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Steve Jobs has Died.

Pretty tough post to even begin to write.  I guess, the first thing that comes to mind is – we just lost an icon.  A man that helped push the entire tech world forward for decades has passed away at the age of 56. Steve Jobs, you sir, will be missed.

Feel free to drop as many kind words in the comments as you would like.

  • Anonymous

    First I would like to say that I don’t care for Apples products. Now let that sink in for a minute, then set it aside. Steve Jobs was a genius, whether anyone likes it or not. That man did more in his 56 years than most will do in a lifetime. Steve Jobs took a leather chair and a table and damn near turned it into a marketing trademark. How many others can say that? Say what you will about his company, but he managed to turn rhe tech world on its ear and made Apple one of the most profitable tech companies in US history. That in itself deserves respect in its own right whether you are an Apple fan or not. Before Steve Jobs was Apple, he was someones father, son, husband, brother, and most importantly, a human being. So let us stop with the sickening, disrespectful comments, and pretend for a second, that he could have been someone in YOUR family, or a friend that YOU cared about. Please do something to show that we have at least become a little more civilized as the human race. Okay i’m off the damn soap box now.

  • The man, who is hard working, innovative, and tech pioneer of our modern technology and the one who changes the world of industry, is the best man who can never forget by most people. Wish that apple development would still continue even he is dead already.

  • Dynobyte

    May Steve Jobs rest in peace, knowing that he has helped to change the world. People buy  common things like an ipone just any old day…. do tell me, where do i buy another Steve Jobs?

  • Igstone2

    I dont understand why there is so much hate toasted this man. He was a technological genius who had a vision and accomplished it. He let nothing hold him back. That is something to respect. The man is DEAD for heaven’s sake. Show some respect and start acting like adults because it’s comments like the previous ones that give the android community a bad name. RIP Steve, may your legacy live on.

  • rhivz

    legendary man he is.. I hardly know this man but watching his interviews and other videos, knowing his accomplishments and how he contributed much to  technology I feel so sad for his death. sure will be missed for the generations to come. rest in peace Steve. God has you in His keeping.

  • Nicholas Benson

    During a time like this, I can only label myself not so much an android fanboy (though I am) but more so a smart phone fan boy.  I love smart phones, and thank you Mr. Jobs for your work.  Joins hands with smartphone fanboys of all stripes and colors, even the “enemy”

  • R.I.P Steve ! You will be missed. Only the Angels can see the true future iPhone 5

  • Anonymous

    He died a litigator NOT an innovator. THAT is what is sad.

  • Bobby Perry

    In all honesty, Steve Jobs was a great man. May God be with you.
    As the death the of Steve Jobs has occurred, so will the fall of Apple.

  • Pastrami123

    i guess an apple a day didnt keep the doctor away for steve jobs

  • Barlog

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs. You will be missed …

  • I wish android and apple fans would just get along 

  • 1stliberal

    A Man For All Seasons, indeed.


  • Mule0331

    Ok, dont beat me up for being insensitive, but I heard this one, and it is rather funny…..They say right before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Of course this couldnt be true for Steve Jobs, because Apple doesn’t support Flash.

  • Sporty

    I knew the second that the iPhone was shown that it would be the end of regular phones and a new era to watch unfold. I KNEW it. Why? Because of Steve Jobs. The man wasn’t just part of history,but he helped write history. It’s a sad day for innovations in this Country;something we need more of desperately. We cannot afford to lose men like Jobs. Men who saw the future and made it happen…he’ll be sorely missed…

  • Anonymous

    we may not liked his company, nor his products, but we cannot say anything bad about the man, the innovator. Steve Jobs was a great man, and the technology world would not be where it is today without him. RIP Steve

  • Finger

    It’s terrible that a person has died from an awful illness, but I never drank the Steve Jobs cool-aid and I’m not going to start now just because he died. Whether or not he’s actually responsible for the “innovations” he’s taken credit for, he was still a monopolistic, anti-competitive, authoritarian, CEO. I am constantly amazed at how Apple’s marketing has been so successful in convincing people he was some sort of visionary rebel.

  • Legoturte92

    He was one of the greatest
    innovators of our times. Not trying to sound like an ass, but everyone
    should take a moment to thank him for all of the great things he has
    given us. The smartphone era he helped create. The main igniter of the
    tablet age. The man who put his style of computer in a lot of our hands.
    The iconic movies Pixar put out. And many many more. He was a true
    icon, and will surely be missed.

  • Apple and Android aside…..Steve Jobs…you my friend are a legend…..R.I.P

  • Guest

    I don’t see that Droidlife said drop as many hateful words as you can
    “Feel free to drop as many kind words in the comments as you would like.”
    Disturbing how people can be so mean. 

    • Not mean, truthful. I said he was a great visionary. I won’t let that however, cloud who he was as a person.

      • Guest

        You personally knew him? You interacted with him, worked with him? Or are you feeding into what others have said about him? Personally, he never did anything to me so I won’t bad mouth him. I also didn’t know him so I won’t bad mouth him either. I see that another person lost their battle with a horribly painful disease.