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Galaxy Nexus Wallpapers Released for Download, Packaged Up in Handy App


More Galaxy Nexus toys! The wallpapers from the device have been pulled and then packaged up for everyone to enjoy in a simple little app. Thanks to @P3Droid, you can get the Ice Cream Sandwich look a few weeks before anyone else. The .apk file is listed below – install as you would any other non-market app.

Download:  ICSWallpapers.apk

Via:  MyDroidWorld

  • Michael Rango

    What are those widgets on the lockscreen?! Somebody please tell me I’ve been looking for the apk or name of them for ages (the icons)

  • Does anyone know how I remove this apk after flashing it? The wallpapers are less than impressive and I don’t want another apk sitting in my wallpaper section.

  • I’ve never been amazingly impressed with smart phones’ static wallpapers.

    At any rate… thnks for these!

  • Anonymous

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  • Guys … theme is GO Launcher EX – Clee 2 Theme https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.theme.clee2&hl=en

  • P3derp

    How is this handy or convenient? Thank you P3Droid for your connections,
    nothing more. Besides that, you taunt and tease your audience with
    watermarks and this runaround. Your MO is the antithesis of this
    community and OS. Another useless app that replaces the functionality my phone already has. .zip them up and quit acting like a gift to this community.

    • Hamholla

      you flustered bro? 

  • Anonymous

    Love these phone wallpaper dumps. I’ve got all the ones that come from Kovdev in the market.

  • Looks pretty decent on my Bionic 😉 thanks 


    God   just what I need ! More wallpapers. Just give us the damn phone ! I cant take it anymore!

  • Ashah414

    what launcher is that & how can i get my icons to be like that?

    • some jackball will say Go or ADW, but not tell you how. I call BS. Not possible.

      • Anonymous

        And yet it’s been done.  Weird.

    • Anon

      “Go Launcher EX” and “Clee2 Theme GO Launcher EX”  and “Clockr” for the time

      • But that doesn’t remove the dock icons from the bottom from mine.

        • You have to delete each app on the dock, then assign it as a blank. Go into setting and make the dock background invisible. Make sure to lock the screen when you are all done or will be hitting the invisible dock all the time.

          • Anon

            that would be correct, forgot to mention this. 

        • Anon

          yes it does you just hold down on the icons and then select “delete” and that will remove the dock icons 

  • MFG

    The wallpaper with the rock cavern is the same one on the Epic Touch 4G  i swaer, if this Prime has Touchwiz on it…….

  • FortitudineVincimus

    if you dont want a whole 3.1mb app and just want to pick your own WP out you like, rename the apk to zip and unzip it and go into res>drawable-hdpi and get the few you want

  • Kellex, What Launcher??

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want the stupid wallpapers, I want the phone!

  • Agerman

    Hey kellex, what is that launcher again?

  • I seriously think that P3 has a complete system dump and he’s just leaking it out, bit by bit LOL

  • How do I get my dock icons like that?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      get ICS

    • Billyrouth2000

      Go launcher ex or Adw

      • What theme? I can’t seem to find the option to put them there.

      • Nabraham1

        How with ADW?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I hate wallpaper apk’s.. I just want the files please!

    • Cjtraas

      2nd that

  • Scott Willenborg

    Has anyone else noticed that absolutely NO ONE is ripping ANYTHING from the HTC Rhyme?

    Barbie says “Math is hard!”

    • The jewel that lights up is a cool idea, even if it’s geared for chicks.

  • Scott Willenborg

    If someone would have the decency to just leak the whole damn phone to me, I would appreciate it!!!

    • Anonymous

      I used that same line a few articles back but I still think you’re A-OK.

  • Anonymous

    the first one looks like HTC

  • God


    • Antivanity

      Same reason we look at porn, it feel good 😀

      • Bear0013

        Hahahahahha lmao

  • Dan

    yes just what I wanted *sarcasm* lol we know everything about this phone, just give it to me already

  • warsaw

    What clock widget is that?

    • CivilDroid

      clockr or clockr evolution or minimalistic text. any of those would do it

  • droidlvr

    thx kellex, more nexus news

  • I think I have just about all the wallpapers I could ever have imagined………..but since this will make me feel that much closer to the NEXUS, I’ll gladly take these too.

  • Trooper

    Cool.  Nothing spectacular though.  But its still ok with me.  Just gimme the phone naow!

  • TripEm77

    Nice of P3 to take the watermarks off of them.

    • Finally someone put them somewhere besides MDW so i can download..

  • Anonymous
    • Justin

      Dont worry Phandroid is wrong about 80% of the time, by far the easiest blog to punk. 

    • Check it again.  They updated to say their source says the release is Nov. 3rd.  The announcement will be well in advance.

      • Anonymous

        Where do you see that?  According to them “He goes on to say that we should definitely expect to see this thing announced on Nov. 3rd.” 

        Thats like another 3 weeks before they announce the freaking thing. 

        • Anonymous

          Oops nevermind, I didn’t hit refresh…I guess that makes me feel a little better. 

  • Anonymous

    what launcher is that in the screenshots?

    • GO Launcher

      • Anonymous

        really? i used go launcher before but how did he get the buttons up near the middle like that

  • PyroHoltz

    I like the leaf.