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HTC Rhyme and Pantech Breakout Receive Video Overviews


Two of Verizon’s newest devices – HTC Rhyme and Pantech Breakout – received their standard video overviews this morning.  The Rhyme walks through some of HTC’s new Sense 3.5, the accessory pack for the phone, how easily it takes pictures of bikers, and reminds you to always ignore calls from work.

The Breakout video takes you into a world of pure dance and social awesomeness.  If you need a phone that is hot in the break dancing scene, then look no further than the Breakout.  It’s also amazing at finding rooftop parties, sending texts to your crew, and bringing the “cool.”  I can’t believe I just typed all of that with a semi-straight face.   


  • I am really glad I read this article! With this it has really helped me with my decision.

  • Djstar2k2

    vz nav wow lol.  and i wonder if vrz gonna pay technic and Serato for the big ups

  • 1:10 on the pantech video the dude is NOT EVEN TYPING

  • Edwoordd

    haha of course you would decline work 😛

  • will htc be releasing the charm to work with their other devices?I wish
    my droid didn’t die last month and I had to upgrade early. Got droid
    incredible 2. Will we also be getting the new htc sense update?

  • Anonymous

    Worst videos ever.  They make me want to kill myself using a rubber  hammer and6027558842ato pe60

    • xyzlene

      they need to re up on their marketing skills. so 2003, if not earlier…….

  • Anonymous

    Please review the Rhyme, or even if just a quick one.  My wife wants one and want to make sure it isn’t  garbage.  Looks like basically just a purple DInc2 with a reduced mp camera and smaller pre-installed sd card.  I’m most worried about battery as she’s coming from a dumbphone and don’t want to introduce her to repeated charging.  She would be a light/medium use person and hoping she’ll easily get a full day.

    Any chance?

  • Dream

    Is gurl in the Breakout Vid Fye from James Bond

  • Anonymous

    @beka27:disqus It’s your phone! 😀

  • Sirx

    Just…just go back to the robot-killing ninja chick.  And then kill yourselves.

    Seriously, what jackholes are in charge of this marketing?! The overview for the breakout did not so much as flash the name of the phone, nor mention a single thing unique to the breakout.  You could’ve interchanged it with any model smartphone out right now and the commercial would not have changed in the least.

    “Thank Gawd you can send text messages–We wouldn’t want to have to look around a 9 x 10 foot roof all night for r friendz!”

    • Scott Willenborg

      I think I speak for everyone here when I say that you need to step away from the Red Bull.

  • Blood

    Why is she taking a picture of faggots on the first video @ 00:54

    • Tyrian

      I think the correct term is The Village People

      • Anonymous


  • Q

    Wow.. the Breakout has text messaging!

  • Anonymous

    I like the functionality of the charm, but does anyone else think people are going to look really stupid with that hanging off their phone while on a conversation?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else loling at them pimping VZ Navigator?  Does this phone not come with Google apps or are they actually expecting people to use Verizon services?

    • Q

      Noticed that too.. Id love to know how many goobers have bought that software lol

    • lol I dont’ know who would pay for that verizon nav when you have the google one free

  • Anonymous


    • droidlvr

      it truly is