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Adobe MAX Starts Today, Join Us For Coverage

Adobe MAX is going off this week and we are here in L.A. to see what goodies they have to offer.  So far they have been pretty mum on details, but would imagine that there will be plenty of mobile talk for all of us to enjoy.  Everyone remember the Flash Player 11 announcement from a couple of weeks back?  This should be a great opportunity for us to finally get a real look at their 3D plans for it among other things.  And of course, there will likely be other cross-platform announcements that are sure to dominate the show.

To follow along with all of the action, be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and here at the site.

  • Greghdavid

    Im hoping they give out free tablets this year since ladt year it was the DROID2 and logitech revue

  • And yet again, I am working the Adobe MAX show. Best part of being the house Broadcast Engineer, is I get to watch all of the rehearsals before the show! lol It’s quite interesting how they did their stage setup this year….can you say, projector overkill? lol

    • Anonymous

      Pix please!! lol

      • Will be hard to come by as a house employee; they tend to frown upon it. I will when possible! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Funny this last time I re-did my phone to get CM7-GB I forgot to even load Flash for a few days.  I think its  becoming less relevant as website produce mobile sites and other tech alternatives.  I’m starting to think by the end of 2012 Flash player support will no longer be a featured bullet point on Android phones.

  • Anonymous

    I just started scrolling down and at first thought you were at the Materon in Downtown San Francisco lol  Would’ve stopped by to say Hi to you Kellex and probably Tim A Tato in tow 🙂 Well maybe next time will catch you guys for a drink 🙂 

  • MFG

    Here’s hoping they’ll show off some improved Android performance and maybe even hint at that “1000x” performance boost really paying off in ICS next week!

    • there is also a livesteam of the keynote today that starts at 11:30 Central time at http://max.adobe.com/online and it will show video practically the whole day of other stuff going on at the event and show tomorrows keynote also which is at 12 Central time