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DROIDX2 2.3.4 Soak Test Happening Now

If you are a part of Moto’s Feedback Network and own a DROIDX2, then you should be receiving an update for Android 2.3.4 this very minute.  You can everything that it fixes here.  If you don’t feel like waiting for the update to hit your phone, you can always run the SBF that has been leaked into the wild here.  Just remember that that wipes your phone completely.

*Note – You will lose root when updating, but root is easily gained again using the DROID3 root method.

Cheers Dale!

  • Brian Bundridge

    I’ve been playing around with the update for about 30 minutes now (just got the OTA update) and it definitely seems a lot faster, images are a lot cleaner. I’ll need to do some more every day stuff to it but there is a big improvement. If this phone was released like it is currently, a lot of people would have been thrilled to have owned the device.

  • Good. I was about to toss my DX2 in the river and switch to iphone. This update better fix this phone or I am done with Motorolla and possibly Android for good. I am tired of buggy phones. 

  • Jared

    Major signal issues since the upgrade (for me at least).

  • Ovntguy

    The OTA update will install on a rooted phone and break root. Gingerbreak v1.2 doesn’t work. Gonna try Petersburg moto tools.

    • Ovntguy

      Pete’s moto tools.

  • Robert White

    I’ll be waiting for that notice on my X2

  • kretz

    It’s too bad the update didn’t fix the camera quality. I’m uncertain how the camera quality in low light is so bad compared to my old dx. Moto used different hardware or software in the dx2, but either way it’s freaking pathetic. I can’t even use my camera unless the lighting is absolutely perfect…sad panda. 🙁

    • digsoreos

      The DX2 uses a different camera. The DX has a camera with a mechanical shutter; the DX2’s camera does not. People will tell you that the photos may look terrible on the Pentile screen but if you view them on a computer at full resolution, they look fine. I disagree with that assertion most of the time.

    • Anonymous

      Moto does not put good lens nor se. Sensors in their devices.

  • John

    congrats to dx2ers

  • Anonymous


  • Alexander Garcia