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Steve Jobs has Died.

Pretty tough post to even begin to write.  I guess, the first thing that comes to mind is – we just lost an icon.  A man that helped push the entire tech world forward for decades has passed away at the age of 56. Steve Jobs, you sir, will be missed.

Feel free to drop as many kind words in the comments as you would like.

  • Great visionary, not so great of a man. Ripped off Wozniak for $2,150 in his first dealing with him and takes credit for inventing the mouse, it was Doug Engelbart.

    • misslee

      And in the interview with Good Morning America this morning, Wozniak had nothing bad to say about the man and in fact praised him. If he really thought so poorly of Jobs, he didn’t have to do the interview. He chose to so props to him. He knew him personally and had wonderful things to say about him, which is more than I can say for people on threads that didn’t personally know Jobs. 

      • No, maybe he did not want the backlash for calling the ‘icon’ out. Jobs admits to stiffing Wozniak, who did all the work and was the reason Atari paid Jobs a 5K bonus for shrinking the circuit board for the game Breakout. He deserves a lot of the credit.

  • Droidkin

    No man pursued his vision with more passion than Steve  Jobs. The influence of that passion will be missed. Deepest regrets to his family and friends.

  • Rccrod

    RIP Steve Jobs a great innovator 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Its fair to say that without Steve Jobs none of us would be here the way we are right now.

    • Yes, without Apple Android would be a pile of garbage or non-existent . We need competing companies to push each other.

  • Anonymous

    We (Android users) may not prefer his products but without this man we wouldn’t be where we are today. He helped revolutionize the smart phone world, he and Steve Wozniak delivered the FIRST personal computer he also gave us the MP3 player. RIP Steve.

  • Anonymous

    You changed the world, man! Consider it ding’d.  We’ll miss you. Rest in peace.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    First I want to say RIP Steve Jobs. You were a great man and the tech world wouldn’t be where it is right now without you. Apple will not be the same without you. As a fan of technology I can’t help but appreciate all that you have done to change the world. 

    Secondly…Droid-Life is like a second home to me, I spend more time on this site than I do on any other site on the net.. it is so sad to see so many flagged comments in this thread. This is not what our community is about or should be about. One of the things I was most proud of was that we didn’t have any of this kind of nonsense on our site like there is on other tech sites. Everyone was so respectful here. We never got caught up in the super fanboyism or trolling. We respected each others differences and opinions. I hope that this isn’t the beginning of all the trolling and such. We are too good for that and I would hate to see such a great community tainted by such negativity.

  • Qualityresalesmarketing

    Thank you for bringing technology to where it is today.  Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe some of you people, no he didn’t invent gravity but so what.  He passed away so show some dignity, rest in piece steve..

  • Hedney3

    This is where you are wrong. Steve jobs did create and design and take part in most of all apple products especially at the creation of the business. In fact if you want to hear a nice speech and story from him check out his 2005 commencement speech at stanford. He was a genius and brilliant at what he loved. He created a product through a philosophy of mixing art and technology together and through that changed the way mobile, personal computers and a whole bunch of other things are made and used. And saying that him being just a man is not worthy of praise or of remembrance for his achievements and accomplishments is nieve at best. we are all just people but its our actions that separate us from each other and its what we do with that defines us after we move on. I hope you can take from this and realize that this is the end of an era in some sense and appreciate what steve jobs did for the tech world. 

  • BroRob


  • Dtr920

    all platform jokes aside.. the man had a vision. im just left wondering what he had stored away in his mind that he didnt reveal…

  • StormbladeX69

    While I’m not an Apple or iOS fan, the man deserves a lot of credit for pushing Technology & Innovation. This is a huge loss for the Community regardless what Tech Brand you are Loyal too.

    RIP Steve. No more pain.

  • Anonymous

    The candle that burns brightest… burns out soonest.. RIP Steve

  • rrosotho

    I show my respects Jobs family ! God bless them

  • ChocoTaco369

    I’m the antithesis of an Apple fanboy.  I consider them to be of cult
    status, I think they treat their customers poorly, their products are
    very overpriced for what you get and they focus more on aesthetics than
    real world performance.  However, losing Steve Jobs is a HUGE loss.  He
    may not have been known for the warmest, kindest or friendliest person,
    but he has helped transform the technology market more than nearly
    anyone in existence.  He revolutionized the computer AND mobile phone
    industry.  Love or hate the iPhone, we may not have Android without it. 
    At the very least, it would be very different.  While Android may have surpassed iOS today, Steve Jobs and Apple pretty much popularized how today’s smart phone looks both
    physically and in terms of software development.  Love or hate Apple,
    you have to respect how the products fundamentally transformed the
    marketplace.  I can firmly state that without Apple and Steve Jobs, phones would be less powerful than they are today!

  • jason w.s.

    Our children’s children will one day be learning in school about this man and his accomplishments and innovations in our history. RIP Mr. Jobs

  • R.I.P Mister Jobs. If it wasn’t for you we would not be where we are today. 

  • Although I was not an apple fan and disliked Steve Jobs because of what him and his company tried to do and most of the time succeeded to every other company. (Like sewing everyone because it looked like an apple or acted like an apple) He will be missed by me and many others cause with out him we would have probably never have had android. With all due respect  R.I.P. Mr. Jobs!!!

  • Stillnotafanofapplebut

    Even though I would always say down with apple, I definitely did not mean it in this way. R.I.P Steve Jobs, your legacy will live on. God bless his family.

  • [email protected]

    Steve Jobs has !!!Died!!! … Cant u just use a kind word other than died ??? that is so pathetic KELLEX …

    • Bob

      Considering most of the other news outlets headlines state that ‘steve jobs has died’ I think it’s appropriate…

    • Db


  • I never had a iphone, never liked the imac, never cared for Apple at all. I did however get the opportunity to learn on a computer at the age of 7 on a Apple II computer. This sparked my love for computers and technology and lead to my career in the technology world. Thank you Steve Jobs for your contributions to the area in which I love so much. You are definitely someone that deserves respect and memorization of your accomplishments. Rest in peace.

  • RW-1

    I’ll put it this way:

    The only worthy opponant to our favorite OS has passed on, who shalt take up that mantle?

    Well, we have the Jha tool, although he is supposedly with us, but like cancer he is destroying Android from the inside.

    Damn, we’ll miss you Steve, it was a fun battle.

  • Nevelos85

    As a tech enthusiast im sad to see this, rip your products changed tbe game forever

  • AJ

    Steve Jobs was a creator, an innovator, and a good man.  If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have Android, so all you retards, have some respect.  Steve, you were a great man and you will be missed.

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  • 

  • Anonymous

    I commend you Kellex for writing a tasteful post. I am understanding to the fact that your not monitoring this site 24/7 but honestly something needs to be done about the people who would badmouth someone they do not personally know on any level. I can’t believe there is any denying on what he did for the tech world. I won’t even go into that, because quite frankly anyone who denies that does not deserve any type of response because there is obviously a lack of intelligence there (I know. Small run on). For those who also include anything about “good riddance” or anything remotely like that, I’m ashamed to be associated with the same community as you. It’s just a damn shame. RIP Steve Jobs. YOU REVOLUTIONIZED THIS INDUSTRY!

  • Anonymous

    I have never owned an Apple product, but every personal electronic device I have owned has in some way or another been affected by the creativity of Steve Jobs and Apple. He will be missed by Apple that’s for sure, but he will be missed most by those who loved him and knew him.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe there idiots and ignorants out there writing crap and getting their comments flagged….Have some respect, you dont have to love or know someone to respect them. Especially after a tragedy like this. May God give strength to his family to overcome their lost….

    The tech world has lost a Icon…….R.I.P. Steve.

  • Anonymous

    Unfinished respect, in spite of everything. Rest in peace.

  • Texastycoon15


  • Tholt311

    I’ve looked at this site for many years now. Not until now have I ever been sad to be a reader. Android and Apple are different and great platforms in their own respect. You might hate Apple but hating someone who changed phones as we know it is ignorant. Go back to your sad world and your nights of doing nothing but flashing ROMS and not knowing anything more than just that…flashing others people work. You will never be someone who makes a difference in the tech world because your ignorant and not opened minded enough. Android is superior and for one reason…competition pushed the platform to new heights. Have some respect, mostly to the dumb KID who said something like this, “I didn’t know him so I don’t feel bad he lied.” It’s comments like this that won’t allow you to amount to SHIT in your life and your future will be spent disrespecting people who are better than you.

  • Viperxns

    I would say to everyone trying to bash alex to discontinue your futile efforts . every one is entitle to their opinions and he certainly has expressed his none the less , i yearn for the day when we all can be a little more in tune to each other in race , creed and beliefs that it  is GOD that made all of us and we really are whether we like it or not family. and to mr alex please sir have some respect for any person who has left this earth because today we may mourn others passing on who we may know personally or intellectually and tomorrow others may mourn us tomorow. this is a road we all must take so let us respect the one,s who passes before us. may GOD bless all of you and if you are faithful to HIM in this life as True Christians we will live FOREVER with HIM !!! and that is the TRUTH.

  • EQ

    Farewell to technology icon.  Without Jobs and Apple there would not be an
    Android.  Thanks for modest innovation.

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  • Mr. English

    Wow, i come here to learn about droid stuff and for once see what I thought to be a decent non hate thread and whattaya know, it’s still filled with dick trickles spouting bs through their tiny teenage minds. What a mess.

  • Mr. English

    God bless his family and rest his soul. We lost an inspiration, whichever side of the fence you’re on. He made competitors compete and made innovators reach higher. This is a blow to the world we tech heads live in.

  • Donnydon

    A great man? Its sad for anyone to pass… but please save the word great for more deserving. He was a GREAT SALESMAN that invented nothing.

    Again i am sorry for his family. But im also sad for anyone who has someone pass away.

    • You’re a cold-hearted bastard.  He was a great man, without him you wouldn’t be enjoying your touchscreen Android.  

  • Austin107481

    first they announce a new iPhone that everyone is complaining about, then stocks in apple drop and now their founder dies. this week isn’t going well for Apple.

    • CIFchamp24

      The stock was barely down at days end and it was up today……

  • RIP Mr. Jobs. You changed the world more than you will ever know!

  • Hieu

    Please don’t feed the troll aka Alex. R.I.P Steve. I respect his innovation, determination, amazing will, love for his work, and passion in his life. Great people are often hated and loved all at the same time. You will be remembered Steve. Heartfelt condolences to his family.

  • Malo

    He died? Did he choke on an apple?

    • CIFchamp24

      You’re an idiot

  • Anonymous

    but maybe iphone will never exist without windows phone and palm if you are going that far. I give him pros to the computer and laptops

  • Anonymous

    i agree the windows were the first

  • Anonymous

    i disagree blackberry were very good as well

    • Anonymous

      this just proves that you are a dumbshit

      • Anonymous

        Go back to Nicaragua, you do not know anything about technology.

  • Anonymous

    i agree

  • Anonymous

    oww a lot of people are dying so young nowadays. Steve was a great man and help many people when it comes to technology and the way that he was able to run his business.

  • Koob33

    A man that truly did revolutionize the tech industry, love him or hate him, you know the tech world lost an important icon today :/