditched the bloat today. Thought I F’ed something up. All is cool.

  • Richlost

    I just rebooted in Boston , and I got 4g back[IMG]http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l199/richg8/1318825445591.jpg[/IMG]

    • Mannnnnn you need some new icons bro

      • Richlost

        icons are like tattoos….. you get to a point where in seeking individuality by graphically enhancing your phone or your body, you begin to blend into smaller group and thusly become another small member of that group.
        Subtle is the new “In your face” 

  • Don Motley

    When exactly was “right now”? With no time of day (including time zone), this story is useless.

    I had no problem today here in Modesto, CA.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been checking in every hour for days for more Nexus news, and this is all you’ve got Kellex? Comm’on man! Daddy needs his fix!

  • Nick Legger

    MMine in Ohio is working. Haven’t rebooted or left 4g area

    • Booboolala2000

      Swiftkey X?

  • richard gurska

    Whew….. I thought that I broke the internet

  • Still down in north Idaho

  • Breadable

    I thought the new Thunderbolt was crapping out. Good to know it’s a network thing. At least the 1x was faster than I remembered (though I just switched over to wifi anyway)

  • Anonymous

    Back up and running at 9:00 pm?  That’s a negative in central NC. Haven’t had LTE or 3G since 7:00 pm or so.

  • David Flower

    I’m traveling haven’t even 3G in a hundred miles or so

  • Booboolala2000

    NW Florida here. No data at all on my Droid Charge. Am in a non Lte area at the moment but have full 3g on my LTE Xoom. Very strange.

  • Michael Martin

    scratch that, nyc is officially jumping with its data…….nvm 4g

  • my bionic hasn’t had any service for hours.. not even 3G or 1x.. wtf?!

  • Anonymous

    Still down here in Detroit, MI… not even 3G is working on my LTE-ified Xoom. Anyone around Michigan have any luck?

  • Mark

    Still down in Boise, ID

  • Michalev

    I still have no 3G service up in montana, just able to make phone calls and text, no data

  • I’m getting sporadic 3G (CDMA) coverage today. Been dropping in and out all day. I live in a 3G area only. Great coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Southern IL back on for 3 hours now..All is well..

  • Zac

    Oklahoma City on droid charge has 4g service with no issues right now….

  • Drew.

    4G in Minneapolis, MN on Bionic.

    • Tylerscochran

      No 3G or 4G on my Bionic about 60 mi south of you.  My wife’s Ally has 3G just fine though.

    • jimbob

      Just 1x on my TB.

  • Nyplaya513

    all good over in NYC

  • I’m in Maryland and I have 4G but its going in and out right now.

  • Rsholton1

    Just got 4g back in Hammond LA

  • hawgpapa

    Bakersfield’s 4G is up…

  • My 4G is working fine, College Station Texas…

  •  My 4G is working fine, College Station Texas…

  • Brandonkcross

    4G is working in the Orlando area!

    • Lostwithoutinterwebs

      No dice for me on the east side. I get a 4G connection, but it doesn’t let me get on the network.

  • Telephoneteck

    okay got my 3g back!

  • Anonymous

    Never saw a service loss here (jax, fl.) 4g never changed to 3g

  • Kristina M Haynes

    I have 4G and I’m in Mansfield, Ohio.

  • Drew Beck

    4G running just fine on my thunderbolt here in Nashville

  • Grant Crum

    Verizon 4G is working just fine for me in Stockton, CA. 26MB down and 18MB up. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve still got it in Cincinnati.


    Never went out for me in FL..

  • Johnediii

    I flew into Philly tonight and was screwed when I wanted to use my Bionic for a GPS.  No data at all.  Looks like I have LTE back up now, though.

    • MOTOX

      u don’t need data for gps…thats why there’s gps…and agps…u use gps when no data…

      • Bionic

        Google maps requires data to navigate

        • It requires data to initially find the destination and the route… but you can use wifi to do that then leave on your trip and it should get you there.

          • Bionic

            what you say is true, sorta. Depends on what phone you have. If you have a phone with 1GB of RAM then yes google maps probably stores all data needed for the trip right off the bat. However if you have a Droid 1, and i know this from experience, depending on how long the trip, google maps needs to fetch more data somewhere down the road on the trip. I noticed this when id be talking on my phone for an hour and google maps said “no data connection” after about an hour of driving. So i had to hang up the phone and allow the phone to get the data.

  • Cornstarch28

    Back up in salt lake city Utah.

  • Benjamin Wassink

    Austin Tx area, I started getting 4G signal back about 5 min ago.

  • longcat

    Never went out for me in socal

  • Telephoneteck

    i can only get 3g here normally but right now on my thunderbolt only 1x, but my wifes i*hone is on 3g. this must only affect 4G DEVICES? I am on north oregon coast.

  • Tylerscochran

    No 3G or 4G on my Bionic.  Although 4G is not normally in my area… odd that 3G is out for me too.

    • Bionic

      Me to on my Bionic. The I’m using WiFi

  • Lostwithoutinterwebs

    3G and 4G out in Orlando. The mouse isn’t happy about this. 😉

  • Matt

    LTE back up in Utah.  During the outage I couldn’t get ANY data, not 3G nor 1X on my Bionic.  

  • Bionic

    II don’t even have 3g but sometimes bionic drops 3g anyway. However this hasn’t happened in a long time.

  • Ray

    maybe if i call and bitch enough i can get a credit!

  • BACK UP! In Southern California! Woot Woot! 

  • Wareaglevi

    I just post that and 4G pops back up.

  • still down in north idaho

  • Anonymous

    Back on here in DC

  • Wareaglevi

    In Atlanta, 3G and 4G are both out on Verizon. I’m sending this via wifi.

    How much do I pay again for this great service?

  • BraddahBoi808

    Been down for 5 hours here in Hawaii. Now it’s finally coming back on

  • Josue Carrillo

    i was surprised today…i was all over central texas today…and it kept me from accessing my email… 3G was out also. no data was available from killeen, tx all the way up to the southern part of hill county…. which is most of the coverage in southern (central) texas…

  • Jjjjj

    No problem for me in the ATL.

  • When I switch my radios back and forth in the Network app, I can get the 4G icon to come up for a few minutes, but then it’s gone. Showing signs of life, but only temporarily. This message was posted via LTE in Maryland. Who knows how much longer it’ll last?

  • Mr.Optomistic

    4g/3g down in Southern California…. I will keep everyone posted. :/ 

  • Anonymous

    No 4G on my OG Droid. I called support and they said it should come back November 3rd 

  • Keithsmnr

    Elgin IL 4 bars of 4g lte after a reboot

  • tommyz

    I didn’t see a problem in Chicago on my Thunderbolt.

  • TrivialTweeter

    Just looked at my phone, and data is restored. I’m in Los Angeles

  • Jeyrivera89

    I”m in boston, I have 4g/lte on my phone right now. But earlier today it was 3G for about an hour…

  • Pillar406

    I’m in Colorado Springs and I still have 4g LTE service

  • BionicFaither

    4G still live in Southern Indiana

  • Thenew3

    Central CA, lost 4G around 1pm Pacific time, lost 3G/1X around 3PM pacific time.  as of 8:15pm, still do not have any data service.

  • Steven_1974

    No 4g or 3g in the Raleigh, NC area since around 8pm.

  • TheRealBeesley

    Back on here in Central PA

  • Ziv

    Seems fine in the 94040 area… Was down this afternoon…

  • Munozinho

    4G back in San Fran 

  • zombiedroid83

    I was having outages earlier today too. Seems like I have 4g again. I hope I didn’t speak too soon though. In the San Fernando Valley, CA.

  • Todd

    No 3g here in north idaho for the second time this week.

  • Anthony Lamberto

    4G LTE is back in PHILLY! 🙂

    edit: at least for me…

  • Jayrod718

    I can’t even keep 3g stable it comes and goes within minute s Good thing I thought I was crazy

  • Nnbadboy

    Im in Michigan and I didnt lose 4g at all and i still have it. 

  • Mark Barczak

    4g still up in cincinnati 😀

  • Thommyjg

    Still out in DFW. area. 10:03 cst

  • Benleonard79

    4G service is fine here in Detroit. Never went out.

  • Brian

    LTE is OK in suburban Chicago.

  • Anonymous

    I have 3G north east side of Detroit. No 4G, but not a big deal until I’m stuck with 1X. They are probably having network issues because of the rapid expansion of 4G coverage. I don’t mind this once in a while if it speeds up the growth of their 4G coverage.

  • Turner1974 Rt

    No 4g, had 3g for a little while now that down now to 1x in Denver CO

  • Zizzybaloobah

    Just came back in Baltimore.

  • Anyone know how to get 3G back when using a CM7 rom?? The instructions for getting it back on a Sense rom don’t work.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve rerouted some things to the NE.  It’s restored in Chicago, for me.  Check Reddit for the scoops.  http://redd.it/lekph

  • i got 4G here in columbus, ohio, it poped back on at 10:55

    • Anonymous

      And Chicago. http://redd.it/lekph

  • DorienH

    my 4g works

  • How is that recently upgraded 4G Xoom working for ya’s? Lol glad I was cheap and just got the Wifi one…

  • Anonymous

    There is no LTE outage. 4G is working just fine. The eHRPD system which transitions you from 1X/3G to 4G LTE is down. That’s what has crashed both times before. But again, LTE is working just fine, so long as you don’t try to transition from 1X/3G to it (LTE dead spot, for example). Just tested 18 down/3 up on my Thunderbolt.

  • Joshfriedman86

    Haven’t lost my data connection…. 4G going strong right now.

  • Anonymous

    in CT. still have 3G and had 4G when i was at New Haven at 4. don’t know anymore since i dont live in a 4g area :'(

  • Billy Jenkins

    I never lost 4g

  • Anonymous

    Brea, CA… I have LTE, is it down everywhere or is the issue resolved

  • Anonymous

    My 4g is working fine. Never went down, AFAIK.

    NW Chicago burbs. 

  • Josh

    it was only out for about an hour and half in Blacksburg, 3g was fine

  • Anonymous

    Oops, take back my last post… Pittsburgh 4G is up for me…

  • Jared Krinsky

    No 4G, 3G, or 1X in Bayonne, NJ. But I do seem to have full bars of cell service everywhere. Even in my basement where it drops to 2 or less normally.

  • 4G is back up for SE Wisconsin.

  • I have 4g in the twin cities mn

  • Jason Purp

    I’d rather have 4G in my area and have it go down twice every week than not have it at all.

  • Sam

    LTE in Toledo is up!

  • Wish I had a Galaxy Nexus so I could have no LTE 🙁

    • I have a 4G phone, but no 4G in my area yet.. But even my 3G service has not been working all night.. Thought it was just locally. I dont know if this is associated 

      • Damn that’s really not good… At least it’s a Sunday night outage. Lot better than a Monday morning/afternoon one. Although it could still run over into Monday morning.

      • droidfreak

        i called its a nation wide date drop out from what they told me im in the same boat 4g phone in a non 4g area with no 3g to be found since about 11pm

      • Mrfingerle

        Monday morning & No 4g LTE or 3g on my HTC THUNDERBOLT in the Seattle Charlotte NC region

  • Just checked speedtest and 4G working fine here in Sioux Falls

  • Mindshatteringcreations

    This was the first place I checked to see why I had no service. It’s back up and running now in Mesa, AZ

    • Adrien Hawthorne

      Completely off topic, but woot, Mesa, Az. I lived there for a while then moved out to Tempe.

  • dewdrops

    Ithaca, NY here.  Mine just came back on 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got 4G here in New Jersey…

    EDIT: About a minute after I said that, I got toggled down to 1X. Odd that I got a signal for a whole minute though.

  • Dan

    No 4 or 3g here in MN/ND

  • My iphone 4s hasn’t lost any 4g lte service, oh wait….

    • Babychase01

      Phonies suck!

      • Anonymous

        I think he was joking more towards the iPhone 4S NOT having 4G/LTE at all.

        • Anonymous

          Precisely why Apple hasn’t released a “4G” phone yet. Let all of the fake iPhones (Androids) serve as guinea pigs and work out all of the kinks, then they’ll join in when its truly ready for the iPhone….

          • Shindo107

            i thought apple prided itself on being “groundbreaking”…………

          • Anonymous

            They “broke ground” with the original iPhone, which gave birth to all of the pretend iPhones that you fandroids hold so dear. But they’re not about to join some half-assed, beta technology which isn’t even true 4G just to quiet a bunch of tech heads who won’t under any circumstances buy their products anyway….

          • EC8CH

            “They “broke ground” with the original iPhone”

            and since then they’ve left it up to Android to break new ground ever since…

            I think that’s the point you’re getting at?

          • Anonymous

            No the point I’m getting at is that the original iPhone gave Apple the necessary mindshare it needed to become and remain the world’s top selling smartphone. Now that that has been established, they can allow the Android pretenders to beta-test these emerging technologies like “4G”, suffer all of the blackouts, work out all the kinks, and then and only then allow their highly successful brand name to be associated with it….

          • EC8CH

            Interesting way of justifying getting the latest technology 1 to 2 years after everyone else.

          • Anonymous

            The iPhone 4, a phone thats well into its SECOND year of existence, is the world’s top selling smartphone. The iPhone 4s is well on it’s was of eclipsing the lofty standard set by the iPhone 4, based upon the fact that Apple processed 1 million pre-orders in 24 HOURS for the device, and that it took the 4s only 4 hours to become the top selling device at Sprint, outselling every iPhoney Android handset that has ever been offered on the carrier. NEITHER of these phones are “4G”. “4G” only matters to geeks and eggheads like yourself….

          • EC8CH

            So I can get an i*hone that’s basically 2 years old like you say, still not get any of the latest technology like LTE, but I get to feel good about it because lots of other people bought the same phone.

            You’re right.. that sounds like a great deal.

            You do know that Siri is released as “Beta” and it has had some connection issues (http://gizmodo.com/5850145/it-looks-like-siris-already-having-some-trouble).  What exactly does that mean to your argument?

          • wow66

            i just left my DROID phones (i’ve had since the original Droid) and got the iphone 4S.  my last phone was a 4G Droid.  I hated it.  it would die soooo quickly even if i didn’t touch it…maybe last about 6 hours.  i actually manually put it on 3G so it would last alittle longer.  the iphone is sooooo much better…this is my first iphone and I’M IN LOVE!   i’ll stick with the 3G for now cause my iphone lasts for DAYS!

          • EC8CH

            “my last phone was a 4G Droid”

            cool story bro.

          • Anonymous

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  • Indianapolis here…been down since around 7 pm est and still going.  Keep losing the 3G signal as well.

  • Flip1234

    Houston, TX here.. I’m not getting 4G or 3G or 1x.. Figured it was the TheoryROM I was running on my Bionic.. (So many bugs already)

    • Jayrod718

      same, Nashville though. No 4g , 3g goes active for about a.minute

      • davel3

        Exactly what is happening here in MA

  • Bowcow1

    Mine bionic has 4g

  • Yes, it was down today afternoon but it’s back on now. South OC.

  • Anonymous

    mostly getting no data connection; but I’ve seen 1x, 3G, and 4G cycling for the past 3 hours.

  • Bwaddellstern

    My 4g is back for the moment. Has been in and out all day. Richmond VA

  • Hfgh

    It’s back.

  • Guest

    4G was down in Chicago for only a matter of minutes then back up

  • 4G is good in Washington DC!

  • Anonymous

    Im not getting anything, always 3G with 4G coming and going. Now? nothing

  • Parrotheadmjb

    yea it was down from about 7-9:15 EST

  • Not very encouraging. 4G is finally coming to my city on the 20th. Hopefully, it’s working by then

  • jd092

    Mine is coming in and out in Troy, Alabama, works for a few minutes, but then switches back to 3g. I was in a 3g only area earlier today and even 3g was having a hard time staying connected. Oh, and its a good thing this isn’t att or it might be permanent.

  • Sammyguyana

    Was down an hour ago, now back up…phx az

  • Anonymous

    I never seemed to lose it in Tulsa OK.

  • Loonie01

    4G back up in Detroit

  • My 4G near Milwaukee, WI is still out. Been out since 5:30pm and it is now 9:25pm.

  • Justinmhawks

    I was having a horrible time even getting my Bionic to connect on 3G. It seems once it tries to connect to 4G it wont even connect to 3G, Here is my fix-

    Press OPTION key> Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network > SELECT CDMA ONLY
    Hold Power button and when the menu comes up, put it in AIRPLANE MODE
    Wait 30 sec
    Hold Power button again and come out of AIRPLANE MODE
    Soon 3G Services should connect.

    Hope this helps.

  • Fulloff

    Got 4G here is TX.

  • richoz30

    Same as some of the posters…4G came back right when I got this tweet =)

  • i drove back to school (2.5 hours) and had no internet the entire time. and there was no 4g on the highway i was on. now im back at school, and the 3g keeps going in and out. so its not only the 4g 

  • Spikewmu

    4G came back on for me. In michigan

  • Joelseph

    Welcome to the wonderful world of cutting edge. 🙂

  • scannerman

    4G is working here in central IL

  • Andrewk122001

    Both 3g and 4g went down for me (Blacksburg VA) but it’s back online here

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got lte here in Detroit

  • 4G is working for me in Louisiana.

  • DroidSeeker

    FYI, I was without 4G and 3G for 2-3 hours here in NYC. They restored about an hour ago. 3G started working then 4G popped up again.

  • guest

    Test Date: Oct 16, 2011 7:14:58 pm
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Mexical
    Download: 27.32 Mbps
    Upload: 10.24 Mbps
    Ping: 54 ms

    External IP:
    Internal IP:,
    Latitude: 32.63493
    Longitude: -117.05872

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:


    Ookla operates Speedtest.net using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With millions of tests performed every day across hundreds of servers, Speedtest.net is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and related information. Visit it on your computer today to find out why.

  • Anonymous

    i did the exact same. 

    outage for me lasted 2 hours in southern California, couldnt stream my football while out with the girlfriend. what a shame … lol

    the network connection, for me at least, was restored around 6:30pm

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Strike 3…. I don’t care about the beating I’ll take in the comments after I say this… But at&t, here I come. A fallback network of oversold cdma2000 just doesn’t cut it once you’ve tasted the faster speeds.

    • Your going to go to att because lte was down a couple of hours?

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        SLA’s are 99.9% in the tech industry. So yes. If they can’t provide the proper service level, they shouldn’t have this many customers. Get a job in the tech world, you’ll see. Servers go down, people lose their jobs.

    • Rich Dillon

      Yea, go have fun with your HSPA+, more LTE for me

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        What LTE? It’s down. So enjoy your 1x, and maybe if you’re lucky they’ll get evdo running again so you can challenge ISDN speeds. The point is, if LTE is flakey, which it obviously is…. I’ll have HSPA+ and not oversold, slow cdma2000.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    • Joshua Settlage

      So your switching from a network that lost service for a couple of hours on a sunday night to a network that  doesn’t have service anywhere. Good logic.

      • Anonymous

        Atleast he can expect to not get service anywhere instead of being surprised about an emerging technology that a company doesn’t charge any extra to use being out for a little bit but still having an amazing fall back network that is reliable and still very fast?

        • James

          ^ Sent from iphone

          • Anonymous

            ? Does that mean you are saying I sent it from my iphone? If so I guess I should have put /sarcasm in there.

            BTW… Sent from my OG Droid

          • Kellogs

            You sarcastic Bro??

        • To say that they don’t charge extra is a bit naive.  They funded this mess by getting rid of unlimited data plans.  You may not directly pay extra cash for it, but you are definitely paying for 4G.  Hell, we don’t even have it yet in our area, so now I’m on a 4G phone that isn’t pulling any data at all – the “fallback” network doesn’t mean diddly unless you are on a 3G only phone.

          • Anonymous

            The funding came in long before the tiered plans did (not saying it doesn’t now provide extra funds). And I’m not saying that you aren’t paying for 4G but in reality everyone is. Its just their decision to utilize it or not. If I walk in to Verizon today with a 4G capable phone I will get 4G service at no additional cost to my bill

      • Breadable

        A few whiners is good though. Keep the heat on Verizon when things go wrong so they don’t get the idea to go all AT&T and stop investing in network upgrades

    • Zeadaplaya

      Lol AT&t is like, the wirst carrier out of all 4.

      Verizon: Best Coverage, Most Expensive
      Sprint: Great Coverage, Great Prices (best value in my opinion)
      AT&T: Sprint Coverage, Verizon Prices
      T-Mobile: Decent Coverage, Best Prices

      • Anonymous

        I’d have to disagree with you that Sprint has great coverage. Only in urban areas. Get out in to the sticks then tell me about their coverage 😉

        • not even urban. my friend can’t even get service in my driveway with sprint. verizon, never had a single problem.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Maybe in Bizarro World. T Mobile, same prices as Verizon, ie- 90 bucks a month unless they’re running a limited time special. AT&T, actually better coverage than Verizon due to higher cell density, cheaper than Verizon, if only 5 dollars. Sprint, worst coverage in the nation, 80 dollars for garbage service.

        A lot has changed in the last 5 years, I’d suggest opening your mind.

        • Anonymous

          ATT best coverage? Lol not where I’m from. Earth, that is.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Way to not know what you’re talking about then.  Enjoy your voice quality, and thanks for your post.  Or should I say in regards to that voice quality… domo arigato, Mr. Roboto?

    • Tyler

      So you’re going to an over-sold, under-backhauled HSPA+ network with the nations lowest satisfaction rating? Do you realize LTE is brand new and will have kinks every now and then? You’re a joke. You’ll see.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        LTE is already oversold. It averages slower speeds than their promised 12/5 with less than 5% of their devices on it. Sorry, but that’s pretty pathetic. And SLA’s in this world are 99.9%, which they aren’t even close to anymore.

        • dude just switch already. why are you fighting about it. no one cares if you leave vz.. really. 

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Obviously, you care, or you would have skipped my post and wouldn’t have bothered to reply.  Network goes down 3 times in the 7 months since the first phone was released for it, that’s a great foretelling of the future.  Thanks for your time and concern.

          • thats the price you pay for a fast expanding network. im pretty sure they’ll add in some procedures in place to avoid these things as they figure out what causes it each time.  I’m sure starting mid 2012 all of this will be forgotten and their network will be as rock solid as it is with 3g now. 

            im not one to tolerate failure. but i understand the reasons behind it. 

        • Tyler

          You have GOT to be kidding me. I would ask for data on your claims but I know you have none because that is far from true. I never drop below 25mbps in Louisville, and in Chicago and NY I was hitting 40’s and 50’s respectively. I have never- ever had an LTE speed test come in below 15mbps. Are there outliers? Sure, but the average is faar above 12 right now. Have you even googled “Verizon LTE speed tests”? 

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            WTF are you talking about?  AT&T fanboy?  Really?  I have an AT&T work phone, have had one for some time… I have been on Verizon Wireless since it was called Frontier Wireless, and later Bell Atlantic… that’d be 16 years now… thank you very much.

            And here’s your silencer:  www dot speedtest dot net/android/88776682.png  11.98 down, 1.27 up.  And that’s a fast one… want to see a 5.98 down, .66 up?  Just ask.  The service is degrading as more people buy devices… sorry about your luck.

          • Tyler

            So the “average” is your random speed test from a single tower?! How old are you? If you knew anything about network technology you would know that LTE is far more efficient than HSPA+.  By your measure, AT&T’s network at my house is running at an average of 0.5mpbs, which is FANTASTIC, RIGHT?! Gotta love that HSPA+, far superior than Verizon’s LTE! You are experiencing the lowest LTE scores I have seen, but that 11.98 is within their projected range- at the high end actually. Sure, not sure what’s up with that 1.27, but I guarantee AT&T can’t even get half of those numbers, so instead of bitching, why don’t you be thankful for your 12mbps to your phone? Or go to AT&T with their STELLAR HSPA+ network! Nobody cares what you do- you can go to AT&T and take a speed cut and drop calls all you want. I will rock out here with my 25mbps. And no, there were not 2 LTE outages this week. Please, run from Verizon. If you bitch about an LTE outage, you have A LOT coming your way with AT&Trash!

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Trocks, we’ve gone over this on HoFo repeatedly – and your use of “AT&Trash” shows your inherent, blind bias as it always has… and even you have gone on to say that the outlandish speeds in NYC aren’t realistic, and your speeds in Louisville aren’t what they used to be… so average them yourself:

            14.28/2.89, 225 ms…
            11.98/1.27 99 ms….
            9.76/0.97 233 ms…
            5.98/0.66 135 ms…
            0.88/0.08 138 ms (yup, that’s LTE too, not 3G)….
            7.14/1.75 118 ms…
            9.47/1.75 124 ms…
            9.68/1.68 212 ms…
            5.55/1.51 235 ms…
            10.89/1.08 199 ms…
            7.67/1.66 1069 ms (no typo)…
            10.10/0.45 203 ms…
            7.06/0.39 183 ms…
            8.76/0.30 205 ms…
            10.59/1.02 199 ms…
            7.84/1.25 183 ms…
            9.84/0.87 190 ms…
            9.79/1.26 112 ms…
            14.82/5.00 119 ms…
            11.52/4.87 119 ms…
            16.05/4.40 113 ms…

            …shall I continue?  I can certainly take a photo for you later.  And obviously, you care… or you wouldn’t feel the need to defend Verizon like I just slandered your families honor!  And it is 11.98, the png is wrong, just like it says ~100 miles… when at most, I was 10 miles.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            By the way… your own words on your average speeds on Verizon in a real city and not such a densely populated place like Kentucky (hahahaha)…  “Verizon’s Average Numbers (as listed above): Ping: 65.8ms. Download: 16.87mbps. Upload: 6.28mbps”… a far cry from your “never below 25” claim, and in a city where they boast 46 mhz of Block C 700 spectrum…

            As well as your own thoughts on AT&Ts LTE service… “I would spend money for that!”… and your own statement on exactly *why* I would switch to a provider with faster fallback networks, supporting my sentiment entirely, “EVDO was more unstable than LTE on Verizon’s waves”… so just admit it… evdo speeds suck after you’ve had something faster and can now tell the difference, and you’re feeling like a jilted lover because I dared point this out.  Oh, and my age… it’s certainly higher than someone that’s just “a college kid in Kentucky trying to learn everything I can about this stuff”… I owned an analog cell phone…… and I remember Michael Jackson when he was a black man.  As if my age is actually relevant data to the topic at hand… 

          • Tyler

            Woah did you read anything about that besides those numbers? My ROM was bad, I couldn’t prove the higher numbers, so I showed what I could prove. And the “never below 25” claim is here, in Louisville (which as 1.3 million in the metro, mind you). I see 25-35 24/7. I never made any claims about Chicago, but my friends speeds were higher.

            Yes, I would spend money on AT&T LTE, if it works right. If their HSPA+ network is any indication on how their LTE will perform, I will stay as far away from it as possible. And yes, compared to LTE, EVDO speeds blow! Still, I get 2.5 daily on EVDO in Kentucky since nobody (certainly not AT&T) can hold a candle to Verizon’s network here.

            But you have completely 180’d on the situation. You are throwing AT&T’s LTE into the mix for some reason. And you claim I defend Verizon to the death, but I defend whatever WORKS THE BEST to the death. AT&T’s network is shit and you know it. If I were on Hofo, I would be posting links to support myself. They have LTE in 5 cities, yet in Atlanta, where my good bud lives, their fallback HSPA+ gets outpaced by Verizon’s EVDO! Are you serious???

            Anyway…your dedication to seeking out my every post just to prove your point on a public comments section shows me you are willing to duke this out, because I certainly am too. I still have no idea why you have Verizon if all you do is complain about how “horrible” it is. Why do you have Verizon? It boggles my mind. In reality, you and I are on the same page about a lot more than you think. If you want to continue this, private me on Hofo, as I am done commenting here. I have a strange feeling you wont. Have a good one, sir.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            I’m not looking to duke anything out.  I stated simply the following which led to this; that Verizon’s inability to meet their SLA is unacceptable.  3 outages in 7 months.  If any other service you subscribe to had that many outages, you’d drop them – and rightly so.  Do yourself a favor… unroot, and use your phone as 99% of all users do, out of the box… and then report your LTE speeds for a proper comparison of what’s happened to their network.  So your “bad ROM” was up against a data card or tablet that was unrooted, and didn’t have the luxury of a “good ROM” that you can manipulate to get higher speeds…. just the stock radio, if you will allow my use of the word stock in this instance.  Yet, AT&T LTE still trounced your speeds – which we could rightly state used a “bad” ROM, since it was unrooted and not manipulated.

          • Tyler

            It was a bad radio- not ROM. My mistake. I am running CM7 with 2.50 now, and speeds are fine again. I was unable to change the radio in Chicago. The radio I am running is the official Verizon radio. I can assume phones in AT&T’s store that I tested on also had the proper radio. Seriously…

            This past weekend I hit 34 megs per second in Louisville in succession. Over 11 on the uplink…continuously. And as far as outages: this is a brand new network. There were three outages in ten months. And please, AT&T has had plenty of outages…and their network is what…10 years old? Just a few weeks ago data AND voice went down on AT&T. When was the last time Verizon voice went down?And of course AT&T’s LTE trumped Verizon’s, it was their launch day! Your argument isn’t strong in that aspect. 

    • Daniel Archibald33

      Just your name is messed up

    • if your gunna switch at least make some what of a logical choice and go to sprint, lmao your gunna pay the say price monthly for NO service anywhere with at&t

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Sprint? The worst carrier in the nation with the smallest native network? Yeah, ok. That would be logical all right, if I wanted even slower evdo speeds than Verizon.

    • Ads

      LMAO…… and going to a total crap network that doesn’t even have true 4G yet makes major sense, NOT. And worse yet AT&T is even worse when it comes to a network issue so just wait until they start pushing out LTE and the network goes haywire on a wkly basis with no fix in sight. goo luck on your trip to AT&T think we’ll all stay on a network you can trust 

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        They already do have LTE… and the network is fine.  And what network issues do you speak of?  Please provide specific examples of when the network was down nationwide on a weekly basis to flesh out the claim you have made – it would even further prove your hypothesis if you were able to prove what you have claimed has happened to their 3G, HSPA+ or LTE network more than 3 times in the past 7 months like Verizon, and I’ll even let you *combine* the number of times that has happened to get there… I’ll be waiting.

  • Florynce

    This is *pple’s doing. If they can’t have LTE, no one can!

  • Anonymous

    LTE working fine in northern NJ. Can’t get a 3g signal though. 1x or 4g only. Weird

  • Mga4g

    West PA and haven’t lost 4G at all… tested my download speeds too and no difference.

  • Anonymous

    When the outage began, I checked Droid-Life before even considering calling VZW… Hope it doesn’t last long. 🙁

    • jason6g

      sad that their support is a joke compared to a blog lol

    • Rnaiyc

      I think you’re in Las Cruces am I right? I still have 4g.. is it out for you still?

      • Anonymous

        I am in LC, but still no LTE…

  • DroidSeeker

    BTW – if you want to fix your 4G Thunderbolt to get 3G back during any outage (instead of being on 1X due to poor design), perform these steps:

    1 – Go to the ThunderBolt’s phone dialer. Enter ##778# and hit Send.
    2- You’ll get a pop-up labeled EPST, with the choice to “View Mode” or “Edit Mode.” You want “Edit Mode.”
    3- You’ll be asked for a password. It’s 000000.
    4- Now flip down to “Modem Settings,” and then choose “Rev. A.”
    5- Change the setting from eHRPD to “Enable,” hit OK, then press the Menu button on the phone and tap “Commit Modifications.”

  • Justin Garrison

    Same as Coruptive… mine came back right about the time I saw this post pop up on Twitter, and I’m in Upstate SC.

  • Pathetic.

  • C0ruptiv3

    The Minute you posted this my 4G came back, it had been 1x for awhile now.  and im in West Pa if anyone is wondering.

    • Anonymous

      Pittsburgh here and it’s still down for me. Maybe you’re just lucky lol

      • C0ruptiv3

        haha Thats weird, because im only an hour or so outside Pittsburgh. Im in Greensburg over in Westmoreland County. Oh Well. Now i feel Special

    • Same here in Western PA and have been back to 4g for about 15-20 min now.

  • ChuckDz3

    hmm my 4G was having problems early this evening but as soon as you posted this article my 4G was back? weeiiirrdd. (Indianapolis)

  • Anonymous

    I can deal with 3g for tonight, too bad vz won’t issue any credits.

    • Anonymous

      I will give a full refund for not having 4G for the amount that the outage lasts.

      *pulls out calc*

      Okay 4G LTE is $30/month for unlimited/2gb and 3G is $30/month for unlimited/2gb

      Okay, lets just pay you back for a whole week of outage, even if it doesn’t last that long.

      Okay, carry the 2 and….

      Your total balance to be paid is $0.00. You will notice the change to your Paypal account soon.

      Glad I could help!

  • SH

    3g and 4g were both down in the Cleveland Ohio area. I now have 4g on my charge, but the wife doesn’t on her Tbolt?

    • 3g was down earlier but it’s back up, I still don’t have 4g on my bionic.

  • Murphy


  • Bob

    Well shit, I don’t even have 3G. Been running on 1x for the past couple hours.

  • Anonymous

    wow first