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Larry Page: “You won’t believe what we managed to get done in this release [Ice Cream Sandwich]”

Moments ago on Google’s Q3 earnings call, CEO Larry Page dropped a quote that should spark an entertaining conversation in the comments. He said, “You won’t believe what we managed to get done in this release.” While we have seen parts of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) through a couple of leaked videos, you get the feeling that the Android team is going to surprise the hell out of us with something.

Care to take a guess at what he is referring to? We know that ICS will bring a Honeycomb-like UI to phones that lacks physical buttons, but what else are you expecting to see? Full Google+ integration? New features built into the stock camera app? A better voice-to-talk app like Apple’s Siri? A built-in bloody mary machine?

It will all become official next Tuesday night, but we would love to hear your thoughts now.

  • Marc Poly

    I’d love to see the beer app actually pour beer! Now that would be AMAZING!! Seriously though, I’ve been running one of Newt’s ROM’s on MikMik, and can’t wait to see the what else is coming, Sense 3.5 and GB 2.3.5 is already awesome.

  • Jon

    OK so we know what phone will showcase ICS, the Samsung Prime. Does anyone know what tablet they will showcase? 

    Surely there’s gotta be a tablet to show Ice Cream sandwich on as well. I can’t wait to get ICS on my Acer Iconia. 

  • Bprokosz

    I’m just excited that the Nexus Prime is stock Android…zero overlays with a dual-core…sigh…i need my Christmas gift now…now dammit!!!

  • Booboolala2000

    The beer app actually pours beer now!!? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, did Jeff B go off the deep end?

  • Unique_jsh001

    TOUCH RESPONSE! (not sensitivity)

    I hate how scrolling (and especially webpages) still lags compared to the iPhone.  In the iPhone, the UI feels to respond quickly like you’re actually moving a physical piece of paper, unlike in Android.  I’m sure it’s an optimization issue because of fragmentation, but Google seriously needs to start getting this right or it may never feel as fluid as the iPhone.  

    • Anonymous

      All of that is fluid on my Bionic and I hear it is on the GS2 as well.  Some apps that are badly coded will always run slow, doesn’t matter how fast the processor or optimized the OS is, they’ll still run slow.

      • Unique_jsh001

        I’m not sure if you understand what I’m saying.  

        I’ve played with a Bionic and it’s still not as fluid as the iPhone.  Scrolling on webpages is still choppy and the framerate when scrolling homescreens and apps is still lower than the iPhone.  

        When you start sliding your finger on the screen to change screens or whatever, it is still a couple milliseconds slower than the iPhone.  None of this is an opinion; it’s a fact.  

        This is not a phone (hardware) issue, but an Android software issue.  iOS is paired so well with the iPhone hardware that everything works together perfectly.  

        • Anonymous

          The stock browser isn’t hardware accelerated on the Bionic, you should try a good third party browser like Opera Mobile, very fast and fluid.  The GS2’s browser is hardware accelerated and is just as fast as the iPhone’s.  Scrolling homescreens on my Bionic is also very fast and fluid, not sure what you’re talking about.  Yes, everything is hardware accelerated and optimized on the iPhone because Apple and developers only have to target one device and one set of hardware but I think you’re nickpicking a bit here by focusing on a millisecond delay.

        • Esmccarty09

          Then get an iphone and stop bitching faggot

  • Dean_Benedetti

    All I want is HQ stereo multitrack recording ability equal to what iPhone has been able to for years.   Is that too much to ask?

    • StealthRecorder

      Actually, if I recall correctly, Gingerbread significantly upgrades our audio capabilities.  The problem is that developers have yet to take advantage of this in a recording app.

      • Anonymous

        Tape Machine is a freaking impressive sound recorder/editor – the developer continues to raise the bar, too.  Stellar recording quality!

  • I assume the Bionic will get ICS?

    • Peter

      Never assume anything from Verizon or Moto haha. 

  • John

    “You won’t believe what we managed to get done”

    Releasing the source code?

  • J Dub

    wish I could see all these Jeff Bernhard comments…more like Suckshard

  • TPain Wayne

    I like how all of these threads are being hijacked by Jeff Bernard and the people engaging him. And let me reiterate the people engaging him. Do your bickering elsewhere as I just want to read people’s thoughts on ICS.

    Moving on! I am looking forward to some hardware acceleration!

  • J Dub

    Will it fap fap fap for you?

  • Anonymous


  • Bionic

    I want ICS phones to include a Fallatio port

  • Bionic

    I just want to know if the rumors are true that Bionic would eventually get ICS.  

    • Anonymous

      I guess we’ll know with the RAZR announcement. If that phone is getting it, then most likely the Bionic will. Probably won’t see it this year though…

    • Anonymous

      Yes, why wouldn’t it?

      • Bionic

        No good reason it wont. But they havent said that it for sure will.

        • it will for sure. bionic will be one of the first devices with ics.. trust my gut on this one. 

          • Bionic

            One of the first? that would mean an update in november or december. I dunno if im that optimistic

  • J

    full exchange policy support would be a real treat.

  • Anonymous

    Come on hardware acceleration!! Without having full control of hardware put into devices, I understand the implementation is much more difficult. But this needs to happen. The sooner, the better.

  • Anonymous

    You know want I hope they do is: when they announce ICS I hope a week or 2 later it will be up for download. I wish they drop ICS for all device that can handle it and for OEM’s like: Htc,Samsung,Motorola give them the code so if they want to skin it they can but give us the choice if we want to keep stock Ice Cream Sandwich on our device or if later we want to put the OEM custom skin on it. I would love to see my Htc Evo with Stock Ice Cream Sandwich, giving me the option to have Htc’s version later IF I WANT IT. With this being a merge of tablet and mobile OS I really do hope they don’t skin it, but if they do give us the option. That way ICS will be available day one on all eligible devices and we won’t have to wait 6 months for it to release.

    • Anonymous

      This would be awesome, but I don’t see this happening just yet. All manufacturers wan’t their dumb branding on everything at the expense of performance. It works OK in some instances, but we should have a choice

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand why mfg’s don’t allow it to be turned off like the original evo… put sense or w/e on the phone as default, but have an option to turn it off… those that turn it off will be the minority and most likely to root anyway… seems like they could solve a lot of issues.

  • Jeff Bernard Sucks

    Jeff Bernard is troll; thumbs up if you agree.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize the more you let him bother you, the more he will continue to try. His presence here is amusing. Imagine the insecurities he must have.. Ha! Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Transporter technology, yeah baby.  You’re in LA, need to make a meeting in NY in 5 min, no problem! “Standby for transport!”  Can’t wait for ICS!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently Larry Page isn’t an avid Droid Life reader and completely missed that Kellex has ICS all figured out (Now the big question is what does Kellex know that isn’t being shared?) lol.  

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, they managed to incorporate a “troll attractant”, into ICS…

  • Cgmartin33

    I’m excited about the autosuck feature…but I think you need the car dock for that.

  • interface is like a flashback to the 90’s, they really need to do something there.

  • hatethanet

    Ice Cream Sandwich will allow the dual core phones to surpass the speed of the 4S running iOS5. Hopefully, phones will be updated to ICS in a timely fashion, unlike friggin Gingerbread.

    • Bionic

      yup i want it on bionic

  • Anonymous

    Im-patiently waiting to upgrade!

  • BlackBalls

    What’s he supposed to say?  “You won’t really be surprised at all with what we’ve done with ICS”.  Seriously.

  • BrokenMonkey

    I want it to dock into an 8″ or 10″ tablet and become the full tablet interface like any old Honeycomb tablet will get upgraded to. I mean, why not? The OS is literally the same, the apps are all cross-compatible, and the hardware is better than some tablets. It would even have 4G built in. Killer! Bye-bye iPhone 🙂

  • Jednc

    Does anyone have a clear idea of what might/will happen on a phone with buttons once they update to ICS? I have the Bionic (love the phone) and I feel pretty confident it will eventually be upgraded to ICS, but I’m wondering what will happen to those dedicated soft buttons? Will they be useless? Will I lose screen real-estate for virtual buttons? It seems too much to expect that my soft buttons will work the way they do now with no duplication on-screen. Thoughts?

    • EC8CH

      they probably will just use the old hardware buttons and never display the on screen ones.  You will possibly loose out on some of the add functionality that comes with the on screen buttons being able to be dynamically changed, but that’s probably all.

    • Anonymous

      Just a guess here…but i’m assuming they will be disabled in builds for phones with dedicated soft buttons…i don’t recall seeing the on-screen buttons from the leak of the Nexus S running ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Just get the darn thing out already.. this is KILLING me!

    • shdowman

      You anxious bro?

      (sorry, had to do it once)

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that they’re going to adopt something like the N9’s UI with swiping. 

  • OEM skins will no longer be usable in ICS?  😀

    • Anonymous

      OMG.. that’d be one EPIC move! But, it’s open source…

  • Anonymous

    Siri is not  “A better voice-to-talk app”, it is voice to TEXT.

  • We need corporate email security on par with Apple and RIM. It’s pathetic that Androids are excluded from Activesync access by many large companies’ IT policies.

    • I know that my company presently allows only a few Android devices, and they are all Motorolas because their Corporate Sync is the only  email client that meets our security requirements, specifically the ability to remotely wipe not only the device but also the SD card.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up and take my money!!!!! I want ICS

  • maybe it will make locking bootloaders impossible?

  • Jeff Bernard is annoying.

    • EC8CH

      welcome to Droid-Life :-/

  • with ICS and NFC-enabled device, you will be able to swipe your phone past any iOS device and it will instantly overwrite iOS with ICS thereby making it a decent device.

  • Avery Ma

    I think Samsung needs to take a page out of Apple’s playbook: take my OG Droid from me and slap an ‘S’ behind it.  This method appears to be all the rage these days.

    • Anonymous

      ssssshhhhh…. We do not want another ridiculous lawsuit. Who knows Apple could come out with a “patent” about “the method of attaching an S to the name of an older device, changing a few things inside and selling it as new at a higher price”..!!! Apple apparently has also submitted a patent application about “the method of brainwashing human beings and creating a troll-happy clan” .. :s

      You just never know these days!

  • miscreant

    I don’t care if ICS can raise the freaking dead. JUST GIVE ME A NEW PHONE ALREADY!

  • tjmonkey15

    Maybe they will literally start selling ice cream sandwiches.

  • Sliv

    Hmm… what could I hope for but not believe…

    Make Google TV relevant again?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they finally managed to use BlindType!

    • This would be the biggest thing to happen to a mobile operating system ever. I pray every release that the fruits of this acquisition will be revealed… here’s to hoping….!

  • Anonymous

    I think they made it backwards compatible. Meaning, the end of fragmentation. That is the big news.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Gawd damnit!!! I want that buit-in bloody mary machine pre-installed!

  • Anonymous

    Why would we want a Siri type app? Just because the iphone has it? I get tired of the navigation app telling me when to turn so why would I want my phone to talk back to me about anything else?

  • Hypebeasting – Page does it.

  • Ryan

    bloody mary machine ftw

  • Jasonharris42

    Can’t wait! *Bart Scott voice*

    • Bear0013

      Cortana voice from halo…yeah buddy!!!! …lol

  • I’m really hoping that Chrome for Android is what he’s talking about! 😀

  • Is anyone REALLY that excited about Siri? The only time I’ve ever used the voice commands on my phone is when I was testing it out. Otherwise, I don’t want to look like an idiot talking to my phone. 

    • EC8CH

      People who buy *pple products aren’t concerned about looking like idiots…

      …take Jeff Bernard for example.

    • Madcow06

      exactly my thought. People already look enough like assholes with their BT headsets in while looking right at you and talking.

      • Anonymous

        The term is Bluetool.

    • Anonymous

      Just wait until you see it become all the rage with iPeople .. 

      I seriously haven’t used it more than twice, just to test it out.. don’t understand what the big deal about it is!
      Talking about Android of course.. but trust Apple to hype the same thing with a different name and call it innovative magic!

  • Anonymous

    Im going to say a combination of googles existing services. Obviously chrome integration. Maybe something similar to airplay with google tv, besides dlna. picassa auto upload to go against icloud. something to make siri’s “advanced” ai contemplate suicide. this thing needs to put the i*hone in its place. #2.

  • Charlie

    Of course they are going to say this!  What else would they say? 

    • Anonymous

      If they didn’t have anything, they’d say nothing– that’d be the wisest approach.

      I don’t think even Apple came out of the gate with any sort of “This will knock your socks off” regarding the iPhone 4S, short of a interesting but not mindblowing display of Siri.

      If they had, I can imagine the backlash would have been even more pronounced.

      This on the other hand, could (SHOULD) speak volumes about what’s coming. If it wasn’t really something worth talking about, he wouldn’t have fed the hypebeast. Anything short after all the build up would be disappointing.

  • shdowman

    I want it to _______________________ me.
                       (Insert your own comment)

    • Anonymous

      accelerate my hardware?

    • tjmonkey15


    • Madcow06

      kill Jeff Bernard for

      • shdowman


  • SkatenUup

    they’re integrating those special features that Moto try’s to accomplish through it sh*%&y blur, and Samsung through touch wiz. But now it will be on stock android making it fast and straight lol, lets be honest Android is going to eventually appeal to the common man/ unintelligent people so there moving more towards idiot proof software. which i really don’t have a problem with as long as it still has all of the options i cant toggle with as well as a unlocked boot-loader…

  • I’m hoping for better voice recognition, way more hardware acceleration, and a shit ton more features on the developer side. Things like better support for fragments (let me put whatever I want in there), better audio support, and an API that will allow us to target different GPUs with more elegance. I hope they’ve also given us more renderscript goodness as well.

    Another wish would be hooks for better theming support. Let all the hardware companies make it look like they want, but give it to them as an API, so updates can be released quicker.

  • Fyrenzy

    please oh please let it have a  a built in bloody mary mixer!!! i dont like bloody mary’s but i want a phone that can do that!!!

  • Anonymous

    ICS on a quad core phone now thats some Ice Creamy goodness

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Full Google+ integration”

    I will be f****** pissed if they wasted time on shit like this.

    I want to see better battery performance from a system that sucks less battery to complete tasks, I want to see smoother transitions and neat transition effects. I want to see speed and no lag.

    • KevinC

      there is no lag on stock android devices.

      the lag is put there by moto, htc, and samsung with their skins

      • FortitudineVincimus

        say what??? the OG Droid lags like a MOFO and it has no skin

        • Warden Chinbach

          The OG Droid is ancient. I believe KevinC is referring to Nexus phones. I’ve had both of them and there is no lag.

      • Anonymous

        Not every device with a skin lags. HTC Sense is pretty speed optimized.

  • Too bad Larry also said they were activating 550,000 phones per day and not the 1 million you claimed Android was “approaching”. Haha, That is quite a long approach. 

    • Anonymous

      At twice the activations of iphone it’s not too bad.

      • yeah twice the ativations, not twice the sale. i activated my android phones a few times per day when testing out ROMs. Activations mean nothing. Sales me everything. 

        • DroidzFX

          Because you are getting a cut? Nope. Investors? No dividends. Great company sign me up.

          • Buy stock. Its simple and anyone can do it. 

          • DroidzFX

            Come back when you know how to make wise investments. Not just gambling on a companys stock price to rise.

        • Nelly547

          How many people root and Rom? 3% of all Android devices? I would say activation’s still mean quite a bit.

          • Sales mean everything, activations mean nothing. Say it ten times until you actually begin to understand. Also if so few people root why are nearly all of the top selling Android Apps ROOT ONLY. Either more people than you say root or the non root users don’t ever purchase apps. Come to think of it that would explain why the Android Market produces less than a 10th the amount of revenue for developers even though Apple takes a 30% cut. hahaha.

          • Anonymous

            Not that any single company has done it alone, I am pretty sure there are far more actual Android devices out there in use compared to Apples. It is like comparing Macs to PC’s, there are simply more manufactorers producing them. This has no relevence to which is better, just quantity.

          • how much of your day do you spend on droid-life comments? seriously grow up.

          • Anonymous

            Sales or activations, doesn’t matter.  More people buy Android smartphones. (period)

          • Madcow06

            Most of your arguments end in facts about apple revenue. I don’t think anyone who buys and uses an android phone gives a shit about which company makes more money when they choose. We use android because we like it better, now go back to engadget with the rest of your kind.

        • Anonymous

          Get a hobby and stop trolling Droid Life.

          • says the guy called Gawker Redesign Sucks….

          • Doug

            says the guy with a douchey tattoo.

        • Sean Maloney
          • kretz

            There’s not point of arguing with Jeff Bernard. Much like AngelFace77, his points are founded on insults and don’t have much in terms of facts. Because you don’t believe as they do, they insult you and call you names, which is also the way I handled conversations when I was in middle school.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you but it allows them to focus their attention on someone else who is willing to “drop to their level” while giving everyone else a laugh and allow them to post in a little less harsh environment. +1 for Android martyrdom LOL. :o) 

          • Doug

            I HATE that Angelface guy! The world really would be better off without certain people.

        • EC8CH

          So the fact that Android’s share of the smartphone market has been growing steadily while *pple’s has remained flat doesn’t back up the activation statement?

          Face it fappleboy… more android phones are being sold and used everyday than fruit phones.  But really that shouldn’t bother you because you don’t think marketshare matters anyway.

  • Murphy

    No one better die, that’s all I know.

  • Jason Purp

    I don’t know what else there is to hide, but I guess we’ll find out. I already can’t wait for Android 5.0.
    Nevertheless, bring on ICS, pl0x.

  • Anonymous

    Theme changer, status bar color changer, screenshot utility, better gestures. Basically the things we can get now via root. Plus software optimization and more. Idk I guess we will see Tues.

  • Hmm no bloatware? maybe the ability to make chimichangas?

  • Rocketjrb

    Mmmmmmm Bloody Mary…

  • Ravnos CC

    Amazing new privacy and security settings!

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY hope this includes BlindType.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, right!  I was beginning to think I was the only one who remembered that Google bought them.

  • Anonymous

    damnit i’m regretting my bionic decision more and more each day.  damnit.

    • undercontrol

      one look at how crappy the screen is on the droid bionic and you should’ve known you’d regret that purchase. c’mon now. common sense.

      • Anonymous

        it’s a terrific phone.  i like it.  i needed to get off my ogd, badly.  and i never believed this verizon nexus crap would turn out to be true.  i still kind of don’t.  but man am i going to be jealous.

        • There is nothing terrific about the Bionic. It is terrible.

          • Q

            How is it terrible?

          • Anonymous

            well that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.  i absolutely love moto’s build quality.  i love the post-robot-apocalypse-industrial build quality.  i like it better than samsung’s hardware.  and i love the droid brand.  the screen doesn’t bother me one bit, and it’s snappy.  will i be hitting my head off a wall when verizon gets the nexus? yeah.  i always wanted a nexus phone.  damn, i still don’t believe verizon’s going to allow that to happen.  i really don’t.

          • Sk102704

            No way.  It is undoubtably a terrific device.  To claim it is not just means that you have no hands on time with it.  You are WRONG!

        • Anonymous

          yeah. that happened to me from eris to thunderbolt. luckily I have an extra upgrade 😀

          • Anonymous

            lucky dog

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what to expect…..but it’s giving me a  VERY LARGE PENTILE!!

  • I’m hoping he is talking about an SD card slot.

  • Anonymous

    My former roommate’s cousin’s dog breeder’s son is pretty high up on the ICS team and he said that it’s very tight b*tthole!

  • It will be announced Tuesday*

    *Should Steve Jobs come back as a zombie, expect Google and Samsung’s statement to read: “We feel that with the upcoming zombie apocalypse, it is not the right time to release a new product.”

  • Anonymous

    Good, im expecting to hold a phone that has that (wow) factor to it

  • An all new Kernel (Linux Kernel 3.0), so I’m assuming faster and better battery life.
    Overhauls to major apps
    Overhaul to visual style
    Much, much more fluid – hopefully no lag on the Nexus Prime, even on homescreens with LWP’s
    Hardware acceleration across the OS
    Real, proper dual core support

    I’m sure there’s a lot more, but this is what I’d like to see.

  • OG Droid

    I heard Steve died choking on an ice-cream sandwich.

    • JG

      Steve Jobs is not dead…the nurses are just holding him wrong…

      • EC8CH

        oh my god that’s funny.

      • Anonymous


      • shdowman

        C’mon man…have some respect. That is seriously wrong.

        ….doesn’t change the fact that I just spit my coffee out laughing…

        Well done, but wrong. /wags finger

    • -1

    • Warden Chinbach

      stay classy

    • Anonymous

      DISLIKE, DISLIKE, a thousand, million, billion, trillion DISLIKES!

      Now do us all a favor and go throw yourself in front oncoming traffic…would totally redeem yourself for saying such distasteful things.

      • Apitide123

        Stop being so butthurt, it was pretty funny.

        • Anonymous

          No, not specially…maybe in 5 years, but not now considering it happened last week, so yes, WAY too soon.

          There should be a filter in place. If anyone says Steve Jobs in a distasteful way, that person should get kicked in the balls.

          • Some Random Dude

            u butthurt bro?

          • Anonymous


    • JP

      Too soon.

    • Some Random Dude


  • john monsalve

    its gonna be available for all devices all at once? not make people wait months to get it!? that would be amazing!!

  • Riley Munks

    its going to be super-siri 

    • EC8CH


  • Daggy1985

    Hopefully ice cream sandwich will go to work for me and make me millions! :p

  • Ben

    If this gets over hyped.. i may cry 

  • What I want (and we need) most is hardware acceleration.   All of these phones can blow away the i*hone spec-wise but they don’t run as smoothly because they’re not correctly optimized.    That’s why non-techies prefer to use the iPhone.   Hardware accel will put Android in a position to compete with Apple in every demographic.

    • So when you say they “can blow away iPhone spec wise” you clearly don’t mean the processor or the screen or the camera. So which specs are you referring to exactly. 


      • shdowman

        He is exactly referring to software optimization. Did you not read he statement??

        Processor means nothing without software and apps that properly harness it’s power. All your other mentions are just byproducts…

        • yeah of course i read it. but you cannot separate the two. the hardware doesn’t work without the software. so of course software matters which only proves the point that iOS is superior while using what he is alleging is inferior hardware.

          • Doug

            just leave a-hole. You’re stinking up the place with your crap.

          • you must have been on the debate team in high school or when you get to high school. i am not sure which one.

          • Doug

            and you must have been on the debate team since you fill your time with arguing with people who don’t care what you say. Nobody cheered for you then, no one is now.

          • if they didn’t’ care then they shouldn’t respond. if they don’t respond then i will go away. its that simple

          • sockid


            Don’t respond, Jeff goes away. i.e. STOP RESPONDING.

          • This is true. If nobody responds just posting would be very boring. I leave the power in the hands of the these intelligent Android lovers. 

          • haha I think I’m beginning to like having you around here. You’re completely wrong on lots of things, but man are you confident and persistent….
            It’s not as fun arguing with the other iSheep zombies! ::thumbs up::

          • Tyrian

            Is annoying these people that much more fun than drinking, drugs, and catching the clap? Man college has changed since i left.

          • Anonymous

            Out of curiosity…what can your iPhone do that Android cannot?

          • shdowman

            Well, if we are to be totally honest with ourselves, iOS is superior in that way.

            Only reason it is is because it is one handset with tightly controlled software to enable an optimized experience.

            Android is fragmented across multiple hardware, with multiple versions and most with a manufacturer’s skin on top.

            This is all stuff most of us already know. It doesn’t change the fact that android is our OS of choice for whatever reason. But just because we love it, doesn’t mean it can’t be much more improved.

          • Mike

            all you’ve done is prove a point everyone is already well aware of; the android browser sucks,hell even google knows it, thats why chrome is coming to android in the near future. until then, we have a handful of great browsers in the market, who cares if the one app sucks as long as its not shoved down your throat as your one and only option. so, we already know android browser is weak, chrome is on the way, and well… that pretty fixes that problem… when is chrome coming to iOS, oh sorry… I forgot…..

          • why would chrome come to iOS. chrome is based off of webkit and guess who developed webkit and then open sourced it. wait for it….wait for it….APPLE. 

          • Mike

            That was my point 😉 it isn’t coming

          • Anonymous

            Regurgitate nonsensical Apple talking points ad nauseum, rinse and repeat.

      • Realigion (Ethan Bond)

        You DO know that clock speed means literally nothing, right?

        • Realigion (Ethan Bond)

          EDIT to my post above. I realized that the article was just badly titled and that inside the article they actually do reference benchmarks.

        • those are rendering and video benchmarks not clock speed. trying reading the article.

          • Anonymous

            Geez Jeff do you troll much? While I understand what you are saying regarding hardware acceleration, activations, etc. I can’t understand why you feel the need to come on an ICS post and make people who are generally excited have to defend themselves and their choices. Get a life and go post somewhere else. Let people have their fun.  D-bag

          • I have fun in killing other peoples fun. Let me have fun. D-bag.

          • jose cardona

            Killing my fun? Do you really think you trolling on here is going to sway my opinion on which phone I’m GOING to buy? Guess again idiot.

          • Anonymous

            Given the voting that has occurred… people are only more resolved against your opinion. 

          • Mustagme

            It is funny to see an Apple guy totally pwning Android nerds in tech talk. +1 to you bro.

          • Zulu

            Your reading the wrong thread then bro

          • Haha thats why they get so mad.

          • EC8CH

            It’s funny you think specs don’t matter, but the first couple weeks after a new i*hone gets benchmarked that’s all you can talk about.  In another month or two after dozens of Android phones come out with better specs and benchmarks you’ll be back to claiming none of that matters again… silly little troll.

          • specs don’t matter it is the user experience. however, android lovers went on and on about specs, specs specs. so i think it is hilarious that now iPhone 4s is the king of specs and now android users are saying “yeah specs don’t matter”

          • EC8CH

            No shit the 4s is king of specs… it was the latest top tier phone to be released. God, now I know you’re retarded.

          • YOU MAD BRO?

          • Not at all my team is in first place in the NFC East and my school trounces yours in every conceivable way. GMU….haha, really? Thats embarrassing. 

          • sockid

            O god you’re a redskins fan? And you go to UVA.. So you still live at home with your parents then huh?


          • sockid

            OK, now I’m done furthering your trollage.

          • I am an adult. I haven’t lived with my parents since i was 18. 

          • kurttrail

            They probably gave you money to move out as your 18th birthday present.

          • Anonymous

            You’re a child in big boy pants hiding behind pedestrian antics to try to appear relevant.

          • A Wahoo? THAT explains his unbridled effluence of smug ignorance. GO HOKIES!

          • Anonymous

            E X A C T L Y

            As soon as the iPad 2 benchmarks came out….all the Apple, iPhone, iPad fanboys were all into specs all of a sudden. Specs mattered then.

            So lets see what happens when Android phones are on 2nd gen dual core chips and/or quad core….specs wont matter again.

            And the cycle will continue.

          • Anonymous

            Its just like the original gloat i*hone users had that they outnumbered Android phones.  Then Android phones sped by so fast that it took all their skirts off and all of a sudden numbers didn’t matter.  WHICH IS IT ITARDS?

          • ProfessorFarnsworth

            Yeah oddly enough I still don’t feel like buying an i*hone.  Maybe it’s because of the 4 inch screen maybe it’s because it’s not open source maybe because all but the 4s are not dual core.  Then again maybe it’s just because the i*hone is just a POS made for people who can’t handle the amount of power android gives me over my entire experience.  I bet screen shot pages of iOS home screens are just amazing…  wow you have different shortcuts “sweeeeet”.

          • Doug

            They love the iphone because its turbo vibrator. The only thing that gets them going…

          • Anonymous

            Bernard chill, damn.

          • When i convert you to iOS i will retire from trolling. You are a smart and reasonable guy and i can’t stand to see you use do this to yourself. Also just think of all the page views you get with everyone in here refreshing their browser just to tell me how dumb i am and how Android is open and has removable batteries. You want me on that wall, You need me on that wall.

          • TheAndroid1

            People refreshing the page to deal with the troll —-> Good short term, bad long term.

            Stop trolling

          • Jeffbernardisalilbitch

            I had an iphone but I had to switch to Android because I was sick of everybody assuming I was gay or girl for having an iphone…

          • since i forced you to make a profile with my name in it doesn’t that mean you are my bitch?

          • Arodroid

            I would probably get an iPhone 4S, except I dont have lil girl hands like Jeff, so I need something bigger than a 3.5 inch screen.

          • Jeffbernardisalilbitch

            No.  I only used your name in my profile because you were the biggest bitch I could think of….

          • Bridgette Mueller

            But your name says he is a little bitch not a big one. You cant really be both…just saying.

          • Jhcohen75

            That’s your own insecurities about your manhood… if you need a new phone to make you feel masculine, then I’d look beyond the iPhone as the cause!

          • Johnny

            “trying reading the article.” 


          • Brandon Peters


      • DT
        • haha, that article is ridiculous. of course it is measuring the software as well. you cannot get the A5 without iOS and you can’t get the other Android phones without Android. thanks for pointing that out captain obvious. 

          • Anonymous

            Please kill yourself.

          • Sliv

            Yeah and I run faster than Usain Bolt…  when he’s walking.

            The point is all I need for my phone to be faster is a patch.  You need a new phone.

          • Yeah just a patch. Don’t hold your breath.

          • Baked14

            You have no life. You get no pussy. All you have left to live for is your iPhone. I feel sorry for you man. Seriously.

          • thanks for your concern but i get laid anytime i want. college chicks dig older, intelligent, attractive guys with iPhones.

          • Jeffbernardisalilbitch

            college chick = dudes

          • Baked14

            Or 12 year old kids being roofied

          • Baked14

            I bet they think spending hours a day defending your iphone online is so sexy… poor guy.

          • Jeffbernardisalilbitch

            college chicks = dudes

          • Philip LaRocca

            Talking about how many “chicks” you get in an internet forum is a dead give away that you get no chicks…

          • Guest

            You feel sorry for him, but you think getting no pussy means having no life. I feel sorry for you Bro! Seriously!

      • Eyefixstuff

        After having a 4.3 inch screen when switching to a Thunderbolt from an iPhone 4, I could never ever use an iPhone again with a screen that small, It’s just too much of a difference for me. Currently using a rooted tbolt with cyanogen mod and extended battery. 31 hours of battery life and it is so damn smooth it almost makes me sick. That being said, clearer screen, and better video rendering can kiss my ass. Also is it true that the 4s actually uses a Samsung processor?

        • screen size is personal preference. i will never argue for or against a personal preference. yes Samsung manufactured the A5 and A4 but is not making the A6 because Apple bitch slapped them and took away billions of dollars in parts orders. 

          • EC8CH

            So if it’s a spec in which *pple is clearly deficient (screen size) then it’s just a “personal preference”?

            Now I see how you justify your reality.

            Let me know what your “preference” in screen size is whenever the i*hone 5 comes out and it copies android phones by going to a larger screen.

          • Anonymous

            Yes. Well put.

          • so now screen size is a spec in which one is better or worse than another. So are all 4.5 inch android phones superior to 4 inch or 4.25 inch android phones?? wow i can’t wait for a 5 inch phone to come out because by your logic that will win the “screen size” spec. haha, you guys are funny. 

          • EC8CH

            You let me know when the i*hone 5 comes out….

            We can take a look at the screen size spec and we’ll see if it’s touted as a great and magical revolutionary improvement over you’re tiny 3.5″ screens that your fapple friends are trying so desperately to justify as the “perfect” size for a phone.

          • Anonymous

            Kinda like how Adobe bitch slapped Apple for being morons?? Got it.

          • Adobde? You mean the company that has been developing a converter to allow their shitty product to be played on iOS devices. They are doing things to bet on iOS and not the other way around. 

          • Doug

            by bitch slapped you mean tried to fight back but then verizon and t-mobile backed samsung up? A lot of friends Apple has if even it’s carrier isn’t behind it.

          • Arodroid

            Not a personal preference if you have real man hands.  Judging by the amount of time you spend arguing with kids on here, you are not a real man.  Get a life dude.

          • Anonymous

            I feel for anyone near you the day Apple starts to tank in value and popularity now that the lord and savior is gone, it’s going to be messy.  What are you going to have to live for without Apple?

      • Zulu

        I went from an Iphone 4 to a Bionic and the Bionic absolutely blows away the Iphone. I was an Iphone fanboy myself until I went to Android and I can say Android is better hands down.

        • let me guess it was the verizon iPhone 4 and you had to pay a ETF and you did it just because the bionic was sooo awesome. thats kind of funny considering everyone on this site says how crappy the bionic is. regretting that decision aren’t you?

          • EC8CH


            crappy android phone > i*hone 

          • Wow, that was a dick move. Give it a rest already, sit down and tell us why you be trollin 

          • Zulu

            Nope, not one bit at all.  The Bionic is not crappy at all!  You of all people should know not to judge a phone by a bunch of people who have never used it.  If that was the case according to this site, the iphone is the biggest POS in history!  Is that accurate Jeff?

            As far as my decision, I am so happy to be using a great device and the jump from IOS to Android has been one that I have never regretted.  The Bionic is a great device and I love it and I am so glad I bought it.

            Before making the jump, I was like you, so blinded by my lust for Apple that I trashed Android without knowing much about it. But unlike you I now have experience with both systems and I base my opinions on my own use of a device, not what other people say.  Based on my usage, the Bionic is a far better device than the iphone 4, and not by a ltille bit, it absolutley blows it away!

          • I had the original droid and the droid incredible so your entire last paragraph can now be thrown in the trash. 


          • How are the Eagles doing this year? GMU? Haha cool school bro.

          • Zulu

            Well I agree that the iphone could compete with the older generation of of Androids, but it can’t hold a candle to my Bionic and the new set of Androids being released so everything youve written can be thrown in the trash and pissed on…I win.

          • guest

            then how is it that the iphone 4s beats the Galaxy 2?????

          • Anonymous

            The only thing the 4s beats the GS2 or any other high end android phone in is GPU speed, its specs and features are otherwise average, not up to Android’s level.

          • some_guy

            It is already months old and the iphone 4s is just now releasing.

          • Anonymous

            Well even though all of Jeff’s comments are flagged for review so I can’t even read them (thanks everyone from saving me the blind trash talk) I can agree with Zulu.  I had iOS devices and switched to Android.  What a breath of fresh air!  You never realize (as someone who has used computers for 30 years) how cool it is to be able to access the file system, wirelessly transfer files, have competing apps for built in apps, THE ABILITY TO THROW ITUNES OUT THE FREAKIN WINDOW, notifications, built in navigation that can be voice driven.  Android just truly rocks.  Those that bash are normally iFans who are so stuck in Apple’s marketing and marching orders that they can’t “see” anything else.

            The *only* thing (and I mean only) that I will give iOS over Android is that the UI is smoother.  I thought for sure when the dual cores came around that Android would finally be there as well but alas, it isn’t.  That one thing though is minor in the grand scheme of things.  It remains to be seen yet but I might give it the intelligent recognition too.  As someone who dreamed of a computer driven personal assistant since watching SCIFI movies in the 80’s, that reality is finally coming true.  I mean what Android has works and works well for me, but Apple will have that next gen implementation of it.  I’m sure Google won’t let us down though.  After all, Google knows all.  Who better to have assisting you?

          • guest

            im guessing you also use Vista too.

          • Anonymous

            I’m guessing you’re another mindless iZombie.

        • Guest

          you must be drunk then, the Bionic is the worst phone out there.

          • Anonymous

            You must have brain damage, because it’s one of the best.

          • Zulu

            If thats what you beleive you have A. Never used it B. Are dummer than you sound

          • Jhcohen75

            Ummm, dummer would be DUMBER! If you are going to call someone dumb, at least make sure you spell it right so you don’t come off as a douche!

        • That settles it then.

      • Zachary Lippard

        I agree with Sam but I can see where you’re coming from, Jeff. I’m guessing Sam’s talking specifically about RAM and CPU.  The iPhone is apparently clocked at 800MHz with 512MB of RAM which is roughly half of what’s in the most normal to high-end Android phones nowadays.  Even with “better” hardware in that sense, the Android OS is still fairly choppy and there’s work that needs to be done.  Hardware acceleration is a must for Android in order for them to pick up the pace with the smooth and sleek design of iOS.

        Apple also keeps a tight ship when it comes to their devices.  They have their hardware tailored specifically to their needs. Google doesn’t tailor too much to the hardware other than giving out minimum required specs.  It’s up to the manufacturers for design specs, which there are pros and cons to that.

        Apple prizes quality over quantity and Google (at least with Android) is kind of the other way around.  Although, Google is starting to polish up their Android OS it seems. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what Google’s got in store for ICS!

        • Anonymous

          There is one thing that Apple has over any Android device. Since they only put iOS on several devices and have complete control they can tailor the OS to most efficiently use the processor.  They have a choice of an A(whatever) chip and that is all.  Android devices have everything from TI to Nvidia to Qualcomm and everything in between.  If Android was on one device with one processor it will absolutely blow iOS away with speed, flexibility, and customization.  I am interested to see not only what ICS brings but also the Galaxy/Nexus/Prime/Whatever brings.  If this device has Google’s preferred TI OMAP processor and no OEM skins then I am sure we will see some amazing speed.  Android OS version just keep getting faster.  Definitely a step in the right direction.  

        • Yes everything you say is correct and thats kind of the point. When dealing with a mobile device your resources are limited. Apple decided to take a closed approach and regulate the device from conception to production. This is the reason why most people think it is a superior platform. This is exactly the same reason why Macs are superior to 99% of all PCs. It is two different world views on developing technology. I prefer Apples approach. I think Google should take Motorola and follow the exact same approach, give or take a few areas. If you want to develop quality products it is the way to go. If they want to be in the state that Microsoft is in right now they can stay the course. Apple is the most valuable tech company by far so i think its a pretty safe bet on which one the market prefers. 

          • Brandon Peters

            Two questions, why would we want another Apple on our hands, millions love the openness of Android, when I see developers like Cyanogen, Modaco, Hacre, Netarchy, Hardcore, Pulser_G2 and the many many many many many many many many many more developers who create custom roms and custom kernels for our device that allow us to tweak brightness setting, overclock, underclock, undervolt both the CPU and the GPU, mount NTFS flash drives, control dslr cameras and the many many many many many many many more things with our android phone, *takes deep breath* when the the Apple ecosystem and the iPhone allows for few things I mentioned above to be done, then you may have an argument for calling it “superior” for me, the iPhone is as useful as a feature phone from Nokia…..

            Secondly, you made the statement that “If they want to be in the state that Microsoft is in right now they can stay the course.” what exactly does that mean and did I miss the memo on Microsoft?

        • Guest

          Finally, after reading all of these comments I found someone that can compare the two platforms intelligently without resorting to immature comments. It is okay to like one, the other or both. Get a hobby people!

          Also, what happened to freedom of speech? I love how every comment by Jeff Bernard has been flagged for removal/review. That is what is really pathetic. If you are going to tell your side of the story, you need to be fair and allow the other side to share theirs as well. 

      • Anonymous

        *feeds troll*

        I just ran the SunSpider benchmark on my Thunderbolt and I got 2171 (4S got 2222 and lower is better) Of course I wasn’t using the stock browser (I was using Dolphin) but if you really want to compare hardware performance you should run the benchmark with the exact same browser. I’m sure that any android phone using an updated browser that utilizes two cores will beat my Thunderbolt pretty badly.

        Yes, the iPhone’s camera is better than my Thunderbolt’s, no question there. 

        Yes I live in a major city and get 4G from Verizon giving me a data connection through my phone that rivals my home broadband connection. Can your iPhone do that?

        • yeah except you are running a different version of the test. if you want to compare you should use the same program and the same version 

          • Mike

            False, the SunSpider benchmark is meant to compare different browsers, versions, browserson different OSs. Doesn’t matter which brwoser he ran it in, it beat the iPhone 4s, just because you can’t use different browsers does not mean that we can’t. Got a score of 2990 on my Droidx1 btw… you can see how this test is biased… it shows a 5xxx for the dx1

          • i didn’t say anything about the browser. he was running .9,1 and the iPhone test was running .9. Using a different browser is perfectly fine.

          • Anonymous

            Good catch. It is important to run the same version of the benchmark. I repeated the test using v0.9 and got 2285 +/- 4.7%, so slightly worse than the 4S (though when you include the error margin the difference in the scores is not statistically significant)

            If I could have used the exact same browser the 4S used then it would be a perfect comparison, but unfortunately this is the best I can do.

        • Anonymous

          Also decided to run the browsermark test and got 96825 (4S got 89567)

          And for anybody who is interested in my setup … just a Thunderbolt running the latest version of CM7

      • Stephen D

        Those benchmarks were for Javascript rendering. That has nothing to do with CPU performance. Android’s browser natively supports only one core. With Honeycomb, the browser supports multiple cores. And look at that. The GTab 8.9, the dual core on Honeycomb, is matching or beating the iPhone in the benchmarks. 

        You are a stupid, blind fanboy. If you are going to post stuff like this, please, at least know what you’re talking about. 

      • Brandon Peters

        Dude, you obviously don’t know much about hardware and software, when ICS is released, we would then see that the 4S wouldn’t be that far in front of the gingerbread devices, case in point the Galaxy Tab’s scores with honeycombs hardware acceleration, you ask everyone to read the article, but the reviewer mentions many times within the first few paragraphs that ICS would close the gap considerably. In fact I suspect the hardware acceleration in ICS is going to make the SGS2 a screamer of a device with these benchmarks, the 4S may get left in the dust as the Galaxy Tab’s Tegra processor can keep up to the 4S and the Exynos processor is slightly more powerful than the Tegra. I will leave you to apply the common sense needed to see where I am going with this

        So instead of comparing the SGS2 with gingerbread that’s many months old, lets do these comparisons when the SGS2 has ICS or when the Prime is available to be bench-marked, I advise to enjoy the bragging rights you have at the moment, because it would only last moments, I hope you enjoy those swipe down notifications while you’re at it, I pity you guys, since the OS that you hate so much and call crappy has gone a long way to making the iOS notification tolerable, finally.

        After all this has been said and hopefully read by you, I really hope to see you when some updated benchmarks are released, I really do Mr. Jeff Bernard……

        • Cool story bro. Can we at least wait until ICS is released before we make all of these claims. 

          • Brandon Peters

            why wait, are you afraid the conclusions that you would arrive at, we have facts already, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little extrapolation based on what we already have, Honeycomb has Hardware acceleration, Samsung galaxy Tab runs honeycomb, Samsung galaxy tab runs on Tegra, Tegra is not as powerful as Exynos, galaxy Tab running honeycomb on Tegra CPU can keep up and with 4S, it doesn’t leave much to figure out what ICS with Hardware Acceleration would do on the powerful Exynos

            The question is: Do you dispute the above statements? and why are you afraid of the answer?

          • Anonymous

            Javascript performance is based heavily on the browser engine, I got 2200 on my Bionic using Opera Mobile.  The performance with the Honeycomb browser is evidence enough.

        • Anonymous

          Normally the Android community only has to wait a couple months for better hardware or software release to top the i*hone.  i*hone users have to wait a year (sometimes longer) to temporarily get their bragging rights back.  ICS + quad core cpu will be here well before the next i*hone or major iOS version.  Anyone want to guess who’s skirts will get turned up….again?

    • Hardware acceleration is a given!  It’s already in Honeycomb, it will be in ICS.

      • Anonymous

        Is this true? Do you have a source? As this seems to me to be a really big deal!

      • Anonymous

        Hardware acceleration may be in Honeycomb, but am I the only one who strongly feels that with the high end specs that the Xoom has, it should be able to run a live wallpaper and scroll through homescreens like butter simultaneously?   I’m hoping we will see this on ICS.  Has anyone ever ran the Skyrocket live wallpaper?  OMG it’s effing amazing..  I want to be able to run that with no lag whatsoever.  (still miles ahead of iPhone’s standard non-scrolling/non-moving picture as a background)

        • Anonymous

          Use ADW launcher ..it will clear that up.

          • Saxguy45

            or get a bionic:)

        • Anonymous

          It’s the Tegra processor, live wallpaper runs at a smooth framerate on my Bionic.  Live wallpaper even ran smooth on the original Galaxy S because of its SGX540 GPU.

          • Inous

            Bionic doesnt have a tegra. It uses a OMAP processor if memory serves me correctly because I tried downloading the Tegra zone on my bionic and it tells you that you can play certain games because there isnt a tegra processor.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, that’s what I said.  I was responding to towlie’s comment that live wallpaper runs slow on the Xoom, that’s because the Xoom has the less than impressive Tegra 2.

          • Inous
    • Anonymous

      Considering they implemented hardware acceleration in Honeycomb, I think it’s a given that it will be in ICS.

    • Stephen D

      Agreed. The GS2 is hardware accelerated, and wow, is it smooth. There are times when my 2nd gen iTouch, with its 400 something mhz ARM 11 CPU, feels smoother than my Droid 3, simply because of hardware acceleration. 

      • Anonymous

        The launcher on the Droid 3 and Bionic is hardware accelerated.  Don’t confuse IO hiccups with slowdown.

        • Stephen D

          No it is not. It’s just optimized well. It is most definitely not HW accelerated. 

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it is. Go read Anandtech’s review if you don’t believe me.

    • palomosan

      Agree, I don’t want my phone lagging what so ever and even in my Transformer which is Honeycomb and it has hardware acceleration, it lags a lot.

      No more lagging on Android, please, it’s about time.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%, that will be the show of this announcement! Google realized they dropped the ball on honeycomb and they will hit the bullseye with ICS. The star of the show won’t be specs we know they will come with that it’s a Google device, the star of the show will be how buttery smooth the hardware and software makes love together! Google will blow us away when we see the hardware acceleration on this beast! I guarantee that will be the focus. Google’s Android is becoming more mature in a short time and they seem to listen to customers to fix what’s needed. I know Rubin won’t let us down!

  • Anonymous

    very intriguing.. very proud to be a xoom owner in addition to my bionic.. at least i know i’ll get ICS pretty quickly in one form!

    i hope they announce honeycomb for google TV then too! 

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what i’m hoping, i want surprises!

  • When not in use, and ambient temperature is above 85 degrees, phone will turn into an edible delicious IceCreamSamich………after comsumption, it will be then magically reappear in your back pocket…fully charged and ready to go! 

    • Anonymous

      that’s what she said?

  • Alexander Serrao

    Can I have autotext in the stock keyboard and nicer looking menus? That in addition to all the cool things that are going to make me buy a Galaxy Nexus =)

  • Anonymous

    we shall see itll take a shit load to blow my mind

  • John

    keep these posts comin! i’m like a little kid on x-mas eve

  • it has a built in ice cream sandwich maker, duh

  • shr1k3r

    i’m assuming better fluidity

  • Its going to be a very loooong weekend.

    • kretz

      lol, that sucks that you have nothing to do on the weekends as most people look forward to them. you must be married…

  • Madcow06

    Here’s hoping for the built in bloody mary machine.

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping it can also do White Russians or rum and cokes.

  • an os that will act as the omega virus… its a game from a while back

    • Anonymous

      yea I vaguely remember that game.

  • Ytram

    Nothing. We got nothing done for this release.  Sorry about that guys, but we told you that you wouldn’t believe it!

    • shdowman



  • Jake

    Don’t tease me bro!

    • Anonymous

      u teased bro?

      • Anonymous

        I am and I liked it.

  • Anonymous

    A girls Gone Wild Party at your location :P!!!!!!!!

  • an os that will act like the omega virus

  • Anonymous

    Cum on ICS!

  • Anonymous

    So very exciting. I just flashed Cyanogen to my phone(s) and have really enjoyed the changes. A ginormous upgrade to whatever sorts of things El Goog has going on in ICS might be mind blowing.

  • Warden Chinbach

    goddammit page! i’m getting 4 hours of sleep already! what are you trying to do, kill me???

  • Hopefully the update will yield some performance and/or battery life enhancements.

  • Anonymous

    shut up and take my money!

    • Anonymous

      And mine! Take mine too! *throws money at the google logo*

  • Brian Wenger

    come onnnnnnn

  • cannot WAIT!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I’m calling it here now:  what they managed to squeeze into Ice Cream Sandwich is disappointment.  If all they’ve done is what’s in the leaked vids then it’ll be another letdown exactly like GB was.

      • Anonymous

        Right, because you can really show everything in 88 seconds.

      • Brooklynkid2710

        how was GB a let down? they never really promised that much with that update. But i do think that so far ICS is looking to be a much needed polish to android. Based on the leaked video it seems like this will be the first android update to be lag free out of the box. One thing im hoping “they squeezed in” is an official chrome browser instead of the crappy regular android browser. I will be very disappointed if they use the same garbage browser that was on gingerbread. unless its like the GSII browser. but I would prefer the browser to be more like honeycomb except chrome. 

        • Anonymous

          The GS2 browser is the stock Android webkit browser, Samsung added hardware acceleration and tweaked it, that’s why it runs so fast. It also has some checkerboarding though.