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Steve Jobs has Died.

Pretty tough post to even begin to write.  I guess, the first thing that comes to mind is – we just lost an icon.  A man that helped push the entire tech world forward for decades has passed away at the age of 56. Steve Jobs, you sir, will be missed.

Feel free to drop as many kind words in the comments as you would like.

  • Mike

    Steve Jobs, the man, the myth, the legend….there are some VERY big shoes to fill in his absence.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • Anonymous

    It seems the Captain has gone down with the Titanic of a sinking ship he created, the world is a better place because of all that he has created, RIP THE Steve Jobs. 

  • Anonymous

    too bad he didnt live to see how bad the nexus prime is going to woop the iphone 4S’ ass

  • Definitely Unique!…. sad day indeed. We need more youth pumping innovation throughout their veins in order to make this world a better place. This man will be remembered in history textbooks, my condolences goes out to everyone who were close to him. R.I.P. Hate it when the legends die early. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope for enlightening thoughts to guide this man’s family through this tribulation. Steve, good show. Kellex this whole post is so tasteful, that picture is a beautiful gesture, thanks.

  • guest

    RIP –

  • ABombs

    let’s put all the smartphone inventor stuff to the side…. Apple isn’t a phone company. They are a computer company. While I use Android phones, and think they are superior to the iPhone…Steve started the revolution of technologically advanced, smooth running, sleek designed home computers and laptops. Let’s remember the old school iMac with the half rounded base and swivel, the Powerbook lineup, and the super powerful G4 towers. I used all of these machines for my design work growing up – and their capabilities blew away any PC… technology started by Steve.

    So, put the phone war thing aside, and remember that Steve started it all with the computer. And while I’ll be buying the Nexus Prime when it comes out…. I will never ever go leave Apple for my computer uses. Thanks Steve for absolutely pushing the technological edge and to date, pushing other competitors to step up their game.

    Who knows if Android would even exist without the man.  R.I.P

    • Kakashiisagod

      I agree man, Ive been a Mac user all my life. While iOS never really caught my interest like Android Steve Jobs saved Apple from collapsing on more than one occasion and made it the success it is today. As a public speaker I looked up to him, Apple press conferences will never be the same.

  • Joe

    Truly wonderful to see so many hands-down Android fanboys & girls taking a moment to say such kind-hearted and positive things about Mr. Jobs.  And great to know so many of us are able to realize how lucky we are as electronics consumers and hobbyists to have such incredible competition occurring in the marketplace right now.  And Steve Jobs was one of the very biggest players in this.  We are all the direct beneficiaries of this competition, and well all owe him a great thanks.  RIP.

    • Joe

      And by the way I can only hope that his immediate family and friends can learn of how the otherwise highly-competitive Android blog sites and community are all uniting to say such endearing things about him at this time, as I know if I were his family I would be very touched.

  • DroidFan

    I am not apple fan, but I will say this. Steve Jobs changed the world, he changed the way we use technology. All these Android, Microsoft phones came after iphone. All tablets came after iPad, All mp3 players came after ipod.

    I don’t think he can be replaced!

  • Anonymous

    Rest in Peace Steve. 

  • MikeyBotz

    R.I.P. the technology world just took a huge blow.

  • We truly lost a great world icon. As much as I dislike Apple this news saddens me and the world. I can only wish that we can all learn from his wisdom as he worked himself to death to make the greatest company of all time. His memories will all be shared forever and his name will never be forgotten. Just goes to show how fragile one life can be and we should never forget that.

    Rest In Peace good sir. God speed

  • Chairry

    I guess he got a early sneek peek of the nexus prime

    Too soon?

    • Some Random Dude

      lol .yeah, gotta admit tho.. made me chuckle. RIP Steve

  • Joesred

    My thoughts…
    My son came upstairs and told me the news about Jobs.  I was shocked but not surprised.  Next thing I knew I felt a little empty and deeply saddened.  Honestly, I even felt a bit confused and afraid about the future.  Trust me…I am not an Apple fan.  We have all lost in this deal.  Competition drives advancement and the that man was competition.  He battled everything … even his own disease.

    Let me share how I feel.  This is the odd part.  Remember the part in Star Wars when Darth Vader had his helmet off and was dying talking to Luke.  You could see him for the vulnerable man that he was.  You could actually see Vader had been ill for a long time but continued to fight.  At that point in the movie you had to respect the villain…the man in black.  I wanted Luke to put that helmet back on Vader and have some technological miracle bring him back.  It did not happen for Vader or Jobs…we all have to have an end.

     I feel that way way about this with Steve Jobs.  I never hated him….but I loved the technological battle. I love  rivalries, sports, employment and technology…It makes us all better.  He drew lines in the sand for the world to meet or cross.

    So if we are all this sad….I cannot imagine how the Apple loyalists are feeling. 

    Prayers to his friends and family.

  • En28so

    RIP Steve. He was a very smart man that died at such young age. Does anyone know what type of cancer he had? It must have been painful.

  • Mygolazo

     he just turn in android sistem,,great man,,i missed u

  • R.I.P.

    Steve, you are legend.

  • D790

    Please no hate, even from the strongest of apple haters, I being one of them, Steve jobs was a man of revolution, without the iPhone who knows how the tech world would have turned out, he is an icon and an inspiration across the nation, greatly missed he will be cause as an avid android user with no apple products even I felt sad when reading the news may his soul rest in peace and his memory live on

  • Spencer9663

    Today we lost a true innovator. My business hero and icon has passed away and the world will surely miss him. My condolences go out to his friends and family. 

  • R.I.P.

    Jobs, you are legend.

  • jimbob

    There is no doubting his creative genius.  Technology has lost a great man today.

  • Kmdolce15

    I dont like apple but I do like Steve Jobs. He is brilliant and my goal in life is to be like him.  I respect him so much!

    You Will be Missed, Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Did news of the Nexus Prime kill Steve Jobs?

    in all seriousness, R.I.P. Steve

  • Anonymous

    I respect what Mr. Steve Jobs has accomplished in the tech world. He’s a visionary and he will surely be missed by billions.

    R.I.P, Mr. Apple.

  • Sgsalas258

    I myself am an Android user. However, I thoroughly enjoy the products Apple has created under Steve Jobs guide and genius. Since my exposure to Android a year ago, there has been one concurrent theme that keeps popping up: a deep hatred for all that is Apple. I’ve heard many jabs taken at Apple’s lack of customization and openess. Some of the harsher comments, though, I feel were focused on Steve Jobs. I am saddened by the response from the Android community. Not because they are sympathetic or heartless in their comments. No, what saddens me is that it took the death of an icon to finally acknowledge and commend a man who pushed technology to its edge, and brought back innovations that have become widely utilized and praised. There have been times that many policies surrounding Apple’s products have been criticized, but it’s not news that Steve Jobs knew what was wanted, and popular, took that, and gave the world an amazing line of products. I thank Steve Jobs from the bottom of my heart, and give my deepest condolences to his family and friends during this time. The world has lost an amazing, innovative individual who’s genius will shine through the many facets of technology that he has touched. Rest in peace Steve, you will be missed by admirers and critics alike.

  • Anonymous

    There are very few people who are real visionaries and have ideas who change the world, Walt Disney Einstein come to mind, and Steve Jobs deserves to be mentioned with them. The world and America has lost a giant and the epitome of the American dream.

  • Joelseph

    Rip Steve. You were a pioneer and worthy adversary. Not only did you make great products, you inspired others to make their products better. A true leader in a very fast paced industry.

  • Johnny Clark

    This is truly sad. The man was an absolute MUST in the technology we have today, and have had for decades. Many say if it wasnt for him, we wouldnt even have computers. I could argue with that, but thats beside the point. I can say though, that he was an inspiration and icon for every tech related individual. Steve Job’s is the guy that will continue to live on through the world and especially throughout the internet, of course. I will pray for his family, as I know this is a rough time right now. RIP Steve Jobs

  • the iphone 4s was the nail in the coffin

  • Auronblue

    Regardless of the camp you’re in, Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators and inventors of our time. It is truly tragic to have lost him. I have the greatest admiration for his accomplishments and his visionary drive to push the boundaries of the technology around us. Condolences to his friends, family, and loved ones. You will be missed.

  • As much as the iPhone is hated around this website (I myself, have converted to an iDevice hater), without the original iPhone, we probably would have Android ow it is today. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest technological visionaries of our time, arguably the most important. I saw the news, and I swear, a tear rolled down my face. Steve Jobs, you will be missed.  

  • norbac

    EL mundo pesa menos 

  • Mbruno44

    Thank you for everything Steve.  Even though we give your company a hard time, you’ve changed everything and we are eternally grateful.  

  • Anonymous

    One of the 3 men on the planet that has made all of what we do here possible…A true American success story…just think, not too long ago a few smart guys huddled in a garage had a vision…

    RIP Steve Jobs

  • Matthew Merrick

    Its no secret – I hate apple. But even for me, this is sad news. 

    Steve Jobs is the heart and soul of apple. I see this like a sports team – your team is one of the top of them all, and your most hated opponent, and also your toughest opponent, the one you have the most fun challenging, is now gone. I’m sad because Apple, the one who makes competition in computers actually happen just won’t be the same after this. 

    Its also sad to me on a more personal note, because I have lost multiple family members to cancer. However, one good thing will come of this: you can fully expect to see apple’s huge reserves of money fueling the fight against cancer, and this means that more lives will be saved. 

    So, for the first time ever, I sincerely say thank you, Steve Jobs, for being the most worthwhile opponent Microsoft and Google have ever seen. And thank you for all that you will continue to do, even after you’re gone. You will be missed – and Apple will never be the same without your inspiration, and your legendary Reality Distortion Field.

    Rest In Peace.

  • RIP Steve…..you did great for tech….hopefully one day we will find a cure for cancer

  • Telephoneteck

    R. I. P. Mr. Jobs. FYI in my house we have 1 Thunderbolt, 1 Xoom, 1 iphone & 4 ipods.

  • Guest

    Regardless of what kind of phone is in your pocket today, any tech geek ever has lost a brother today.  RIP.

  • hatethanet

    You can definitely tell other people have been at the reins at Apple a little while now. Jobs wouldn’t have played it as safe as those guys did yesterday with the 4S. RIP Jobs. Definitely a risk taker and innovator.

  • Jason Pitts

    A black turtle neck and jeans will never look the same on anybody else… R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

  • Chris Phillips

    for as much as i dislike the company, it’s hard not to admire the man.  the passion he had for technology comes second to no one.  you will be missed!

  • Anonymous

    For all you dicks that have nothing good to say, shut your pie-hole. Whether you disliked the man, the company or the products, it doesn’t matter. 

    He took Apple from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the world. If more CEO’s managed to do what he did, we wouldn’t be in the sorry state we’re in now.

    • Anonymous

      Government is the reason we’re in this sorry state.

      • Robert White

        Very true indeed. But not the time for a political debate.

    • Anonymous

      Apple outsources like every other company, which is at least partially why we’re in the state we’re in.  Apple is no different from anyone else, in fact they are part of the problem.  You don’t get to be so rich out of chance.  Your views are greatly distorted and sadly misplaced.

  • Anonymous

    Sad.. ’nuff said 

  • Matt

    A true Silicon Valley icon. He led his company from the brink of collapse to unbelievable success. He has advanced consumer technology in so many areas: phones, movies, music, the list goes on….

    Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

  • Jonas Slima

    The world has lost one it’s brightest sons,i am not a fan of apple. but Steve jobs was not only a visionary,and a great mind, but also a warrior ,the guy fought cancer for many years,but that has never stopped him from staying atop and trying to make the tech world a more advanced world, if it wasn’t for him, there are a lot of things that exist today that people would never have imaged that would exist,or may would exist but they would be as cool as they are,the man pushed boundaries in most sectors of the information and technology world,i love android and i have to admit if i wasn’t for the iphone there would be no android the existence of one made the other prosper,God him bless you Steve Jobs,a great human being as you deserves a good place upstairs.

  • Skittleoid

    This sucks. I’m going to right it out. Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

  • Lrxcountry

    This sucks. I’m going to right it out. Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Even though we are android fan-boys, we will miss this man. I really enjoyed his press conferences and his sincerity. Even though we battled against the iPhone, we enjoyed watching his press conferences. He will be missed. 

  • honorable

    One more liberal ass dead. God bless those live he tried to make miserable.

    • James_Ever

      May God also bless the ignorance of your statement.

      I respect humanity more than technology. God Speed to Steve Jobs and may his family, friends, and fans find peace.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs took everything one step farther. Never just, better software, he always tries to make better experiences through software and hardware. Although not an Apple fan, I cannot recall anyone who demanded so much from his products and had such success. Rest in peace, the world will miss you.