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HTC Rhyme Now Available From Verizon, Six-Armed Woman Included

The glowing charm phone aka the HTC Rhyme, is now available at Verizon for $199 on 2-year contract.  Clearly geared towards women, this phone comes with its own docking station, tangle-free earbuds, and snazzy charm notifier to let you know when you have an incoming call.  The specs won’t blow your mind, but they aren’t supposed to.  It’s all about style and function with this phone – a semi-bold new concept from any phone manufacturer.

Oh, and check out this new commercial that just went live.  It’s…well, I don’t want to spoil it and will just ask that you watch it yourselves.   



Cheers Cody!

  • Heeldude

    That has to be one of the most mesmerizing/hypnotic commercials that I
    have ever seen. The music and the great looking model (woman), awesome! I
    almost forgot what company and phone brand was being advertised. I don’t care
    if it’s a girl phone…great commercial.

  • Ulysses Rodriguez

    IDK if it was only me, but she reminded me of thaat creepy palm pre lady >.>

  • LionStone

    This phone is so pretty! My girl would destroy it though…Still glad I got her the D2G 🙂

  • You know, I really love that color but that’s about it. The charm indicator would be nice if it were bluetooth and you could attach it to something else. Now, if the Bionic came in that lovely shade of purple…

  • Djstar2k2

    kinda creepy

  • The Palm advertising team has found work again!

  • dlabs

    This ad feels like Verizon copied the Animatrix with the Orcale explain a phone instead of the Matrix.

  • I have to admit, that little charm notifier is a pretty cool idea, and not just for women either.  If they would make a bluetooth version that can be clipped on to something I could see a lot of people using that.

  • Me

    Not gonna lie here much prefer the hot chick in leather fighting robots overthis informative or not

  • BroRob

    I wonder what planet she is from. Thats a sweet stargate behind her!

  • Isn’t that the girl from those weird palm pre commercials?

  • She wants it strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman. ;^)

  • Holy crap! HTC and Verizon have resurrected Palm’s creepy lady ads!


    Its all fun and games with her until you piss her off. And we ALWAYS manage to piss em off. With her…you’re fucked. When dealing with a 6-armed, pissed off woman there is no way out. Im scared. The lady scares me and her weird lady-phone scares me too.

  • Anonymous

    This in no way reminds anyone of the creepy Palm Pre lady?


  • Anonymous

    That commercial makes me think this phone is armed and dangerous. Or is it charmed and dangerous?

  • tbaybe

    if it had better specs i would totally get one. I like the ideas they have incorporated. 

  • Jvrcb17

    She seems like she would be very productive in the kitchen. 

    • Lgreg64

      and the bedroom

    • Anonymous

      LOL   🙂 🙂 dude that’s hilarious!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why HTC thinks women need their own phone model.  If you want to have a phone in a feminine color, just change the casing on an existing phone and offer two models.  Or better yet, don’t… and increase your in-store selection of cases.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get why it bothers you so much.

      • Anonymous

        It bothers me that they’re packaging a phone with slightly “lesser” specs in a pretty outside to entice women.  I’m a woman, and I want the same phone power as a man.  Isn’t that my right?  Lol…

        • Keith Sumner

          “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”

          still applies today!

        • Anonymous

          You are not the typical women crowd they are going for.  Whether you like it or not, nerdy technology is a market dominated by men. 

          You haven’t noticed how the Bionic commercials(and other similar ones) tend to feature hot women rather than hot men?  And use premises that women STEREOTYPICALLY dislike, such as sci-fi? 

          I understand that there are women who want a powerful phone and don’t need a ‘feminized’ phone, but please understand, you are not the majority.

          • Anonymous

            Oh ok.  Thanks for “clearing” that up for me.  (Gotta learn to keep my mouth shut when the menfolk are talkin’.)

          • Anonymous

            You can take it that way if you want.  You are not the typical woman, and you know it.  Though you are acting like the typical woman right now.

          • Anonymous

            Lol.  Fair enough.  I’ll think twice before trying to joke around with you (since obviously, my last post was meant as a humorous remark.)

          • Anonymous

            Hahaha I think we are both being snarky.  Fixing 3 computers and they are all giving me trouble.  Forgive my testiness.

          • Anonymous

            Forgiven.  ;o)   Afterall, we are just screwing around avoiding doing what we NEED to be doing.  Good luck on your ‘puters…

          • Anonymous

            Goooood girl…. J/K LOL

          • Anonymous

            You know I never really noticed that but you’re right dude. Guess I was just fixed on the hot chick to much. LOL

  • Anonymous

    The phone is what it is, aimed at a certain demographic & they all can’t/shouldn’t be powerhouses…..with that being said, I LOVE THE STYLE OF THE DOCK, hope HTC keeps it up regarding OEM accessories 4 their products

  • Anonymous

    Vishnu then took on HIS multi armed form and said “Make me a sammich”

  • Anonymous

    Does this giant bezel come with any screen?

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  • eze4

    I bet the six armed woman can give one hell of a hand job lol

  • I bet 6 arm lady is a tiger in the sack!

  • Anonymous

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  • As long as she comes with the phone

  • Granted

    Is this phone geared towards worshipers of Shiva?!

    I actually think the phone is a sexy beast! With every single new phone coming out, looking almost exactly like the one before it, it’s nice to see one with some style! And alert charm is really cool.

    • female detected 

      • Anonymous

        I like the idea of the charm if it’s detachable…could be handy in some situations.  I’m also a sucker for any neat technology.

        • Scott Willenborg

          …and instead of “charm” they call it something much more butch… like “Passive Electronic Notification Information System”.  For short you could call it a PENI… ah gawdamnit.

          • Anonymous

            Funniest comment I have seen on these boards! HA!

          • pezjono

            THAT was a good one. Made my day!

          • Anonymous

            Well played sir!  Yes, I wish I had a PENIS for my phone.

          • Bravo!

    • Some Guy

      Shiva is male… so I doubt it’s geared towards worshippers of Shiva.

  • Danosaur4187

    TThe background looks like a female body part that is very sensitive and has a significant cameo in the south park movie.

  • I wonder how fast she can do the dishes…

    • Anonymous

      Or make me a Sandwich

      • Scott Willenborg

        It’s pronounced “sam-ich”

        • Anonymous

          double ‘m’s Sammich very important for proper pronunciation.

          • Anonymous

            Bet she gives a good back rub and foot massage. (at the same time)

          • Anonymous

            That’s not all she can massage simultaneously!

    • Anonymous

      I’m laughing my ass off. on all the comments…. Thanks guys!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if this has the standard sense launcher included. not the one in the video.

  • John Jones

    I usually like HTC’s commercial, but… wtf?

  • What the heck is going on? Who is green lighting these commercials? 

  • Billy Jenkins

    Does the phone come with a 6 armed woman? if it does then I might be interested

  • Billy Jenkins

    All HTC phones should come with its own dock and ear phones straight out of the box. and for only $200 for all of it.

    • Anonymous

      and charm? lol

  • Anonymous

    the design of the phone is rather ugly for it to appeal to the female crowd

    • Zebexx

      Except you know every fairy loving weird cat lady who has an eris will love it. It’s like japanese girls charm phones.
      [email protected]

  • yeahbuddy

    Wtf did I just watch?

    • Anonymous

      Am I the only one who feels threatened by this lady? I feel like if I got too close she would grab me and suck the life from my body.

      • titan253

        Isn’t that what all women do?

        • Trusttheman85

          lol this reply made my day

    • Anonymous

      A girl with one heck of a reach-around. ;]

  • Ed

    *6 arms

    • Anonymous

      /can’t count.  Fixed! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Hey they actually showed some features!   Still has a woman doing strange things, but at least it advertises the phone, not just a concept.  Yes I am talking to you  Ms. Bionic Ninja Lady…