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XOOM 4G HLK75D Update Details Released

XOOM owners are starting to receive their devices back from Motorola, but may have been wondering what was included other than a new 4G LTE radio. Thanks to the support document that was released today, we now know. It looks like the new Android Market that was included in the last XOOM WiFi update is in there along with the ability to upgrade its market automatically going forward. Also as expected, a bunch of connectivity bugs were addressed. That’s pretty much it. The showstopper here is simply the fact that the device finally has 4G support.

Everyone receiving these back yet?

More info.

Cheers Mike!

  • The real question is why they haven’t said whether or not 3G Xooms will get it. I just sent my Xoom in today, mostly for the software update, which is kind of sad.

  • Anonymous

    anyone having issues with your apps not restoring?

    • Anonymous

      ok i did a factory reset and then i got the account setup screen. all of my previously installed apps are appearing in my apps in the market, but they all say downloading, and have been like that for quite awhile. will the apps start installing eventually? when i reset my droid, the apps started downloading and installing immediately.

  • I got my Xoom back yesterday, and it had no 4g signal when my T-Bolt had 4 bar of 4g LTE signal here in KC, MO. Sadly I’ll have to wait until Nov 17th when 4g officially goes live before I can say for 100% that my 4g isn’t working.

  • Michael Leonard

    Got mine back today. 4G is wicked fast. Download speed was over 23Mb/s and upload was 18Mb/s.

  • Rick

    Anyone noticing the WiFi seems a bit slower now?  I run mine on WiFi when Im home and it just seems… sluggish.

  • Tom Yarrish

    So wait, I thought this update with the 4G install would let me write to my microSD card I put in there.  But that doesn’t appear to be working…either that or there’s some soooper sekret way you have to move/copy files to it.

    Or does one seriously have to do everything through the PC/Mac with that Android File Transfer program?

  • Slickrichic

    Got mine back today. 1week turnaround. Got a free dock charger with upgrade. Market keep foreclosing. Most things are the same. Haven’t had 4g reception yet to test out.

  • Yakub1939

    Just got me & my fiancees’ Xoom back & the functionality and 4g speed are “out of this world!” Had one minor issue with the Android market reinstalled it and Back in business. The wait was worth it and android 3.2.2 upgrade appears to be crisp & fluid. Haven’t barely put it down since. Motorola Xoom 4g definitely rocks!

  • Djxtreme

    Sent mine out last Wednesday arriving tomorrow via FedEx.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Got my Xoom back today, 6 business days after shipping it out. So far so good – no issues with the 4G SIM being recognized or my apps re-syncing.

  • Franzie3

    I got mine back today.  I got the dock with it as well, nice little toy and makes for perfect viewing of videos while i “do work” at work.

    The 3.2.2 update doesn’t seem to be all that much, just various market fixes.  I personally do not use the 3g/4g but hey it was a free upgrade anyway plus i had a busted lcd and they fixed it under warranty.

    Now that this thing is the way it is supposed to be i went ahead and rooted it, unlocked it, loaded a custom rom and over clocked it.  it makes it much more enjoyable.  Sucks i had to wait so long to have it done but then again i would rather have this over my old iPad any day

    Also this is the first pure google device with any kind of mobile data, it should be the first to get google code update i would be sure.

    we shall see…

  • Anonymous

    you can finally rate and comment on apps in the new market as well! so far very pleased with new software and 4g speeds.

  • Richard

    Yes!!!! Finally HESUS it took 8 days.. But I like my free dock 🙂 Dock works OK with the OTTER BOX!!!

  • KnitNCrochet

    Mine was processed today. Hope it was also returned to me today. I have classes I need to use it for.

  • Irie5447

    yeah, got mine this morning with the dock!

  • Anonymous

    YAY for sending in a story that’s used.  Thanks Kellex!

  • Griffend

    Got mine back this morning. It seems to be running faster, and the internet is flying! YES!!!!

    • Michael McCormick

      Got mine back today and have been restoring it as I did not want to encrypt.  It does seem to be running better.

  • Anonymous

    Got mine back this morning with a dock. Having some problems with the new market.  Apps aren’t updating properly.  Some are telling me they aren’t installed when they are.  Some are showing as being installed when they aren’t.  And when I tried to uninstall one app that didn’t want to update, it no longer shows up in the market.  Awesome.  So, I don’t know what to do about all that.  Tried clearing the cache and data for the market and it didn’t help at all.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have more than one google account sync’d?  If so, go to market, menu and check which account it is under.  I had a similar problem with my phone.

      • Anonymous

        No.  Same account for phone and xoom.  I found a “solution”….I’m going to the market web page and going app by app and updating it that way.  What a pain.  But it’s working.  Apparently mint.com is no longer tablet compatible??  That’s why it disappeared.  Or so it claims.

  • Just got the tracking email and a text from my wife. It arrived this morning. Six business days – boom. Happy. Don’t know if I got a dock.

    • Yep. Came with a dock.  Very professional process, and properly apologetic for taking so long getting to it.
      Got my tablet back, and totally jazzed about it.

  • i got mine this morning at 11:43 ….i was gonna chew fedex out because they guarenteed me by 12 lol ……but anothe thing i noticed was a strange app that got left on my tablet called moto utils …..i dont know where it went to and it would only show up in my adw app drawer but not my normal one ?….plus idk if its due to the market but the little checks that pop up at the bottom when you download something are different looking  oh and i shipped mine off last monday afternoon

  • Terrymc

    I shipped mine out on a Monday and got it back on Thursday.  I cant complain I guess.

  • Glad to have mine back, with the dock, and have been testing the 4g and liking what I see. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Finally after tracking my xoom and its progress it was shipped back to me today so should be back tomorrow. Can’t wait. Did they change the back panel to say LTE?

  • Anonymous

    Typo. You mean Xoom 4G Up-gradable.

    Anyone actually receiving the dock? Did they send you mine by mistake? Check your box for two.

  • Rob

    Sent mine off on Tuesday last week the 4th, still haven’t gotten it. Received an email last Friday I think about there is a slight delay but still no word back since… grrr

  • Herinel

    Got mine back today and I got my free Xoom dock!

  • Tracking says mine shipped today and is due tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing the SD card read/write also fixed, which I don’t see listed in the document.

  • Anonymous

    ya got it this morning and with 3 bars of 4g i am geting 18-20mbs of download speed i am very pleased with the upgrade, have yet to test out the sd card abilities.

  • Rich

    anyone who owns this is a complete moron… Why would you buy a tablet for 500 or more and pay to have a data plan, along side your phone where as the tablet doesn’t even do all of what the phone does? and the phone cost just as much…

    Like the tablet can’t make calls or get text messages or voice mails… sure you can use Skype or some other pos program… But I’m sure not everyone uses Skype or some other prog to call someone…

    • nathanp8


    • Anonymous

      Cause some of us are not broke and have excess $ to spend.  Chumped.

    • People with real jobs, and by real jobs I’m not implying minimum wage McDonalds employee’s, have this this thing called “Disposable Income”. When you grow up to a be a big boy Rich you too might have some of this mythic luxury..

      However, I sent my out last Monday (arriving Tuesday) and got it back this morning. I havent been home to confirm status or see if I got the dock….

    • Mctypething

      u smart bro?

    • Anonymous

      Because I can.

    • Thanks for calling me a moron. Hi, nice to meet you.

    • KnitNCrochet

      I don’t have a plan. I tethered it to my Bionic’s unlimited cell plan. I can use my cell’s service or Wi-Fi. So, I can use my tablet for my “real” job and my “real” life. And I can’t do everything on my cell that I can on my tablet. With limited screen on cell phones, I get more done because I can see more.

      No need to be jealous. Get one…it’s obvious you want one. You just need to wait until the prices drop.

  • Anonymous

    they received my xoom on the 5th, and i have a scheduled delivery for tomorrow. Not counting weekends (non business days) that will be a total of 6 days. Not bad at all!

  • Anonymous

    Shame that motor is outsourcing the upgrade out to temp agency workers. That’s what’s causing the delays.

  • Eric

    Got mine back this morning. Took exactly a week.

  • Yeah I got mine this morning.

  • I sent mine off a week ago Monday and my wife sent hers in the following Tuesday. Both arrived at my office this morning. It was right at the 6 business days they promised depending on how you count it. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My box arrived last monday, it came back that same week on thursday morning.

  • John Hicks

    Got mine back in less than a week.  Sent it out on a Friday, back on Wed. the following week.

  • My Tran

    still waiting for mine

  • Jason Purp

    Galaxy Nexus

    • Anonymous

      is that the new first?

      • Jason Purp

        IDGAF, I just want the damn phone. lol

        • Anonymous

          Me too, all of these rumors are making me a mental mess. Announce the “keynote” day, have it, phone comes out. No more speculation, internet!

        • angermeans

          I feel the same way my friend. All tech news (and I mean all!) just seems so boring. I want the unicorn known as Nexus in my hands like yesterday!

    • I just bought a 32 GB micro SD card and my friend just informed me that the Nexus Prime won’t have a SD card slot? WTF! !???!

      • Jason Purp

        The Nexus S didn’t have one, so the Galaxy Nexus probably won’t either.

      • Anonymous

        it will work now if you put it into a Xoom.

      • Anonymous

        There’s always the Droid Razr.