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XOOM 4G LTE Upgrade is Live Now, Get a FREE Standard Dock With It

Verizon announced that the Motorola XOOM 4G LTE upgrade would begin today and it looks like they kept their word on that.  If you head to the link below, you’ll see that the email sign-up page has been changed to “Upgrade Now.”  I would suggest that you hurry since they appear to be handing out Standard Docks to the first set of people that fill out their upgrade form.

When it asks for your IMEI/MEID, you can find it on your XOOM under Settings>About>Status.


Cheers Jerry and murkfest!

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Just recieved my xoom back from moto this morning along with a free dock. Also with the 3.2.2 update you can now write to and from the sd card directly on the xoom

  • Sam Carpenter

    I don’t think i’m going to upgrade. I live in the VA Beach area (no 4g towers now and none coming anytime soon),  I’m rooted (I don’t want to unroot and re lock bootloader), and I only have the 1g plan so if I was in a 4g city Id be burning through my data like no ones business, and I already have the dock.  Think I’ll just hold off…

  • Billy Jenkins

    do the non xoom get anything for free? since we had to deal with all the Xoom owners that bought it for $800 right when it came out knowing right away that its 3g only with a 4g upgrade and then complained when motorola did what they do best and delayed the update? but they still bought it for $800 after knowing all that? I think those who don’t own a Xoom should get something for free for having to deal with that.

  • All I get is “We are sorry your request could not be completed at this time. Please try again later.” after going through the wizard.  Spent forever trying to get a chat to go only to be told that I need to call someone else.  On the phone with them and they don’t know anything about the upgrade….Motorola keeps failing more than the Twitter Fail Whale…

  • Anonymous

    Day late, dollar short.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Well looks like I’ll have to revert mine back to stock and re-lock the bootloader before I can send it back in…..

    Sucks too cuz I hate the idea of being without it even for a day….

  • Anonymous

    site doesnt work for me?

  • Anonymous

    Crap, my browser reloaded the page with the print out and I didn’t get to print it. 

    • Ray

      they email you the exact same thing

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. I was expecting an attachment.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think supply has ever been the issue for Xoom and it’s accessories, it’s that whole demand thing.

  • Ray

    received a email saying my label will be here by tomorrow by 3pm now i just need to decide if I want to send it back tomorrow which is a Friday or wait til Monday. Decisions Decisions…any take on what day? I was thinking Moto would have workers in all weekend but who knows dealing with them.

  • Anonymous

    so i just filled out everything and got all my fed ex confirmation numbers but there was never any mention of the dock other than the original link here off dl. did anyone else get any more info on the dock when they placed their upgrade?

    • Ray

      Nope i guess we just have to assume that if that UPGRADE NOW AND RECEIVE A DOCK is still there then we should be receiving one 

    • No new info about the dock.  My guess is that they’ll send the dock back to you with your tablet as that would make the most sense.

  • Sekstrom25

    Be sure do sign up from a computer you can print from. I did it from Xoom now I’m not sure if I’ll get my upgrade.

    • Check your email, that same page is there.

  • Ray

    Filled mine out successfully hopefully i get a free dock…Motorola im still pissed so dont think this makes up for your mess

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%. I’m still never buying a Moto device again. I’d rather deal with TouchWiz than support Moto (even though I’d more likely go HTC or hopefully a vanilla Samsung device). 

      • Ray

        Yeah i said the same thing on their FB page yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    Their site can’t “validate” my address. Awesome.

    Also: FIRST 4G TABLET!!!!

    • Tsteege

      Try adding -0001 to the end of your zip code.  Worked for me and I was having the exact same problem.

  • How do we know if we’ll get the free dock? I used the link, and it made no mention of it afterwards.

  • Talk about lucky.  I tried it this morning before the FREE dock information was in there.  It failed so I came back now and it let me finish, hope I get a dock.

  • Booboolala2000

    Went on at 12:45am central time and the site was live. Was wondering though, why haven’t I got any confirmation on the dock? I have gotten emails about my boss being sent and copies of my packing lists, but nothing about the dock. Oh well, at least I will have a LTE equipped XOOM before the Verizon store gets them. I hope they don’t screw this up. Fingers crossed.

  • Just received the e-mail from FedEx that the box will be sent today.

  • It would be nice if they gave you the option to return the dock to the store and get money back or something… Half of us have already bought all the accessories we need for this thing… Considering we have owned it for 7 months.

    • Anonymous

      Can you say “EBAY”

  • Jak_341

    Already did it. The Motorola Servers are being hit hard. You may get a server error. Keep trying though.

  • Anonymous

    Seems ill have two docks now.

    • Anonymous

      Me too.

      • Booboolala2000

        One for work and one for home? Or one by the bed and the other in the living room.

    • Anonymous

      One for work and one for home.