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Larry Page: “You won’t believe what we managed to get done in this release [Ice Cream Sandwich]”

Moments ago on Google’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Larry Page dropped a quote that should spark an entertaining conversation in the comments. He said, “You won’t believe what we managed to get done in this release.” While we have seen parts of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) through a couple of leaked videos, you get the feeling that the Android team is going to surprise the hell out of us with something.

Care to take a guess at what he is referring to? We know that ICS will bring a Honeycomb-like UI to phones that lacks physical buttons, but what else are you expecting to see? Full Google+ integration? New features built into the stock camera app? A better voice-to-talk app like Apple’s Siri? A built-in bloody mary machine?

It will all become official next Tuesday night, but we would love to hear your thoughts now.

  • Booboolala2000

    The beer app actually pours beer now!!? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, did Jeff B go off the deep end?

  • Unique_jsh001

    TOUCH RESPONSE! (not sensitivity)

    I hate how scrolling (and especially webpages) still lags compared to the iPhone.  In the iPhone, the UI feels to respond quickly like you’re actually moving a physical piece of paper, unlike in Android.  I’m sure it’s an optimization issue because of fragmentation, but Google seriously needs to start getting this right or it may never feel as fluid as the iPhone.  

    • Anonymous

      All of that is fluid on my Bionic and I hear it is on the GS2 as well.  Some apps that are badly coded will always run slow, doesn’t matter how fast the processor or optimized the OS is, they’ll still run slow.

      • Unique_jsh001

        I’m not sure if you understand what I’m saying.  

        I’ve played with a Bionic and it’s still not as fluid as the iPhone.  Scrolling on webpages is still choppy and the framerate when scrolling homescreens and apps is still lower than the iPhone.  

        When you start sliding your finger on the screen to change screens or whatever, it is still a couple milliseconds slower than the iPhone.  None of this is an opinion; it’s a fact.  

        This is not a phone (hardware) issue, but an Android software issue.  iOS is paired so well with the iPhone hardware that everything works together perfectly.  

        • Anonymous

          The stock browser isn’t hardware accelerated on the Bionic, you should try a good third party browser like Opera Mobile, very fast and fluid.  The GS2’s browser is hardware accelerated and is just as fast as the iPhone’s.  Scrolling homescreens on my Bionic is also very fast and fluid, not sure what you’re talking about.  Yes, everything is hardware accelerated and optimized on the iPhone because Apple and developers only have to target one device and one set of hardware but I think you’re nickpicking a bit here by focusing on a millisecond delay.

        • Esmccarty09

          Then get an iphone and stop bitching faggot

  • Dean_Benedetti

    All I want is HQ stereo multitrack recording ability equal to what iPhone has been able to for years.   Is that too much to ask?

    • StealthRecorder

      Actually, if I recall correctly, Gingerbread significantly upgrades our audio capabilities.  The problem is that developers have yet to take advantage of this in a recording app.

      • Anonymous

        Tape Machine is a freaking impressive sound recorder/editor – the developer continues to raise the bar, too.  Stellar recording quality!

  • I assume the Bionic will get ICS?

    • Peter

      Never assume anything from Verizon or Moto haha. 

  • John

    “You won’t believe what we managed to get done”

    Releasing the source code?

  • J Dub

    wish I could see all these Jeff Bernhard comments…more like Suckshard

  • TPain Wayne

    I like how all of these threads are being hijacked by Jeff Bernard and the people engaging him. And let me reiterate the people engaging him. Do your bickering elsewhere as I just want to read people’s thoughts on ICS.

    Moving on! I am looking forward to some hardware acceleration!

  • J Dub

    Will it fap fap fap for you?

  • Anonymous


  • Bionic

    I want ICS phones to include a Fallatio port

  • Bionic

    I just want to know if the rumors are true that Bionic would eventually get ICS.  

    • Anonymous

      I guess we’ll know with the RAZR announcement. If that phone is getting it, then most likely the Bionic will. Probably won’t see it this year though…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, why wouldn’t it?

      • Bionic

        No good reason it wont. But they havent said that it for sure will.

        • it will for sure. bionic will be one of the first devices with ics.. trust my gut on this one. 

          • Bionic

            One of the first? that would mean an update in november or december. I dunno if im that optimistic

  • J

    full exchange policy support would be a real treat.

  • Anonymous

    Come on hardware acceleration!! Without having full control of hardware put into devices, I understand the implementation is much more difficult. But this needs to happen. The sooner, the better.

  • Anonymous

    You know want I hope they do is: when they announce ICS I hope a week or 2 later it will be up for download. I wish they drop ICS for all device that can handle it and for OEM’s like: Htc,Samsung,Motorola give them the code so if they want to skin it they can but give us the choice if we want to keep stock Ice Cream Sandwich on our device or if later we want to put the OEM custom skin on it. I would love to see my Htc Evo with Stock Ice Cream Sandwich, giving me the option to have Htc’s version later IF I WANT IT. With this being a merge of tablet and mobile OS I really do hope they don’t skin it, but if they do give us the option. That way ICS will be available day one on all eligible devices and we won’t have to wait 6 months for it to release.

    • Anonymous

      This would be awesome, but I don’t see this happening just yet. All manufacturers wan’t their dumb branding on everything at the expense of performance. It works OK in some instances, but we should have a choice

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand why mfg’s don’t allow it to be turned off like the original evo… put sense or w/e on the phone as default, but have an option to turn it off… those that turn it off will be the minority and most likely to root anyway… seems like they could solve a lot of issues.

  • Jeff Bernard Sucks

    Jeff Bernard is troll; thumbs up if you agree.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize the more you let him bother you, the more he will continue to try. His presence here is amusing. Imagine the insecurities he must have.. Ha! Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Transporter technology, yeah baby.  You’re in LA, need to make a meeting in NY in 5 min, no problem! “Standby for transport!”  Can’t wait for ICS!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Larry Page isn’t an avid Droid Life reader and completely missed that Kellex has ICS all figured out (Now the big question is what does Kellex know that isn’t being shared?) lol.  

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, they managed to incorporate a “troll attractant”, into ICS…

  • Cgmartin33

    I’m excited about the autosuck feature…but I think you need the car dock for that.

  • interface is like a flashback to the 90’s, they really need to do something there.

  • hatethanet

    Ice Cream Sandwich will allow the dual core phones to surpass the speed of the 4S running iOS5. Hopefully, phones will be updated to ICS in a timely fashion, unlike friggin Gingerbread.

    • Bionic

      yup i want it on bionic

  • Anonymous

    Im-patiently waiting to upgrade!

  • BlackBalls

    What’s he supposed to say?  “You won’t really be surprised at all with what we’ve done with ICS”.  Seriously.

  • BrokenMonkey

    I want it to dock into an 8″ or 10″ tablet and become the full tablet interface like any old Honeycomb tablet will get upgraded to. I mean, why not? The OS is literally the same, the apps are all cross-compatible, and the hardware is better than some tablets. It would even have 4G built in. Killer! Bye-bye iPhone 🙂

  • Jednc

    Does anyone have a clear idea of what might/will happen on a phone with buttons once they update to ICS? I have the Bionic (love the phone) and I feel pretty confident it will eventually be upgraded to ICS, but I’m wondering what will happen to those dedicated soft buttons? Will they be useless? Will I lose screen real-estate for virtual buttons? It seems too much to expect that my soft buttons will work the way they do now with no duplication on-screen. Thoughts?

    • EC8CH

      they probably will just use the old hardware buttons and never display the on screen ones.  You will possibly loose out on some of the add functionality that comes with the on screen buttons being able to be dynamically changed, but that’s probably all.

    • Anonymous

      Just a guess here…but i’m assuming they will be disabled in builds for phones with dedicated soft buttons…i don’t recall seeing the on-screen buttons from the leak of the Nexus S running ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Just get the darn thing out already.. this is KILLING me!

    • shdowman

      You anxious bro?

      (sorry, had to do it once)

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that they’re going to adopt something like the N9’s UI with swiping. 

  • OEM skins will no longer be usable in ICS?  😀

    • Anonymous

      OMG.. that’d be one EPIC move! But, it’s open source…

  • Anonymous

    Siri is not  “A better voice-to-talk app”, it is voice to TEXT.

  • We need corporate email security on par with Apple and RIM. It’s pathetic that Androids are excluded from Activesync access by many large companies’ IT policies.

    • I know that my company presently allows only a few Android devices, and they are all Motorolas because their Corporate Sync is the only  email client that meets our security requirements, specifically the ability to remotely wipe not only the device but also the SD card.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up and take my money!!!!! I want ICS

  • maybe it will make locking bootloaders impossible?

  • Jeff Bernard is annoying.

    • EC8CH

      welcome to Droid-Life :-/

  • with ICS and NFC-enabled device, you will be able to swipe your phone past any iOS device and it will instantly overwrite iOS with ICS thereby making it a decent device.

  • Avery Ma

    I think Samsung needs to take a page out of Apple’s playbook: take my OG Droid from me and slap an ‘S’ behind it.  This method appears to be all the rage these days.

    • Anonymous

      ssssshhhhh…. We do not want another ridiculous lawsuit. Who knows Apple could come out with a “patent” about “the method of attaching an S to the name of an older device, changing a few things inside and selling it as new at a higher price”..!!! Apple apparently has also submitted a patent application about “the method of brainwashing human beings and creating a troll-happy clan” .. :s

      You just never know these days!

  • miscreant

    I don’t care if ICS can raise the freaking dead. JUST GIVE ME A NEW PHONE ALREADY!

  • tjmonkey15

    Maybe they will literally start selling ice cream sandwiches.

  • Sliv

    Hmm… what could I hope for but not believe…

    Make Google TV relevant again?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they finally managed to use BlindType!

    • This would be the biggest thing to happen to a mobile operating system ever. I pray every release that the fruits of this acquisition will be revealed… here’s to hoping….!

  • Anonymous

    I think they made it backwards compatible. Meaning, the end of fragmentation. That is the big news.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Gawd damnit!!! I want that buit-in bloody mary machine pre-installed!

  • Anonymous

    Why would we want a Siri type app? Just because the iphone has it? I get tired of the navigation app telling me when to turn so why would I want my phone to talk back to me about anything else?

  • Hypebeasting – Page does it.

  • Ryan

    bloody mary machine ftw

  • Jasonharris42

    Can’t wait! *Bart Scott voice*

    • Bear0013

      Cortana voice from halo…yeah buddy!!!! …lol

  • I’m really hoping that Chrome for Android is what he’s talking about! 😀

  • Is anyone REALLY that excited about Siri? The only time I’ve ever used the voice commands on my phone is when I was testing it out. Otherwise, I don’t want to look like an idiot talking to my phone. 

    • EC8CH

      People who buy *pple products aren’t concerned about looking like idiots…

      …take Jeff Bernard for example.

    • Madcow06

      exactly my thought. People already look enough like assholes with their BT headsets in while looking right at you and talking.

      • Anonymous

        The term is Bluetool.

    • Anonymous

      Just wait until you see it become all the rage with iPeople .. 

      I seriously haven’t used it more than twice, just to test it out.. don’t understand what the big deal about it is!
      Talking about Android of course.. but trust Apple to hype the same thing with a different name and call it innovative magic!

  • Anonymous

    Im going to say a combination of googles existing services. Obviously chrome integration. Maybe something similar to airplay with google tv, besides dlna. picassa auto upload to go against icloud. something to make siri’s “advanced” ai contemplate suicide. this thing needs to put the i*hone in its place. #2.

  • Charlie

    Of course they are going to say this!  What else would they say? 

    • Anonymous

      If they didn’t have anything, they’d say nothing– that’d be the wisest approach.

      I don’t think even Apple came out of the gate with any sort of “This will knock your socks off” regarding the iPhone 4S, short of a interesting but not mindblowing display of Siri.

      If they had, I can imagine the backlash would have been even more pronounced.

      This on the other hand, could (SHOULD) speak volumes about what’s coming. If it wasn’t really something worth talking about, he wouldn’t have fed the hypebeast. Anything short after all the build up would be disappointing.