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Google Maps and Words With Friends Receive Minor Updates

Head on into the Market today and you will find yourself a couple of nice updates for Google Maps and Words with Friends. The Google Maps update brings us to version 5.10.1 and includes “improved location accuracy for Transit Navigation and bug fixes.”

Users of Words with Friends are always happy to receive updates and this one should prove quite good. Entitled the “Pony Express” edition, version 4.03 has fixed a few notification issues and now when an opponent messages you, you will be notified. And as always, they are continuing their “performance enhancements.”

Market Link: Google Maps | Words with Friends

  • http://profiles.google.com/robert.macri Robert Macri

    No more places widget?

  • Arthur2142

    Does anyone know if Words with Friends is ever going to release an ad-free version???

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Forte/542650247 Michael Forte

      You would seriously want to pay for it? I wouldn’t consider paying for it until they work out all the bugs. Wordfeud FTW.

      • Arthur2142

        I think getting rid of the ads would seriously cut down on all the lag…I play it enough that it would be worth $0.99. Other than the lag, I haven’t noticed any bugs…Now Hanging with Friends on the other hand has more bugs than I can deal with.

        • http://www.facebook.com/japultra Jason Nguyen

          There was (maybe still is?) a HUGE bug where sometimes you wouldn’t even know it was your turn because the game didn’t let you know it was your turn. If you uninstall the app and reinstall, then the games would show up under the “your turn” list, otherwise, you wouldn’t really ever know. The first iteration of this bug would have the game on the “your turn” list but you weren’t able to play any letters. 

          I think subsequent versions of this bug didn’t even move the game up to that list so you just never knew it was your go. I haven’t uninstalled the app recently to test this theory but I have had games with friends (friends I know in real life) that just end because no one has gone for so long. I play multiple games with friends sometimes so it’s always suspect to me that they would go in one game but completely ignore the other. 

          Anyway, not sure if this bug is even an issue at this point, but maybe someone else here has had a similar experience. 

          @Arther2142 Have you ever tried playing on WordFeud? You will notice that WWF has a lag after you do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/japultra Jason Nguyen

    Zynga really needs to get it together with Words with Friends. I’ve never seen a popular app that has so many bugs and is, for the most part, slow as molasses. As an avid WordFeud user, I enjoy that user experience so much more. It’s so much quicker and fluid than WWF. It’s really unbelievable how little progress has been made with the app in the six months it’s been out on Android. 

    • Anonymous

      you answered the question I was coming here to ask. I will continue to steer clear of words with friends, as it ran horribly the last time I tried it.

    • Buuggg

      I’ve seen a popular app that is worse than Words with Friends. It’s called Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Firefox received an update today as well…